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Hello, don’t want to write a nasty review as I’m not like that - but I did buy a bag of my forever favourites the balsamic vinegar but was confused when I opened them - had to check the bag to see if they were actually BV anyway the bag was BV the chips were plain sea salt! I still ate them..just not sure what happened there.
Your sincerely - your biggest chip fan! X

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Lillian C.
Lillian C.asked

What are the Red Rock Deli chip packets made of? Polyethylene terephthalate, high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low-density polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene. If they are, there should be a recycling symbol with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 in it. If your chip packets are recyclable, you need to put a recycling simbol on it somewhere, preferably large and on the front to make it clear.

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Boris Yasminsky
Boris Yasminsky

Crude Oil, Black Gold, Texas Tea


Has deli rock changed the honey and soy chips into something different?

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Sharon, I don't know. I was writing a review of the Special Reserve Red Rock Deli Chips which is additional to the normal range.


Sharon, sorry cant help you. Bought them once Ages ago and did not like them. Haven't bought them since


I recently purchased from Woolworth Mount Barker in South Australia a 200g Sweet potato crisps Green chilli & coriander, which I loved and wanted to purchase a larger six, but was told at Woolworths they do not have. Could you please tell where they are available to buy in larger size? Lorraine

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Jenni Paynter
Jenni Paynter

Lorrie I purchased the same size packet of chips as you from Woolworths in Victoria.
I have not been able to get them in a bigger size either, maybe the company that makes them maybe able to help.
Sorry I could not be more helpful and enjoy your day.

miss chippy
miss chippy

Sorry lorrie haven't seen this flavour at all. Maybe something only available in vic sa and wa. I'd try actually ringing the company their number should be on chip pkt. Good luck!

Melvin L.
Melvin L.

i know the reason why


Is it just my imagination or has the large pack stayed the same size but now has more air and less chips? 165g? I'm sure it used to be more than that. Anyone know if they've kept price the same and reduced contents??

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miss chippy
miss chippy

Hey I suspect so. It's been happening with crisps of all brands for a long time I feel. The snacksizes are a joke.

Phillip 58
Phillip 58

they have reduced the size quantity + the quality is not as good there for refuse to purchase anymore unless they change back to good quality at a reasonable price and taste 180grams used to be


Yes, and I think as consumers that we should STOP buying these products when companies to this. I find it insulting!

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