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Great workmanship and top quality build. Well worth it.
The build was managed brilliantly by Chris Attard, would definitely recommend him to others and would request him if we were to build again with Rawson.
The site was kept clean and Chris kept us up-to-date with an update report every week.
Service and support was well maintained throughout the build.

Construction End DateApr 2018

Kellyville very very good

Good service verry very good build experience from building with Jesse.
Throughout build easy communication and easy to update.
Settlement was easy to complete also with not many problem.
Everything was identified with Jesse at walk-through and fix in timely manner. Happy with the reason home.
Would thank reason office also and supply good product for this house!!!! Good job well done

Construction End DateApr 2018

Nice house but Just a long time construction period

I have to say the house looks nice, and site manager is helpful during final stage, but on the another hand, the construction period is just too long, it's almost three years since the land settled. I do understand sometimes it's really hard to make everything smooth, but it's just too slow, I have to pay the loan for that long time and it's truly hard time for me.
But anyway, good quality of the house and I'm satisfied with it.

Construction End DateMar 2018
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Hi Tian, thanks for the review. We are happy to hear that you are satisfied with the quality of your Rawson Homes. On the other hand, we have taken your feedback on board and have shared it back to the wider team. We hope you enjoy your home for many years to come!

Kellyville house completed perfectly

My house was completed in april Very good and very good service. The people that i have spoken to they are very help, especially Tyrone and Jesse they have managed my built great and i really appreciate their help. There isnt any big problem with the house. Jesse provided with very efficient and effective response to my questions. I would recommend rawson home to my family and friends in the future.

Construction End DateApr 2018

This is perfect. The house complete in high quality

My house is finished in good quality. Good service. Very happy nice service.
Rawson Homes provide good service from beginning to the finish.
My site manager
Jesse made settlement easy for my house.
No problems throughout the build and I am very happy.
I will tell to all my friends and family that Rawson do a good house and service.

Construction End DateMar 2018

Quality is great!

Build your own house you may feel very frustrated in many cases I guess. In the beginning it took me half a year to start building after the land settlement due to the documents issue. So I was really unhappy at the beginning. However, my site manager Jesse delivered an outstanding work from start building my property till settlement. In every way Jesse shows his initiatives and in details as well. He kept me updated through the whole building process. He went up and beyond. In between I have met quite a few problems and he always explain to me in details and gave me some great ideas or advices and eventually he delivered great results in high standard in a very thoughtful way. One of that is Rawson Homes installed an extra air-con system in a separate studio which orally mentioned by sales but not wrote in the contract. At the settlement time he took me to check for any defects to fix all of them before settlement. He did better than what I wrote actually. I cannot think of anything I am not happy with his work. I am so impressed and really happy with the high standard quality he delivered. I have to say A Big Thank You to Jesse, you only deliver the BEST for your customers. My family are so happy with Jesse's work as well and they all ask me to give a positive feedback for Jesse to show our appreciation! I would also thank Rawson Homes takes responsibility to ensure you have delivered the high standard quality property.

Construction End DateMar 2018


Hi Guys, i have been very happy with our Construction Manager during the construction process. He was very helpful and guided us patiently through the process.

I was a little unhappy with the pre Construction process as first time builders, if were were given more guidance and some time and not rush into things, that would have helped us have a better experience.

Jigish Purohit

Construction End DateMar 2018

This is perfect

On time services, nice service, nice attitude, passionate to work, definitely deserve a five star reward. Good job well done, I’m happy with everything y’all did. Thanks have a good day. On time services, nice service, nice attitude, passionate to work, definitely deserve a five star reward. Good job well done, I’m happy with everything y’all did. Thanks have a good day.

Construction End DateJan 2018

Build with Rawson- It's the BEST building decision we've made

My wife and I compared Rawson & other builders, Rawson were not the cheapest but they turned out to be the best - we don't regret our decision at all. The key to our satisfaction was Warranty Manager (Matthew). You need this guy on your side, he simply has the highest standards of professionalism I have come across. I have very high standards when making such an important and costly purchase, Matthew was able to exceed my expectations and address my enquiries with respect and a positive approach. I would absolutely build with Rawson again.

Construction End DateFeb 2017

best new home ever

this is the second house iv had built but the first time iv built with Rawsons. and it was perfect my wife and i cant
thank you enough for such a great job.Rick Agostino was our building supervisor and he nailed it.from the first phone call to the day we got the keys we were kepped up to date with the build and nothing was a problem.
the rest of the teem was just as good from planning to color selections we are 100% happy with our new home
thank you

Construction End DateFeb 2018

A bad building experience started with Rawson

Very poor workmanship performed, I can do a much better job with my feet. Internal sheeting joints never been sanded properly, cracks and marks all over the places, and the builder claimed it is satisfactory. Hot water never works even after the handover. I'd like to do another quality check before the handover, they simply rejected my request, and lied to me that everything has been perfectly fixed. I saw a lot of lies from their builder and management throughout the building period. They never keeping their promises, but looking for excuses.

Construction End DateMar 2018
Hi Tracey, sorry to hear about your experience. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss your concerns. Please check your private messages. Kind regards, Rawson HomesIn addition to my previous comment, I just found out that rain water can very easily flush into my "indoor laundry", please tell me this isn't your original design. And there is about 2 - 5 degree of slope on my entire first floor, which can be seen very clearly from the door and window frames, as they are parallel to the floor. Lastly, there is still no one get in touch with me, I'm still waiting.Hey, just another update after the meet up with RH's area construction manager. Clearly, nothing will be done, and what made me even worse is, engaging in deceptive conducts is a company culture of RH, which flows from top to down. When I questioned the manager, do you think your builder lied to me, to make me paying the final progression payment, as he said everything have been fixed perfectly for me back in Jan 18. He said 'NO', because the hot water was fixed, just went bad again at the handover in March 18. Moreover, the manager said he will ask fair trading to do an independent report before he can do anything for me, that was fine for me. However, when I said I can engage with fair trading myself, he said NO NO NO, clearly he doesn't want me to get in touch with fair trading, and I suspect that RH would possibly have some kind of 'relationship' with some guys inside fair trading. Dear home builders, please be aware of this!!!

