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Revitive Circulation Booster Medic

Revitive Circulation Booster Medic

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It works great for my swollen ankles

It helps when used regularly. I used it one to two times a day. I highly recommend it for swollen feet and ankles. I hope it works for the legs as well. I will continue to use it regularly.

Purchased in March 2019 at Kogan.com for $299.90.

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Hi Ingrid, You're absolutely right - consistency is important for getting the best results. Once or twice a day is perfect. We're thrilled to hear your swelling has reduced. Thank you for taking the time to review. Warm Regards, Actegy Health Australia.

Great product. Helped me enormously with swelling of ankles and lower legs.

My lower legs were swollen and looked horrible making it difficult to walk. Within days swelling went away. Great product. Had a mishap with the lead and was unable to use for a while and swelling returned. All good now.

Purchased in February 2019 for $399.00.

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Hi Frank, Many thanks for sharing your thoughts on REVITIVE. So glad to hear your swelling has reduced and you're feeling more mobile. We hope you continue to enjoy your REVITIVE time. Warm Regards Actegy Health AUSTRALIA

Sorry not for me

Didn't help with my peripheral neuropathy, seemed to make the condition worse, not better. The product is well made and having rechargeable battery and remote made using it very simple.

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Hi Joan, Thank you for your feedback on the convenience and usability of REVITIVE. Warm regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA

Not Sure Yet

I use my Revitive daily for 30 mins and have been doing so now for over a month. I originally purchased the machine as it advertised it may be beneficial for my Neuropathy in the feet. Has it helped? I'm not sure yet. It certainly has not done any harm and I find the treatment quite enjoyable. I really need to use it for 3 to 4 months to really see any impact on Neuropathy and blood circulation. The Jury is still out on this one!

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Hi Hawkey, Thanks for taking the time to share your experience. We certainly find that everyone is different when it comes to the time taken to see results. For some people it takes a few weeks of daily use before they start to feel the benefit, but for others it may take 8+ weeks of daily use. It is good to hear that you are finding the treatment enjoyable. Please be sure to reach out if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance with your device. Our customer service team are available on 1800 505 108. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

My new lifestyle

HI folks I sprained my ankle and since then my foot was in constant pain for the past 9 months. I got the medic model in the past 2 weeks of using it my feet have not felt this good for years if in doubt try at your local chemist or retailers it's worth 30 minutes of your time . Give it a go.

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Hi Jon. We are thrilled to hear that you are seeing such great results from your REVITIVE Medic - and so quickly. Its fantastic to hear. Please be sure to reach out if we can ever be of assistance. In the meantime continue to enjoy your REVITIVE time! Warm Regards Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Absolutely love it.

I used to suffer with body stiffness and bad aching legs, with regular uses most symptoms are 90% gone. Money well spent.

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Hi Paula, That is wonderful news! So happy to hear you are getting great results. We certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

It is what it is

Seems to be OK but not sure yet if it is helping with the problems I have. It's alright when using it though and not an unpleasant feeling.

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Hi illaroo, Thanks for taking the time to send us your thoughts. Hopefully with continued use you will start to see further benefits. For some people it takes a few weeks of daily use before they start to feel the benefit, but for others it may take 6-8 weeks of daily use. Continued regular use is key. If we can be of any assistance, please let us know - you can contact our customer service team on 1800 505 108 or message us with your details - info.au@actegy.com Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Excellent so far.

.Have been using revitive for about a month.It seems to be helping with stiffness in both my feet. I would recommend it to anyone with soreness in their legs.

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Hi Graham, Its great to hear that you are seeing relief after only a month. We hope that it continues to assist you with your circulation and provides further benefits. Please be sure to let us know if we can be of any assistance at all - 1800 505 108 Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Revitive medic review

My husband and I love this machine, We both use it every day . My husband has Parkinson’s and it helps his cramps and stiffness in his legs. It helps my varicose veins and knees ! Could not be with out it.

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Hi Noeline, That is great news! We love hearing about the benefits and improvements that our customers experience. We hope that you and your husband both continue to enjoy your 'REVITIVE time'. Please be sure to contact us if we can ever be of assistance. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Waste of Money

I found it did nothing for my wife's feet issues. It was a complete waste of money and difficult to return as well. Still stuck with it today.

