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Zoetis Revolution for Cats

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My new best friend

No side effects at all. I was concerned as I had read of some cats fitting and even dying from some spot ons.

Hard to tell about scratching etc., though there were no side effects and very simple and easy to us

-Still biting, scratching, losing hair and it's very hard to know if it's working at all.
-Guinea Pigs.
- VERY EASY to administer and they had no problems with it at all
-No side effects what so ever!

Honestly these reviews

I’ve been using Revolution for both my cats and dogs. I’ve had to use it on 1 month old kittens cause they were infested with fleas. I followed dosing by my pets weight for the most accurate dose. It’s been 8 years since I switched. The only time my pets get fleas is when I get lazy and not buy more for the Summer season. But once the flea control is on them the fleas are dead within 2 days. My pets have never shown signs of side effects and certainly no one had died from it. I have used this on 3 dogs and close to 30 cats throughout the years. The are many homeless kitties when I live now. I honestly do not get where all these crazy reviews come from so I think it is best to assume that they are either fake or the directions were not properly followed.

Fantastic used it for ages

Switched from comfortis as my cats wouldn't eat the tablet they kept spitting it out
Saw the horrible reviews despite the reviews about killing pets I decided to do my research they have never been sued or invstigated
Saw enough to ignore the negatives and put it down to people wanting to push their preference of flea prevention
Tried it and it was fantastic worked amazing highly recommend pets are fine and healthy

So far works very well for us.

We rescued a 3 year old cat from the local animal shelter. She (Stoli) had an ear infection and that is all that was wrong. Vet suggested we use the Revolution. So far it has worked great. Easy to apply and our cat just lays there. Ear cleared up, no fleas, no tics and the best part it also treats heartworm. Don't need a separate pill for that. Found an online supplier at a much cheaper cost and we ordered a years worth. The exact same thing the vet was selling here was close to 2 1/2 times higher than what I paid.
In general the medicine is very good but please shop around on line and save some big money.

My cat died after I used Revolution

I used Revolution on my beautiful cat who, up until then, had no health issues. He went bald on his legs, became lethargic, lost his appetite and became withdrawn. My vet did his best to save him but he died. His death was unnecessary. I've now read so many postings of the same thing after owners treated their cats and dogs. Why is this product still being sold and why was it approved in the first place?

Contact Information - Follow-up my review on Revolution Killed My Cat
To report any adverse side effects on pets treated with Revolution, contact the Australian Pesticide &Veterinary Medicine Authority at 'enquiries@apvma.gov.au' or check out its website at apvma.gov.au. APVMA is responsible for the product's registration and will look into the matter but unless sufficient complaints are received and investigated, this product is likely to remain on the market.

Have used this for years and recommend highly

This review is for my experience only. I have used this for approx 11-12 yrs. When I first started with my cats one would be lethargic for a day or two..the other cat never reacted to the meds. They are indoor/outdoor cats and when the neighbors dogs and cats were infested with fleas mine shade none. Works great on worms as well...mine got them after a hurricane because we were unable to get their normal prescription . Once the vet opened and we got the meds-----worms gone. 1 more positive ---this summer my neighbor's indoor cat was being eaten with fleas. I gave her one of my dosages and the cat was better. NOW, bad experiences my Mom's car had a BAD reaction to the first dose..she now only uses frontline. 2nd bad experience..I recently gave my one her monthly application, but I didnt get it in the proper spot, hence she was able to scratch at it --raw and open wound. Overall I highly recommend this product---two bads in over 10 years ....Not bad!!

Only flea treatment not made out of an agriculture pesticide

Never seen a flea also covers ear mites and heart worm. Not as smelly as other treatmemts when applied. Quick drying

My cat is experiencing Ataxia and Loss of Appetite

I'm so scared for her, the breeder we got her from put Revolution on her for the first time (she had always had good experiences before this and was shocked to find 1% are affected by reactions when I called her) before we took her home and I'm scared she might die because of it. She was wobbly since Thursday night until Saturday, then Saturday night she has been lying on her side, she can still move her legs and cries when she tries to get up. My poor baby hasn't eaten solids since Wednesday. It is now Monday and I'm worried she will not make it. She is a 2 and a half year old Persian that only weighs 2.8 KG. I'm so upset that Revolution was used on her as we never put that crap on our other animals, they are treated naturally with home remedies and are as healthy as can be.

Sucks! Waste of money!

It sucks! It's a complete waste of money, didn't do a thing thankfully it didn't kill him, now using comfortis so much better (perfect well get fleas gone).

Don’t waste your money.

EXPENSIVE AND NOT WORKING for my cats!!! I’ve contacted Zoetis and all they offer is apologies. I’ve used this product in the past, spent hundreds of dollars and it has become a failure. My vet also admitted to receiving several complaints from other pet owners. Don’t bother wasting your money. I have been fighting off these evil parasites for over two months now. My pets have suffered and Zoetis has done nothing but sympathized in their response.

Hurts My Cat!!!! Are you sure this is okay???....

