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Size of frame of your size medium?
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Yes it's a medium but pick a size that suits you

Hi guys, I'm looking to get into road cycling mainly for my morning and evening commute. I'll be riding approximately 15km twice a day. I'm 190cm and approximately 90 kilos. Is the osprey a good selection? What size should I choose?
2 answers
Hi Cory, I think the Osprey would be a great place to start for someone looking to commute and perhaps get into some road cycling. The simplicity and reliability of the Shimano Claris system is ideal for a beginner, but it's more than capable of some more serious riding. From a commuter's perspective, the bike comes with rear pannier mount options, so it could become a real work horse! But will still remain light and quick enough to be enjoyed on a daily basis. At 190cm you're right on the line between a large and an extra large. I would strongly recommend coming into store to get fitted. Perhaps take both sizes out for a test ride! That way we can be sure you've got the right bike for you. For a daily rider, I would also recommend swapping the default 23c Kenda tyres for a 25c or even 28c tyre of your choice once they've reached the end of their life. The added volume will provide additional comfort for your commute without adding too much weight or loss of efficiency. Thanks for your question! If there's anything else let us know. But we'd love to get you in-store to show you the range. Kind regards, Matt The Reid Cycles TeamHi Cory, I'm using the osprey Elite. Almost done 5,000 kms in past 2 years on it and it is still running rock solid. Osprey elite has much better gearing system with 3 chain rings in front and it is really useful during climbs. Build quality is exceptional. I highly recommend you to upgrade the tires to a puncture resistant tire. My choice of tire is Maxxis re-fuse 25c. Regards, Paresh

Small frame Osprey owner, female 5'6". The brakes are uncomfortably far away and require some contortion to squeeze the levers. Seems dangerous. Any suggestions?
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I had the same problem, then I replaced the original 80mm stem with a 45mm stem. Also, if your handle bar is too low it will be uncomfortable. you can get a stem riser as well and trust me, it make a hell lot easier to ride. Got mine from ebay. search for " Cycling Bike Bicycle Aluminum Alloy 45mm Handlebar Stem" this one fits osprey.Hi jld, Sounds like the distance between the lever and the handle bar may be to great for you, meaning that you are having to over open your grasp too pull the lever properly. The Osprey has Shimano Claris brake levers that have an adjustable reach. The reach can be adjusted by using a brake shims. If you go back to your local Reid store they would be happy to help you with this. If you do not have a local store please call the customer support team on (03) 9329 1222 who will be able to assist you further. Kind regards, Reid.

Hi representatives, did u receive my qns? I am 170cm and 55kg. I don't like carrying heavy stuff while cycling, so i guess my bag shouldnt weight more than 5kg. I am looking for a durable bike that can allow me to commute daily to school.The travelling distance for both to&fro would be within 15km. I would prefer a bike that is 'best value for money' because I am on a budget of AUD350. Bikes within the range of +/- of 100 can still be considered. Which one, condor or osprey, would better suit me? .
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Hi, Thanks for the query. Sounds you need a solid hybrid bike. For this price range I can certainly recommend the City one bike https://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-city-1-0-bike.html This bike is built for long distances, it has a light Aluminium Alloy frame and 21 Shimano gears to help you go the distance. It also comes with full mud guards that will get you to school without getting covered in spray and mud from a wet floor. It also comes with a pannier rack so that you can attach a pannier bag allowing you to take some of the weight off you back. However if its cool you going for and you want a commuter bike you can't go past the Urban Xo https://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-urban-x0.html It doesn't hat the accessories that the city 1 has but it is lighter. It boasts the following features: Lightweight Alloy Commuter Frame with Internal Cable Routing and Headset Reliable and simple to use Shimano 7-Speed Tourney gearing Tough and lightweight alloy wheelset for city riding I hope this helps you choose a bike. If you have any further questions I recommend that you come into store where you are welcome to test any of bike range. Regards ReidThanks for the information, i would prefer to go for the urbanU0. for the silver services, what does the warranty includes? what happen when my brakes rubber is gone? urbanU0 uses rubber brakes right? do you recommend me to shop online or walk in the store to buy? or maybe shop online and collect at the store :)

Hi, I have a road bike and an mtb bike which I ride regularly. I also have lots of bits and pieces which I want to use to build a road framed cycleway bike. I have the opportunity to buy a Reid Osprey elite frame (57cm) and I want to put mtb bars and regular road wheels on it and use it mostly for the local concrete walkways, but also some easy hardback gravel mostly flat walkways/tracks. I'm 194 cm & 95kgs. Bearing in mind that it is a road frame, I'm just wondering what your comments would be about putting this frame & fork to this sort of use? Thanks
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Hi Ingram, The Osprey Elite is a traditional road bike frame so is designed for that application. The type of off-road riding you mention above doesn't sound too hardcore though - so based on the above - I would think the frame would stand up well. Any jumping though or fast impacts over rocks/roots would put the carbon fork at risk and would not be recommended. Thanks, David

Hi. what road bike under 300 would you recommend for a beginner woman? She wants to try triathlons, nothing too serious at this stage. She is 170 cm. Thanks Terry
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I would still suggest Reid Ospray, for the little bit of extra money you are getting a much better brand new bike. For $300.00 I am not sure of what extra would you get for a brand new bike, I do know one thing, it would be very heavy, and the Tri's are not what you are looking for, you would get a better resale price on Ospray bike also. I hope this helps.

Whoever wrote the first review is clearly affiliated with Reid cycles else they would not have started with i am not affiliated... It kind of puts you off as I genuinely want to purchase the Reid Osprey, but when they put this fake marketing out there it makes you question the bikes. Has anyone out there got some actual review of the bike? I.e what type of riding, maintenance required and any problems they faced?
1 answer
Hi Gus7, I can see your concerns and fears, however, I can confirm, I am in no way affiliated with Reid Cycles, I have never worked for them in any shape or form. This is not FAKE marketing, as I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I had no maintenance issues with my bike. Just general up keep.If money is tight, I could suggest searching on youtube on how to service your bike, its very simple. I guess, the only tip I would suggest, is to upgrade the tyres to something slight more puncture resistance. I am sure they would do you a deal on them also, as they would credit you the cost of the tyres already on the bike for the new ones. Hope this help.

Hello there looking at getting a road bikefor weekend rides. but saw this cheap reid osprey road bike for less than $500. Any tips out there thanks?
1 answer
Hi, great bike, great ride, love it... I ve almost done 2000 kilometers on my bike since June this year and have enjoyed it. You can't get better value for your money.

How do you change up and down gears on the osprey
3 answers
By pushing the brake levers.The bike has STI gears where u use the brake levers to gears up (push the lever to the side) and to change gears down there's a small lever Which u push down near where ur thumb rest. Great bike, I love it... Thanks for your question. Can I refer you to a YouTube video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YYzVjWDJy0 Thanks!

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