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Relaxation Zero Gravity A380

Relaxation Zero Gravity A380

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After 3 months were very satisfied

Waited 3 months before reviewing this massage chair. It was a big purchase for us but has already saved quite a lot of money in not having to go out for so many physio and massage sessions. Both of us use the chair daily. My partner is disabled and while he can manage to get into the chair, but requires assistance in getting out as he cannot walk unaided at all. Quite often he will stay in the chair for an hour or so after the program and have a snooze as he feels totally relaxed after the massage. Failed spinal surgery has left him with various muscles not responding at all and the many & varied massage actions of the chair is helping to stimulate parts of his body. It is also offering much comfort. We both choose the varying levels of strength of the auto programs depending on how the body feels on a particular day. The machine seems very well built and gives a feeling of quality mechanically. It operates silently with only the noise from the airbags as they fill and empty. We trust we will be able to write an equally glowing review after a long period of use. Thank you Relaxation Station for a quality product at a reasonable price.

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