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Revitive Circulation Booster IX

Revitive Circulation Booster IX

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Oh so good, relief

Keeps swelling down and muscles relaxed. Feel the relief, relaxing wholly leg as it works sit in the comfort
keeps circulating constant and walking easier.
relaxing and a must for swollen legs

Purchased in December 2018 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $249.00.

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Hi Sue, Thank you for your positive comments. We hope that you enjoy your REVITIVE time and that you continue to see improvements. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Free again! No longer need compression stockings!

My mother bought the Advanced and after several weeks exclaimed that she "has a new lease on life!" She no longer needs her difficult compression stockings and has lost the pain in her back! I bought the IX and have rid myself of a pain in my legs that had been building up over several years. Not sure what model my brother bought but he and his wife have also had great results. I have no problem recommending Revitive Circulation Booster to anyone.

Purchased in February 2019 for $199.00.

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Hi Craig, A family of REVITIVE owners. That is fantastic news! We love hearing stories like this - your mothers comment is amazing - we're so pleased to be able to help her feel this way. Thank you for taking the time to review and we hope you all continue to enjoy your REVITIVE time. Cheers, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Amazing results

After 3days of half hour sessions the swelling and pain in my husbands feet and ankles was significantly reduced. He could see if ankles for the first time in years.

Purchased in March 2019 for $240.00.

Wow flossyp! Great news to hear. I hope your husband continues to see improvements. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.I wish I could have written a longer review. My husband has taken painkillers every day for a few years because his feet hurt so much and the swelling in his feet and ankles was unpleasant especially in someone who has only just turned 50. We cannot believe the improvement in just a few days with both the pain and the swelling. I couldn’t recommend this product highly enough.

Really liking the Revitive

Have found using this product has helped with circulation in legs and swelling in ankles. Only purchased one month ago so am hoping with further use There will be additional benefits.

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Hi Nana, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback. We are thrilled that you are already seeing an improvement in your circulation and the reduction in swelling is fantastic. We hope that you continue to see further benefits and keep enjoying your 'REVITIVE time'. Please reach out if we can be of any assistance. Warm Regards, Actegy Health Australia 1800 505 108

Better than expected

I'm a reasonably fit, agile male who had a fall requiring surgery. My mother lent me this product 4 weeks after I had a hip replacement. At first I didn't think it was working at all but I was wearing rubber backed socks at the time. Once I took the socks off and sat bare feet on the foot pads it worked very nicely and the remote control is a good feature because bending over was not easy for me initially. It works just like a TENS machine. I also used the stick on pads further up my legs. I definitely gained a sense of pain relief from this device, it improved the circulation in my legs and I would say it contributed to a speedier healing process. I sit it under my computer table, set the time limit and away it goes. After a few minutes at a low setting I increase it to a higher setting but I would suggest being cautious as too high a setting might cause you discomfort or possible injury. One one occasion I turned it up too high and caused my calves a bit of distress for a few hours afterwards. I write this without having read any other reviews. I think my mum is going to have a hard time getting it back off me.

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Hi Shauno. Thanks for submitting your review. We are so glad REVITIVE was able to assist you in your recovery. We hope your recovery continues to progress well and wish your mum all the best in getting her REVITIVE back

I use it every day, it eases any tension from a long day on my feet.

I feel the revitive add on TV at present is false advertising. Mr Megher doesn’t even have it plugged in, and he certainly isn’t using it in the add as he tries to say he is. An bit of a disappointment for such an excellent product.

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Hi there Lyn, Thank you for your review. We're glad REVITIVE is helping you. The REVITIVE product Ray uses in the commercial is the REVITIVE Medic which is cordless and runs on Lithium Ion battery. It is a feature many of our users find useful because they do not have to deal with having to sit near a power point anymore! I know for a fact that Ray uses REVITIVE (and that is why he is able to share how it has helped him) and he also had the device switched on while he was seated on the sofa so he could give his legs a workout while filming! Hope this helps, Actegy Health Team

Assisted with Swollen legs and inability to walk

This is the second Revitiv Circulation Booster my mum has owned. The first one expired after long and faithful use (my mum spilled something on it). She has now been using Revitiv Circulation Boosters for about 10 years.

We first tried the circulation booster when my mum was having trouble walking: her legs were very painful and her legs were swelling up enormously.

Mum was in danger of ending up in a nursing home... but after a session on the Circulation Booster she started walking again. That was about 10 years ago now.

The swelling in my mums feet and ankles has noticeably decreased. It was the swelling that probably made it hard for her to walk in the first place. It was very painful.

Revitiv Circulation Boosters are better quality than any of the other TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) units we have used... so we are happy to pay more for the better quality.

