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Remington PG350

Remington PG350

1.6 from 15 reviews

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Excellent, works well

All attachments works well and the battery charge lasted my 3 week long vacation. The 30 mm and 20 mm trimmer doesn't get jam or clogged with hair. I also didn't experience any bite on my skin. This for light to medium grooming, the shaver is just for clean up of a trim, don't expect it to be a full feature shaver. Glad to replace my older one and bought 2, one for me and one for my teen son.

Remington PG350

My experience of the PG-350 product is exactly reflected in the poor 1/5 reviews already listed here; the built-in batteries don't last. They're supposed to be rechargeable but are clearly not of sufficient quality to last beyond a couple of years. I reported this to Remington Consumer Helpdesk and received a response from Spectrum Brands Australia. They asked me to return the product to them at Locked Bag 3004, Braeside, VIC, 3195, with a covering letter. This I did and I received a new replacement PG-350 a week or so later. If it lasts longer than the last one I'll happily upgrade my star rating but for now I'm giving it 2/5. They do however get 5/5 for customer service!

Good product but limited life

The product works well and is easy to use but after just over 3 years the built in battery will not hold or accept a charge. I suggest if you are looking for a trimmer then one with replaceable batteries would be a better option. Not recommended.

Doesn't work.

Doesn't do the job it was designed for. Doesn't trim properly, battery doesn't hold its charge. You pay a cheap price you get a cheap product. I would not recommend it to anybody.

Brand new out of box from Big W....doesn't work at all, big waste of time and money, can't rely on t

Brand new out of box, not working at all, waste of time and money. Will never buy anything Remington again.. .can't rely on brand anymore. Do not buy this piece of

remington pg 350' u/s battery life

total rubbish batteries, they should be replaced (free) as wont hold charge. Remington putting their name on crap, was any "field" tests done?
this was a present so have to try & return it for replacement. don't buy one

If I could rate under 1 star I would!.

This product will last around a dozen trims at best i've found. Had replaced several times. On the final replacement, same issue: Worked for about a month and then won't hold charge for a second even after leaving on charge for a few hours.

So I decided to find out the issue.

An electrician friend of mine pulled the unit apart for inspection. Conclusion: Very poor quality Ni-Cd AA-sized batteries. 2x 600mAh 1.2V each. No chance of what would be considered reasonable to service this unit long term!

Another made in China crap

Poorly made, battery only last for like 30 minutes. Ramington has compromised on quality since being manufactured in China. Other better products are out there which will make this product go down the drain.

Cheap attachments.

I had this for a few months. The plastic attachment broke rendering it useless to me.
Remington should not have made such a cheap product. I'm very disappointed. Didn't
think I had to spend time doing research for a simple trimmer. Wrong.

Waste of money

I have owned a PG 350 for a few years.
It works but is of poor quality using thin and weak plastic parts very prone to easy breakage.
Rechargeable batteries cannot be removed for replacement and last only about 2 years.
Thereafter the device must be used until charge has gone and then recharged immediately to be used again to complete the job.

Using the gauge to cut a number 1 doesn't get close enough to the hair.

Just used my new PG350 today after having a "number 2" at the local Barbers four weeks ago. The gap between the cover and the actual cutter doesn't allow the hair to be cut even when using the setting 1. The plastic settings attachment holds the razor too far from the head, even set on 1. Surprising that a company like Remington has put their name to this shaver, didn't anyone test it out!!!

Decent for a teenage beard

I picked this up as I was desperate andit was ok at first (for a light beard). However as my facial hair grew thicked this simply lacked the power to keep up. The trimmer seemed to grip on to the skin of my neck, and the foil shave simply was to weak to do it's job. The nose trimmer doesn't work at all.
Overall if you're a teenager with little money and a beard consisting of bumfluff pick one up. Otherwise don't go near this.


I have charged the battery in the recommended manner but I get less than 15 minutes usage per charge. To trim my beard takes three attempts; 1st day, I trim my neck, then recharge the battery overnight; 2nd day, I trim most of my beard, then rechargethe battery; 3rd day I complete trimming and redo my neck. I'm thinking of removing my beard to save time!
It's light.
Extremely poor battery life.

Waste of money

It lacks power, you guys with tough hair will find it mostly useless. Horrendous battery life. Just over 12 months old and the battery won't charge. The attachments are little more than gimmicks or add ons to make the product look more professional that it is. Its basically toy status and should not be considered as a real option for facial grooming.
Pretty much everything, it's a waste of money.

Another jack of all trades, master of none

I have owned this for 1 year, and surprised it still works. It comes with a host of attachments, shame none of them do a good job. I use the stubble trimmer on the closest setting, and it takes me 15 minutes to go over my face and neck as I find myself going over areas 5, 10, 40 times or more. The nose and ear trimmer doesn't get close enough and I found myself buying a dedicated device for this. The mesh screen attachment is just weird and useless. I get 2 beard trims out of it before the battery is flat, which I am OK with.
None of its attachments do an acceptable job; it is useless.

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