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Amazing site 100% recommended

This site is 100% incredible for effectiveness I've been a guest member for maybe three months and in that time I've had at least four dates a week or more every week lol could've had a date every day if I'd had the time... Lovely guys who actually want to meet up and make the effort. It might be slightly different for men that's true but even the men I've dated on the site have said there's alot less paid Webcam girls/hustlers/fake profiles/psychos on red hot pie than other sites. I would've said this site is almost too perfect but.... Customer service is absolutely terrible. If they treat a guest this badly I'd be extremely annoyed if I'd paid membership fees. My profile disappeared and I lost 50+ messages... Very difficult to contact them to figure out what the problem is. Come on red hot pie... Get it together if it wasn't for the lovely men and women on your site you'd be nothing so treat your customers with some respect. Contact me and fix my account geez...

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Hi HarlieBee, thanks for your review - we're so glad to hear that you're loving your RedHotPie experience. As to your issues with your profile being inaccessible, can you please get in contact with our Customer Support team via this link (it can be found at the bottom of each page on the site) and we'll look into what might have happened and get you back up and running: https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

FAKE PROFILE - Misleading physical attributes not important

[name removed] was banned from amm due to abusive behaviour towards women and fake profile where he was pretending to be the female talking to women. Site administration states "Ultimately, if some people are willing to suffer the consequences of their misrepresentations, then that is up to each individual. We are happy to assist in cases where there is a clear issue with misrepresentation (i.e. - a man posing as a woman or couple), however marital status and physical attributes are areas which we suggest our users employ their own measures to ensure the people they meet match what they are seeking". So misleading women to think there is a couple there is ok. Wow
This is same guy that was on AMM under other profiles. Maybe administrators should read amm comments women have made
No wonder they don't care about fake profiles as they were caught doing same back in 2010 by federal court
Shame $$$$ is more important

Ladies beware of [name removed] as female does not exist.

Hi DTF, We're sorry to hear that we have not as yet resolved this issue to your satisfaction. As always, our primary concern is the safety and enjoyment of our members, however please note that we cannot take action against a user based on reported behaviour on another site or platform. As you could provide no evidence to support your initial claim of both fraudulent and abusive behaviour on RedHotPie, and we found no evidence of the behaviour you reported, we could not take action against this user's account. Although we could not find evidence of any behaviour that would breach our member terms and conditions, we did advise you that we would monitor said user's account for suspicious activity. Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support TeamMaybe if you allowed attachments to be uploaded you would have proof about [Name Removed] but you can't so sent to your help email address no response therefore condoning sending other members r rated pics to othersStill no response from site. So [Name Removed] can continue to send photos of members without their consent

So many false profiles trying to get money

Joined Red Hot Pie, dating site about 4-5 weeks ago and in that time I've received 4 messages wanting to meet, first one said she lives in Brisbane and was in Turkey to do her fathers funeral and after a few messages asked if I could send her some money to buy a phone to call her sick uncle in Australia!!! I Asked how much just to see and her reply was "as much as you can afford", I reported her to RHP and got an auto message, basically telling me to just search "verified" members which I did, I'm 59, my search was 40-60yr olds, 50k's distance from Southport "Goldy", would you believe 10 members!!!! Another wanted $320. For a plane ticket, didn't want me to buy it!! Insisting I send her the cash so she could buy it (yeah right) and there's more. DONT JOIN RED HOT PIE its full of con artist trying to get money off you and the people that run the site don't care once they take your money, and I have all the emails from these sleaze bags to prove it RHP, but you weren't interested were you, now you pay, and I'm just getting started, won't stop until I get a full refund RHP!! OMG, have a look at what the ACCC has to say about these crooks, and it looks like I'm going to have to cancell my credit card to stop them from helping themselves, guess the ACCC is a toothless tiger, THEY ARE STILL RIPPING US OFF!!

