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Mitsubishi Freezer Just The Thing For Christmas

Sales person on the ball, no mucking around with prices. Service was exceptional! 5 year warranty, very satisfactory!
Will contact same person when purchasing next item.

Outstanding and rare Customer Service and Assistance

I cannot express the outstanding service received from Cannington in WA - online. Had a dreadful problem with delivery to Sydney and they refunded the fee on the spot. they also sent another item when they found out one sent was display.

This service was outstanding and very rare these day. Great job and this business is what keeps the economy going!

Everdure indoor gas heater

Again from Retravision Cannington purchased an Everdure indoor gas heater, service again was excellent , item was available for immediate pick up, price was slightly cheaper for the same model available at other retailers but previous excellent service from this Retravision store was the reason for going back.

Good service but dishonest Sales

Purchased a fridge from them awhile ago and the Sale person (seemed very nice and honest at the time) said if we purchase another product, he will then be able to give us a discount. The discount was hardly anything and even when i asked for further discount was told that they will not make any money from the sale if the price was to go lower. We were in desperation for a fridge so we didn't haggle further.

A few days later, we received their sales catalogue in the mail and the price was even lower than the further discount we requested! Thus, RetraVision lost our business for the rest of our electrical goods.

Worst customer service ever

Received the worst customer service ever from retravision. Both store managers and operation manager are completely useless at their jobs and wouldn't know what good customer service is. After a lot of hassles and back and forth between lies and mismanagement I've taken my business elsewhere.

Delivery Service Dept

In store service great. Delivery service twice now had been terrible will probably shop elsewhere because of it. Has really disappointed me, I hope you read and do something about it.

Seek alternative

I hv no idea about other stores but cannington store in wa is definitely not good place to go.
I bought fridge , washer and LCD.
Samsung stopped making that model for less popularity and few problem no one explained to me at all
I was not happy with washer so I decided to change washer so they charged me restocking fee they said they won't charge restocking fee if I buy another from then but price of machine they were charging was even more than restocking fee
LCD was 150 more espensive
So pls check good guys before buying with retra vision

Will be back to support a local

Went to the local Retravision instead of the bigger stores to support a local West Australian business. Although I couldn't find what I wanted, their friendly service was great!

I will keep on trying to shop here.

See my other review on Kambo as an opposite to what a retail shop experience should be.
Local shop

Retravision extended warranty- useless.

I bought a Whirlpool 3 door fridge in October 2010 in Boer's Retravision in Melbourne. I like to fridge and it serves me well until the freezer does not freeze anymore last week. it is only 3 and a half years old. As the 2 years manufacturer's warranty is finished. I phoned the Retravision extended warranty. I paid the 3 years extra extended warranty. After 45 minutes on the phone with them, they told me to call AIG insurance because the insurance was bought before 2012. I call the AIG, they cannot locate my warranty insurance with them. They suspect that the company has not submitted the warranty to them. that means the Boer's Retravision took my extended warranty insurance money but did not organize the warranty. AIG will double check their record and get back to me in a couple of days.

I feel that I have been cheated. I will contact the small claim ombudsman if Retravision took my extended warranty money and not honoring this agreement.

Does Anyone have the same experience?

I feel that I have been cheated.

Just to follow up the progress with the extended warranty claim. Although the Retravision has taken my extended warranty money as mentioned before.AIG insurance has confirmed that Retravision has not lodged the warranty record to them. Therefore, Retravision has pocketed my money instead of buying the extended warranty as promised. I have also talked to Retravision Southern. They say they will double check if the extended warranty has been lodged or not. However, I am not the only customer has this problem. As the Retravision has closed in Melbourne, there is nothing I can do to claim the extended warranty. Basically, Boer's Retravision has cheated their customers. So, DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM RETRAVISION. anywhere in australia. You will regret it in the near future. They are not honest!!!!!!!Another follow up. Retravision Southern states the Boer's Retravision has not lodge extended warranty to a Retravision Southern, so they are not responsible. I have to talk to Boer's. as Boer's is closed down. They say I can talk to consumer Affair. I contacted Consumer Affairs and VCAT. They both say there is nothing I can do to make this right. there is no law can protect consumer when the company gone under liquidation in this circumstance. SO DO NOT BUY ANY THING FROM RETRAVISION ANY WHERE IN THIS COUNTRY, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Good lecture on products

Was shopping for washing machine so we went to Retravision in Cannington Perth. this gentleman Graeme, being friendly, welcomed us and professionally consulted us on our intent. Upon knowing that we are after a top load, he showed us a top load, done. And, in addition, he further introduced diff between top load and front load. This has gotten me a whole new understanding on front load compared to top load. 100% bought over by all he's said. And we stick to front load since.
Professionalism showed by Graeme

Dodgy dealers

I bought a Sunbeam Toaster from them in Ringwood, Victoria in May 2012 and 5 months later it broke down so I took it back and the staff were very rude towards me so I just left and I haven't returned since then so please avoid this place at all costs if possible.

