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Company that doesn't stand behind the rubbish they sell

I bought a new trafic LWB twin turbo. It's fast and comfortable but that's where it ends. It has 17000km(lesss than 1 year) on it and has had a new clutch, new gear lever cables, new harmonic balancer, oil sprayed all over the alternator, eco button stop working and struggling to select reverse after the clutch replacement - 5 weeks off the road. First time I drove it at about 80km after they "fixed" it At Brian Hilton Gosford it failed again. I had to get towed and had a nice $200 cab ride home for my staff with $500 in overtime payments. New engine and another 9 weeks in the shop. As soon as I got it back I drove to work 4 times and I had smoke pouring out the bonnet. Engine had to come out again to fix the leaking turbo hose 4 weeks of the road again. The dealer is Brian Hilton Gosford and they don't give a stuff. I have had to purchased a new van to not go bankrupt as I cannot trust this van to take me to work.

We are going to court now. And its not just me, there is another Renault Trafic owner also taking them to court for a refund. And by luck we found the same lawyer, same van same dealer.... If you have a similar story with Brian Hilton/Renault over a Renault let me know at [contact details removed] there is power in numbers. I wonder how many we have to find for a class action lawsuit?

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Store LocationBrian Hilton motorgroup Gosford Huma Holdings

Avoid at all costs

Extremely unreliable cars and very poor after sales service.
The Captur purchased has been nothing but trouble since the day it was purchased fault and fault including air conditioning, severe oil leaks, engine management problems, suspension problems and list goes on and on.
If parts are required be prepared to wait at least a month or them but in most cases longer.
The car can be off the road for weeks and Renault will offer NO support with loan cars etc they basically fob you off and don’t want to know you.
Once bitten twice shy and would never buy any Renault product ever again.

Store LocationDarwin

Bucket off worthless shit heap. Stay away

How can a 1 n bit year car new need pads and new rota disc. After the first service it wasnt not noticed and now slug me for $683 for wear n tear. Few month after the service. Why wasnt it check at the service..
Renault customer is not any help at all either.
My 5yr old first traffic is still going with 50k on clock. No need to change.

Cause of the lack of service attention i have to bare the cost of their incompetence..

Stay far far way from renault.

My elec issue still not over a year now.
Back to service so many time. What a waste of time..all they can say is bring back we have a look at it......
I guess thats all they do look but dont know what to do.
Renault thinks we dont need to work. And just bring it in again and again and again and again and again......

Untrustworthy dealers & service

Unreliable service promises. Capped service means nothing. My one year old car went in for service & came out with outrageous invoice stating so many faults.. both wear & tear plus warranty related issues it did not seem to have. There were other female customers invoiced the same issues on the day I was there. My near new tyres came out looking like swapped to older ones.. complained about squeaks, they charged me for brake pads replacement unrelated to the noise complaint.. picked the car up with same problems. My door handle damaged.. I would never buy another RENAULT again nor utilise their service team. The initial dealers & its service team closed down so had no choice but to go to the next nearest in mid north shore.. Disgusted.

Product Quality
Customer Service

What a disgrace!

My Renault Megane has had 3 major faults in the first year of its life - including the gear box having to be replaced! Under consumer law I am entitled to a refund or replacement but Renault Australia and Werribee Renault are shady and trying to get out of their obligations. Don’t be confused into thinking your new car warranty actually offers you any protection!

Product Quality
Customer Service

Terrible customer service and no after sale support

After taking my last Renault car to be service at Glen Waverley Renault for several years and have received great service from them. I decided it was time to upgrade my car to a new Renault. So, I decided to purchase my new 2015 Renault Megane GT-Line Premium from Glen Waverley Renault, about 4 years ago. After 4 years of having this Renault, I am full of regret that 1- I purchased the Renault from Glen Waverley and 2- that I purchased another Renault. The whole experience of owning a Renault has not been pleasant at all, there is no aftersales care with the car, the dealer and Renault Australia refuse to help or provide solution to issues raised by the customer. From my experience they have a banter about the customer’s issue and then blame customer for the issue with the car.