The fleas and ticks are completely gone and they don't bother her for months after application.
This is the second time I have used it in 2 years and I Will NEVER NEVER RECOMMEND IT OR BUY IT AGAIN!!!!!
My cat starts acting like she is on a hallucigenic for 3-4 days after both applications.
She can't jump up onto counters to her food bowl nor can she jump onto the windowsill to get in or out. If you touch her head she acts like you are trying to kill her so I know that it is causing extreme pain and migraines.
All she does is hide or walk around with huge eyes going up to objects around the house with fear....
Terrible terrible product..... Would never risk my cats health to that level just to rid fleas... I will be using carbo dust from now on.

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To everyone reading this and wondering if you should use it on your cat, YOU HAVE A 50/50 CHANCE OF YOUR CAT DYING! IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THAT FATE, DO NOT GO CRYING FOR SYMPATHY AND COMFORT WHEN IT DOES GET SICK! THESE MEDICATIONS ARE **NOT** CONSTANT WITH THEIR INGREDIENTS! That is why this company that lacks morals does not care when your pet is hurt, sick, suddenly has an infestation of pests not exposed to (think about where they came from and how you applied them to your loving pet after paying an arm and a leg for the "medication") and how they frankly are rude and uncaring that your loved one was killed with their product.

Killed my cat

Used Revolution on my cat (2 1/2 years ago) after my vet started selling it instead of Frontline which I had normally used. My cat was distressed after application of the first dose. I wish I had taken heed of this as he died of a seizure/stroke after the second dose. Do not use the product on your cat. My vet doesn't say much when I tell him that I believe that Revolution killed my cat. Funny enough though, he doesn't sell it anymore!

Terrible product

I have 2 kittens this product did not work for fleas at all, after 1 week their covered in fleas, never using it again!!!

Biggest waste of money

Put revolution on my cat on 21st Dec 2017 and 9 days later my cat is riddled with fleas worse than ever. This is absolute rubbish !! So annoyed when these pet products cost so much

Stopped working

Ive been using revolution on my cars for years. The property is also treated for fleas with Zeus. So all of a sudden three of my cats have worm lavae and fleas two weeks after treatment???

Revolution for Cats does not work

Save your money. Dosed both my cats 2 weeks ago and they are still covered in fleas. Does not kill the adult fleas even though it says so on the box. So annoyed I bought the big box. Such a waste of money

Terrible product

I bought this product at Petbarn for my 13 week old Burmese kitten. I put it on him as per the instructions, and IT DOES NOT WORK. For such an expensive remedy,it only disappointed.I am combing fleas out of my kittens coat, and that is inspire of having treated my whole house. I have demanded a refund or for them to send me a better product, watch this space.

Best flea and worm prevention for me

I get a 6 pack online for half the price than vets and pet stores and its great. It will work wonders if you also get an area flea spray. No flea drop will work unless you also remove the fleas from your area with an insecticide. My 2 cats seems to go euphoric a day after i administer the drops lol... They hate it when its applied and are all irritable for a couple hours but are super super happy the next day and their coats look so glossy and healthy. I highly recommend this product. What i love most about it is that is prevents all those worms too, even heart worm. I just wish it prevented ticks as well.

Big cost and not entirely effective

Tried this product to rid us of flea infestation to no avail. Still found large adult fleas after 2-3 days of using drops. Doesn't stop reinfestation from pet's environment. Flea collar by seresto was only product to work.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I bought 2 packets of Revolution the 'up to 2.5kg' body weight as my cats are small but after getting home and weighing them they are heavier so can I use both tubes on one cat that weighs 4kg?
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Sure that's fine :) Product is the same just in smaller quantity for the under 2.5kg tubes (which contain 15mg active ingred Selamectin instead of 45mg in larger size cat tubes) - as 2 x small = 30mg Selamectin total it should work fine on a 4kg cat. The 45mg larger cat tubes cover cats up to 7.5kg weight.

After applying Revolution to my two cats, less than two weeks later they have fleas...WHAT GIVES?? We vacuum everyday, wash bedding, had pest control inside and out yet they cannot go a full two weeks after Revolution application before the fleas are back!
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Advantage II is no longer working for my cats and after doing some research, I have decided to try Revolution. One of my cats is solid and built like a bulldog or a pitbull and weighs in at 22+lbs. (I am not over feeding my cats for his sister weighs 6lbs and is the alpha-cat so she eats first and puts down as much as she can without guilt.) Question is: Would I order the Rev pkg for cats weighing 5.1lbs - 15lbs and double up? This is rather worrisome as I keep reading about allergic reactions and kidney failures. If I don't double up how would I know if it works or not? Here in California an annual check up and vaccinations are $145.00. If I add a 12 pack of Revolution for $130.00 on to this months pet expenses, naturally, I would want to know that it is going to work and that and I am not going to create a vet bill for poisoning and/or almost killing my cat. I may have overlooked the answer to this question but could someone please tell me what I should be looking at as protocol?
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Revolution for Cats
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