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Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU

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Does not do the job

Bought this for my son for his birthday. Used once, not too bad, will not cut through his hair. He has very thick hair. Should this make a difference. Very disappointed as not cheap.

Very easy to use

After several years of using corded hair clippers I decided to buy the Remington Rapid Cut hair clipper. I read the reviews and thought it sounded like the best men's clipper on the market.

I've used it several times now and am very impressed with the ease of use. It's cordless easily and comfortable sits in your hand and very manoeuvrable over and around your head. It's cordless, easily rechargeable and quick to use.

I highly recommend this hair clipper.

Cheers, Paul

Good for 6 months

This worked perfectly for 6 months and now the battery doesn't hold a charge and rarely works while the cord is plugged in, it's disappointing because it was lightweight and easy to hold.

High Quality and low Cost

Decided to try a DIY job on my hair and liked the look of this trimmer and as I’ve said before I always look up Product Review before I make a purchase of any item to get a feel for users experiences. This clipper had a load of great reviews with only a couple of negatives probably because they were lemons, so that was a good sign.

Having had a negative experience with the shaver shop and swearing to never buy anything else from them again, I found this clipper from a seller in the UK and it cost $63 shipped by Royal Mail and arrived within a week, they also included a universal power adapter for free!

The trimmer is high quality, nothing flimsy about it and runs well, easy to use for a newbie with a 15mm guide all over. I completely agree with a previous poster by the name of Morry from Eddington NSW, who explained that he wishes there was a longer guide with the 15mm being more like a 5mm so first haircut is a crew cut and then second cut, sides and back only so slightly longer on top, then third haircut is back to a crew cut and so on.

Great clipper, highly recommend it!!

Buzz cut perfect...

Excellent (solo) hand-held product for a short (buzz) cut. Stubby handle makes it easy to get a clean cut at the back without a reversing mirror, as opposed to the more traditional 'long-handled' clippers. Only negative that I can think of is that 'zero' blade is not quite close enough for me around the sides - but easily covered through the use of an electric razor around-the-back-&-sides. Very happy with this product.

Update: 6th July 2017 - The battery has stopped holding it's charge. So now, it needs to be plugged in, otherwise it does not have enough power to cut hair without pulling. A bit inconvenient, but it still does the job (as long as it's plugged in).

Works well - for a while

I've owned this for 18 months now, and while the battery started to fail within a year or so it's been tolerable until now. Now it has totally failed and I'm going to have to open it up and see if I can replace the cells. It is pretty apparent this uses cheap nicad or nimh cells.

The shape and size of the device are great, but as others have noted the motor is underpowered, the battery is dreadful, and plugging it into a 'wall wart' transformer to charge is awkward. There is no excuse for this - this product absolutely should have a lithium battery and a charging cradle. Otherwise it is little more than a toy.


Fantastic option for home hair cutting. Very easy to use and the comb system works well allowing you to trim to a constant length very quickly. I find the technique of multi directional approach, back, forward and side to side gives an even finish, best of all three haircuts saved at the barbers pays for it.

Excellent compact shaver shame about the plastic clips

I've had one for around 4 months. Very easy, efficient & compact device to operate, however its a real shame the clip on plastic blades break too easily. Of course its the blade I need & use the most. Apart from buying a whole new unit for around $90, I can't replace this small critical piece which is necessary for a good cut. A real shame such a quality device has such a fatal Achilles heel :(

Best by far

Best hair clipper I have used by far. I can do my whole head in about a minute and the wide curved design is brilliant. Makes it very easy to shave your head even without a mirror.

Love it - Used for all over body trimmer

Great innovation !!! I use it for all over body (chest, belly/arms/legs) trimmer... Take literally a quarter of the time with this clipper.
Cuts close and can be used in the shower. Also, used as a cordless trimmer and can be used with more power when plugged into wall power socket.
Absolutely brilliant !

Brand new. First time use was very happy

I use #2 on top and #1 back and sides. Great job. You can't make a silk purse from a sows ear but didn't do a bad job on my head. Just a bit of help to trim the back was all I needed.

Longest guide not long enough!

Works fine, very big and powerful. The big BUT is that the longest "guide", supposedly 15mm, is really more like 5mm and is too short for me. So only buy this if you like your hair very, very short. (I've been using electric clippers for > 20 years; all I've used have had longer options than this.)

Fantastic shaver

Very simple to use, the wide curved blade is miles faster than my old clipper. Only takes a few minutes to do my whole head. I tend to use the 3mm attachment, however there is a large number of attachments up to 15mm.

So easy to use

Love this little cordless clipper. So friggin easy to use and so quick, like faster than I would have ever imagined. Loving it and Always have a clean cut. Much better than looking like a shaggy Dog.

dont think just buy it

When something is good you have to say it, yes this little remington rapid hair clipper is a exelent clipper, no need to think about it you should buy it, half a dozen haircuts you get you money back, good luck clipping.

Handy clipper that's relatively easy to manage, and ends up paying for itself!

I've now used this device for a few months, and cut my heir three times. As said before, it would be good if you had the option to leave your hair longer than the 'longest' comb, because even using the longest on the top, with half or smaller on the sides your hair still looks like it's been clippered. In saying that though, my last cut two days ago I used the longest comb on the sides and back, and left the top from the last cut - and am VERY satisfied with the result, so I guess every second cut will be a 'crew' style, and the other will look like it's been done with scissors (if you know what I mean) I am very satisfied with this wide, concave, rechargeable device. Would recommend it.

This is fantastic - easy to use and fast

I have tried many hair clippers for a really close hair cut. This unit with its wide curved cutter works fast better than any other clippers and does a clean cut very quickly. With the wide range of attachments, it is easy to cut hair to any length consistently. Extremely well designed and easy to use and 100% efficient.

Very good

I've had this nearly a year now it works great, easy, even hair cut, if the cutting blade was a bit narrower it would be a full body grooming tool. That said I really like it.

Really, really good. Better than my old clippers!

Cordless feature is great as my wife cuts my hair outside in the patio. Haven't had to recharge the battery yet and I've had it for nearly six months. Love the 'wash under a running tap' feature. 10 out of 10.

Great Product Does A Very Good Job

Worth the price. Gives a clean cut. Very high on price performance. Pays for itself within four visits to the salon. Easy to use and is flexible. Recommended for purchase.

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Questions & Answers

My wife cuts my hair at the moment with clippers. Is this easy to DIY so I can cut more often than she has time for. Can it do the back of the neck well ?
1 answer
Buy a handheld mirror, face away from bathroom mirror so you can see back of your head in the handheld mirror in front of you. Remember that your movement is opposite to what it appears so teach yourself gradually by small cuts to your neckline. Here is a link to an article about neckline cutting http://fleischmansalon.com/necklines-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/ .no need to stress though as the saying goes there's only a week between a good or bad haircut !

I want a cordless electric for shaving my head. I love a very close Shave? Is this model able to give me that? And cleaning is done With a hand held vacuum
1 answer
Basically it uses the same standard clipping accessories with different number settings as they use in a hair dressing saloon. It can in fact be rinsed with water when powered off as indicated in the manual.


Rapid Cut HC4250AU
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