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Hi I bought 2 packets of Revolution the 'up to 2.5kg' body weight as my cats are small but after getting home and weighing them they are heavier so can I use both tubes on one cat that weighs 4kg?
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Sure that's fine :) Product is the same just in smaller quantity for the under 2.5kg tubes (which contain 15mg active ingred Selamectin instead of 45mg in larger size cat tubes) - as 2 x small = 30mg Selamectin total it should work fine on a 4kg cat. The 45mg larger cat tubes cover cats up to 7.5kg weight.

After applying Revolution to my two cats, less than two weeks later they have fleas...WHAT GIVES?? We vacuum everyday, wash bedding, had pest control inside and out yet they cannot go a full two weeks after Revolution application before the fleas are back!
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Advantage II is no longer working for my cats and after doing some research, I have decided to try Revolution. One of my cats is solid and built like a bulldog or a pitbull and weighs in at 22+lbs. (I am not over feeding my cats for his sister weighs 6lbs and is the alpha-cat so she eats first and puts down as much as she can without guilt.) Question is: Would I order the Rev pkg for cats weighing 5.1lbs - 15lbs and double up? This is rather worrisome as I keep reading about allergic reactions and kidney failures. If I don't double up how would I know if it works or not? Here in California an annual check up and vaccinations are $145.00. If I add a 12 pack of Revolution for $130.00 on to this months pet expenses, naturally, I would want to know that it is going to work and that and I am not going to create a vet bill for poisoning and/or almost killing my cat. I may have overlooked the answer to this question but could someone please tell me what I should be looking at as protocol?
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Is it safe to use revolution after an F3 vaccination?
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I am sorry I have no idea if it is safe after an F3;vaccination. You are better off asking your Vet. All I can say Revolution did not work for me but I read on Product Review that some people had dreadful experiences with using it on young cats. I have trained my cat to jump on the bench top of the laundry and comb him with a flea comb. He loves being combed so I do it now morning and night and he has no or very few fleas that I can see. It is safe to use after any vaccination.

As I was applying revolution to my other cats, one of them starting licking it off. I put it too far down and he was able to easily turn to reach the application site. It’s been five weeks and now he is at the er vet for kidney issues. He is only 2 years old. Could this be why? Is revolution poisonous? Or damage kidneys?
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I am so sorry to hear that your 2 year old cat has kidney problems. I am not a vet or doctor so I cannot possibly answer your question but I don’t think it is very good for any cat to lick Revolution off. It always pays to be very careful with all the flea treatments. I just looked at the Revolution box (I still have 5 tubes left). It states on the box “ if poisoning occurs, contact a doctor orPoisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 13 11 26. So it seems that it can be poisonous. i hope your vet will be able to heal your poor cat’s kidneys.Thank you. I did mention it to the vet, but he said it was unlikely. I still worry though.My cats have licked off revolution before. The most it will do is make them drool. I'm sorry your kitty is going through this. My one cat also has kidney issues. She is prone to getting stones and has to be on a special diet for the rest if her life.

Can the remaining Revolution in a vial be used a month later after opening a vial and using it in divided doses for kittens?
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I would ask a vet.No each vial is 1 complete dose for 1 kitten. Each kitten has to have the full vial for protection

Can I reapply REVOLUTION before the 30 days..he's bigger then I thought and I got a new box with the bigger weight size...I first apply the 5 lb to 15 lb, and I don't think it was enough for his weight...So , can apply the next month's dose a little earlier?
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I recommend you call your vet who has his records and ask.the question. They are the experts Re this and you shouldn't give them more than needed. 3 questions to answer for them are "is he scratching? Indoor/outdoor cat"?I recommend you call your vet who has his records and ask.the question. They are the experts Re this and you shouldn't give them more than needed. 3 questions to answer for them are "is he scratching? Indoor/outdoor cat"?

I’m fostering kittens with ringworm and ear mites. I bathe them one or twice a week with an anti-fungal shampoo as part of their treatment. Will Revolution continue to kill ear mites once I’ve bathed them again?
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Best you ring a vet and ask them. I'm not an expert.Ok. Thanks.Yes. Revolution works through the bloodstream. After 15 minutes of it being applied you can bath the cat several times and it continues to workd for 30 days.

