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Reid Osprey

Reid Osprey

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Good value road bicycle that lasts

I bought this bike back in 2012 and still riding it today. I've stored this bike in covered areas, so it still looks in great condition 7 years later.

If you're a cyclist that wants to upgrade to a beginner road bicycle or enjoy casual rides on the weekends, the Reid Osprey is a good choice. It won't break your wallet either (if I remember correctly, I got it for $499).

If it's the first time you've jumped on a road bike, you may need a few rides to adjust to your preferred position. Time that I highly recommend you should spend on. If you don't, you may end up riding in poor posture and that may deter you from future rides and adventures.

I particularly enjoy riding along the Cooks River from Brighton le Sands to Homebush or even venture out towards Parramatta. The majority of the path is bicycle dedicated, so it's quite safe.

Over time shifting gears wasn't as smooth as it used to be and may even 'skip' a gear sometimes, but I expect that from any bike from casual riding and wear and tear. To solve that issue, I've consulted quite a few reputable YouTube cyclist channels and they teach you how to calibrate brakes and gears - they are quite easy to follow too. But if you don't want dirty hands or not confident in the mechanics, just take it to Reid Cycles or any bike shop for a small fee.

The quick release feature of the wheels are great for quickly packing the bike into the boot of your car (I have a compact SUV) for travelling to places.

I've punctured my front tyre once over a pothole recently and decided it was time to upgrade my tyre treads and went with the Continental Gator skin - highly recommended amongst the cycling community, and of course the inner tube. Also upgraded brake and gear cables and the bar tape. It looks quite fresh and new now. I'll probably use it for a couple more years before upgrading to another, perhaps a gravel/cyclo-cross bicycle this time. Even then, I'm sure the Reid Osprey would still be in functional order because of its great and long lasting build.

Purchased in July 2012 for $499.00.

A good bike for what I need

I have owned this bike for over 5 years it was given to me as a gift I have not had much problem's with it I am not a professional cyclist I do maybe a 20 km ride ever now and again I have done 50 km with it on a charity event. It is a cheap but reliable bike and I would recommend one of these to anyone who like to ride for lesure of fitness it is comfortable to ride and easy to operate just make sure if you buy a bike a proper bike fit is a must I service it and maintain it myself which is relatively easy if your into a bit of diy overall it's a good bike and value for money

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Brilliant Bike !

I wanted the cheapest way possible of getting into road riding. I thought this bike was too good to be true, but true it is.

I changed the pedals to clip ins and added a quick release collar to the seat post and that's it. I have done about 2500 km on this bike without any issues mentioned by others in this forum.

It is very fast, very light, I find it very comfortable.

The only "issue" which I only mention in the name of full disclosure is that the brake cable has rubbed off the paint work at the top of the fork !

I think I may buy the next specification up when I replace this one in a few years.

Very Very happy.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Brakes span for female hands too dangerous

I bought the bike and could not test it thoroughly in the store due to limited space, and no test models available to borrow etc. I am a regular rider on all terrain and confident. With the Osprey WSD I found the brake span on the handle bars is too far for safe braking especially at speed or down hill. Over reach for female hands is huge and this makes it dangerous and uncomfortable on the road. The bike handles well in general and is a great buy for the money but still I have to emphasise before a female rider get injured about the brake span....now I know that brake shims and Claris have adjustable brake capacity but still after all a female rider who purchases this bike should not have to do all that....the manufacturers have taken into account female seating placement on bones etc and also smaller female shoulder spacing for handlebar width....but brake span and female smaller hands have not been considered well.....dangerous....

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Survived 2 crashes in 4 months!!

At first when i got the bike I was a bit disappointed as it wasn't comfortable at all to ride. It was my first road bike and did not know how important it is to get a good bike fit done. Well, I didn't have the time and money to spend on a good bike fit. Had to do everything on my own. Added a steer tube extender and replaced the 100mm stem with a 45mm one and now its a bike to die for.

I had a crash once when I couldn't get my foot out of the toe clips and the other time was a massive crash slipped due to heavy rains travelling down hill. The bike should have broken into pieces but to my surprise, only the handle bar alignment was screwed up. No cracks, no bent handlebars, even the wheels were true!!!!. No doubt about the quality here. I would seriously recommend this bike to anyone looking for daily commute. Do remember to get the chains lubricated as soon as you get the bike as they are all dry and noisy(probably mine was a clearance stock and lube was all dried up). Having a triple crank is very comfortable riding on all terrains. Gear shifts are smooth and easy. Its the only high end road bike with pannier rack attachments.

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Hi Paresh. Sorry to hear about your crashes. Remember to bring the bike in for your free servicing - the 4 month mark is a good time to do this as the parts will all have had time to bed in (all bikes require a tune at this point). Good luck.

