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Razer Leviathan

Razer Leviathan

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Jack of all trades, master of none

If you're reading this review about this product and you're questioning about its realistic expectations, quality design and what relevance it has or could have in your life? Is it really necessary?

In short, the answer is no. It's not necessary and it won't have a significant impact on your life based on a few factors that I'd like to mention here.

The first is, if you're an audiophile (a person who likes music, is particular to clarity of sound quality), then you're out of luck; this is definitely not it.

It is however, the cheapest stand-alone sound bar system available for multiple uses. What's the catch phrase here; it's a "Jack of all trades, but master of none"...as the title of this review suggests, that's exactly what this is.

The hype of marketing by the notion that Razer is trying to establish by providing a capable device in handling an array of platforms whether it may be desktop pc / mac, laptop, smart devices including tablets that have NFC and Bluetooth technologies; or as part of the Home theatre entertainment system... Razer's package does it all. Unfortunately, not well enough. Not only from a price point, but also from the way it delivers the expectations.

This product as it is marketed to be Dolby 5.1; I'm sure with a great deal of research by on your own will lead you wondering why on earth is Razer trying to market this product as such. I can definitely tell you right now... this product is NOT Dolby 5.1, it is all marketing hype and you really need to test it out for yourself before making an informed decision.

It is no where near 5.1 unfortunately; it is however better than 2.1 and marginally may be 4.1; as I can surely without a doubt that my old Logitech 5500THX sound system is 5.1 due to the amount of speakers.

But you're probably wondering... well if you have a 5500THX, why do you need a Razer Leviathan; well its simple actually. The 5500THX is set up in another system; and if I were to say relocate the 5500THX set up, based on my current desktop circumstances and lack of space, It just won't fit.

With my desktop, depending on my mood; I may use a collaboration of different branded headphones, but I do want change in relation to experience and available choices.

There are so many speakers out there on the market, you're almost left helpless without thinking about your own needs as well as its practicality and of course the price point. Unless you are a person who wants a clear sound quality in different modulations and especially base where it counts on your audio experiences; then you're best to look else where other than this product.

If you are serious about a sound bar, there are significantly much better ones' out there on the market but of course you're paying a higher premium.

I bought this, because I don't have the space for speakers based on the table and space in the room as already indicated. I have a fixed Philips 40" 4K screen on the desk and the only thing that will fit other than the keyboard and mouse is this thing, the Razer Leviathan.

The second point, is the build quality and finish on the Razer Leviathan, it is really good; as good as my old Logitech 5500THX. The instructions on how to connect it to other devices is child's play, unlike my 5500THX that came with lots of different manuals, this has pictograms which is the easiest by far.

Other negatives I have about this thing, is that there is absolutely no remote control unless you use the bluetooth and NFC settings which uses your smart technology devices such as tablet or smart phones; where it can control the volume and various other associated functions. This kind of wireless control is only limited to music that is sent from your smart device to the sound bar.

Many reviews on the Internet suggest that its only best to be used on a desktop or laptop set up, because you're able to touch the buttons on the sound bar to make changes easily. Instead of far distances... however, there may be applications from a smart device or perhaps a universal remote that may be able to have a wider range of functionality (don't quote me on that, but perhaps its a possibility).

This device after 20 minutes or so of inactivity will switch off; meaning if it isn't playing any kind of sound, then yes. Not sure if you can switch this timer function off, as it may be annoying for some.

And also, depending on the circumstances in which you are attempting to play your audio, whether it may be gaming, music or movies; there is a button that you press that changes the audio modulation; however you as the user must press it; unless you use NFC or bluetooth to connect to your smart device, at which point, it will change to bluetooth and the sound is set to music. There is a 3.5mm jack that connect from the device to your computer, either through the colour coded "GREEN" port for speakers; or if you have a set up that redirects the speaker and headphone jack other parts of the system instead of the rear; then it will work just as fine.

This device is apparently in high demand.... practically all the computer stores are out of stock; well especially in Victoria. Though I managed to find one, however, the price isn't to my liking as there are some other computer businesses that sell for much less.

To make the experience any better than what this device provides, is the use of perhaps a better quality sound card instead of relying upon the computer itself; or the use of an external DAC which acts as an audio boost. There is no right or wrong way in making your experiences better in these circumstances, as they are just options.

In conclusion, its only good for desktop use.

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Price (RRP) $369.95
Connectivity Options3.5mm Jack, Bluetooth and Optical Port
Number of HDMI Ports0
Colour / Finish Black
Soundbar Dimensions76 x 500 x 71 mm
Power30 W
Weight2 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Speaker Configuration
Subwoofer TypeWireless
Satellite Speakers0
Up-Firing Speakers0

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  • MPN: RAZ-RZ05-01260100

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