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Rawson Homes NSW, Kellyville (HomeWorld)

Rawson Homes NSW, Kellyville (HomeWorld)

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Great building experience with Rawson Homes building the Benham 33

Overall my build was well managed by Rawson Homes from start to finish. We did a knock down rebuild and chose the Benham 33 in Bankstown area. There were of course some issues along the way due to poor management by our initial Project Manager Wayne e.g. lack of communication and updates and failure to fix issues as per our inspection report. From the start, Rawson was extremely helpful in explaining the process, being upfront with costs so there were no surprises, and they were knowledgeable with how the local council worked. We thoroughly enjoyed every step of the pre-build process from reviewing/editing our plans, selecting externals & internals right through to the submission of plans to council - our pre-construction admin Anny was very helpful and made us feel comfortable every step of the way. She was very efficient and organised and knowledgeable about how Bankstown council worked to make it easier for us.
I would advise that anyone wishing to build should do their research in advance - talk to other people who have build-what they would do and wouldn't do and would do differently, visualise how your house would look like (where the light switches should be, practicality of the windows and doors, and the colour scheme). Do your research and come prepared to the meeting with your choices and decisions. This speeds up the process, you'll feel less stressed and overwhelmed; there is a lot of info to absorb and you have limited times to make choices as change fees do apply.

Once we got to the construction stage, unfortunately our Project Manager wasn't on the ball as we thought and perhaps he had his own reasons but we did not feel looked after. The build was behind schedule by 3 months, he failed to provide us timely weekly updates as promised and we soon realised that he had never been on site to check that the works had been done. We raised this issue with Rawson head office and they assigned Paul and he was excellent. He kept tabs on the tradies, told us what's been done and what's planned the following week and was very happy to meet us at the site and give us a progress tour when requested. If there were any issues, he'd upfront and honest and that was all we wanted. When he confirmed the handover date, everything went as planned. We walked through our house and marked out anything that needed to be retouched.

Overall we are very happy with our build and the quality has been high standard. During the first 3 months moving in, there were some defects such as paint retouches and a leak in our garage. We contacted our Warranty Manager Scott and he organised tradies to fix everything in a very timely manner. We've had some massive storms recently and no water damage in our garage which was great.

The final cost was no different to what we quoted. The only thing that was outside of the quote were council fees. I would say Rawson Homes prices are reasonable.

We did have a few issues with obtaining the OC, unfortunately the council worker who created the DA included a clause to have landscaping fully finished before OC could be obtained which was absolutely ridiculous! I would recommend you read the fine print carefully before signing any DA. Our post-construction admin was Alana was excellent and guided us throughout the process of obtaining our OC and at times we were frustrated with how long it took but she was very patient with us.

I would highly recommend Rawson Homes; we had a very good building experience and it was mostly smooth and I'd build again. The only reason why I did not give Rawson 5 stars was due to the issues we had with our initial Project Manager.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2018
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Thanks so much for your review, Nancy. We’re so happy to hear you love your new home. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Great experience with Pre Construction Admin

Our Pre-Construction Admin, Lauren Chaney has been very organized, prompt and accurate. She kept us informed at all times and this made us at peace while waiting for council approval. The process is very smooth as she is very efficient and reliable. It was a great experience working with her.

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction
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Thanks so much for your review, Leah. We’re so happy to hear you enjoyed working with Lauren. We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Perfect job

Excellent time management
Excellent handover process
OC is organized well before handover which saves huge amount of time for end user
Walk through process is well organized and provides lots of useful information

Customer Service
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2019
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Thanks so much for your review, Tom. We’re so happy to hear about your experience. We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Great Experience

I have built my house with Rawson homes in Half Moon Estate Schofield. I am impressed with the professionalism throughout the process. The site Manager Kane Wood has provided me regular updates on the project status and arranged inspections during the construction phase. Had a final inspection last week and everything is as per expectations. I will always consider Rawson Homes for my future requirements.

Customer Service
Site Admin
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2019
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Hi Prashant, Thanks so much for your feedback on Kane. We have a great team here at Rawson Homes and really appreciate hearing from happy customers. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Great experience with Rawson Homes in Pre-Construction Phase

Pre-construction has been a very positive experience to us. Our PCA Melissa was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and responsible. It was a great pleasure to work with the Rawson team through pre-construction process. Hoping constructions follows the same path.

