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Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU

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Great product

Got this the other day use it and love it been cutting my own hair for a few years now cause I'm too tight to pay some one So much better that the normal stright blades first time use it got all the hair no longs bit left diddent hAve to go back over it fits good in the hand and follows the curves of the head good and close not so good at doing other people head but it Isn't design for use that way

Pocket Rocket!

Best shaver I've ever purchased! After spending $100+ on other branded shavers this one by far is the most compact, quickest, easy to clean and neat little shaver money can buy for under $100.

It took me less than 5 min to shave no 1 all over without the paranoia of getting your skin clipped, thanks to the curved design and precission cutting.

Would definitely recommend.

Great product

Does the job good battery life and complete set of combs makes this shaver a great product. I use this for my cutting my hair. Its blade is wide and finishes the job quickly. I had a muser shaver and can say I like this better.
I use this for my baby hair as well. The blade works great and is safe and easy to use for kids too.

Best hair shaver I've owned

Having a shaver with a large curved edge Is a great idea.

I have shaved my own hair at home for many years rather than going to a hairdresser however no other shaver has been as fast, sharp and convenient.

I would say it cuts my hair in at least half the time due to the large curved edge and being much easier to hold being round rather than long.

Also just as important is the fact that I don't spike my head with the clip on plastic piece (which I used to stab myself constant by accident with the old shavers and end up with a sore scalp!) This must also be due to the curved edge or maybe I hold it better due to the round shape.

I managed to shave my own hair using two different lengths for the first time. I've never been able to do this with other shavers (on my own) so this is just one more reason this is the best one I've ever owned.

Now hair cuts are fast and easy and I feel like I can do it anytime quickly before a shower rather than having to plan a day for a haircut.

The only complaint I would have is that I would have liked one or two larger sized plastic clip on pieces (to cut my hair at a longer length) I'm still very happy but having that extra option for a longer cut would be perfect.

I can also use it to trim a long beard if I need to cut it down first before shaving and again the curve helps around your neck but you can't really do your sideburns as you need a flat shaver for that area.

I've seen other reviews where the battery didn't work but mine works fine. I'd suggest to change it for a new one and try it again.

Edit - since my review the battery is starting to die. This is a bit soon to start slowing down...

Out of the Box Failure

Bought one thinking that it would be ideal to do my hair. Only one major problem. It doesn't work. After 24 hours on charge it failed to work. Piece of crap. Will be returning it tomorrow for a full refund.

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I just got a 2nd one as a gift for Father's Day..........and so far so good. It works!!!

These come in lemon colours too!

Pathetic! First two cuts were fantastic and faultless - then the bloody thing won't hold a charge! The only way to use it is with the cord attached - defeats the whole purpose. Back to the Shaver Shop to get some 'after sales' satisfication.

Brilliant machine

Looked so long for a cutter like this
Cannot fault it

So easy to use and so much easier than asking my hairdresser daughter to do it for me lol

Best money ever spent


Used it today. So easy to use.I recommend it without reservation. Wife did not like my short cut but I am rapt. Did it myself. You can not make a mistake. Choose your length of hair and feel confident all will be well

Great product - works well - strongly recommended

These are clippers for the home trimming of hair and beards which come with a large number of various sized combs to cover most requirements. The combs are calibrated in millimetres but they also include reference to the numerical five point gauge size of conventional clippers for comparison. For my trim, I used gauge 2 which was 6mm. The clippers are battery powered with mains charging. They can be used both wirelessly and while charging. The clippers are immersible in water for use in the shower and for cleaning. They were very easy to use and very effective at producing an even result. I was very pleased with how easy to use they were to use and the great results they produced and I would strongly recommend them.

Really Good

I have only used these twice, very easy, fast to use and clean.
They cut very close with out a comb.
I really like them a lot and would recommend them 5/5 rubber chickens.

Hi, just a quick update, the Battery died after 6 months, but the whole unit was replaced under warranty, still cuts well and I still like itOk the new battery has die!............ you need to charge it and use it straight away, need to use clipper spray to get the best performance. But still cuts like a dream......... so if you understand the rules it is ok

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Questions & Answers

My wife cuts my hair at the moment with clippers. Is this easy to DIY so I can cut more often than she has time for. Can it do the back of the neck well ?
1 answer
Buy a handheld mirror, face away from bathroom mirror so you can see back of your head in the handheld mirror in front of you. Remember that your movement is opposite to what it appears so teach yourself gradually by small cuts to your neckline. Here is a link to an article about neckline cutting http://fleischmansalon.com/necklines-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/ .no need to stress though as the saying goes there's only a week between a good or bad haircut !

I want a cordless electric for shaving my head. I love a very close Shave? Is this model able to give me that? And cleaning is done With a hand held vacuum
1 answer
Basically it uses the same standard clipping accessories with different number settings as they use in a hair dressing saloon. It can in fact be rinsed with water when powered off as indicated in the manual.


Rapid Cut HC4250AU
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