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Rawson Homes NSW, Elara, Marsden Park

Rawson Homes NSW, Elara, Marsden Park

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Dream home begins

Very happy with the pre-construction phase. Gina at Rawson was quick to help us along the way and responded swiftly with our countless questions and emails. She was easy to deal and with and patient, we now look forward to our Dream home construction starting. Will recommend Rawson to family and friends.

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction
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Hi Shane, Thanks so much for your feedback on Gina. We have a great team here at Rawson Homes and really appreciate hearing from happy customers. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Rawson team has been awesome so far!

This is our first home build so reading all the horror stories online made us wary coming into the build process. So far though, we have to say that the Rawson team is well run. The process is clear and you're guided from beginning to end. Our sales consultant David T was very knowledgeable - he answered a lot of our Qs around est. pricing and upgrades which really helped to manage our expectation around build costs. He also helped to redesign our top floor - we wanted to extend the first floor of our Huntley 30 (5BR) to make the rooms bigger so that helped us to imagine what the house could look like. Once we paid for the tender, we were assigned our PCA - Lauren C. She's very efficient and answers our Qs truthfully. Unfortunately, the contract is very pro-Rawson and we can't make any changes to the contract (be prepared for that!). Ashley K did our plan presentation. People say drafting team tend to miss things or make mistakes, but Ashley did the sketches accurately and the plans we got back was mostly accurate. It prob helped that we had an excel spreadsheet with all our changes to help keep track of them all. We then went on to the fun part of choosing our internal colours with Lauren B and electrical selections with Katherine T. The girls were really great to work with. They're knowledgeable, gave great and practical suggestions/recommendations when we're stuck so we're able to make our choices without too much trouble.

We'll update this post once we go into construction but so far so good with Rawson.

Build StagePre-Construction
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Thanks for the great feedback KFSee, we really appreciate it. Best of luck with the construction phase.

Excellent work done sofar

Staff at Rawson Homes are very professional. Especially our site supervisor Will is so good and understands our needs and he is always helpful in resolving our issues/concerns and updates us every week on status of the construction. On this note I would also like to Thank you Pre construction manager Kellie for sorting out our issues.
One of bricklayer told us that we are lucky to have Will as Site supervisor and expect the house ahead of given time which is true.
I strongly believe the rest of the construction will go ahead in the same way.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Build StageMid-Construction
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Thanks so much for your kind words Somesh. We wish you all the best with the rest of your build, and hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

On our way to our dream house.....!

It all started with a visit to Rawson Elara at Marsden Park, in May 2018, where we first met Tomas at the Sales Office. He was always friendly, approachable and very patient (never pushy) in answering many of our questions over several of our visits there, and was able to help us put together a rough draft on how our dream house would look like.

We were impressed with the whole team, starting with Gerry at the Tender Presentation, Lauren, the Exterior Colour Consultant, Ashleigh on the structural variations, Charlie, the Internal Colour Consultant and Kathryn on the Electrical Selection. Every one of these ladies were friendly and knowledgeable in their field and very pleasant to work with. They were very professional and helpful with our queries but never impatient with us. We enjoyed the whole experience from the Tender stage and the Pre-construction process and are thankful for the team's help and support in our journey towards building our dream house!

We have just completed our Pre-Construction stage and we are extremely happy with our experience thus far. We had great support from Rachel (PCA) and then Monika (Workflow Coordinator). Throughout the whole process, these ladies were very patient, professional, prompt, precise and friendly in all our dealings with them. We appreciated of how they managed our file efficiently and swiftly at each stage of the process without delay. At the later stage, there were times when we felt overwhelmed, and Monika made extra effort to explain the situations to us and guided us along.

We would definitely love to work with the whole team again in the future if we have the opportunity! Thank you very much to each and everyone. You are our 'Dream Team'!

Our site manager, Jeff, has just touched base with us and provided updates on initial works carried out onsite so far and the forthcoming schedule. Hope everything will go smoothly from here on. Fingers crossed!

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction
Construction End DateNovember 2019
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Hi Fiona, Thanks so much for your feedback. We have a great team here at Rawson Homes and really appreciate hearing from happy customers. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Dream First Home Perrrrrfect !

Dream House, That’s everyone has dreams to have own house.However, some got spoiled if hasn’t chosen correct builder.

Rawson Homes for us, “ You only need your basic bag packs to take with you when you moving in new home build with Rawson Homes as it's covers all necessary in their inclusions with competitive price.”
It's not like attractive low price that could jump back in every steps movement

Our Journey was began in May 2017 and from then till we moved in property we got supportive staff for each movements.

Natalie Waldron - Sales at Elara - She helped us to learn a lingo in details for construction and legal requirement that other might not explain to get business.
Anny Lu - PCA - Took her role very well to make our smooth progress towards construction stage.

