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Renault Master van

I have just bought a Ford Transit, glad to get rid of my Master van, what a load of crap, had it from new 2012 nothing but trouble they had the van more than i did.
Good riddance Renault van.

good gumdrops

yes i realise i am not writing about a van but thought to put some positives into the situation. Having worked in a ford agency I can absolutely assure you that other brands subject their customers to similar or worse treatment !! It can be just the dealership .I at present own my seventh Renault bought as a demo in 2009 now has113000k.only problem has been a problem with the auto (4 speed torque con)first noticed and complained about at about 20000 k. Dismissed by dealership and again twice subsequently. Finally gave up completely at about 65000k and well out of warranty. to their credit Renault fitted a complete new trans. which has performed faultlessly since.
IT would be helpful for those reviewing to list type of engine and transmission and year model please


Van is good,warranty repairs are crap in Brisbane

had a new gearbox & clutch fitted $7,500.00,after a coupla months the clutch fell apart,I think they reused some of the original parts,paid 4 new ones,my van is for work,took a week 2 repair the clutch lotsa $$$$ lost,broke a fan belt,cant buy a belt,hafta have a belt kit,fitted $680.00,ten months later bearing are screaming,will b replaced under warranty,1 week 2 get the parts & cant fit the them 4 another week more $$$ lost,I thought when they moved from Mansfield to Slacks Creek things might improve.I was so wrong,no wonder why they goin broke & hafta keep downsizing,there is no customer service 4 warranty jobs,they want the paying jobs,should see a solicitor 4 loss of wages $450 a day

February 23rd 2015 Update:
4 new brake discs from Renault $998.00,Brisbane brake & clutch $296.00,same discs imported from France,
4 sets new brake pads $86.00 from Brisbane brake & clutch,Herbert St Slacks Creek - for this price you would get 1 set from Renault-across the road same street,Slacks Creek CV joints,got drivers side CV joint $196.00 - 1/2 the price of Renault & shock absorbers from Pedders - same deal,1/2 the price-all prices are supply only.save yourself lotsa $$$$$ & don't buy from Renault-there are alternatives & the parts are the same you will get from them thieves

Engine Size2.5L Turbo

Worst van in australia

I bought my Renault Master brand new from Peter Warren Warwick Farm. After 8000kms the transmission broke completely and it needed to be changed which was a cost to Renault between $6000-$6500 and it took 3 weeks to fix at Peter Warren Mascot.

After 3.5 years on 79000kms I had to change the gear box at the cost of $8900. The person who does most of the repairs for Renault gearboxes told me it is very common recurring problem with this particular model gear box.

My advice to all...don't buy this terrible van. Its not worth your money!!


Very happy with our Master vans

Run two 2013 Masters. Both bought new, we do about 60K per year. Both fine so far, but I would stress the need for good regular maintenance. If you run them hard and don't service them, don't expect them (or anything else) to last. Curious about original poster - our two vehicles both older, but factory warranty was 3 yrs/200k, not 100k as claimed. Out of interest, if Mercs are as good as you say, why did you buy Renault? Serious question.


We made a mistake, we bought three!

Our company bought three brand new long wheel base Renault Master vans a few years ago to add to our fleet (Cost=$120,000+). After our many experiences using this vehicle, and getting it serviced by Nissan-Renault service yards, I can say, this van is a total head ache. Once they start to fall apart after your 100,000km warranty, don't expect help from Renault Head Office like you would from Mercedes. We buy our fleet vehicles from Mercedes too and do not suffer as many issues. Yes, the Renault have a more fancy tip tronic gear box, but that's just about it. Had a major issue with one of our Mercedes Ben fleet vehicles, out of warranty for two years, Mercedes head office when asked still payed for 75% cost of labor and parts. When we asked something similar of Renault Australia a few years ago when our Renault Master broke down through our local Renault dealer/service they refused. We regularly service our cars with Renault service, yet these break down issues still arise, and another one of our vehicles broke down last Thursday, brought it straight to Renault North Shore same day, and have not received a call from them about the update on our Renault Master and it is now Wednesday. Called them 8am this morning frustrated, they said they would call back soon, 10.45am now, still no call. Kind of makes you think, instead of spending $120,000+ and countless service dollars for Renault Master parts (which probably afford you to buy you a Porsche 911 by now no, really!), would you be in this position if you had bought three Mercedes Benz Sprinters instead? Kind of kicking yourself at that thought because these vans are now just lemons. There are no words that describe your frustration and bitterness when you feel you have invested so much of your hard work and hard earned money into a vehicle and their servicing yards yet you don't have any return.
Quick shift gear box (when it works), Engine (when it works)
Gear box and Engine issues plague this machine like a disease. Do not expect any help from Renault Head office.

