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Hi guys where is the jack in a master van & how do i lower the spare from under the van please.
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Saturday whilst going through a round about, the dash said the van was in gear 2, but the van was reving like it was in N. Rolled over parked and turned van off. Went to start van again but dash was still stating gear 2 and the light on the dash suggested service now. Van wouldn't start. So waited 10 mins then tried starting, this time it defaulted into N and started and the light on the dash was gone.
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After market cost of 2007 renault master dynamic balancer?
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My sun liner is 2017. Cost $127.000 new on a Renault M62 master.

Hi my Renault master dci150 check injector light has come on can you tell me what this means please? just had a engine rebuild done first day I drove this light come on had all the injectors checked during engine rebuild came back all fine
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Hi, we have experienced this many times with our Master fleet, and the common denominator is either related to the DPF clogging, or the turbo.

Hii, i want to buy 2007 renualt master disealfor my courier business. I hv two options. 1: renualt master 2007 2: ford transit 2007 I am confused which one to buy Reault is 196000 km auto Ford is 197000 manual Pls suggest me. Thnks Garry
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Don't buy ford ; even no mechanic will recommend you to buy ford transit. Better buy Toyota hiace good value of money ..Which country are you living?Hi, My Renault Master Van blew the auto gearbox at 70,000k and as it was out of warranty, cost $9,000 to fix. Buy the Transit, at least you can buy numerous parts on Ebay and there are more Ford dealers to service your van. Regards Stewart 31-03-17

Renault master 2.4dci1002011reg.are the emissions hi or low?
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I truly wouldn't know if emissions are high or low. I no longer own the vehicle since the gear box blowing up after just 70,000 ks and costing me $9,000+ for repairs. Cannot recommend anyone buying a Renault master Van. Regards Stewart. 10-02-17

Hi, I have a 2013 Renault Master and the pin beneath the clutch pedal has snapped!! I have bought the replacement cable but I'm having trouble taking the broken part out as everything around the pedals seems to be welded in.. Any ideas please.
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Hi, Sorry if my answer is negative but sell the van before it costs you a lot more money. Whilst mine was past the warranty period, it only had a mere 70,000 kilometers on it where the gearbox blew up costing me around $9,500 to fix. Renault Australia didn't want to know me but happy to take my money. I note if you have roadside service, no-one else can fix these things as Renault have designed them where only Renault can work on them. So if you're in whoop whoop, the local mechanic can't help you and you will have to pay extra to have it towed to a Renault dealer. As to your pin being broken and everything around it appears welded, again, this is Renault making it impossible for the owner or local mechanic be able to fix it. I sold my heap of crap Renault master as soon as I got it back and bought a Ford Transit. There be an answer in there. Sorry but good luck. Regards Stewart. 13-08-16Thanx for your feedback Stewart i will consider all options

I have a 2012 Master, when the gear box changes up from 2 to 3, 3 to 4th I get a torque shift where the front end moves right to left & you feel it in the steering wheel. Has anyone had this?
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sorry i have no knowledge of thisThanks Harrie, it turned out to be the left front lower control arm bushes badly worn-out. Cheers

I have a Novembeer 2008 Renault Master which has done 54000 ks without a problem. I have a friend who has a 2007 model in which the slave cylinder in the gearbox failed at 50000. He was told by service manager that earlier models had plastics in slave cylinder which could not stand the heat and thus failed. Has anyone any knowledge as to whetthe an improved gearbox has been installed in later models and if so in what year, as I have not been able to get any sense out of Renault.
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The gearbox has no problems with it at all, the issue is the oil reservoir on the auto selector box. this is the unit that sits on top of the manual gearbox to make the clutch pack work automatically. The earlier models were plastic and after a few redesigns they have moved to an alloy unit and have fixed almost all problems. This has mainly affected the old 2.5 diesel motors NOT the new model introduced in 2011. if you have the new solenoid fitted due to a failure then you should have the new version installed. Once again it is not the gearbox but the quickshift pack that is the new version.

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