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Reid Condor

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Beware of Workmanship

My son bought a brand new Reid Condor after trying out his friend's bicycle. After putting it together he road tested it only to find that the front brake cables were NOT connected As the brakes is all nicely wrapped up, there is no way for him to fix the issue but to return the bicycle. When he contacted the North Melbourne office, he was told to return the bicycle himself when the bicycle is clearly a major safety liability. Hence please double check your bicycle and ensure it is safe before taking it on a road test.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hello Zane Our bikes arrive 85% assembled and require completion as outlined on our website and in the confirmation emails sent to you during the purchase period. We recommend getting your bike built by an experienced bicycle mechanic for safety reasons and to ensure longevity of your purchase. It sounds like your son has assembled his bike incorrectly and therefor was not yet safe to ride. When you contacted our help desk we asked you to send us photos so that we could assess the issue and offer advice. Could you kindly forward these photos to us at your earliest convenience. Thank you The Reid Team

A Lean, Green and Mean Bargain Buy

If there is one reason I want to review this bike is to point out just how REID offer bikes that are affordable and that is why the Condor is a good concept. The REID Condor Road Bike is a low price but in my opinion offers extremely good value for money. I think it is possible to expect miracles in terms of value for money from the Condor. This budget priced road bike is safe and structurally competent yet at 300 dollars is priced extremely competitively for that safeness and competency. The Condor is lean in weight, mean in dollars saved and green for the environmental gains by saving costs and time spent on crowded inner city public transport.

Other very important facts to note for any potential buyer related to my purchase are the assembly, the experience and the cost of my purchase .The bike actually costs 300 dollars when purchased ONLINE, hence assembly needed, so, unless you really know your bikes, I doubt beginners could competently assemble the bicycle. Even then, even REID recommend in the related assembly manual that the bicycle should be tested by a bicycle mechanic before use. Of course I was taking a risk by letting a person I trust assemble the bike and I got to watch that person work and judged it that they had done a good job for me. I suppose I am trying to say that if you get a bike mechanic to complete the assembly, then that will cost you more, and REID are operating with what seems very few physical stores. It seems practical to have it only 85% assembled and while it ought to be in principle easy to assemble in my reality it wasn't - I was helped and that help was fortunate and independent of REID..

The bike frame is actually painted black so the frame is black in color, with a little bit of white painting, and it came without a seat post reflector which when I asked REID they promptly posted me a nice new reflector. So while I recommend the bike and see it as a great concept it is a product review so it is also good to keep things objective, I will objectively state I was fortunate to know a person who could conveniently and competently assemble the bike, it is a great bike and a super concept by REID to make bicycles affordable in that price range. They also have bikes in an even better higher price range but at my level of skill I only need a REID bike in their lower cost bracket. Bicycles are a low priority for me which means price and performance are demanded appropriately and REID meets those demands with the Condor road bike.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Spend a bit more on a different bike

I ordered online and the bike came boxed, with a 'one size fits all' instruction manual to put it together. Not long after I put it together, I had to take it in for a service. The front inner tube needed replacing at that time, and now the rear has gone as well. The tyres are okay if you only ever ride on bike paths but on Sydney roads -- forget it, you feel every crack in the pavement. It came with accessories -- the lights are okay but the compact bike pump crapped out the first time I used it. I've had mixed experiences of customer service from Reid -- the first contact, checking I'd got the right size, went to their Zendesk and never got replied-to. I reviewed the bike on another site and they got into an argument with me about that. Second time, asking about alternative wheels, I got a helpful reply within hours. On the strength of this bike, I wouldn't buy another Reid.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

OK entry-level bike for entry-level usage.

If you're looking at one of these, please be realistic in terms of the usage you're going to subject it to. It is an entry-level bike, specced accordingly, and priced accordingly. If you're going to use it for light fitness/fun or short commuting duties, it will be fine, with one or two conditions. Replace the pedals, upgrade the tyres and keep it maintained. And if you end up with the Promax brakes, replace them with something else (Tektro/Shimano etc). If you're going to be doing lots of kms, think about buying something with higher specs and a better wheel-set. I am not a regular rider of any Reid bike (prefer 1980s Peugeot bikes), although I buy/sell bikes in reasonable numbers, and have done so since the 70s. Reid seems determined to hang around, although have noticed they're in the middle of rationalizing their business by closing some stores. In the past 6 months I've worked on and subsequently sold, Reid Condors (4), Harrier (1), City (2) and they're all basic, simplistic bikes built to be cost-effective. The component set is basic (sort of crappy) but what do you expect on a $300 bike? Oh, and the comments re the wheel-set are especially true if you are a larger rider, say 90kg plus, in which case you should probably be looking at something else (I'm 98kg and 6'1).

