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This policy was extremely easy to set up and was excellent value. Customer support was efficient and easy to use. I would definitely recommend rentalcover.com to family and friends and I will definitely use them again.

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Best Car insurance

This is the first time I have had to make an insurance claim due to a small incident we had with our hire car. I'm am soooooo happy we chose to get our Hire car insurance through Rentalcover this has been such an easy process and the level of service has been brilliant, I will be using this cover on every car hire from now on.

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Efficient & Hassle Free

Cover was offered along with the rental car agreement, which I agreed to take up given the acceptable premium and acceptable policy coverage. I had a small accident and the claim procedure was easy, fast and efficient and I had the entire refund paid within 10 days. I thoroughly recommend this Insurance group.

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This is perfect

You can rent a cheap car and insurance in here.
And we happened some car accident in 26/8.
And I got the refund in 2/9.
They had done a efficient job.

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Great value for money. Very quick turn around.

This was the first insurance claim that i have ever made and iam glad that it was with RentalCover.com . Had a windscreen stone chip damage on the rental vehicle i hired. Submitted the claim and got approval email within the next day! Definitely using them for all my future car rentals.

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The policy was good value , However I did have some trouble getting all my imformation to you as I am 77 . and not that great on the PC .

I would like to thank you for your help when I had to make a claim , Thank for paying the the claim . Ron Reid

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Full Insurance Cover

Compared to the major car hire providers, RentalCover.com full comprehensive insurance cover was exceptional value. I experienced a minor problem due to a punctured tyre and found that the claim procedure was easy to navigate and received acceptance of the claim in a matter of days. Well done RentalCover!

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Friendly Service and Fuss-Free Claim Procedure!

Rental Cover is a trustworthy insurance provider. I had an accident on my Australia trip. I had to pay the damage excess to the rental company upfront, which I subsequently claimed from Rental Cover. The claim submission procedure was easy and fuss-free, the claim was approved in a few days, and the money was in in less than 2 weeks.

Equally noteworthy is their excellent customer service. Be it their online chat portal, or calling in, the representatives were friendly and knowledgeable.

Lastly, the insurance premium is value-for-money and also covers incidents not typically covered by rental car insurance.

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RentalCover car rental insurance saved us money and paid out quickly

Our RentalCover car rental insurance was great value, saving us money on over the counter insurance with the rental car company (about 1/2 the price) and no excess. The policy was easy to set up and pay for online. During our trip we punctured a tyre in Kakadu and had it repaired, very expensive on a Saturday with a huge call out fee of $150. On return our claim was processed within 24hrs and we were reimbursed the full cost of the repair within a week. I highly recommend RentalCover.

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RentalCover.com - Effective, reliable and value for money

The insurance world is a jungle, so it is refreshing and satisfying to deal with a company such as RentalCover.com that is effective, reliable and good value for money. Having taken out what we considered to be a very good value policy with RentalCover.com to cover the full excess on a car we hired in Northern Territory, Australia we remained skeptical when we had to make a claim for damage to our car that was caused by an unknown second party (while our car was parked in a public car park). However, we were pleasantly surprised and very impressed when our claim was accepted and processed within a few days, and the funds deposited in our bank account straight away. We will now use RentalCover.com for all our insurance requirements when hiring a car anywhere in the world. Highly recommended.

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Very Happy Customer

The insurance with Apollo Motorhomes was $47 per day. At 30 days hire this would have cost me $1410.00.
Their insurance did not cover overhead damage/underbody damage/damage to the slider wall/awning damage.
RentalCover charged me $550.00 and covered all the above exclusions.
This was a saving of $860.00.
I had to make a claim for damage to the windscreen, and RentalCover paid me within 7 days, hassle free.
The set up of the policy was straight forward and customer support staff were efficient and friendly.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Service

Policy was excellent value and customer support always helpful. A few initial problems were cleared quickly and response was always prompt. I lodged a claim which was settled quickly and efficiently.

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great service, fast and friendly

I purchased a policy to cover a 3-week 4WD campervan rental in WA. The helpful service rep pointed out that I'd get better coverage as an EU rather than US resident (I'm both). I had to file a claim for windshield repair -- a chip from a flying pebble. RentalCover processed it smoothly and reimbursed me within a couple of days. Then the rental outfit contacted me again to say the repair proved inadequate and the whole windshield had to be replaced, and asked me to pay the extra cost. RentalCover reimbursed me for that as well without problem. All interactions were fast and professional.

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Good and fast

I always get rentalcover when i rent a car.
Last time i had to change the windscreen. I send all documents and 1 week after i had the money back on my account.

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better than rental companies

I got scared of insurance waivers and these guys helped. price was fine. the website gives a lot of information, it can be confusing but if u just want to get insurance for a car rental it does that pretty well.

Insurance claim madeNo

Appauling service.

Purchased a subscription online - within 30 minutes called them to cancel realizing it was not the product I wanted (info on website is confusing) they refused a refund. Appalling.

Insurance claim madeNo

Surprised by excellent service

Policy turned out to be a 'life saver'. A regular traveler to the USA, I wanted to try and save on the exorbitant fees often charged at the rental car counters.

This product, which covers some of the únexpected' covered me for an unfortunate incident where a deer ran out and hit the vehicle. This amounted to several thousand dollars damage, and the $4000 cover took care of this.

The team were excellent at every step of the process from the first phone call and met their designated timelines for the claim and the subsequent settlement of claim.

I would recommend checking out this product before renting any car in the USA, but make sure you still have CDW cover over there.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute must

Rental cover offers very competitive prices, full coverage of all risks, and boasts a great customer service. We managed to leave the keys into the rental van and they even covered the cost of the locksmith (+ the credit card fee)! We strongly recommend to NOT take any insurance with the rental company and rely fully on rental cover.

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Great rates, fast cover and excellent communication

Simple, easy online rental car cover at a fraction of the price charged by car hire companies. Full coverage with no exclusions. Great prices and a range of coverage amounts to chose from. One important point though is if you have an accident and need to make a claim you are liable for the costs to your car hire company first. You then claim the costs back from rentalcover.com. Your policy clearly states this. Communication via phone if needed is fast and efficient.

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Very good customer service and insurance

I used RentalCover.com on many occasions and will definitely use them again. It is true that sometimes rental companies ask for a ''bond'' if you don't take their insurance and that it might be annoying - however their own insurance are full of exclusions (had so many very bad experiences with Hertz and Appolo). RentalCover on the other hand does not have exclusions, which is awesome. they also have very affordable prices and each time I had to make claim they reimburse me in full. On top of that, they have a very good customer service - always happy to help as much as they can! Would highly recommend it.

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