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Brilliant Light

Six months ago my husband replaced our old skylight with a Redi lite in our bathroom, it's fabulous so bright, visitors try turning the light off and realize that it's the skylight.
We will be purchasing another for our kitchen.

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Thanks so much for the review Peter. We are over the moon that you are happy with the product and looking to add to your system. Thanks again.

REDi-lite Solar Skylight Alternative

We had 6 x 6w REDi-lite downlights installed on a 65w solar panel with the optional Day/Night AC kit in our dark hallway and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. We were considering installing 2 traditional skylights in that area, but once Joel told us about the benefits of REDi-lite (no holes in the roof, and no heat gains etc.), we were convinced this was the best way to go, especially after a recent renovation. With the Day/Night Kit, this has worked perfect as there is no need to install other 240v lights for night time use, as REDi-lite gives us free lighting during the day and only using minimal 6w LED downlights at night. We looked at some other solar lighting products but nothing matched the 7 year warranty REDi-lite offered. Very happy customer.

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Thanks Andy. Much Appreciated.

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Questions & Answers

Is there a dealer in Canberra?
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Hi, Yes, you can contact the following company. Skyvac Skylights P: 02 4871 3800 E: info@skyvac.com.au Alternatively you can contact our head office on 1300 55 99 86 Thanks

Will they work off solar panels already installed on the roof??
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Hi Kerry. Unfortunately our REDi-lite system is a system that operates on it's own and can't be integrated into your current solar system.

Can you provide more information about the day/night kit. Does this mean that you can switch the lights on at night? Also - can you switch them off during the day if you want some darkness.
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Hi Ian. Thanks for your question. Yes, the day/night kit is a power supply that is a manual changeover switch from the day (solar) feed to the night (AC) feed, which allows you to use the same light fittings for night time use. Yes you can switch these lights off whenever you want on this kit. Regards - Joel

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