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Renault Kangoo X76.I

Renault Kangoo X76.I

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Too complex to maintain

Any Renault with a al4or dpo transmission, this unit suffers from debris from the friction clutches with the steel spacers pumping the debris around the unit causing damage to valve body/solinoids/seals/bearings/bushings /torque converter, the fluid for these units HAS TO BE FULLY SYNTHETIC, not dextron 2 or 3 or semi synthetic, these units run hot and have poor cooling and I'm in the UK, the unit has a condition sensor that measures heat/viscosity and will flag the computer to limp mode,lock out if the fluid gets thin, another fault probably caused by debris is the converter lock up not locking up between shifting this causes the engine rev up because the converter can't lock the drive to to the diff/wheels and it thuds in it can flag limp/lockout,

Basically this unit has been designed to make millions for Renault dealerships, even if you replace the emv valves/solinoids you need to upgrade the software, if you think you can reset the gearbox computer with an after market diagnostic unit think again because the Renault clip software is only used by transmission shops and Renault,
There is a counter in the computer that has to reset after fluid is added, our Renault modus does not have a drain plug but did manage to get 2 ltrs out via the condition sensor at the bottom of the box, I did not have the engine running at the time but will try that one later .

Right diggers that's my take on the Renault automatic al4 /dpo as fitted a lot of Renaults
Hope it helps !

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Engine Size1.6L
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ok me again i took the bull by the horns drained the transmission ,undid the drain plug put an 8mm allen key up there and took out the level tube ,with one wheel off the ground started the engine and put it through all the gears ,switched off left in neutral to drain ,after it drained i put the drain plug back in leaving out the level tube poured 4ltrs of white spirit in the fill plug and started the engine putting it through all the gears with the tiptronic and the and then again with it in automatic ,drained it all out started the engine once again put it through the gears then let drain ,put the level tube back in started the engine left the gears in neutral and poured the new fluid in until it started to run out the level plug put the plug back in went for a drive bought it up to temp then kicked its RS down the carriageway it was strange because it shifted as smooth as silk i had to keep checking what gear it was in with the tiptronic ,it drives like a dream ,now i have to do is take it down to the transmission shop and get the counter reset to zero in the computer . RENAULT,S /PEUGEOT,S/CITROEN,S all used this gearbox for years ,even if you dont want to flush the box CHANGE THE FLUID AT 30,000 MILES !

Great van, just lacking some more seats

I've owned a Kangoo since new, picking it up on April Fools Day, 2006. Since then, the van's reliability has been nothing short of remarkable: apart from the coil packs. Every single one factory installed has failed, and within 3 years. The replacements haven't missed a beat. It's also a pity there has never been additional seating offered, as can be found in Europe.

As a car, it drives better than any other small van, apart from VW Caddys. Blows my old Combo out of the water. I can fit anything I want into it, the dog has a nice space to sit in, and the ride is comfortable enough to drive to Queensland and back with ease. (done this 4 times) Even the wife enjoys sitting in it!

Great car.
Cheap to run, reliable as all get out.
Coil packs failed, servicing can be expensive...

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Engine Size1.6L
Date PurchasedApr 2006
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I have had the exact same experience as Andy. looking forward to my next Kangoo. just love it. Baden.

unreliable, costly, total regret buying this car

2006 Kangoo Renault - bought brand new. I have replaced the alternator twice, fuel pump, starter motor and now the transmission. Also the paint is fading badly particulary on the roof and bonnet. It is very unreliable. Parts are difficult to source in Australia. No after sales service!!!!!!!! A nightmare to own
originally purchased as it was converted for a wheelchair car
Major mechanical problems.

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Engine Size1.6L

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Questions & Answers

Hi folks, I have 2006, 1.6 petrol, auto. Modified for wheelchair. My problem is sudden loss of power. I wondered if it was going into limp mode but it is worse than that. Will sometimes limp; sometimes idle but stall on drive and sometimes snuff out altogether. Will restart immediately but resumes trouble condition. Will usually fix itself after 30+ minutes switched off. Extremely dangerous if it snuffs on bridge or multi lane freeway. One observer noticed that the throttle body doesn't seem to be moving freely when the trouble is happening. Since they are fly by wire, I wonder about the sender unit from accelerator pedal. Or the receiving unit at the other end? Anybody experienced same or got any suggestions? Otherwise, 65k and no other problems.
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Hello far away person, yes its fly by wire you will have to get it diagnosed at either the dealers or a transmission shop because of the Renault clip software involved, you can use an ordinary diagnostic unit for engine trouble codes but anything to do with the transmission it has to have the clip software it's there way of generating more millions. Renaults are loaded with computer based faults transmissions suffer from complex software plus the gear box suffers bad cooling and has 3 sensors one of which is a condition sensor it reads the viscosity/heat of the fluid and will trip limp mode if the fluid gets to hot or to thin. I drive a 1.6 renault modus it's the same basic set up you have this trans unit is used in Peugeot/citrons/renault over a wide rang of models. It has a fluid condition counter in the computer so even if you only top it up you have to set the software, if you have a fluid change the counter has to be zeroed or it will keep tripping. My advice is if you are going to keep the vehicle change the fluid on or before 30,000 miles get the counter reset, fit an aftermarket cooler wit an inline filter and put a couple of magnets on the metal pan. Only use fully synthetic fluid in these units, renault will say never change the fluid, yet every other auto trans mfg says change the fluid at 30,000 miles, the reason for this is that debris from the clutch packs with the steel spacers keeps getting pumped around the system causing damage to the solinoids valves (evm) valve body/seals/bearings/bushings/torque converter, etc. plus metallic particles can short out electrics in the unit. If its keeps going into limp mode get it fixed because driving it in third gear (limp mode) will damage the gearbox. They have other things that can trip limp mode such as a defective brake switch, bad earth on body and back lights/corrosion in the fuse/relay box /bad electrical connectors . Check out peugeot/renault recalls from the UK warranty website then go onto YouTube and checkout AL4 /DPO problems and any renault/Peugeot web forums. Well I hope this helps you mate if you get anymore probs let me know. peter in the UK!Peter, thanks a million. That sure is a lot to be going on with. Beauty of the internet - a man in UK can help a bloke in Australia. Thanks again. MikeThat's OK mate, you need to get as much info on these set ups as possible. I bought a tablet its an A33 it has a function where you can copy any video without the need for any software its called screenrecord and I use it to record YouTube videos on any and everything to do with citrone/renault/Peugeot as they use common parts systems. I also record how systems work and how to test them because there is always some good old boys out there who find away to do it, plus there are instructional vids to be had. I just keep recording them and have built up a database of these by putting a 32gig card in and saving the vids to the card and onto a memory stick, there are some PDF files too. I found a citrons one on the transmission with exploded views and a lot of text on how the system works and why. Hope it helps you, check it all out. Regards a pom!


Kangoo X76.I
Release dateJan 2004
Discontinuation dateDec 2007
Replaced byRenault Kangoo X76.II
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