The only weak spot on the Revitiv is the power supply (an external unit): The power supply tends to stop working after a year or two. We replaced one power supply under warranty (a relatively trouble free process)... then had to buy a second replacement (quite expensive). This is annoying as you'd expect a decent power supply given the price? Finally we went down to Jaycar and bought a switch mode power supply with plenty of overcapacity. Unfortunately that stopped working as well (just outside of warranty). In the end we bought an Powertech adjustable 350 mah power supply which continues to work (now a number of years). The cost of third party power supplies is much lower than those from the Revitiv distributors... and they're generally better quality. Fortunately the power supplies are a standard external plug pack that can be purchased from many specialist electrical suppliers. Unfortunately most of these power supply replacements are not of particularly high quality... no matter what you pay for them. However sooner or later you'll find a power supply that keeps working.

We also had a few problems with spilled liquids on the unit: Mums hands aren't as strong as they used to be... so she tends to drop stuff. It would be nice if the unit was a bit more water resistant? It generally wasn't worth sending the unit back to Revitiv for repairs... but we found our local electrical shop was willing to repair them for a modest sum. They reckon electronics and soup don't go well together.

One major advantage of the Revitiv Circulation Booster over normal TENS units is that there are no messy pads to use and nothing needs regular replacement. Just put your feet on the unit and adjust the time and intensity to suit. This makes it EASY to use... and that's the key to using it regularly.

Mum likes the rocker function on the IX which the older model doesn't have. The newer IX is also a lot slimmer than the old model.

Both the old and new models are fairly sturdy units and survive regular use quite well.

The only down side to the Revitiv is that it really only exercises the lower legs (feet and calf muscles): It doesn't get above the knee unless you use the pads (which are fiddly). I wish there was a solution to this... but so far I haven't found one. That means that most of the extra gear that comes with the Revitiv isn't used.

I wish there was some way to store the extra bits on the Revitiv... as we've probably lost most of the extra bits... and that's probably another reason we've never used those extra functions.

One feature that I wish the Revitiv had is NIR (Near Infra Red). NIR penetrates up to 4" and helps with lymphatic drainage. It's not the same as FIR (Far Infra Red)... which just heats without penetrating.

A second feature I wish the Revitiv had is PEMF/ICES (this is not the same as TENS) which heals and energises.

Given the price of the unit Revitiv could easily consider incorporating one or both of these technologies?

Mum doesn't have diabetes and she gets lots of vitamins and minerals... which might explain why the device works better on her than some others?

More people should use these machines. There are an awful lot of people in nursing homes who might not be if they did?

Thank you Revitiv


HI Michael, Thank you for your review. It is really great to hear how your Mother is benefiting from regular use of REVITIVE. Your feedback on several areas is interesting and we will definitely get this back to the Innovation team.Thank you... I'd be happy to give you some examples of devices that are useful and that you could to try and incorporate into the Circulation Booster.


I love the booster I cant walk very well as iv got fractured hips and the booster helps so much the swelling in my legs and feet have gone down so much

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Hi there Shayanne, We are very pleased to hear that you are feeling better and that REVITIVE is helping. Best regards, Actegy Health Team

No sensation

I’ve used this product for several months. I haven’t felt any sensation in my leg or foot. I’ve used settings from 20 to fifty. When using higher settings I notice red splotches on my leg. The iso rocker has never activated. Is there a reason?

Updated review on the 6th October 2018:
My previous review of no sensation hasn’t changed. But to be fair, I have nerve damage in my leg and just may not feel sensations from the product. I can say the device works for me. I can visibly tell blood is circulating in my foot. Color has returned and it feels so much better. I use the product daily on a setting of 45. I’ve tried a higher setting but notice what appears to be red splotches on my leg. I’ll eventually try a higher setting but right now 45 is good.

Perfect for my legs

Love this machine,before buying this I had very painful legs,specially in the morning time my legs had so much uncomfortable feelings. I'm so happy even I recommended 3 of my family friends to buy it and they are also so happy

it's a must have

I walk on cement floors at work my legs started to really ache over the past couple of months i brought the revitive ix i am blown away with how amazing this worked i used it that afternoon went to bed and the first time in ages i slept all night with out pain in my legs i can not tell you how good it was sleeping without the pain waking me up i recommended this 100% it really does work

Well I like it but with my drop foot don’t let it rock but gonna try it. But I always have to get it

I have used it but I think my feet are too dry. My grandson loves it. Haven’t used the pads yet so that will be my next try Hopefully it might help the nerves.

Great help with osteoarthritis

Have found the Revitive Circulation Booster a great aid in lessening the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis especially swollen ankles and tired legs after a day at work. Have noted an improvement in pain and stiffness after using this

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Dear Penny, Thank you for your feedback on Revitive. We're glad it is helping you find relief.

Revitive - its great for diabetic and vascular issues

I bought this model for my mother in law. She is nearly 92 yrs of age. Diagnosed with Diabetes around 2 yrs ago. I bought this unit and she uses it as regularly and she has found great benefits in her walking and her peripheral vascular flow to her feet and lower legs.
One problem that has occurred is the power feed cable has split near the power pin at the device and now she cant use it. I hope there is an answer to this rather than purchasing an entire new Revitive unit.
Otherwise its a great device and hope it works for years to come.