Hi Jeff, We’re sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having! Our moderation team works diligently 24/7, tracking and removing non-genuine profiles. Occasionally they do get through the net, but we’re always striving to do better, so your feedback is appreciated. If you could drop us a line at https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx we’d like to get some more information to follow this up and ensure it is resolved satisfactorily. We take the protection of our community very seriously, which is why member features such as peer validations, system verifications, and activity summaries are used on RedHotPie. Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support TeamYou can call me and I'll read you the emails, haven't time to text it all, I just want a refund or I'll do a print out of the 5 messages I've received, 1 nutter and 4 bogus profiles that tried to con money from me, to the ACCC, I've wasted hrs!!! You Need to insist on some sort of verification to join, $150 for what, to advertise my self to all your crooks, just give me a refund and I'll go awayThanks for your response Jeff, however we can't locate your account to assist you with your queries unless you contact us via the site https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Please contact us via this link and we will ensure that this is resolved satisfactorily. Regards, Rebecca RedHotPie Customer Support Team

A waste of time.

RedHotPie is a total waste of time, I saw the ad on Facebook and thought why not.Joined though Facebook, not knowing what to expect never been on their site before.I had a photo taken holding up a card like they asked for verification And added 1 photo in a private album and had my profile verified. The following day they deleted my profile,if i log in though Facebook they ask me make up a new profile as if! Not bothered doing a ticket gone elsewhere.No wonder there was not many members online.

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Hi Bec, we're sorry to hear you had issues creating an account. It sounds as if something went wrong during the registration process. If you'd like to get in touch via https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx with your username I'll look into it for you and can let you know exactly what went wrong so that we can get you back up and running asap :) Rebecca RedHotPie Support Team

No support

This site is a scam , trying to delete account.cant get any help, no support, I just want out now

Hi Rick, you'll find our Customer Support link at the top of the logged in homepage, as well as at the bottom of every logged in page. Alternatively, you can visit this link to send us a message if you're having troubles deleting your account https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Please just let us know your username and we'll help you out with that. Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamI tried the link it didn't work My user name is Wannahavefun71Thanks for providing that information, I've removed your account for you. Please feel free to contact us via our Customer Support by copying the URL above into the website address bar in your internet browser future if you have any other issues.

Cannot find where to delete my account

I would like to delete my account but cannot find any link to do so,there should be somewhere on the profile page where you can do this,please help as I do not wish to have an account on rhp anymore

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Hi Pickle, sorry to hear you're having issues deleting your account. If you get in touch with our Support Team at https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx with your username we'll help you out with that. Rebecca RedHotPie Support Team

Auto charge your credit card

This site is scam, once your subscription period is finish they will renew it auto and will keep charging your credit card monthly basic. All they need is your credit card detail.
And beware of one more thing even if you deactivate your account you will see your account and pics will show in google search. In that case your privacy is in risk for sure.

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Hi Ryan. We’re sorry to hear you experienced problems with the auto-renew feature. We advise people upfront about auto-renew when upgrading on RedHotPie to avoid any unwanted surprises. You would also have received an email notification about it; and of course, our help team would have been more than happy to help you if you weren’t sure what to do. In regards to your Google issue, Google indexes very basic profile summaries, handle, age etc, it does not see or return your full profile details. Once you delete your account, those basic details will disappear when Google re-indexes the page, however, the speed at which this occurs is at Googles discretion. You can submit a request to have Google re-index the page immediately here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6349986?hl=en Of course, we’d be happy to help with process if you’d like to drop us a line. Regards, Rebecca, RedHotPie Support Team

They banned me when i joined for NO REASON!

I recently attempted to join this site. After posting my profile and a few pictures? My profile was banned FOR NO REASON. I lodged a support ticket and was told my pictures appeared on "suspicious web sites" and I needed to verify myself. I was also told I wasn't allowed to "solicit for prostitution" even though I am not an escort and would never use a personal dating profile for that anyway. ... but when the profile was activated? it clearly wasn't available to the public. So i deleted it ... Who the hell do these people think they are ? god! this web site is Screwed UP.

Hi Elfin_Princess, we’re sorry to hear about your negative experiences on our website. We work hard at weeding out potentially non-genuine profiles to ensure that our members have an awesome user experience and as was relayed to you, the images that were uploaded to your profile were found on multiple escort advertisement websites. When you assured us that these profiles did not belong to you we immediately reactivated your account and your profile was visible on our website. I’m not quite sure why your profile appeared as unavailable to you but please feel free re-open the support ticket that we sent to you after activating your account if you’d like me to look into it for you. Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamThis "official response" is totally incorrect. I DONT work as an escort. So this site is banning people under FALSE information. Avoid them !

