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Red Bear Vodka

Red Bear Vodka

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More like cordial needs more vodka

The raspberry is the only I have tried since I couldn't afford my usual smirnoff dbl black cans. This needs a higher alcohol content tastes ok, like a ice block i had one and could easily slam this down, i want something worth while buying in a can more vodka needed, less sugar
The taste was nice
Too much sugar not enough vodka


As it is a ready to drink it is convenient enough to pick up at the liquor store on your way to a party or BBQ and not have to be hassled with mixing you drink. It is however much sweeter and in my opinion I prefer to buy UDLs instead, they are slightly cheaper and not as sugary (especially the vodka and raspberry). I have not tried any other flavour.
Convenient, easy to find in liquor shops and take with you to parties, BBQs or to friend's places.
I find this drink (vodka and raspberry) too sugary and quiet sickening. I can only drink 2 in one sitting.

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Where do you buy them from in Vic?
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