Nice house, great home

I have had 3 homes built by Rawson homes and never had any problem with them. The quality of the properties are excellent and i can't fault anything. At this key handover there were a few little paint touch ups needed. Gerard the building supervisor had it fixed the next day. I spoke with Gerard twice through the build and he could not have been any more helpful. Thanks to Rawson Homes and everyone that worked on my home, 5 stars for Gerard. I am very happy with the finished home.

Construction End DateFeb 2018

Great job from site manager Ross!

Very impressed with the customer service and the attitudes towards client by site manager Ross.Excellent work, hard work but well managed for Mayfair St Scholfields.
Walking through the new house, feel great: shining finishes, detailed installations and comfortable layout which really have us feel it is a nice home to live in.
Site manager Ross is a capable and a hard-working staff and we are very grateful for the good work he has done and the caring handover to us families!
Thanks, Ross!

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Jean, great to hear that Ross managed your home with excellence! Thanks for the review, and we hope you create some wonderful memories in your Rawson Home. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Excellent service and looking forward to build another home with Rawson

So far so good with all the building management, and especially with help from John. He is really a good site manager. After the house settlement, all the little issues were managed and sorted out by John. In addition, the customer service are very good. All the concerns of mine are sorted out, and happy with their services and help!

Construction End DateAug 2017
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Hi Joe, thanks for the review. We are happy to hear that John was of great support throughout your build with Rawson Homes. Thank you for choosing to build with us, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We love our Rawson home

The workmanship on our property was very precise with no detail being overlooked. The build quality was to a high standard from start to finish. Our build was managed extremely well with everything flowing so smoothly and drama free. Our customer service was amazing from the head office team to our site manager. We always felt supported and in control of our build.

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Sara and Anthony, thank you for your review. It's great to hear that you received the perfect Rawson home with great detail and high quality. Thank you for choosing Rawson Homes as your builder! May you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Great Build

I am very pleased with the site supervisor Ross regarding the management of my house. He has been very patient all through out and has fixed any issues promptly. The construction of the house has seemed very seamless. The customer service and knowledge of Rawson Homes has been exceptional as well. I recommend Ross and Rawson Homes and appreciate very much for their hard work.

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Helen, thanks for recommending Ross and Rawson Homes! We are proud of our service and hope you enjoy living in your Rawson Home.

Rawson Homes - Customer Focus

We had our 1st completion inspection on 25/10. The workmanship and build quality was 85% on the mark. Minor defects included painting and securing external piping brackets. I also had a 3rd party inspection to inspect the house and they came up with a list of 50+ improvements.
Rawson's site supervisor Ryan managed my case and I must say that he delivered on all my defects and was completed most of the items on the 3rd party's list as well. Conducted a 2nd walk through on 17/11 and this was when I took my keys to the new home. The defects were fixed and or rectified. Those things not able to change was also highlighted to me. All in all - job well done!!
As a home owner, Ryan's professionalism gave me an impression that Rawson truly focused on the customer. This is definitely a A+ in retaining and expanding customers. I will not hesitate in building my 2nd home with them. The handover was seamless and I was able to plan forward in terminating of my home lease as well as planning for my removalist to relocate.
I also like to mention LIsa who swiftly provided me my owner's occupation certificate in a matter of days.
All up, thumbs up to Rawson for a fantastic job and bringing joy to my family just before Christmas. Cheers!

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Gary, great to hear that Ryan was on top of his game and provided excellent work throughout the build process, and most importantly handover. We look forward to building your second home!

Well organised

I am very happy with the progress of building, it is well managed on time, it is completed in half year. The site manager of Half Moon project is nice, well organised the construction of the house. Every time when I contacted him for progress inspection he answered the phone and was on time at the site. The house looks good, solid and well designed.

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Gavin, great to hear that the project is moving along smoothly! We are pleased to hear that the house meets your expectations. We can't wait for you to move into your new Rawson Home!

Rawson Homes site manager is very good

Design is great, workmanship not bad. The building is very quick, quality is not bad. The landscape is poor very slow, I have waiting 2 months to get the job done. They have so many jobs to do and only have very small team.
My site manager Ryan is very good. Any question I ask he reply very quick, more patient, work hard, very nice man. I want give him 10/10.
Overall Rawson homes is large and famous company I want give 7/10 in total.

Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hi Jun, thank you for your very honest review. We are sorry to hear about the delay in landscaping and will make sure to take it back to the team to improve on. It's great to hear that Ryan is a 10/10 and you can't fault him! We will be sure to let management know of his great work!

Would Rate 4.5 if it would let me! Very happy

Our site manager, Jesse, has been great to work with. He has been responsive and helpful, happy to answer our questions and requests.
His level of detail and standards have enabled us to place full confidence in the quality and finishing of our build.
He has also helped accommodate some additional requests which we have greatly appreciated!
As first time home builders, he has explained and walked us through the steps involved and I would happily work with him again

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Michela, thanks for your lovely review! It's great to hear that Jesse has been a pleasure to work with. We pride ourselves on high quality and service and it's great to see you got both! We will be sure to share your feedback with him and the greater team at Rawson.

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