Leon Raff - Our SS. A person who better understand customer needs, punctual , available at any time and ready to resolve any doubt concern . Because of Leon our House got ready and handed over before expected. Leon personally feels customer’s emotions about their dream house expectation and deliver as much as he can as per their desire.

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Chetan, Thanks so much for your feedback. We have a great team here at Rawson Homes and really appreciate hearing from happy customers. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Everything on track so far!

We haven't started our build just yet (ETA one month or so) but we've just finished all our internal colour selections and tiles which went very smoothly.

The staff at Rawson are very knowledgeable of the products they offer which was a great help. We walked in with a theme and general concept for our home and they were able to work off this to give us a great final result. With our appointments we had External finishes first, then Internal Colours and Electrical, followed by Tiles. It flowed from appointment to appointment quite nicely so we were able to leave each appointment with a better understanding of our house. Really thankful they've been so accommodating so far and hope it continues onto the construction stage!

Construction End DateJul 2019

Overall happy with the Rawson

Overall, we are happy with the quality build of our home. Our journey was smooth at the beginning and after handover however we had a change of site manager early/mid way which made the process difficult. We experienced great service right from the get go with Nathalie at the sales centre, Tim, Alison and Leah with our tender presentation and selections. Especially Bethany who was our pre-construction admin contact who was so helpful and always answered any questions we had. Our first site manager Joel was fantastic and communicated regularly to let us know the progress of the build. Being first home owners and builders, it was such a great service to have as we felt comfortable that he was doing his best to build us our dream home. Then out of the blue, he advised that he had resigned and that we would have a new site manager. Ray was then appointed our site manager and although we appreciated that being given a project half way was not going to be easy, we felt a lack of communication and we were left in the dark with the rest of the progress of the build. We also felt that we always had to follow up with the build which became frustrating. During time of handover, he didn't explain the process clearly and therefore, we weren't given correct information about when handover was going to happen.We also found that during handover, there were lots of documents pending and was advised he would follow up on these documents for us.

However, after handover we did not receive any contact with Ray except when our home alarm system went off in which I had to contact him to advise the code. Even during this contact Ray was unfriendly when asked for the code to stop the alarm. We had an electrician install extra power points when we were advised that the insulation was not completed in our roof. I had then submitted the warranty form which wasn't a long list and found Kirralee so helpful responding to our list and follow up with all the pending documents that Ray advised he would do but never did. She was able to assist us in obtaining an interim occupant certificate and therefore allowed us to also obtain our final occupant certificate.

With everything we had listed in our list, it was fixed and Rawson was happy to make sure all our concerns were looked into. We've now been in our home for 8 months and we have been happy with our home. And as stated above, majority of our communication and service with Rawson was a positive one.

Construction End DateDec 2017

Rawson Homes have been EXCEPTIONAL so far!

Administration process was flawless and efficient
Tender pricing was very competitive and transparent
A lot of flexibility was provided in designing our home
Rawson staff went above and beyond on certain actions which resulted in us saving money
As a big project builder, the attention to detail was pleasing
We were treated as more than "just a number"
All staff we dealt with were an A. Standouts were Melissa and Caterina
Ultimately, it was a pleasure to have dealt with Rawson Homes, they are a fantastic project builder
Of course, this overall review is subject to the construction completion, but we are confident

Construction End DateApr 2019

To all first time builders... you won't go wrong with Rawson!!!

Being first home buyers, we were very 'green' when it came to anything house related and found that our inexperience led to some builders that we had made enquires with trying to take advantage of our situation. Along came rawson homes who on top of a fantastic selection of homes, were able to clearly display the steps we had to take to achieve our dream home and ensured that they were upfront from the get go so that we didn't run into any unexpected costs. Once we had signed on the dotted line, we were blessed to have been assigned Lauren as our pre construction administrator who certainly for us has set the benchmark of what excellent customer service should be and what the Australian building industry should strive to achieve. To us, Lauren was perfect at her role and instilled confidence in us that we had made the right choice in Choosing Rawson homes. When it came to our build, the service level didn't drop and we found that the level of service we were used to was still maintained during our build and the same can be said for the service we receive after we have moved in.

All in all, we would highly recommend Rawson Homes and would definitely build again with Rawson homes if the opportunity ever arose again in the future.

Construction End DateFeb 2018

Excellent system and process which would give quality product.

I am building my first home with Rawson Homes. Building a first home is generally a bit difficult as you have to go through lots of selection processes, where you are worried about getting it right. Then comes all the paper works to get council approval and getting the construction certificate. I would like to appreciate and thank Rawson homes for making this process smooth and most efficient.