Hi Bentley, I'm sorry to hear that it did not assist your wife's specific issues. I have sent you a private message to request some more details. I'd like to review your return request to see why you are having problems. Warm Regards, Actegy Health.Hi Again Bentley, As mentioned in our email exchange, this site services the Australian market and it therefore reaches the Australian office for Actegy Health. I have forwarded your comments onto the Canadian team and have been assured that someone will be in contact. Thanks for reaching out. Actegy Health Australia.Letting Canada know was a waste of time. I figured they would have no interest in addressing any concerns including not being able to return the product. A very expensive gimmick.

I thought it doesn't work but it did.

I thought it didn't work after using it regularly for 2 weeks on lower level, but when i increased it to a level where i can feel my calf muscle shaking and vibrating,, the swelling of the foot becane less.

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Hi rolly Dizon, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We are so pleased that you were able to find the right level to give you relief. We hope you enjoy your REVITIVE time. Warm Regards, Actegy Health.

Terrible product shameful company

We tried revitive for 2 weeks, then decided it wasnt helping leg problems. It had a money back guarantee so we sent it back, We are still waiting for the money back 8 weeks later, have rung 5 times and been told a lot of different stories but still no money, Ombudsman is the next step.

Hi Julie, I'm so sorry you have had difficulty with receiving your refund. I have just spoken with our finance team and gotten some more information. You had elected to receive your refund via cheque rather than direct deposit. The cheque was issued and posted but from what I understand it has been lost in the postal system. We are now in the process of cancelling and re-issuing the cheque. Rest assured we will be issuing this refund to you ASAP and regret that the lost post has caused such a delay. I will touch base with you next week to update on the issue. Warm Regards, Actegy Health.Hi Julie, Just a quick update. The cancellation of your original cheque has been processed and the replacement has just been placed in Express Post. I will private message you the tracking number for your reference. Kind Regards, Actegy Health.

60-Day Sample Size

I ordered this item (Revitive Medic) back in late May of 2018. Like most people, I was looking for some basic relief from my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy.....without all the drugs. And after practicing my due diligence research-wise (YouTube, public forums, online reviews and advertising,) I ordered this product using the Readers Digest insert.

Ordering is simple. Delivery was 3-5 days via Canada Post.

Before I continue, I also want to comment that I talked this over with my MD before making the purchase. And he wrote me up a prescription for this device. So, it's not as if I just ordered without first putting some thought behind this.

The first week, I started off at 55. Then gradually increased my way up to 75. 30 minutes per day. At the end of week 1, I had to stop. My legs were just killing me. So I stopped for a few days, gave my legs a rest, and started back at 55. And I stayed there. I didn't want a repeat performance. Same same. My legs were killing me. Mornings were just horrible. Again, I stopped for several days, then went back. But I decreased my time to 20 minutes. In all honesty, some days, it would take a good 2-3 minutes for my legs to feel anything. The reason for starting at such a high number to begin with. I couldn't even feel anything below 50.....no sensation at all. I also noticed that I was getting edema.....enormous swelling in my calves, ankles, and feet. My toes are numb, the skin is tight, the skin is drying out, and I'm having trouble walking because it feels like I have vices around my calves. Never ever had this condition before. And I'm not taking any more chances with this unit.

Went back to my MD, and showed him the results. Now I'm on Furosemide (Lasix) to deal with the salt/water retention from using this unit.

So, I'm going to return this item. In all honesty, I don't think there's anything particularly wrong with the unit or the technology. It's all me. I've had almost a month and a half sample-size to guage the effectiveness and usefulness of it. But, from my perspective and experience, it's going to be shipped back. It's hurting me, it's not helping me.

The item has been treated respectfully from day-1. It's cleaned repeatedly, and stored away for the next use. The carrying case has not even been opened, nor has the back-up set of Tens pads or the foot lotion. It's all sitting in the original box. And the purpose of ordering the unit was more or less a contingency plan. Prove it either works effectively for me. Or not. And I have to truthfully state that, in my case, it does not. If it helps you, then great...I hope it's everything you expected it to be. But I also want to give this heads-up to others like me that may be in the same situation. Tread lightly. If it's hurting you, then stop. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not even their Customer Service. They are not your MD. This is your health. And do what's best for you, and no one but you.