How long do i have to wait to put my 2 kittens together after tx? They wrestle and lick/gently bite each others necks.
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I have two cats. I have just given a dose to each. How long should I keep them separated so they don’t lick it off each other??
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As long as its dried on the skin where you put it they will be fine.

How do you apply Zoetis Revolution for cats?
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Hi Darlene, I find it quite difficult doing it by myself as it has a strong smell and my cat knows and takes off as soon as I take the lid off. I have to put my finger over the top of the tube if I'm going to trick her. If there are two of you, one to hold, the other to be ready with the tube and part the fur at the back of the neck it would be easier. Suggest you google how to apply revolution to cats. There is a video where the woman makes it look effortless. I wish they would make it without smell.I sit with my cat in my lap facing away from me. I take cap off then put back on. With cap on I part my cats hair on the back of her neck above shoulder blades. Basically where collar lays. I use the bottom of vial to part my cats hair. Then while I hold her hair parted I take cap off and quickly squeeze on. There are videos online that show same technique.

My kitten has ear mites. The vet gave him revolution, he was just neutered and the clinic said me might have ear mites. He has had 2 doses of revolution and is do for the thrid in 2 weeks. Should I give it early or take him back to out vet?
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Don't give it o him early that is for sure ,you can check with your vet to see if he still has ear mites . another thing you might want to try is use coconut oil on a cue tip and swap the inside of the ear this will suffocate ear mites . As well and is not harmful to the cat . just don't use to much .

I applied Frontline to my cats a week ago. How long should I wait to apply the Revolution that my vet recommended?
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you should wait 28-30 days before apply revoloution , since it is not wise to mix different products together. by 28 days the other too should of worn Of making it safe to apply another fleas preventative product .

My cat is 17 years old. I treated her with Advantage 2 weeks ago. This is the flea treatment she does well with. She is strictly an indoor cat. She got fleas when my brothers dog visited (the dog is treated for fleas and very well cared for) I think the fleas came in from the dog going outside a lot My home has no signs of fleas. After treating my cat she still was scratching profusely. She then started laying in cool secluded areas of the house. Her normal behavior has ceased. She is lethargic. When I comb her with a flea comb she has sand like granules. There are less of them now but they are crunchy and still signs of them. She eats, drinks and uses her litter box. She’s ate more the last two days. I took her to the vet Yesterday. He recommended I use Revolution and said it would be safe to do so at this point. I’ve never used Revolution therefore I’m apprehensive. What are your thoughts and recommendations for my cat? Would you apply the Revolution?
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i would not use reveloution, it nearly killed one of my cats , and it doesn't get rid of fleas. I started using advantage and all the cats now are flea free. they will still scratch a bit but that is from the previous fleas bites they are itchy. The grunchingy granules if they are dark is the flea dirt. keep up on the advantage make sure you use the the right one for her or his weight . Reveloution doesn't work any more . hope this helpsMy cat passed away horribly after the application of revolution. The vet noticed he was having issues yet had other social events to tend to therefore instead of acting instantly by removing the product and administering epinephrine she decided to send us home. The best advice I can give any animal owner is that the moment you apply any medication to your animals watch them very carefully afterwards for any signs of discomfort, confusion, nausea.. etc.(anything out of the norm) DO NOT TAKE THEM BACK TO THE VET if they are in critical condition and do not take your time assuming the reaction will pass, rush straight to an emergency hospital that can handle the side effects medication may cause.I recently tried it on my cats after another brand didn't seem to work that well, and I didn't notice any problems with either of the cats. If the vet said it's ok then I would probably give it a go. Maybe this product uses different active ingredients compared to Advantage which you've been using. You could always use half a satchel to test for any reaction first, if all looks go after a week then do full dose?