Im looking to buy a lwb renault, did they honour there warrenty during the first 100,000 ? and what is the van that you would recomend ? I live in the country and there is only a ford dealer locally. What are your thoughts of the ford?I've got an 07 VM 2.4 Transit extended wheelbase cab chassis. i've only had it a month or so and it has 171,000 km on it - drove it from brisbane to canberra in one go - good to drive and seems to have got rid of all the lemon problems of earlier trucks (and if you read the reviews they were dogs). good cabin and nice touches like delayed aditional auto wipe of the blades when you use the winscreen washer. i'm a fan of the RENAULT and am on this page because im thinking of getting one - the trafic seems to get better reviews than the master - i see a fair bit of grief about the hydraulic unit associated with the gear selector.If you have warranty, it is still a hassle, and it shouldn't be. However, if you live in the country, you will do much more driving than normal city slickers and will use that 100,000km sooner. My best bet is to use a manual transmission Renault or a Manual Transmission Ford. The Ford, is something I've driven but not owned because it was a hire car because my Renault was BROKEN down in service funnily enough. That said, Renault did go and fix my problems outside the warranty period after I talked to Renault Head Office Customer Service, and they said they will help up to five years after the normal 3 year year, 100,000km warranty has expired for "major failure" issues, which I have had plenty. It is your legal right what ever you buy to expect it to be working order. That means if it's a vehicle or a lollipop. If it use is advertised as such, it must perform as such. I enjoy driving the renault a bit more after the above posts, because Renault did contact me, knowing I was truly ticked off and have offered to help on my current Renault Fleet and my future Renault purchases. I don't know how long until the next time the vehicles are going to decide to roll over and go lemon so I will be deciding whether to offload my Renaults with ODO;s from 140,000 to 170,000 for dirt cheap, less than $10,000. I know I need to get rid of them, only because of one problem, the semi-auto fancy transmission ruins this van. Also I need to add that out of the three Renault Master vans I bought, the air conditioning went out early within one year but was replaced. The other vans now, well over three years and the warranty period have not had to have major service on the air conditioning units, so it was just 1/3 chance. But 3/3 chance for bad transmission issues with the Renault Master semi-automatic. So the perfect van must consist: 1. A good diesel engine (Check Reviews for ones that do) 2. Have a good transmission, manual is highly advised, you blow a clutch, easy replace. Can't drive manual? Learn! It's a great experience! (Check reviews for vans that do) 3. Make sure you have stability control on the vans, no accidents have happened yet, but this would be a nice added feature. Current Renault Master do +2013, before 2012 do not have stability control. Correct me if I'm wrong. 4. If you have the option of extending your warranty for two years, i.e. Five years, do so, and put that contract under your pillow and treasure it. 5. Service your vehicle regularly with where you bought it from. They rob you but you must accept this, unless you have your own work shop. Cheers, J

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Hi guys where is the jack in a master van & how do i lower the spare from under the van please.
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Saturday whilst going through a round about, the dash said the van was in gear 2, but the van was reving like it was in N. Rolled over parked and turned van off. Went to start van again but dash was still stating gear 2 and the light on the dash suggested service now. Van wouldn't start. So waited 10 mins then tried starting, this time it defaulted into N and started and the light on the dash was gone.
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After market cost of 2007 renault master dynamic balancer?
1 answer
My sun liner is 2017. Cost $127.000 new on a Renault M62 master.


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