And on another note, being one of those in the 20% that will be returning this product: Reviews are from all perspectives. Both positive, neutral, and negative. And I trust that the Webmaster here does not delete my post simply because I'm not in the 80%. These are my thoughts and opinions, and that's just the way it is. Like it or not. I don't want someone else to go through what I went through. And this is the only way to inform them. Agreed?

To finish off, I have indeed returned the unit. Customer Service was based in Chicago. But the girl I spoke with ([name removed]) was really professional and cool about everything. Very helpful. A return label was generated via Canada Post, and that was that. So, in regards to Customer Service, I had a really good experience. They listened to me, never once felt intimidated or disrespected. Did what they could to facilitate the return.

.....user from Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

Thank you.

Purchased in May 2018 for $500.00.

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Dear Darryn Thank you for sharing your experience with us. You have reached an Australian review site so I have shared your comments with our Canadian team. We are sorry to hear that REVITIVE did not assist you with your concerns, but are pleased that you were able to have a positive customer service experience in returning the device. We aim to treat all reviews with respect and appreciate that our product might not be for everyone. This site (Product Review) is 100% independent. We are able to respond to you but cannot (and would not) alter your comments in any way. Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

Like having 20 Japanenese masseurs work on my legs!

Bought the Medic. Great price and love the portability. Postage was super fast. I have swollen, numb legs with odema and I think diabetes pain although I disputed the diabetes diagnosis as I don’t want to take drugs. Very strange sensation like a Tens machine but when I turned it up it felt like 20 masseurs were working on my legs. I only did a session of about 10 minutes at 65 power. All the power and electronic thumping soon brought back a lot of circulation to my left foot which has a lot of numbness. . I didn’t use cream. My wife is a diabetic and has foot and knee pain and although I didn’t buy it for her specifically because she never likes electronic stuff, she tried it and loved it and said it got circulation in her feet going and thinks it will help her knee arthritis on higher power and is keen to use it. I’m finding it kind of addictive as far as wanting to go back again and use it because it seems to give me a lot of relief and my legs get swollen and burning a lot. I’m 64 years.
I did an aweful lot of research on this so it’s not a novelty for me. My wife can’t massage my feet daily and neither can I hers but we need stimulation so the Circulation Booster is an ideal electronic circulation stimulator able to do the job of many people without getting tired for only the cost of electricity. My feet have been numb, sore and swollen for years and I’ve needed massage desperately and now I can care for my feet and legs without waiting on a tired person to do it for me with this product. I highly recommend it. It’s NOT a gimmick or novelty. No person can stimulate poor leg circulation better than this.

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We're so happy that your are finding good relief for your legs (and your wife's) with the use of Revitive Medic. Hearing that Revitive is helping people like you gives us satisfaction in what we do. In May 2017, the Revitive Osteoarthritis-Knee was introduced and it is designed with a special Arthritis Mode. When used with Thigh Pads - for placement on large quadriceps muscles - Revitive Osteoarthritis-Knee could help reduce swelling and pain in the knees, and strengthen leg muscles. If you would like more information about this device, feel free to hop onto http://www.revitive.com.au/osteoarthritis-knee/ or speak with our Customer Service team at 1800 505 108.

I believe it is starting to be helpful.

I believe it is starting to be helpful. I have little nerve conduction from my knees to my ankles due to back surgeries in addition to neuropathy. When I continue to go to the gym every other day I found there was no way I could work my calves. I am hoping that the medic will send pulses to my cans for a little assist. I find that my legs are tired after each session which I consider an indication that it might actually be working my calves.

Reserving judgement

I have been using this devise to help circulation in my legs. I have a lot of swelling in ankles and feet. I am more or less housebound and have lost a lot of muscle tone. I have not really noticed much difference as of yet I am reserving my opinion till I am at the 60 day mark. I do have to dampen my feet to feel anything. Not sure what that is.

