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Can i apply redwin sorbolene to face?
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Yes u can your whole face its safe . Its a makeup removal cream as well. I cant use makeup wipes i get stinging skin so i use the gentle sorboline. Can i suggest men rub it on their faces after they shave. I dated a 28 yr old he looked around 38. YOUTH men women love YOUTH .

how do you start the pump working on your sorbolene body wash bottle
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With the palm of your hand push down and then twist it to 1 side. Very tricky bottle to open this 1 . Which is great 4 tightened security

I've been told you can rub sorbelene moisturer into a dogs coat before bath. Then rinse in bath for sensitive skin. Is this true?
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Is Redwin Sorbolene moisturiser Vegan?
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What are the ingredients of redwin sorbolene?
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On going thru a family members cupboard i found a pump bottle of sorbelene. It has been there for years im told harldy used. My question is does this product "go off" or can it still be used. Im told it hasnt been used for many many years.
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I am sorry, Cheryl, I can not say - my Sorbolene does not sit for so long, and my 1 litre bottle is well used within a 12 month period. I did check my Redwin Sorbolene labeling to see if there is any indication of a shelf life (many products have a "best before [date]" label), however, there was not any. If it were me, I would throw the old one away and purchase a new 1 litre container of Redwin Sorbolene (~6$ from Coles Supermarket) to be sure to gain the benefits of the product.

I do hope somebody will reply....How do I access the pump action?... Neither my husband nor I can make the action respond. Bottle after bottle gets used up with the top unscrewed. What a mess that is!
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The Redwin Sorbolene container has a very useful lock to avoid accidental presses of the plunger expressing the contents. To release the lock so that the Sorbolene will pump when the plunger is pressed, hold the serated screw top with one hand and turn the sprout clockwise with the other hand until it clicks. Now, when the plunger is pressed, the sorbolene is pumped out of the spout. When completed, turning the spout back anticlockwise until it clicks will lock the spout again, avoiding accidental spills.Stephen, thank you very much, indeed.

Can I use Redwin sorbolene mositurizer cream as a hair consitioner? How do I use Redwin sorbolene moisturizer cream as a hair conditioner?
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I haven't tried it actually. But I've used it on my dry hair before using a straightening brush, just to protect my hair from damage. It did protect my hair from damage but my hair lacked shine, so I purchased argan oil to replace itI have no experience using Sorbolene as a conditioner. However, I use it as protection for my coloured hair to the swimming pool. After applying the Sorbolene I create a turban with a thin (striped) cleaning cloth and a pin or clasp and cover that then with the swim cap (with stretch).

B 0 9 1 2 1 6 D What's the meaning of this number? And where I can find expiration date?
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I'm sorry but I no longer have this product, It caused a rash on my skin, my doctor now gave me another product labelled HealthE Urea 10% cream. Seams to work ok so far. Note this cream is made in New Zealand,

Is redoing Sorbonne tested on animals??
1 answer
Do you mean Redwin Sorbolene?

My dog's skin is reddened and itchy. I have a bottle of Redwin sorbolene moisturiser which I use daily. Would this product cause my dog's skin condition to worsen? It is now Saturday evening and I shall consult a veterinarian on Monday but he is experiencing some discomfort. Thank you.
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Margaret until you have a proper diagnoses from your vet of what is causing your dogs skin problem I wouldn't use anything other than salt water to bath the area. If you're desperate and your dog is scratching the area you could try some paw paw ointment but ideally wait for the vet's advice.

I'm a guy I've never used moisturiser before, I brought this product for my dry feet. I was wondering am I able to use this on my face? Or do I need to get specific face moisturiser.. TIA
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I am not too sure as I usually just use it on my body after having a shower though as the ingredients are pretty good though my advice is to wash your hands after you used on your feet or just before you use it anywhere / I don't think it would hurt to use it on your face as the skin is connected together and is a organ though it might be better to close your eyes and rub it in so it doesn't get into the eyes and possibly damage themIt works fine for the face. It's only greasy for 5 mins maximum (depending on how much you apply). I have had dry skin on my forehead but oily skin on my nose yet this moisturiser works just fine. Then again, different skin suits different moisturiser. Try in a small amount for a week to see if there are any breakouts or rashes. Stop if there is.. otherwise, enjoy your new all purpose moisturiser (:

A friend in the UK has really bad eczema would sorbelene help her, if so can she purchase in the UK
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It would help with eczema though it's not as good as the better moisturisers such as qv moisturiser manufactured by ego pharmaceuticals or another great product is invite vitamin e though the totally best one is Macarthur paw paw products for eczema @ it's expensive though in my opinion it's worth every dollar though it will take about a month or so to work / I would recommend the redwin in between other moisturisers or after having a shower just after drying off with a towel as it smells good and it's pump pack is easy to use - not sure if it's available in the united kingdom though / you are probably going to call different chemists or search online on a search engine such as Google

Is this product tested on animals or contain animal fats? Thanks Michelle
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The list of ingredients are probably listed there on the package / probably on the back or you could try contacting the producer of it

Is sorbolene ok on dry skin on dogs stomach?
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It works well on people so it might work on dogs / I don't think it would do too much harm to try the redwin moisturiser cream on your dogHi i have two staffie dogs with very dry skin. I use sorbolene on their skin all the time it takes the red rashes away and they have had no reactions to the cream at all!Hi i have two staffie dogs with very dry skin. I use sorbolene on their skin all the time it takes the red rashes away and they have had no reactions to thr cream at all!

Expiry date is not mentioned why? Only manufacturing date. How long I can use it from its manufacturing date?
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Yeah I know what you mean / the manufacturers not printing the use by date doesn't please me either though I assume it would be probably be about up to 2 to 3 years from the date of manufactured before it starts to go bad

Sorbolene Moisturiser with Vitamin E + 10% Glycerine 1 Litre . where do i down load material safety data sheet from , i can only walker safety data sheets? .
1 answer
It's probably best to contact redwin and ask them

where can I buy Redwin's Sorbolene cream in the Phil?
1 answer
I think most chemists and supermarkets sell them or you could try buying the redwin moisturiser cream online over the internet

is Redwin Sorbolene Moisturiser good for pimples
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Are you referring to pimples that have puss in them as it's probably better see the doctor / if you are referring to developing pimples there is no harm in trying the sorbelene moisturiser cream on the redness though I would not advisable to use the cream if there is a open wound unless it's just minor cracking skin

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