Bag of [censored word removed]

Started out well for the first few months, then riding to work the chain snapped. Replaced that and a few months later the spokes on the rear wheel gave out. Replaced with a new wheel set. Should have just spent the money and got a decent bike, I only ride to work and back, 10Km a day, these things shouldn't have happened in this short amount of time.

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Hi Steve. You should have called the store and had the bike fixed. We've just had 3 people ride from Perth to Melbourne (3500kms in 23 days) on this bike without a problem. Please contact Pascal in Perth who can check the bike - the parts are all respected brands like Shimano, Alex and KMC and should not fail.

Cheap - But you get what you pay for...

Had the bike for 3 months now. I was happy enough with it initially, it was pretty light, fast and it had what I wanted, but........

The pedal straps broke off within about 2 weeks. Not a major issue for me, as they were more of an inconvenience than an advantage.

Then, all of a sudden, 3 spokes broke (this may have happened gradually over the 3 months without me knowing), resulting in a buckled rear wheel during a ride. I wasn't doing that many K's and was careful enough not to go over kerbs etc. In fact it happened on a group ride with other road bikes (non-Reid) - none of the others had any issues.

I walked into the Reid store expecting to get this fixed free of charge, but was told spokes are wearable parts (this isn't stated anywhere in the Warranty section of the Reid website), and that I would have to pay to get this fixed. I found this very disappointing...

I have decided to take the bike the bike to a local shop rather than Reid. It will cost a few more dollars to fix than what it would cost for Reid to repair it, but on principle, I refuse to let Reid profit from something that I believe should have been fixed as part of their warranty.

Interestingly, the local bike shop mechanic has seen A LOT of Reid bikes being dropped into him - largely due to broken spokes! Apparently the shipped wheels are of poor quality.

Anyway, aside from that, it's not a bad bike, and the staff are pretty friendly. I guess you get what you pay for. If you want a bike to get around from A to B just now and again, or you want a 'guinea pig' bike to see if cycling is for you, the Reid Osprey is definitely worth a look. Anything more, you might want to consider spending a little more for better quality, as you're probably going to end up paying more money to either keep fixing the Reid, or buying new parts...

Hi M W. Most road bike buyers will add their own pedals after purchase to suit their shoes, so these straps are serviceable but intended for limited use - you will note that most bike companies do not even provide pedals with a road bike. As for the spoke issue - the wheels on the Osprey are Alex Quando. This is a very well regarded wheelset for the price range. Spokes are considered a consumable item - this is standard for a machine built wheel from most brands (hand built wheels are a different story but are a far more expensive option). There are many reasons why one will break and as soon as one breaks, others follow soon after as balance is compromised (i.e. if you break one, you will probably break three as happened above). Also, please consider that the local bike shop perception will be skewed - he sees a lot of Reid bikes because there are a lot of Reid bikes. Spoke breakage is a very common issue on used bikes from any brand so this accounts for his experience. All our bikes are certified for safety by SAI Global (no other Australian bike brand has this level of certification) and meet all Australian Standards. I hope you can accept all this and use our store in future. Our warranty is far more generous than industry standard but in this case will not cover your wheel damage. If you have any problems with your bike in future please take to the store or email service@reidcycles.com.au Thanks for the response. I was just being honest in the review. I believe you get what you paid for. I don't think the bike is particularly bad for the money. As a budget/starter bike, I think it is a good buy to see if road cycling is for you. I would then perhaps recommend an upgrade if you want to get more serious than the odd casual light cycle. I have no major gripes about the pedals. The straps were pretty useless, so I'm not bothered that they broke off. With regards the wheel, I went out for a 50k cycle last night - the first ridfe since I had my wheel repaired. I checked all my spokes when I got home. Guess what? ANOTHER spoke broken on the rear wheel. None of the other riders had any issues, as far as I know. Once it buckles, I'll go to the local bike shop and buy a better quality wheel. I dont care about what standards it has. As long as it doesn't break, buckle or fall off, I am a happy man. Just to note: I'm not trolling here. Just giving my honest opinion on a bike that I purchased. I hope it is useful for other readers :) Your bikes aren't necessarily bad, they are ok for the money (and very good value if either a very occasional or casual rider). People just shouldn't expect too much from them, that's all. Hi MW this second break is an issue we'd like to look at. We have customers who regularly compete in distance races on Ospreys and have nothing but good experiences to report. Please contact Joel at service@reidcycles.com.au so we can get to the bottom of this. Cheers, David

Great Value - Happy Osprey customer

I also bought an Osprey back in about 2012, and I've done a few thousand km's on it now and its still doing fine. Wheels are great, seat is comfy, brakes work fine. The gears are ok, sometimes when changing gears I tap once, and nothing happens, then I need to tap a second time but then the gear goes up twice... This is probably because they are entry level Shimano gearing, and perhaps need to be serviced. All the same, for the price you pay, you get a great bike, that feels and looks the part. Highly recommend as a first time roady.