The site manager of my house from Rawson Homes, is very professional and expert in his field. He is very well planned and well managed. Since the start of construction, without fail, he emails weekly update about the progress as well as next week plan which is very important and helpful for any house owner. He is very vigilant and proactive about the safety. He always picks up my call or return call if busy. He is very cooperative and helpful within his professional limits.Being a Civil Engineer, I am very closely monitoring the progress and quality of construction with my engineering eye and glad to say that I am very happy so far.

Construction End DateOct 2017
Hi Sulabh, thankyou very much for your lovely review! It's a great feeling to read such positive feedback. We will make sure the team is aware of their hard work. Thanks again, Rawson HomesI am getting a bit frustrated with Rawson homes now. Everything was pretty good and smooth untill the site manager changed. Things are not moving in my house for weeks.Hi Sulabh, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you please private message the page so we can get in contact with you directly? Kind regards, Rawson Homes

It is a great home!

We are satisfied with our new home including the products provided by Rawson Hom such as the oven, microwave, and the dishwashers.They are good quality and fitted perfectly.
The site supervisor Chris has provided good services and always keeps us informed with the updates in the past half year and keep the team works very hard, even including worked on the weekend sometimes to our house settle as early as they can.
Rawson Home provided good customer services during the constructions time. We are appreciated the staffs are professional and work efficiently.

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Hi Bing, Thank you so much for your lovely review. This is great feedback and we will happily share with the team. Thank you for choosing to build with us, and we hope you have many wonderful years in your new Rawson Home!

5 Pratia Crescent, Marden Park Performance Review

Thanks to [Name Removed] great project management, he successfully sped up the building process by finishing the roof weeks ahead of the schedule in the wet season. It saved a decent amount time as it allowed the work to continue inside when it rained.

Through the ongoing communication with [Name Removed], we have been impressed by his great personality, professionalism and communication skills. He informed us immediately when he spotted on the faulty quality of bricks and at the same time he liaised with brick supplier to arrange the exchange within couple of days. It really guaranteed the building quality and saved the time.

Generally speaking, [Name Removed] is one of the best project managers I have worked with and I will highly recommend him to be the project manager on other building projects. His work and performance are extremely satisfactory.

Construction End DateJun 2017
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We're so glad to hear you built such a great relationship with your project manager Mick! Those relationships are what makes a build truly special and memorable. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your new Rawson home!

My Journey with Rawson Homes at Elara Marsden Park.

Hello Friends

I wanted to share my experience with Rawson Home. It has been a month I have moved into my new house. I have built the popular Benham design from Rawson home.

The quality of the construction is good, The site supervisor [Name Removed] was good, flexible & approachable.
They were professional in dealing with customer and meet the customer expectation.
The pre-final inspection, final walk through, handover processes were excellent.

The Improvement I would recommend would be the construction timeline, which took more than a year for Rawson to complete.

Overall I would recommend Rawson Homes to my family & friends for the good experience and quality of work.

Kind Regards,
Elara Marsden Park

Construction End DateApr 2017
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Thank you so much for your review of your Benham build Nishant, we know you'll enjoy all the years to come in your new Rawson home.

My experience about Rawson Homes at Elara Marsden park

Hello All,
We built Rawson HUNTLEY design home in Elara Marsden Park and overall experience with Rawson was quite nice. They were professional in dealing with customer and they make sure meet the customer expectation properly and they always had a proper communication each stage of construction.They were allow me to choose the variations before commencing the construction in a very flexible way.

We have moved to new house two weeks ago and handover process was also very good too.They have ran through every portion of the house before handing over the keys. Luckily I got Site Manger called [Name Removed] he was quite good(very flexible, easy approachable and more over communicate well with customer and we are quite happy that way).

The only improvement I can think of with Rawson is construction time, it took nearly 11 months get the property which I believe beyond the expectation compare to other builders( having said that we had Christmas and new year holiday period and unfrozen weather conditions which leads a moth delay without any work). Even though I personally think 10 months construction time beyond the limit for a double story building.

Overall I would recommend Rawson Homes to anyone who wants less hassle free experience and quality of work.

Kind regards,

Elara, Maraden Park.

Construction End DateMar 2017
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Thank you for your kind review Shyju, we're happy to hear your handover went smoothly and you're pleased with your Site Manager's communication. We know you'll enjoy your new home at Marsden Park.

Great service and quality built

One very happy customer with the quality of the built and level of service provided by Rawson homes. Rawson kept us informed at each and every stage which helped us to plan out accordingly.
Material used and internal fitting are top quality. We couldn't have asked for more for our first home. Hope you continue to provide us same level of post construction support.

Keep us up the good work Rawson.

Construction End DateDec 2016
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Hi Prer C, Thank you for your review. We are so glad to hear about your experience with Rawson Homes and we are so happy to be a part of your home building journey. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact. Best, Rawson Homes.

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