Maybe I am a naive car owner and have a higher than normal expectation of my 4 years old car. The problem I am having with my Renault Megane interior trim around the center console, air vents and windows control are peeling. From what I can see is that Renault has put a soft coat paint over the center console, air vent and around the window controls of the car. The area of my car that is peeling is area where there is high frequency (where people actually use and touch the car) to me this seems to be a manufacturing fault because Renault put a soft coat paint on an area that is frequently used and it did not withstand general use. When I purchased the car, I was not told that the car interior would scratch or peel so easily. I am actually scared to touch the interior of my car in case I cause further peeling.

When trying to talk to Renault Glen Waverley and Renault Australia to get my car fixed, I was advised this is cause by wear and tear. When I push them for more answers, I was told to refer to page 6 of the customer guide and I was asked questions like do you have long nails? Do you use hand cream? But hang on a minute… am I the only person in the world that has finger nails? So only people without or very short fingernails can touch the car without it peeling. Doesn’t seem right to me. Maybe I am being a bit sensitive and a going a very crazy trying to understand what is happening with my car. I understand cars do stretch and is not going to be perfect after 4 years, however I did not expect the car to actually bubbling and peel from normal everyday use over 4 years. After a number of calls with Renault Glen Waverley and Renault Australia, i am incredibly frustrated and ready to pull my hair out.

After raising this issue with Glen Waverley Renault and Renault Australia in Nov 2018, I have been blamed and passed backwards and forwards with no resolution or advise on how to resolve the matter. No help what so ever. Pretty much what i got as a customer was, this issue is your fault, we don't want to help you and go away.

It's a pity that Renault treat their customer so poorly and refuse to help their customers. A number of my friends were looking at cars over the weekend, they ask for my opinion on my Renault and all i can say is " STAY AWAY IT'S A HORRIBLE CAR AND CAR BRAND. DO NOT BUY IT!"

I will always remember Renault as the car that started falling apart before it’s 5 years warranty ended and the customer service team spoke to me rudely, did not offer help and made me hate the car I purchased from them.

Product Quality

Renault Wangara

Had a great experience in purchasing my Renault Megan GT Premium from Renault Wangara. The dealership was great to deal with and nothing was an issue with and the car was delivered on time. Highly recommend the dealership and make sure to ask for Jeff as he made buying the car an easy experience. Cheers

BadgeGT220 Premium
Engine Size1.6
Date PurchasedJul 2017

A Painful journey

Purchased a brand new Koleos in early October. On the way of the delivery, when we went to pick up the car, the purchasing officer was showing us all the functions as it's a very high tech car. We chose this car out of many others, because of its remote start function. this function did not work on the day. The purchasing officer recognised it and kept the car for few days. Then they called. They suspected it was the battery and after some driving, it would be fine. It was not. We took the car back 3 times. No answer, no solution. Endless emails and phone calls to Essendon and Australia Renault and nothing new. They keep saying they need our patience. For what we do not know. It's supposed to be a new car. What is so complicated on their I don't understand but we've been left in a limbo for more than 3 months now. It's been a painful journey nevertheless. I would expect this function to work as this is the primary reason we settled on this car. Furthermore, this is a promised function on their ads and promotions, why wouldn't I expect it to work!


Stay away from this brand...Bought a Brand new Renault Megane which turned out a lemon. Peter Warren service replaced the engine under warranty and released the car without necessary tests and fuel hose popped out on highway nearly cost our lives. Do not trust the service center! Also Do not buy CYY-62R from them as it is not safe to drive! Stay away....

Renault Kangoo Service

Love the car hate the service. Listen to this, my Kangoo started losing coolant so I took it to Renault to get it repaired. I explained that I believed it to be a head gasket issue having had the head gasket replaced twice already in 60000 klms. No they in their wisdom replaced the pressure bottle and cap, the water pump and had the radiator pressure tested. Then finally they pulled the head off only to discover that it was warped. Now the long wait for parts, special tools and available mechanic began. So far it has been sitting at Essendon Renault for 3 months and still waiting. Considering I rely on this van to run my business it is extremely frustrating. Fortunately the van is still under warranty and after 2.5 months they have loaned me another van but I can't believe how inefficient Renault service is.

Inefficient service delivery

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Finally after 3 months and 7 days my car is ready, now the challange to see if I can get my warranty extended by 3 considering Renault has had my car for that long sitting in their workshop.

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