I applied Revolution to a kitten I rescued. She was covered in fleas at the time. I first bathed her in dawn and flea combed about a hundred fleas off of her. She is all black so I am sure I did not get them all. After her bath, she was confined to a cage with diatamitrious earth scattered all over cage to help kill any wondering fleas. That night after she was completely dry, I applied topical revolution to her. Figured I covered all my bases till I took her to the vet a week later and they flea combed her and found live fleas still. How is this possible??
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That I unfortunately cannot answer. All the fluffy hair on a cat can start a real war on fleas and mites. The only thing I can suggest is that when medication is applied to an animal they cannot inform you that they don't feel good. Therefore if any animal owners (or vets) apply or give medication to an animal be sure to watch them carefully afterwards for any signs of allergy etc.. Our vet unfortunately had her own social events and decided to ignore the signs of allergy that initially concerned her and decided to send us home with him assuring us he will be fine. Don't ignore the reactions an animal might have like nausea, vomiting, discomfort, spacey look in their eyes or if they've ran to hide somewhere then they are most likely not ok. I wish the best of luck to all the pet owners out there. My cat is being taken in for an autopsy. I will inform the blog of his results in hope that this will save the lives of any cats given the medication and to save any owners from the extreme pain of watching an animal suffer due to veterinary mal practice.Oh poor little kitty, I don't know why she would have still had so much fleas except that maybe they were picked up from the environment withing that week. They can survive for around 100 days apparently!Please read the complete accompanying literature for Revolution. Given the breeding and hatching cycle of fleas, it can take a full two to three monthly treatments before your cat is flea free. This doesn't mean your initial treatment was ineffective unless you do not continue with the monthly treatments until the fleas are completely gone. Good luck!

what do i do if i double dosed my cat with revolution... i have two cats.. my husband put a second dose on the cat my daughter had did 20 min earlier??45mg
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Please rinse the application area with lots of water for atleast 20 minutes!

Is it safe to use Revolution 1 week of already placing Advantage II on my cat?
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Honestly id say hell no never use two flea tablets in a week but check with your vet if you feel like advantage didn't work there are other options to control the fleas capstar if I recall correctly that is what it was called but yeah it is an affordable alternative that kills fleas it's a temporary fix my vet gave it to my cats when frontline failed to work she gave me capstar until I could use a new flea tablet ask your vet about it but no I wouldn't even think about mixing flea treatments without speaking to a vet

I am ashamed to say that last week I found a huge bald patch on my one of my Guinea Pigs and a smaller one on the other! Immediately we took them to the Vet (where we realised they got the mites 2 weeks earlier)... She gave us one puppy & kitten Revolution each and I put it on them straight away, of course! It has now been on them for 5 days with seemingly no effect, they are still biting etc. and nothing has changed! The Vet told us to come back in a month for a skin scraping if it didn't stop. I'm so worried though, how long does it take to work? I thought it would be quicker than 5 days! I feel so guilty... How long will it take? I tried to see look for the mites but I can't see them because of my sight. Is this normal? Is it actually working?
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Revolution will kill 98% of the fleas within 3 days that are on your pet. It works by paralyzing the bugs which then leads to their death. Although if there are fleas in the habitat where the guinea pig lives then it will continue to come in contact with them. If you haven’t already clean, replace the bedding, vacuum, sweep. You also have to get rid of any lingering flea eggs that may be around your pet. The Revolution works very well in killing pests that are on your pet. But if there are pests in your pets environment then it will continue to get infested with the bugs. Also too mite eggs are sticky and will stick to your pets hair, try bathing the giunea pig and combing its hair to get rid of any eggs. The Revolution flea drops will not wash off your pet so you do not have to worry about that.Beth pretty much said it all but I'll say this a big misconception about flea tablets is it prevents fleas they don't they kill them fleas will continue to if near your pet fleas will continue to get on your pet but the fleas will die It's also important to note that fleas cause itching that remains for awhile after the fleas have died it's normal for your pet to scratch for awhile after the treatment is applied my best advice is if you are worried about it go to your vet and ask them to see if he has any issues you could also use flea comb and see if he has any mites but revoloution should do the trick

Is it possible that I have iching all over my body because of revolution that I put on my cat? My cat is always on me or touching me with her body.
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No, that would be pretty impossible. After the Revolution is applied to the cats skin, it’s absorbed and dries very quickly. The pesticide is then absorbed into the animals blood stream which then kills the bugs.Why I would say it's highly unlike I guess its not impossible you could have a reaction to it but it does dry pretty quickly you could the first time it's applied but I can't see it being an issue after the first few hours but I'm not really qualified to rule it out

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