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction
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Thanks so much for kind words, Mon. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us—and we agree, we are very lucky to have Melissa on our team! We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

It is good

It took longer time than I tought,and the end of the year is not a good time for property rental,but it looks fine after finish,if the wall fence can be paint color will be better;for more details still need time to prove it. I donnot understand why dishwasher machine is not included,it brings me more steps to rent the property. The builder is nice and responsible.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Thanks so much for your review, Baixue. We hope you enjoy your home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Construction review

Overall we are satisfied.Our construction started with few confusions , however the way site supervisor Mr.Leon Raaff managed the construction , ensured the progress is on par with the timeline and timely addressing our concerns made us feel at ease.
We are very pleased with the site supervisor ,he ensured us we are in good hands.
Company handled most of the issues but we felt there is no proper coordination between the internal teams in office which sometimes confuses customer.
Cost wise we feel construction is bit expensive

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Thanks so much for your review, Raghu. We appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Double storey build - Pre-Construction Phase

This is a review for the pre-construction phase only, as our build has only just commenced.
So far the process has been very smooth. Right from the outset, our sales consultant was very helpful in discussing all the changes we wanted made to our layout, our tender presenter explained everything to us, and our PCA has been very helpful in answering many questions, and just generally keeping us updated in where we are in the whole process. So far the cost has been pretty much what we expected, however we did a fair amount of research beforehand.
We have had minor issues, mainly due to our internal colour consultant making quite a few mistakes, resulting in a bit of a delay. However, these were rectified and, fortunately, we still made it to construction within our tender period! All our other consultants (externals, external colours, electrical, tiles) were very helpful and fortunately were willing to give a bit of input on what would and would not look good - this was a good thing for my partner and I as we are not great at imagining the end product.
Our piers have now gone down, and our site supervisor has been very friendly so far. But we will update this post once we are a bit further along in the building process.

Construction End DateAug 2019
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Thanks so much for your review, Angie. We’re so happy to hear you're off to a good start. Kind regards Rawson Homes


It was amazing. We had a great experience with Ray. He showed us around the us and pointed out the flaws that he is going to fix. We pointed out something and he was more than willing to help us fix them. The communication process was easy and convenient. The result of the house was genuinely good and clean. We are happy with it.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Mhy, Thanks so much for your feedback on Ray. We have a great team here at Rawson Homes and really appreciate hearing from happy customers. We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Good builder can construct good building

Before the handover, I was invited to have a walk through inspection for the house. The house's quality was so good that it gave me a magnificent viewing. The manager Joe and Wes helped me find some small flaws, such as the paint was not evenly spread and the cabinet door was loose. When I came to make a handover, these problems have been fixed well. We are quite satisfied with the house building.

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Thanks so much for kind words, Kevin. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us—and we agree, we are very lucky to have Joe and Wes on our team! We hope you enjoy your Rawson Home for many years to come. Kind regards Rawson Homes

Very good site manager

This is my first time use Rawson Home. I am so happy for all the works for this construction for interior and exterior. All the works are all good and the details are perfect. The site manager, Graeme are very good person too. He shows good communication with us and can work quickly and properly. I m satisfied for his works and hopefully can work together again for other property. Thank you.

Construction End DateSep 2018

My home has been built with high quality. Thank you.

My home was completed last month. The home was built with high quality. The project was well managed and delivered on time. Site supervisor, Kane, has done a good job communicating with us to solve all the issues we have raised. We would like to say thank you to Kane and the Rawson team. I would recommend Rawson Home to my friends in the future. Thanks.

Construction End DateJul 2018

Thank you Rawson Homes - Exceptional Service

After almost 4 years of signing the contract for a home & land package, the construction of our home has finally been completed. We understand that the DA/approval process was not a factor entirely within Rawson's control and we appreciate their regular communication regarding the progress, this went a long way in managing our expectations.

