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RCH Natural Products

RCH Natural Products

3.9 from 84 reviews

They does their best service

This company does their best to help their customers.. this I realized with my experience. a couple of days ago, I paid for a product for my pregnant friend but realized after a day that it won't suit for her health. I texted their orders email if they could do anything. They reacted promptly and canceled my order. got it back from couriers and refunded me. They also helped me to buy a best gift for my friend. They are truely helpful.

Delayed in refunding...!!!

I am happy to receive half of my order within 2 days. after that they promised refund for other half. never heard from them since then. I followed up with them again. They again promised me to sort out the issue. This time i thought of giving them a chance. It took 4 days to sort my refund. i am glad that they returned my money. I am giving 3 star only for their delay in returning the money

SCAM - Do not order from this company!

I ordered from this company with out hassle - paying with Paypal. A few days later I received a message including
"We scheduled to dispatch your order today as we were supposed to get the stock from the supplier yesterday. However, the supplier informed us, due to some reason, there will be delay on restocking (3-4 weeks).

We would like to know, if you want us to,
- Wait for the stock to arrive and send the order.
- Replace with alternative products (There might be a price difference)
Please let us know if this is getting delayed for you, so we can organize full refund if needed.

Could you please let us know how to proceed further."

After requesting a refund and this being agreed to promptly by the company a month has passed with no refund. This appears to be a similar experience to many other buyers on this site. Reported to PAYPAL and will follow up with consumer affairs.

Also check the positive reviews for the company on this website - they are all obviously fake as the positive reviews are the reviewers only review on the website, Productreview - you are an amazing resource but surely there must be a way to filter out these blatantly false reviews by was of checking the IP address of reviewers and cancelling reviews from reviewers that only have provided one review to each company from the same IP address?

Buyer beware.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Loved tea varieties from RCH...

I recently had a party at home and I served varieties of tea for my guests. I am glad all are happy and my party went well! All thanks to RCH natural products. The cust support suggested me lots of tea varieties and I ordered them all in different orders, but received on time. I will come back to you guys for my next order! Thank you so much!

Happy now! Trustworthy

I wanted Natal body oil and my husband ordered them from this store. I wasn't sure as I never ordered from them. But I kept this order on my husband's trust (his friends recommended). I am happy to see well packed Natal body oil at my doorstep after 3 days. They always bothered to give updates. Happy now! They gained my trust! I will now keep purchasing from them.

All my orders in Good condition

At first I brought their items when I became concerned for my nutrition needs. Since then I have been liking their prodcuts for various day to day needs. Their many of the products. Glad to get all my orders in good condition and in time. Never faced any problem till now.

Fast delivery service

Simple checkout process and I can even do bank transfer.. happy to know that. bcoz I always do only direct transfer. I bought my daily usage things from them. delivery service is fast.

Product Quality

careful packing... prompt service.

Thank you for your prompt service. I got my parcel with colloidal silver this morning. i am greatful that you have done a careful packing. Thanks again! I will be ordering again with you guys!!!

delayed delivery but received what I wanted

Ordered Noni juice 10 days ago from this website RCH. received parcel after 8 days. not so happy. I expected email informing the delay but didn't receive any. Thats ok for now.. happy to see my juice bottle has long use by date. Thanks.

overall experience is good

RCH had affordable prices. I purchased looking at the prices. Communication from cust service is great.. i got updates every now and then. but received the product a week later than it was supposed to. little disappointed but overall experienced is good.

Product Quality

Easy ordering process

Being the first time user for their website, easily foundand ordered within minutes. and got my product within 3 days. Hassle-free process is what all matters! I already placed my next order today. Hoping to receive it soon...

Product Quality

found no issues till now

I always do online shopping... this saves most of my time. I ordered 5 times from RCH till now and this is my 6th order. Till now found no issue with them.
prompt response and safe packing. will continue order from this site.

Product Quality

Best experience!!!

I got my first order from RCH Natural products and I am sure this won't be my last one. I opened the packaging yesterday at night and I am really glad to see the secure packing for my bottle. I had my best experience with this company. Thank you!!!

Product Quality

Quality natural products

This website was recommended by a friend. Since then I have tried a variety of products.Love their service and on time delivery. You must also try.

Scam. Do not buy through them.

My story is the same as a lot of other's here... I purchased an item (using PayPal) and a few days later received an email (unsurprisingly written with poor spelling and grammar) about how, for some unknown reason, their supplier was out of stock. I asked for a refund. They said they'd issue one. After a number of days with no refund, I emailed them back. They informed me that they were prioritising my refund and even had the gall to ask for my bank account details to make it 'quicker' (ha!). I will be lodging a claim through PayPal and advising the ACCC of this scam company. Buyer beware

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Product out of stock - no notice until after 3 days after ordering

I placed an order for a product, and 3 days later got an email to say that it's out of stock. There was no indication at the time of placing the order that it would be out of stock. Worse, the product is still advertised without any indication it is out of stock. I have requested a refund.

Try their products

Received the product on time, RCH delivers what it says. Timely delivery, quality product and nice customer service. Try on my advice.

Got quality products at reasonable price.

My family friend gave me some products from their site as a new year gift. Pleastly surprized. Now I myself have ordered after having an awesome experience. Happy to receive quality products at cheap rates. delivery is also good.

Item out of stock twice in a year's stretch, still haven't received any refunds

Early last year I ordered the same product and I got a notification e-mail saying it was out of stock. Back then it was resolved with a refund. This time after one year I reordered the same product and got the same notification e-mail that it was out of stock. Asked for a refund, after more than one week of being promised that the refund will be processed and delivered in a few days nothing came in. I reminded them that I still haven't received any refund, they replied with a promise that it will be resolved in 48 hours. After 4 days still nothing. I reminded them yet again but this time no reply was given. Finally I got really fed up and asked them if I should contact the ACCC for their blatant neglect of responsibility?

And please don't take me for granted - I will go to the ACCC if I don't see any refunds ASAP.

Liars!! And cheats!!

We placed an order in March and were advised the product was out of stock. It continued to be listed for sale on their site. Followed up one month later. Still no stock. Honestly, I forgot about it. Checked early December. Was told it had been shipped and delivered in August and given an Australia Post tracking number - which was non existent. After more emails and a "ticket" to the dispatch team, still no result. A refund was offered. I have stated that I would prefer the product (which they now sell at $5 more than we paid). Aparrently that email ended up in their spam folder and in the meantime they have sold out - despite the fact the product is still listed for sale on their website. I will be reporting this company to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and suggest anyone with a similar experience do the same.

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After having a bad experience with your company - item order was apparently out of stock and was offered refund which never came, I found this review site. There are LOTs of bad reviews, most with the same theme that you never despatch items and don’t give refunds. My question is - why are ALL of your positive reviews from people who have only published ONE review, it appears that these are all fake reviews made by your company. Is this the case?
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Just read your reviews and a little concerned with regard to my order RC 37849 collide silver x 2 concerned I will get same message Out of stock please contact me on email and let me this is not the case or I will need to cancel and get my refund (better be original collide silver) Thanks when will I expect delivery? Nerida
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Did you get your reply in the end? It appears that everyone has had the same experience and this is just a scam website. All of their positive reviews look fake. I suggest reporting to PayPal, consumer affairs and ACCC. Good luck!

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