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Zoetis Revolution for Cats

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Didn't work and burned their skin

My one cat has a severe flea allergy so I would apply Advantage 3 times a year and never a problem. My vet sold me this garbage- it is just that- both cats had burns to their skin and the one with the allergy broke open skin all down his back. It did nothing - just garbage.

Don't Buy, Does Not Work

Purchased product from vet. Did not get rid of or control fleas. One of my cats kept digging, scratching, and pulling out hair until she was scabby and half bald. Save your money. Use Dawn dish soap to get rid of the majority of the fleas, the follow up with any other product.

so far so good

We've been using this on our adult cat since we adopted her from the RSPCA. They recommended it to us because this is what they were using and it helped her get rid of parasites after being rescued by them. Indeed, we have no complaints. Seems to do its job and she hasn't had any bad reactions to it. Very good price on PetCircle too.

Don't Buy Revolution to kills fleas - it doesn't work

Don't buy Revolution. Recommended by my vet, I've been applying Revolution for flea treatment on my standard poodle and my cats for years. As another reviewer noted, it used to work but it doesn't anymore. I applied it to my dog a few months ago and noticed that he was still scratching, and yes, he still had fleas. Used Advantage and that worked but have since changed to Bravecto for the dog. Regarding the cats - just applied it 3 days ago and I just combed fleas off of them. Going to get a refund from my vet ($85) and change to another brand. Don't waste your money on revolution unless you want the fleas to stay.

Revolution killed my cat

My vet applied revolution to my 1 year old healthy, indoor, spoiled siamese cat. He got deathly ill and almost died from it. Within hours of the revolution being put on him he had a fever of 107. I ran him to the vet and he stayed for 4 days and nights. Besides fluids they were giving him several medications. On the fourth day and after paying $1200 to the vet i took him home to die. I decided not to keep giving him the medicine that they gave me to give to him and within 4 days he pulled out of it! A year went by and the vet said that he had a couple of fleas and said revolution was the best and i reminded her that revolution almost killed him. She said that it was impossible and there was no way it was the revolution and it had to have been a virus that he had last year. She convinced me to try the revolution again so i did. My cat died within 2 days. I called my vet and they said she did not want to take my calls after i told them what was happening. I drove in to talk to the vet and they took me into a back room and told me that i needed to leave and not come back. Revolution should not be on the market!

December 5th 2017 Update: Revolution killed my Cat!!

Revolution killed my 6 month old siamese kitten! The vet mumbled that it is a high risk flea protection. I'm so sick!

Do Not Use!!!

Our vet recommended Revolution for my 12 y.o. cat saying that its VERY SAFE and it works better than anything else on a market (kills tics, fleas, parasites and other). They tried to sell me a year supply of this poison, good thing I only got 1 dose to try. Few days after application he start scratching that spot (between shoulder blades), pulling the hair out... Than he start to scratch more excessively until he bleed... There have been almost a month after application and it's not getting better ((( He still scratching, bleeding, etc. Btw, he didn't have any fleas to begin with... Don't trust doctors, don't trust vets - they just distributors of the drug companies!

Update: After all this "trouble" i was trying to wash that spot with a damp hands (bathing is not my kitty's favorite thing ;) )... He finally stopped scratching there and the hair grew back.
BUT! On a week 4 I find out that his ears full of ear mites ...which revolution supposed to prevent as well... Called the vet, they said that they can't recommend anything natural, only the stuff that they have (what they been paid by pharmaceutical companies) Anyway, find more natural stuff at Petco and now my kitty is fine.
I will NEVER use revolution again and will not recommend to anyone!


Revolution used to be the revolutionary flea treatment (excuse the pun) and it worked well.

Something has changed and now.. it seems to ENCOURAGE fleas to join in the party on my cat's body.

Just administered some a few days ago and no change. In fact, the fleas are supposed to go down to the abdomen of the cat before dying BUT no... there are heaps on him around the neck.

Thoroughly disgusted. Will have to change brands. I just wasted money on this rubbish and have 5 treatments left.

I'm leaving it and getting something else.

Zoetis is targeting our emotional attachment to pets and our money!!!

Do not buy this product. Since zoetis was spun off from pfizer, nothing but bad news for our pets. Read the prospectus for company stock. We are a big money maker for company because we are willing to pay to keep our pets well. Clearly states the company targets vets and vets push revolution. This product worked until recently, as in the last few months. Advice is my house will and can be infested for up to three months. Wrong. My house is not invested, the product is diluted. After combing and picking off baby and adult fleas, I decided to use double dose on my cat. It took 4-6 days, finally fleas are GONE. My vets idea and recommendations were not accurate, not true and certainly not in the best interest of keeping my pet healthy and happy. Shame on vets pushing a product that may work unless you get a diluted batch. Keep in mind, there are three major players supplying pet medicine. Which explains ridiculous prices for medications. Don't trust everything a vet tells you. I've been going to what is considered the best pet care facility in Atlanta for 15 years. After yesterday's conversation and another incident costing around $300, which left me with no answer other than to come back if my pet isn't feeling better. A large hairball was my pets problem, losing weight, no appetite....not once did she mention hairball obstruction. My cat hacked up two large hairball, started eating and put weight on. I have a very healthy cat. Obviously a get too busy or wants me to spend another $300 and then mention hairball. Fifteen years of loyalty obviously does not warrant the truth. Beware the drugs some vets push hard, there maybe more benefit to their practice than your pet. Disappointed in Atlanta.

No longer works

Have always used revolution on both cat and dog. Have been on it again now for some months and doesn't seem to be working as in the past. Has the product been changed in any way? I'm not going to continue buying in the future. It's an expensive waste of money now and even more so as now have to buy alternative product. Still scratching and itching poor things!