Using my pics

I deleted my profile years ago and ur still using my profile.. stop immediately.. I can't believe this site can get away with this..

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Hi Curvy, not logging in to your account won’t delete it so it’ll still be visible on our site if you haven’t actually deleted it. If you let us know your username we can delete your profile for you immediately through our Support link https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx or please feel free to delete the profile yourself if you know your login details.

Waste of time for women

App does not work well. Auto fill text when setting up profile very crude and presumtive.

A really strange site. Creepily hypnotic but a time and money waster.

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Hi Bloss, thanks for your review of our app. Our template profile selections are an option for users that are stuck for words when they first register, or you can include your own personalised text if none of the template options are to your liking. If you have any issues with the app, please feel free to contact us via our Support Ticket feature here https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Rebecca RedHotPie Support Team

App very buggy. It barely works.

Was referred on to the app by some people we met at a swingers party. Sadly the app (on iOS) hardly functions.

We'll stick to parties and clubs to meet people.

Hi Lucky Couple, thank you for your feedback on our app. We've taken your comments on board and have made some exciting updates to the app - it now works beautifully! Please make sure you install the latest updates and enjoy our superior app experience. If you have any other issues with our app, please feel free to get in touch with us at https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamYeah / nah. There's way better apps out there than yours. Thanks for the effort though.


We had someone copy our user name except for 1 letter.
And Red Hot Pie said that is the way it is, we can block them.

But they were complete opposite of what we looking for, and with the same profile name is a attempt to ruin anything we may be looking for.

Hi Us on rhp, we're sorry to hear that you were upset someone had a similar username to you! Unfortunately given the number of sexy members that we have, there's bound to be similarities in username choices occasionally. Our Support Team determined in this instance that it was a coincidence and that there was no malicious intent so no action was taken. We also allow users to change their usernames at any time - please get in touch if you'd like help changing yours https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamIt was no coincidence in our opinion, and was not similar, the same! except for one letter, we were a paid member for years, and the other was a new account trail member with no history, no photo, a single male upset because a couple said no to him. We have closed that account when our subscription expired. Thanks for your help.

Deleted profile issues

Even though my account has been deleted my profile appears in a Google search. Extremely unhappy as it is causing problems.

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Hi Lou, Google normally takes a few weeks to delete outdated content, but if for some reason it hasn’t then please let us know and we will contact Google and ask for the removal of the index. Alternatively, you can do it yourself here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6349986?hl=en Rebecca RedHotPie Support Team

Can't delete account, won't answer my emails!

I keep getting emails even though i've deselected to receive information from them!!!!! There is nowhere on the site to deactivate the account (I'm an IT techie, if I'm in it, i'd be able to find it) and they won't answer any of my emails!!! There are so many desperate (mainly married) men on there and I regret ever joining to find a date!

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Hi BBWE16, sorry to hear that you're having issues with removing your account - if you let us know your username we can delete your profile for you immediately, or you can contact us through our support link https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx If you've contacted us before and haven't gotten a response, our emails may have gone to your Junk folder. Please keep an eye on it if you use our ticket system to contact us or you can log in to your account as a copy of the response will be sent there also. Rebecca RedHotPie Support Team

Basically fraud

Jointed up and paid with credit card to red hot pie asked for my E mail confirmation went to access the site the password did not work. Emailed support and they said my email was not linked with my red hot pie account even though it required an email to pay .so basically I paid for nothing no one contact me, I strongly advise anyone to avoid red hot pie at all costs every other website regardless of its nature has access to the account with customer service help

Hi Dean, sorry to hear you had problems accessing your account. If the email you wrote to us from didn't match the one on the RedHotPie account, we aren't able to give out any login information for privacy reasons. If you're still having issues accessing the account, it's a very simple process - please write to us from the email that you used when you signed up, or if you can't access that email please write to our Support Team and we'll ask for some additional information to confirm that you own the account and get you back on the site in no time! You can get in touch with us here https://redhotpie.com.au/Support/SubmitTicket.aspx Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamOnly have one email address , and found out that you guys have still have been taking money from my account under some weird name in Claremont . Had to cancel my card because it is too hard to make you guys stop taking money.worst scam I've ever got involved in.