Broke down

Not honouring their warranty

my parents brought a Tv from Retravision with a 3+2 warranty, the Tv went faulty today just over 4 years old. The local store has closed the warranty company gone bust. No state office in Qld. only one in WA and they said they cannot help because they are all separate companies

no warranty even when paid for

Very good service and price

I went to Kingsford Retravision today to buy a vacuum cleaner and to my surprise was served by the owner who bent over backwards to give me top service and a better price than I could find on-line.
I walked out with the vacuum cleaner I was interested in and was not talked into buying some other more expensive machine. I would highly recommend dealing with the owner of this store.
Service and price

I will not shop anywhere else :)

I love buying from joondalup retravision. Over the years i thought i had developed a good relationship with another retailer, but when it came to the crunch, they couldn't compete with the standards of joondalup retravision.
There reasons i will only buy from these guys are many. They firstly are friendly, they know their products, after purchase care is phenomenal and they cut a good deal too.
Nothing has been too much trouble for these guys.
So, yes, i would highly recommend them to one and all.
friendly, helpful, care, and look after their customers with great deals.

Great guys at Retravision

Retravision people are always the best price by far. There is never any haggling just the price and thats it. They have all the major brands and deal in good old fashioned service. They keep sufficient stock on board and you dont have to wait for it to come from somewhere else.

Good Service, Good Prices

Over the past few years we've bought lots of small appliances from Retravision including a couple of duds (manufacturing problems) and we've always come away happy with the service. The initial purchase prices were good, the service during the sale was good and the follow up was perfect especially for the couple of things which were not up to standard. All in all a satisfactory experience
Service, especially post sale service and willingness to accept a faulty product back no questions asked.

Not what they used to be..

I grew up in Sydney with RetraVision stores about, most were quite good. the franchise I bought/rented goods through seemed nice enough.., but I am sure they knew well before they put up the closing signs of the issues and were quite happy to get the sales from me. I was talked into at least one brand I was not to keen on and while I am happy enough with the item, I believe I would have been happier with my original choice.
Friendly for the most part.
The way they went about folding the franchise and the hard nosed attitude of A salesman.

Good Products

Have purchased over 6 items large and small from this retailer in the last two years and have been impressed with service, range and prices. The service was always at a high level and product information was explained well. Accessories for items were also purchased and a good stock of those on hand.
service by staff of a high level
referred to manufacturer on a warranty problem

Uninspiring, Grey and Dull

The store does not beckon you in. The sales people do not welcome you in. The products are ubiquitous. The advice is ill-informed. The dryer I bought, as recommended by the salesman, didn't do what I was told it would. It is meant to be a sensor dryer and with the sensor function operating, the clothes come out almost as wet as when they went in. In short, if you really need something and know what you want, compare prices. Retravision might be able to beat your price, but do your homework first.
Close to home
Cold unwelcoming and lack of knowledgable sales staff

Good service

I am the sort of person who has to go to all the stores and back and then again when I have to get some appliance! The people at retravision were indeed patient with me and happy to answer all my concerns. I actually ended up buying both the washer and a fridge from them so it can be safely assumed that the pricing was very competetive and service great. This was the bundall store which is not there anymore unfortunately, but the Pacific Fair store is very good as well. I have bought our home theatre from them as well.

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Questions & Answers

I purchased a Bosch avantixx front loader washing machine approximately 2 yes ago and it is making a berring noise when sucking the water out I'm not sure if I got extended warranty and the store I brought it from at tweed heads has now close I am wondering how do I find out of I have extended warranty??
3 answers
I think I sent a email to retravision and got a phone call from the WA office, it was the only state body still going. They said that each state was separate but they followed up the information I gave them about the extended warranty , they found out that this company was also out of business . So it was a waste of money .Check your receipt to see if you purchased an extended warranty but also check your instruction booklet to see what warranty is given by Bosch, it may be 3 years. Also Queensland may have similar laws to NSW where goods must last a reasonable amount of time. In NSW this is administered by the NSW Office of Fair Trading. Good luck!I just looked online and it appears the Bosch warranty is for 2 years, so if your purchase was less than 2 years ago you will be OK but also have a chat with your local Office of Fair Trading. 2 years out of a washing machine is ridiculous. My opinion is to buy a cheaper ($600) front loader like Electrolux and when it breaks down throw it away and buy another one. As an electrician, I have found the expensive machines don't last any longer than the cheaper popular brands. Next time, maybe try Electrolux, Westinghouse or Whirlpool.

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