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Renault Kangoo X76.II

Renault Kangoo X76.II

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A Little Different But A Nice Experience

It is easy to get to like this vehicle, once you find the car jack that is "hidden" inside the spare wheel and the handle for the jack under the bonnet. It is also full of screws and bolts that have a star head with six points, not a phillips head but a torx head. The model of van I am talking about has the two vertical doors at the rear, one wide, one narrow. Incidentally the doors can be detached from their swing limiters so they can fold right back and improve the view for doing reversing tricks, like floating a boat. I am enjoying the good car-like ride on my new Bridgestone CAT radials. I have bought the car new, so part of the confidence I have is about the car being under warranty. All of the good things that are said about this vehicle are fairly true,however,it is only a two seater and it is unclear if the third seat conversion in the cargo bay is available for australian vehicles but for me it is the perfect car.
I have the 2008 1.5 diesel version and I like it very much. Important to me is:The air conditioner provides a lot of cool air without sapping strength from the engine.The passenger seat folds down flat so I can easily move belongings to the next rented apartment.The engine is not designed for spinning the wheels at the traffic lights but it will easily pull a 15ft dingy up a boat ramp. The sliding door at the drivers side (rear) is great for loading groceries. It is cheap to run.
The car is a little expensive. There were some after sales warranty issues like, It needed some anti rattle tape in the cargo bay panels,the plastic covering on the ignition key was defective and some metric star head screws had to be imported to fix the sunvisor. When driving the vehicle the blinker and wiper controls are opposite to other vehicles and the passenger side rear door needs a glass window to fix a blind spot.

Engine Size1.5L Turbo
I have an 08 and so far have had 3 new engine mounts ,all on the same side, a new fuel pump,have rear windows put in on both sides as backing is a problem,lost all power and was towed away,never told what that was! very poor after sales and warenty expire service especially if you live in the country,thats a tow truck ride over $150.00 every time.back door sticks and jams.all round very poorLove the car hate the service. Listen to this, my Kangoo started losing coolant so I took it to Renault to get it repaired. I explained that I believed it to be a head gasket issue having had the head gasket replaced twice already in 60000 klms. No they in their wisdom replaced the pressure bottle and cap, the water pump and had the radiator pressure tested. Then finally they pulled the head off only to discover that it was warped. Now the long wait for parts, special tools and available mechanic began. So far it has been sitting at Essendon Renault for 3 MONTHS and still waiting. Considering I rely on this van to run my business it is extremely frustrating. Fortunately the van is still under warranty and after 2.5 months they have loaned me another van but I can't believe how inefficient Renault service is. A couple of years down the track, my excellent little Kangoo has some unusual electrical problems. At 40000km the instrument panel needs replacing, fortunately under warranty, but at 60000km and out of warranty the aircon fan wont switch off, even when the ignition is off. The replacement of a resistor costs $400. These are faults that I have never seen in my life, in any of my cars. It makes me wonder, what country my electrical components were made.

Renault Kangoo Lemon

Beware: do not buy this car. I purchased a 2009 model and I used it in my cleaning business. It's done only 40,000 km but in that time I have changed a cylinder, starter motor, the entire air con system and all out of warranty. Roughly $6K of work. Now this week I am told the computer is broken which is another $2-3K. I bought it because it was the only auto van in market and was good price. Worse mistake ever and to rub salt into the wound Renault Australia that is run under Nissan could not give a toss about my concerns. French are good at wine, cheese and running away from wars. Cars. No. Disgrace.
Cyclinder broken. Starter motor. Air con system.

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Engine Size1.6L

Cheapest option in class

Let's put this in to perspective, if you need a small automatic van, you really only have 2 real options, that being the VW Caddy or the Renault Kangoo. When I compared similar aged/ Km's / spec the Kangoo was considerable cheaper. We purchased a 2008 Kangoo with 40,000km and a full Renault service history. The van has many different drivers and needed to be full-proof, which it has been. Three years latter the car has 80,000km and a few mechanical issues. I made the mistake of servicing the vehicle through a non Renault dealer, thinking I was saving money. Instead small mechanical issues became bigger and when I finally went to the experts in Kangoos, Renault, they fixed the problems straight away and proactively fixed other small probs. Ok it cost over a thousand dollars to fix the engine mounts, air con pulley, service and other alignments, but now lesson learnt to service regularly through a Renault dealer. I wonder how many others have gone down the same path??? As a final note I have placed an order for a brand new Kangoo, with a 5 year warranty. I could tailer the order to exactly what I wanted and about 10 k cheaper then the VW Caddy!
Best value in class. Easy to drive
Needs to be well looked after at a Renault dealer

Engine Size1.6L
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compact practical and comfortable. Great work horse. Zippy engine and all the creature comforts of most passenger cars. More pricey than Combo but combo has no features, cheaper than Caddy and more eye catching. Great billboard for any business
car like drive, dual side loading dorrs 2 airbags ABS a/c as standard
diesel option would be a winner. 1.5 Dci is top unit

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Engine Size1.5L Turbo

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Kangoo X76.II
Release dateJan 2007
Discontinuation dateDec 2010
Replaced byRenault Kangoo X61.I
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