Many watchers violate privacy on this site, every normal text monitored, if one of this site premium members does not like you, for instance if you rather not hook up, then complain to staff friends, site access immediately lost after expensive subscription ... then I advise you to file for fraud at your credit card issuer.

You have been in breach of our Terms of Use numerous times over a number of years and have been warned multiple times regarding your behaviour on our website - however we will not discuss that issue here. We do wish to advise all users that we're happy to help with any inquiries regarding their billing or membership renewal. For users not found to be breaching our Terms of Use, they will have no issues with subscription nor renewal. Rebecca RedHotPie Support TeamThe ACCC easily found evidence that this site commited fraud at an industrial level, check this online, never trust this site, which after years can't even deny a confirmed fraud, instead invent stories to mislead more customers. Indeed not to refund an unused access as this site ended it is a fraud, this site can claim a would be breach of terms, it does not allow it to take money for no service. After money lost once, there were just few tries to use this site, and, as this site did the same, no access, credit card issuers received instructions to avoid fraud, then no more use of this site. Very few normal hot women to be found, as these when rarely they are keen to 'meet' whether attached or not obviously don't need such a site to find 'friends', and ordinary ones receive too many texts to handle. This site advertises to cheat, lists obscene activities, yet bans more normal activities on its terms, thus is not entitled to claim ethics.

Horrible and Fake Profiles

Horrible Horrible Horrible ! Don't Waste your Money Please.....
Heaps of Fakes Profiles. Really Dodgy !
Dont believe in nothing in this Web Site ! Even the real people are kind of fake as well.

Avoid paying for membership

It is not a guarantee of hooking up. If you dont belive me google ACCC and rhp.
If you do decide to pay for a membership, you are actually signing up for a direct debit from your account. This is not obvious and something the ACCC is looking into.
I paid for one months membership without realising tjat buried in the fine print I was signing up for direct debit. Everything about this site is designed to get you into a direct debit contract.
When I complained they said my fee wss theirs and bad luck I agrred to their terms and conditions. Since then I have been ignored.
Please ignore the payed wmployees writing reviews...they like the site are fake.

have you noticed the profile pics of the positive reviews

so ive been a member for a few days, but have hesitated to sign up to a paid account as just have no faith in how genuine people are on there. Oh and is it just a coincidence that the only good reviews on here the profiles of the people only wrote 1 review, but had the same profile pictures!

Spartanis's review of RHP

One day, I discovered Redhotpie. I signed up, creating a free account. and had a look around (it was restricted, but thats ok, i was sussing it out). Months later, i received a free 3 months full membership trial. Thought, what the heck, I will give it a go.

I never bothered with profile searching and messaging. For i went straight to teh chat room. (at the time, there was few rooms). And i was hooked. I had a ball and a barrel of laughs. a week later, i met my first redhotpie partner, and she was awesome.

Ten years later, I have met so many wonderful people from that site. Some still remain my best friends today, where one of them is now my housemate. I even had "fun" with.. hang on.. lemmie count... *thinks*.. yeah.. about 20ish girls.. some are FWB.

Sure, RHP has its up's and down, but they improve with every year, and they just got better and better.

Like any other sites, you always get 90% idiotic, frustrated, bitter, selfish, judgmental people.. but its the 10% that are on there, are the ones you want to hang out with. Its not the site that gives the bad name. it sthe certain members are.

The only reason im not there now, is i needed a break. Its time for me to settle down, and to do that, i must look elsewhere to find "love"

If you feel that you been ripped orf, or not getting any in that site, then, its not RHP fault. Its yours. Just Sayn.
Easy to use.
Costumer Service needs improving a little, but other than that. Nothing.

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Does the membership come out direct debit once a month or 6montbs months straight away?
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I am subscribed to premium, I've sent a few messages and they are not being received for some reason????
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Hi i have problem last night I join and pay 135$ And today I send 20 massage after that system ask me for uploading and pay again?
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Hi Sayyad, As a PremiumPLUS user, you have access to 20 new messages per day (replies do not count towards this total). Your 20 messages will reset 24 hours after you sent your first message for the day. Regards,

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