One cat is losing his fur, another is peeing outside the litter box, third is lethargic.

I have 4 cats and a kitten. The kitten was a new addition as a stray and she had fleas when we got her. It's been about 15 years since I've had a flea problem, so I trusted the vet when they recommended this stuff. I was offered the buy 6 get 2 deal, but needing only 4 adult and 1 kitten treatment, with the hopes that I'd get rid of the problem with one dose since everyone is indoor, I only bought what I needed. 24 hours after giving the dose, I noticed a patch of missing hair and raw, reddened skin with small sores on one of my cats at the dosage site. Of course my vet was closed and no one answered the Revolution phone number on the weekend, but after reading other reviews it seems that this is way too common. We have also noticed that someone is having accidents outside the litter box. This has NEVER happened, and since it only just happened 24 hours after giving the medicine to me cats, I have to conclude that something about the medicine has made someone a little incontinent. And another cat just doesn't seem himself, tired and even depressed. Before someone suggests it is because of the kitten addition to the household, she has been interacting with everyone for almost a month and everything has been fine. The litter issues and the personality change and definitely the fur loss and skin irritation are from using this medication. I am never going to use this on my cats again. I have been able to find the Frontline spray I used years ago that didn't harm anything but the fleas and plan to go back to that if I need another treatment, which I might since I am still finding live fleas on my cats. I am hoping that these side effects are temporary and resolve after the medicine has worked its way through their systems. I plan to call the vet and Revolution first thing Monday morning to report these adverse reactions. I wish I had researched this before giving it to my cats.

Very scared

I just took in 4 stray kittens who were infested with fleas. The vet gave them one quarter tab capstar and kitten dose of revolution. Fleas gone.
Problem: I have 10 other adult cats and the vet said treat with revolution immediately. Gave them a dose between 1 and 2 days ago. Various stages of vomiting and diarrhea. Only 2 will eat slightly. I am scared they won't survive. Please don't use this product!

Cat had seizure / stroke within 12 hours of Revolution

My 16 yo cat had a stroke after administering this product. She has lost use of her rear legs, and can no longer walk 4 days following....I can only link the neurotoxin Selamectin contained in most flea and worming spot-ons as causing this episode. Why is this product available with no warnings when there are so many animals suffering and dying as a result. Shame on you Zoetis.

Revolution Waste of money

revolution is a waste of money does not kill fleas will not buy again will be using advantage from now on

killed my cat

The vet sold us this product to get rid of mites. Two days after we put it on him he died

Not sure what Everyone else is on about.

I nearly didn't buy this for my 2 cats who were suffering bad flea infestations as I was so stressed about them dying or becoming sick like every review on here says! I decided to try on 1 cat first and wait a few days and was ready to make an emergency trip to the vet but shock horror all that happened was my cat was flea free and with better skin, not flea bitten. Tried on my second cat and same thing. I think others reviewing here must have had a coincidental misfortune with the health of their cats.

Won't use again

Used revolution on My adult cat. He now has hair loss and really bad burns on His skin where the product was applied.

seizure day after applying revolution

My cat experienced neurological problems (weakness, vomiting, incontinence, head twitching, abnormal eye movement) the day after I applied Revolution.
I'm hoping that my cat will recover.

My cat was ill for months

My cat received this treatment from a professional. He was gravely ill and I fed the cat by hand for 2 months to get his ability to eat back. He refused to eat or drink and his spine was extremely arched.

Only my devotion to putting food on my finger several times a day, and bottle feeding him for several weeks, got the cat to live. His hips are still so weak he cannot jump. Finally he's turning around after three months since the treatment.

Suddenly no longer works!

It was effective the first two times on our ex-stray, then it stopped working and puss is infested! It should be clear in the information that it does not work on Adult fleas and needs to be used in conjunction with another product. I feel ripped off.

No longer effective, and has caused long term diarrhea in our cats

We have used Revolution in the past for our dogs and cats, with almost instant and long lasting results. Recently however, it seems to make no difference in the number of fleas, and has caused terrible long lasting diarrhea in both of our young cats. I am unclear on if it is effectiveness on any of the other supposed benefits as these were never issues for us in our area.

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Hi I bought 2 packets of Revolution the 'up to 2.5kg' body weight as my cats are small but after getting home and weighing them they are heavier so can I use both tubes on one cat that weighs 4kg?
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Sure that's fine :) Product is the same just in smaller quantity for the under 2.5kg tubes (which contain 15mg active ingred Selamectin instead of 45mg in larger size cat tubes) - as 2 x small = 30mg Selamectin total it should work fine on a 4kg cat. The 45mg larger cat tubes cover cats up to 7.5kg weight.

After applying Revolution to my two cats, less than two weeks later they have fleas...WHAT GIVES?? We vacuum everyday, wash bedding, had pest control inside and out yet they cannot go a full two weeks after Revolution application before the fleas are back!
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Advantage II is no longer working for my cats and after doing some research, I have decided to try Revolution. One of my cats is solid and built like a bulldog or a pitbull and weighs in at 22+lbs. (I am not over feeding my cats for his sister weighs 6lbs and is the alpha-cat so she eats first and puts down as much as she can without guilt.) Question is: Would I order the Rev pkg for cats weighing 5.1lbs - 15lbs and double up? This is rather worrisome as I keep reading about allergic reactions and kidney failures. If I don't double up how would I know if it works or not? Here in California an annual check up and vaccinations are $145.00. If I add a 12 pack of Revolution for $130.00 on to this months pet expenses, naturally, I would want to know that it is going to work and that and I am not going to create a vet bill for poisoning and/or almost killing my cat. I may have overlooked the answer to this question but could someone please tell me what I should be looking at as protocol?
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