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Hi Bruce, Thank you very much for this feedback. We are sorry to hear that the power cable has split. Unfortunately, power adapters and cables sometimes don't last as long as Revitive. Good news that you can just simply order it from our website with free delivery. All the best, Actegy Health team

The company doesn't back their product

I purchased the unit for my mother, I inherited it, it stopped charging so I got a hold of the company and purchased a new charger it still does not charge so For six months I have been trying to get it fixed but since it's out of warrantythey have no idea or choices of where I can have it fixed so I'm stuck with a broken unit that I cannot fix. So my opinion if you buy a product from this company and they don't back it, you shouldn't waste your money and purchase it.

Hi Skipper, We are sorry to read about this. Do you still have a copy of your original receipt? Contact us at 1800 505 108 - if the product is within two years from date of original purchase, we could be able to help you. Kind regards, Actegy Health Customer ServiceHello Kind regards. I inherited from my mother, I have no paperwork, we order it about 3 years ago. I do not want to get anything free, I am willing to pay to have it fix. My wife needs it. I see it has two mother boards, is there some one or some where I could purchased them? Thank You, Skipper WebbHi Skipper, thank you for your reply. We hear you. Could you provide us your phone number and we will have our Customer Service team call you and after a few questions, they might be able to tell you if our technician could fix your machine. I will also leave this message in your inbox, so you can reply from there.

This is just what I needed

Had a car accident and this machine has been great to get my legs feeling better. Would recommend this to anyone who needs to get their circulation working again, fantastic product

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Dear Angelique, We're so glad Revitive has helped you. Warm regards Actegy Health Customer Service

Daily relief of tired legs.

I have used the Revitive Circulation Booster for the past month and have found it has given me relief for my tired and aching legs. I have also used the gel pads on my sore knee and it has eased the pain after I had twisted it gardening. I found the device easy to use after following the instructions in the manual.

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Hi Denis, Lovely to read about how Revitive has helped you. We are reaching out to people like you to share your stories - so if you'd like to, please contact us on 1800 505 108. Warm regards, Actegy Health Customer Service

Great no more morning tightness

I use a standing workstation, so my feet were getting tired and I was concerned about leg circulation. I have used the Revitive at night for a few weeks, and have noticed that in the morning when I get up my legs are no longer stiff.

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Hi there Graeme, Great to read that your legs feel much better after using Revitive. Warm regards, Actegy Health Customer Service


It has been a big help to me , it has reduced the swelling in my feet and ankles and helped with the tension problems in my calves. I have used the gel pads on my thighs and they seem to help with keeping the muscles working properly.

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Hi there Narelle, We are so happy to read about how REVITIVE has helped you. Warm regards, Actegy Health Customer Service

Great Product! I have venious insufficiency and this is a miracle! I love it!

Great product! I have venious insufficiency and this is my 2nd heart and great relief! I'm 42 and this lets me take a breather and read the news while giving comfort to my legs! I love it!

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Thank you for your feedback. We are glad to hear that REVITIVE Circulation Booster has helped you. Regards Customer Care

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Questions & Answers

Is it useful for cipn?
1 answer
Hi David, REVITIVE is a drug-free registered medical device using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which may help to reduce pain and discomfort in the legs caused by Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. At this stage it is not indicated to assist with other forms of neuropathy. If you wish to discuss further, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team on 07 5443 9767. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

My Revitive IX will not switch on. Tried another lead, still not working. Is it worth having it repaired?
1 answer
Hi John, Its hard to say exactly what is happening. It might be worth a quick call to our Customer Service team on 1800 505 108 and they can do some trouble shooting with you - it is possible that it is something minor. The office re-opens on January 2 so please feel free to contact them after this time, or you can email us with your details and one of our team will give you a call - info.au@actegy.com Kind Regards, Actegy Health Team.

Is it OK to use Revitive circulation booster if I have the following conditions? Stage IV renal carcinoma met to lungs, Stage CKD, peripheral neuropathy of feet & hands. Thanks, Jeff
2 answers
Jeff, I cannot give you the answer you require. Because I am not a doctor, and I do not receive any payment from the people who make the . Revitive circulation booster. What I can tell you is this. I am 65 years of age, I have Diabetes which is controlled by medication. I have Emphysema, I had a hart attack last year and had a stent put in. But poor circulation, has been a problem for years. And in my case it has helped, the circulation in my feet and allows me to get pain free nights sleep. I hope this is of any help. Fons.Hi Jeff, Thanks for reaching out. REVITIVE is a drug-free registered medical device using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) which may help to improve circulation in the legs and feet and also reduce pain and discomfort in the legs caused by Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. When considering REVITIVE we recommend consumers with any pre-existing medical conditions to consult with their Doctor before deciding if the device is right for them. For more information please read here - https://www.revitive.com.au/can-i-use/ . I hope this helps. Thanks also Fons for your input. If we can be of any further assistance, our Customer Service Team can be contacted on 1800 505 108. Warm Regards, Actegy Health


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