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Hi Sandi, Thank you for your feedback. May I ask you a few questions in order to help you get the maximum of your experience with Revitive? 1. How often do you use Revitive? It's recommended to use it every day. 2. For how long do you use Revitive? We recommend 20-30 minutes session at least once per day. 3. Do you drink a lot of water? If your body dehydrated we recommend you to drink more water and use moisturizing cream (ex. Revitive Foot gel) so EMS technology can work and let your muscles contract. Just dampening your feet may not be sufficient enough because water drys out very quickly and you end up feeling no stimulation. If you have any other questions about this device, please contact our Customer Service team at 1800 505 108, or drop us an email at info.au@actegy.com Kind regards, Actegy Health team

Fractured ankle

I fractured my ankle four weeks ago today. I have used Revitive twice a day and the tens pads on site of fracture once a day. In the past week my ankle has improved a hundred per cent. After I use it I do the exercises prescribed by my physio. I am walking better than I have for ages. I would certainly recommend it. I feel it has strengthened both my ankles. Money well spent. Carol Ryan

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Dear Carol, Thank you so much for the feedback! We are really happy to hear that Revitive has helped you. Warm regards, Actegy Health team

Just get one ......

Performs exactly as described ...
The sense of relief after a session is remarkable, people of varying age groups can benefit.
No fuss, easy to operate, charge, clean and store. Brilliant

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Dear Sean, Wonderful to read your review - thank you. We would love to hear more about how Revitive has helped you. Feel free to contact us on 1800 505 108. Warm regards, Actegy Health Customer Service

At last. Some relief !!!

This machine is excellent and does what it says it will. I was reluctant to buy one at first but now couldn't be happier with the relief from swollen and aching legs that it has given me. I use it for 30 minutes a day and would certainly recommend a Revitive to anyone. It has made me feel so much healthier and more mobile than I have been in months, it is so easy to use and portable as well.......Fantastic!!!

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Dear Annie, Thank you for submitting your review! We are glad to hear that you've found relief with Revitive. Kind regards, Customer service team

Horrible waste of money

Bought this unit, paid $300 & didn't work past the 3rd use. As its over the 60 days.......oh well. Do not waste your money, definitely not worth it. Totally horrible.

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We are sorry to hear that device didn't work. Even if you don't have warranty card please contact our Customer Service team at 1800 505 108, or drop us an email at info.au@actegy.com because we might be able to help you with your device. Regards, Customer Service

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Questions & Answers

Had a tkr 7 weeks ago and I can’t feel any of the pulses from the machine in my operative leg. Why is that?
1 answer
Hi Marion, I hope your recovery is going smoothly. Are you feeling the stimulation in your other (non-operative) leg? If yes, I can assume your device is working ok? If you are not feeling it in either leg let me know and I can talk you through some trouble shooting. If you are feeling stimulation in the other leg, then it is hard to say for sure why you are not feeling it in your operative leg. We recommend using caution when using REVITIVE within 6 months of a surgery to ensure your healing process is not interrupted. Perhaps your recovery may be a factor. We would recommend that you check in with your Doctor before continuing to use REVITIVE. They may be able to give you a more effective response with a full picture of your procedure and the progress of your recovery. If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on 07 5443 9767 Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.

can I use a Revitive Medic while suffering a fractured Clavlcle?
3 answers
Hi Peter, Thanks for your question. I just want to clarify - are you looking for relief for your injury or enquiring about the safety to use or continue to use REVITIVE while recovering? If you are using REVITIVE via the foot pads to assist you with circulation or other indicated purposes, then your injury should not impact this. EMS delivered via the foot pads will stimulate your lower leg muscles, We do not recommend applying the electrode body pads anywhere near your injury. REVITIVE is not indicated to assist you with your clavicle injury. If in any doubt it would be worth discussing with your doctor - they will have a full picture of your condition and stage of your recovery. If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to call our Customer Service team on 07 5443 9767 Warm Regards, Actegy Health Australia.thank you, it is just for help with circulation as the injury means I have to sit for long periods of time.Hi Peter - thanks for clarifying. I thought that might be the case. All the best for your recovery. Actegy Health.

My dad has a non cancerous spinal cord tumour, can he use circulation boost medic machine for his back or will the vibrations cause damage?
1 answer
Hi Joanne, The short answer is that we would need your Dad to check in with his doctor before using REVITIVE. Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition is recommended to consult with their doctor to ensure that the device is right for them with a full picture of their condition and medical history. Just to clarify the vibrations - REVITIVE does not vibrate as such, the unit delivers Electrical Muscle Stimulation which will contract and relax the leg muscles. Most people feel the contractions in the lower leg - possibly as high as the knee. He should therefore not feel the stimulation as high as his back, but again with his tumor, his doctor should be consulted. Hope this is helpful. Our customer service team can assist if you require any further clarification - 07 5443 9767 Warm Regards, Actegy Health AUSTRALIA.


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