Good budget bike

Bought an Osprey to commute to work, it works great, great features, smooth ride, nice and light, was making weird noises when I first got it, took it back and they fixed it up without hassles, they are rather busy though, I am only free after work so I wouldnt get there until after 6pm and there are always people there, try and get there early if you can


Seamless service from start to finish had me on my new Osprey a few days after walking into the store. The bike is better than I'd hoped - light, fast, smooth. Went for flat bars, still getting used to how hard the tyres are but also how good the brakes are. Gears easy. Really impressed, except I'm getting to work too early.

Out Standing Product, Price & Customer Service

Hi all,

Before I start, I am in no way affiliated with Reid Cycles, I am a single customer.

I purchased a 2012 Osprey, and to be totally honest I love the ride, feel and comfort of the bike. When tell people how much I paid for the bike, people's jaws broke to the floor.

I challenge anyone to find a better product on the market for the same price, thanks so much to the team at Reid Cycles, if only you knew how much enjoyment my bike has brought me.
inexpensive, components, weight, look etc.

Hi Barry how much did u paid for this bike are carbon alloy fork solid enough to handle bumbs on road with 80 kg on it please comment Thanks HarryHi Harry. 80kgs is well within our recommended weight range for the carbon forks. They are covered by a lifetime warranty so any problems and we will replace them free. Bike is currently $449. Thanks, David.

Very happy Osprey customer

My son has been busting a gut to update and get right into a bit of road riding. I purchased the Osprey road bike for him and he hasn't been home since. He loves it and is always riding it. Great customer service, bike arrived about 3 days after ordering it in perfect condition. Great features for $500 bike.
Inexpensive high quality entry level bike for 14 year old

Questions & Answers

Size of frame of your size medium?
1 answer
Yes it's a medium but pick a size that suits you

Hi guys, I'm looking to get into road cycling mainly for my morning and evening commute. I'll be riding approximately 15km twice a day. I'm 190cm and approximately 90 kilos. Is the osprey a good selection? What size should I choose?
2 answers
Hi Cory, I think the Osprey would be a great place to start for someone looking to commute and perhaps get into some road cycling. The simplicity and reliability of the Shimano Claris system is ideal for a beginner, but it's more than capable of some more serious riding. From a commuter's perspective, the bike comes with rear pannier mount options, so it could become a real work horse! But will still remain light and quick enough to be enjoyed on a daily basis. At 190cm you're right on the line between a large and an extra large. I would strongly recommend coming into store to get fitted. Perhaps take both sizes out for a test ride! That way we can be sure you've got the right bike for you. For a daily rider, I would also recommend swapping the default 23c Kenda tyres for a 25c or even 28c tyre of your choice once they've reached the end of their life. The added volume will provide additional comfort for your commute without adding too much weight or loss of efficiency. Thanks for your question! If there's anything else let us know. But we'd love to get you in-store to show you the range. Kind regards, Matt The Reid Cycles TeamHi Cory, I'm using the osprey Elite. Almost done 5,000 kms in past 2 years on it and it is still running rock solid. Osprey elite has much better gearing system with 3 chain rings in front and it is really useful during climbs. Build quality is exceptional. I highly recommend you to upgrade the tires to a puncture resistant tire. My choice of tire is Maxxis re-fuse 25c. Regards, Paresh

Small frame Osprey owner, female 5'6". The brakes are uncomfortably far away and require some contortion to squeeze the levers. Seems dangerous. Any suggestions?
2 answers
I had the same problem, then I replaced the original 80mm stem with a 45mm stem. Also, if your handle bar is too low it will be uncomfortable. you can get a stem riser as well and trust me, it make a hell lot easier to ride. Got mine from ebay. search for " Cycling Bike Bicycle Aluminum Alloy 45mm Handlebar Stem" this one fits osprey.Hi jld, Sounds like the distance between the lever and the handle bar may be to great for you, meaning that you are having to over open your grasp too pull the lever properly. The Osprey has Shimano Claris brake levers that have an adjustable reach. The reach can be adjusted by using a brake shims. If you go back to your local Reid store they would be happy to help you with this. If you do not have a local store please call the customer support team on (03) 9329 1222 who will be able to assist you further. Kind regards, Reid.


Reid Osprey
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Release dateSep 2012

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