TL:DR Perfectly fine for light usage, can be made to ride well with a few choice mods, but not really made for heavy duty use.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Pedals came out in first two weeks

The bike has low quality... cheap for a reason. No good warranty. They charged me $15 to fix and intentionally kept me in store for over 30 min while they said it takes 5 min. So not a good experience. North melbourne store by the way. I won't buy again.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great cheap bike. Tyres suck though

I bought it many years ago. Still clean, smooth and reliable.
Rear tyre kept puncturing, replaced with a fat tread 700×28c max pressure 80-90 psi. Never punctured since, 20+kg back back on my 96 kg body no problem.
Peddles are rubbish, seriously they have red sticker for right and green sticker for left. Lol. It ain't a boat and my opinion is they ain't roadworthy. Peddles didn't last the first month.
The rest of the bike has held up for years.
My mate just bought an Osprey; that is a much more capable bike with it's bigger? crank and nicer gear selectors.

The condor rode me with heavy pack for months as a 10km commuter with no punctures on a balloon type 28c. I think I've had it since 2011 and now 5 years later the bike is smooth and clean.
Great bike. The tyre I use is bright orange side walls and balloon for heavy rear end loads but the shop shut and I don't know the brand..about $80 a tyre and made the condor 1 reliable puncture less commuter. Normal tyre it came with gave my rear a puncture every burden ride

Youtube gotta love it.

I've got a second hand Condor, I ride pretty much 35km a day and have had it almost two weeks!
I've adjusted my gears thanx to tutorials on yiutube....changed the brake pads as I didn't like the other ones and it's a great bike to enter into road cycling.
Eventually I'll upgrade to a what should I say more sufisticated bike but to get fit, get fresh air and have some fun it's the best $100 I've spent in a long time

Don't buy if you are over 80Kg!

The wheels on this bike are complete garbage. I've had the spokes break on it so many times that I can't even ride it any more (usually about every second or third time I rode it). The service people at the Reid in Camperdown (besides being quite rude) informed me that they are only graded to 90kg. I find this rather strange considering they are selling large and XL versions of this bike. I am a big guy (about 86Kg). Because broken spokes are considered wear and tear, I've had to pay to have them fixed.
I informed one of the service people at Reid that I just wanted the bike to be reliable and no kidding, he actually laughed. So clearly, they know that this is a sub-quality bike.

Good entry level basic bike

I bought this bike in 2013 as an entry level bike for small triathlons. I'd never owned a road bike before. The bike is basic but at the price it is a steal. I've taken it to the Perth store a couple of times for basic adjustments/servicing and the service is great. Only negatives I would say about the bike is that it is noticeably heavier than my partner's (larger) basic-ish old Avanti and I max out the gears pretty quickly now that I've improved. I'll be maxed out while my partner still has 5 speeds to go! An upgrade will be required pretty soon and I've only had it for a year. If you want to have a dabble and see if road biking/triathlons are for you then definitely go for it, otherwise if you are committed to the biking cause then perhaps look for some higher specs.

Love my condor

Iv had my condor for about a year now and have never had a major problem with it, great bike for a great price and all the guys and girls in the Melbourne store have always been very helpful. I would highly recommend this bike for any first time road bike rider Thank you Reid cycles.

Condor stated and keeps throwing chain after only 90 kms of riding

Not too thrilled with this bike. I like the fact that it's light and I can carry it up stairs on the way to work. I do not like the fact that it's started throwing chains (three times each way on today's commute) whenever I try and climb a hill in first gear. I'm not interested in having to take a bike back to the shop multiple times because it's poorly designed, frankly it's a waste of time. On top of which, I just tried to contact Reid through their website only to find that it's down . By way of comparison I've owned a mountain bike for ten years and have never once lost a chain. Nice looking bike, but think twice and buy something that works.
Gears do not work, throwes chains whenever climbing a hill in first. Reid Cycle's adjustment did not fix the problem.

Hi Sunnybank. Which store did you buy the bike from? Obviously this is a warranty claim we will be happy to fix. The bike uses a Shimano drivetrain which is a very trusted brand. Also, our web server was down for about 20 minutes last night. The site is well and truly operational now. Please email david@reidcycles.com.au and I will follow this through for you. I've been in touch with your Coorparoo Store and they are working on sorting this out. I may end up upgrading to a more expensive bike in order to avoid more gear problems and cut down on the number of trips to your store to resolve the issue. Just waiting to hear back from them at the moment. Greg, the manager at at Reid Coorparoo took the bike back and provided credit towards an Osprey, which, while a couple of hundred dollars more expensive than the Condor rides well. Good gearing and excellent braking make commuting a pleasure.