Once construction got underway, the process moved along quite smoothly, thanks to the efforts and professionalism of our site supervisor Andrew. Andrew kept us informed at every stage of the process. He always accommodated our requests to go onsite and view the progress of the property. Andrew was always available to answer our queries and promptly returned our calls/messages. He is very proud of the Rawson brand, speaking highly of the company, its capabilities, its commitment to customer satisfaction and the high quality build. We are happy to say Rawson delivered.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank your team and Andrew for a job well done.

If we ever choose to build again, Rawson would definitely be our first choice.

Tamer & Raina

Construction End DateJul 2018

Home Well Done

Thank you for delivering a nice house.
First of all, the quality of my house is better than I expected. Really happy with the details in and out of the house.
It is a well-managed project. As a customer, I do feel I was well looked after during the process.
Project manager are very professional and paying attention to details of the project. Really appreciated his help.
I would like to use them again for my next house.

Construction End DateJul 2018

Amazing quality and service

Recently I moved to my newly built house by Rawson in Schofields. I am more than happy with overall experience. John, our Supervisor, was very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. From starting till end he made sure that everything went as per plan, explained and resolved all our queries. I am very happy with overall quality and Rawson team delivered what they promised. In future if I am able to buy another property I would be surely go with Rawson, as I want to have peace of mind and quality product and most importantly I would love to work with a gem of person named JOHN.. he is very professional , and man of his own commitments and in one word... A SUPERSTAR.. Thanks John and Rawson team for converting my dream come into reality. You guys are doing Superb job!! Big thumbs up!!!

Construction End DateMay 2018

I am very happy with Rawson Home service

I am very happy with the workmanship and quality of the building. Our building supervisor, Chris was very help and responsive to our questions. He was very prompt in replying our emails and phone calls and explains things clearly.
The customer services so far is great. Since I just moved in and therefore expecting great after sales services from Rawson home. Because there are a few minor follow ups that I am waiting for the suppliers to come back and fix. But Chris said he will chase up if I don’t hear from them in 2 weeks.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Great experience - high quality home for a good value - great site manager!

We had a great experience through the entire process with Rawson Homes and our site manager, who was extremely helpful in explaining the entire building process. He also kept us updated during the entire construction time so we could plan accordingly for our relocation. He was always available and open to provide us with any information and there was never a time he would not immediately address our queries. He always made sure that the construction is in line with our high expectations for a quality home and he never failed to address any issues we might have found along this journey. We would definitely build with Rawson Homes again and refer them to our family and friends.

Construction End DateMay 2018

First house and just awesome

This is the first time I bought house and the whole progress is quite enjoyable. Rawson provided very quick and detailed consultation during amendment and construction. The house is awesome with good quality of everything. Special thanks to Kane who kindly took care of all questions we had and had them solved smoothly in time. We are planning to buy another one for my parents from Rawson as their services are just amazing.

Construction End DateMay 2018

Excellent Site Manager - Chris

I wanted to share our experience in building with Rawson Homes. The reason we chose Rawson homes was due to their home designs, inclusions list, detailed upgrade list of display homes and the overall build quality of their display homes. As with all project home builders, the admin process does take time with all the changes and dealing with the delays coming from estimating and drafting. Our plan presenter Nicole was very knowledgeable and did a great job detailing all the changes we wanted. She was very responsive to get our file moving forward. Bethany our Pre Construction Administrator was also great in responding to emails and doing her best to deal with delays in other departments.

The construction process is very dependent on the site manager. We were very lucky that we got Chris as our Site Manager from start to finish. From the very beginning we knew we had a good one. Chris is very knowledgeable and did an amazing job in updating us every week via email/phone on the progress of the build. This gave us confidence that the build was in great hand. Chris worked tirelessly to ensure his customers had the best construction experience possible. Any matters were addressed immediately and actioned to not delay the build. His attention to detailed ensured that the build quality surpassed that of a display home.

I would like to thank Chris and the Rawson team.

Construction End DateApr 2018


Great workmanship and top quality build. Well worth it.
The build was managed brilliantly by Chris Attard, would definitely recommend him to others and would request him if we were to build again with Rawson.
The site was kept clean and Chris kept us up-to-date with an update report every week.
Service and support was well maintained throughout the build.

Construction End DateApr 2018

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