Great bike, some problems, average customer service.

This bike's been really great, apart from the gears aren't working well after about 2 months and when I change above 5th gear the chain comes off. I also had to take my bike in after the first month to be adjusted because the spokes bent.

The bike is great for a beginner cyclist and at a better price than any others I've seen.

It's always understaffed in their Glebe store and I'm not convinced their staff are properly trained/have deep knowledge of their products.

I will be taking the bike back to the store to have the gears looked at.
Customer service, gears causing problems

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Hi CoralieR. Gears need adjusting after your first few months of use - this is common to all bikes, and is the reason we offer 12 months of free servicing. Please bring the bike in and the guys will sort the issue for you.

Fly with the Condor

Value for Money!!!!
Ive purchased bikes in the past but this tops the lot. Sure it's the lowest spec street bike you can get but it's pros definitely outweighs its cons. Reid even delivered to my work and I could assemble the whole bike with the tool kit provided. They even included a padlock and chain, water bottle, night lights and multitool delivered for under $300. All I had to do was wheel it to the servo to pump up the tyres. Awesome. Thanks Reid, everyone at work was impressed.
Value for money

Great first starter

This is my first road bike been on it quiet a lot and not had any problems. I have just started training for a long distance ride and it has been brilliant. Since then i have got family and friends you have gone to the store and purchased one themself! The guys at Reid have been fantastic the bikes are at a great price and the service there was great. Thank You!

Very Happy Condor Owner

The Reid Condor is a fantastic bicycle. This is my first road bike and is easily the best bike I have ever owned. I would definitely recommend this bike for a first timer to road bikes, it is very cost effective and quite good quality for the price you pay.
Reliable, Inexpensive and easy to ride. Great warranty service.
6 speed gears on the rear which isnt compatable with combo brake/shifters

Thank you all for helping me so much with buying my bike. Such a good experience. Sue@Dan5252 - thanks for the review. We are looking into having Shimano STI levers for more of our models - stay tuned!

Questions & Answers

Prices on Reid condor bile frame and seat?
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Hi all, I am 170cm and 55kg. I dont like carrying heavy stuff while cycling, so i guess my bag shouldn't weight more than 5kg. I am looking for a durable bike that can allow me to commute daily to school.The travelling distance for both to&fro(6kmeachway) would be within 15km. I would prefer a bike that is 'best value for money' because I am on a budget of AUD350. Bikes within the range of +/- of 100 can still be considered. Pls help and guide me to my rightful bike:)
1 answer
Hi, Thanks for the query. Sounds you need a solid hybrid bike. For this price range I can certainly recommend the City one bike https://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-city-1-0-bike.html This bike is built for long distances, it has a light Aluminium Alloy frame and 21 Shimano gears to help you go the distance. It also comes with full mud guards that will get you to school without getting covered in spray and mud from a wet floor. It also comes with a pannier rack so that you can attach a pannier bag allowing you to take some of the weight off you back. However if its cool you going for and you want a commuter bike you can't go past the Urban Xo https://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-urban-x0.html It doesn't hat the accessories that the city 1 has but it is lighter. It boasts the following features: Lightweight Alloy Commuter Frame with Internal Cable Routing and Headset Reliable and simple to use Shimano 7-Speed Tourney gearing Tough and lightweight alloy wheelset for city riding I hope this helps you choose a bike. If you have any further questions I recommend that you come into store where you are welcome to test any of bike range. Regards Reid

Hi, I'm about 157cm rider and I'm looking for a bike for commute and just every day going out and about. I'd like to get an entry level road bike. What can you recommend?
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Hi Thanks for the query! Here are two recommendations that would certainly be great for commuting http://www.reidcycles.com.au/urban-x1.html This bike is from the Reid urban range. its great value for money and features an 8 speed Shimano gearing system and Promax Alloy V-Brakes. The frame is Reid Hydroformed Alloy with Internal Cabling, so it is light and will need less maintenance. It's quick on the road but more durable then a conventional road bike. The next bike is a Reid City 2. Though this bike is not a conventional road bike it would be very fantastic for commuting. It has 24 Speed Shimano Acera gearing and Tektro V-Brakes. It has a slopped back frame and so is easer to get on and off. It's main difference from the above bike is that it has front suspension. This makes the bike a bit heavier but will take some of the bumps out of the ride providing a smooth journey to work. http://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-city-2-0-bike.html For both of the above bike I would recommend that you select a small size. I hope this helps with your purchasing decision. Regards Reid Customer Service


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