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Terrible product


I bought this product at Petbarn for my 13 week old Burmese kitten. I put it on him as per the instructions, and IT DOES NOT WORK. For such an expensive remedy,it only disappointed.I am combing fleas out of my kittens coat, and that is inspire of having treated my whole house. I have demanded a refund or for them to send me a better product, watch this space.


PicklesSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Best flea and worm prevention for me


I get a 6 pack online for half the price than vets and pet stores and its great. It will work wonders if you also get an area flea spray. No flea drop will work unless you also remove the fleas from your area with an insecticide. My 2 cats seems to go euphoric a day after i administer the drops lol... They hate it when its applied and are all irritable for a couple hours but are super super happy the next day and their coats look so glossy and healthy. I highly recommend this product. What i love most about it is that is prevents all those worms too, even heart worm. I just wish it prevented ticks as well.



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Big cost and not entirely effective


Tried this product to rid us of flea infestation to no avail. Still found large adult fleas after 2-3 days of using drops. Doesn't stop reinfestation from pet's environment. Flea collar by seresto was only product to work.

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Didn't work and burned their skin


My one cat has a severe flea allergy so I would apply Advantage 3 times a year and never a problem. My vet sold me this garbage- it is just that- both cats had burns to their skin and the one with the allergy broke open skin all down his back. It did nothing - just garbage.

DeAnna K.

DeAnna K.Muncie

Don't Buy, Does Not Work


Purchased product from vet. Did not get rid of or control fleas. One of my cats kept digging, scratching, and pulling out hair until she was scabby and half bald. Save your money. Use Dawn dish soap to get rid of the majority of the fleas, the follow up with any other product.



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so far so good


We've been using this on our adult cat since we adopted her from the RSPCA. They recommended it to us because this is what they were using and it helped her get rid of parasites after being rescued by them. Indeed, we have no complaints. Seems to do its job and she hasn't had any bad reactions to it. Very good price on PetCircle too.

Don't Buy Revolution to kills fleas - it doesn't work


Don't buy Revolution. Recommended by my vet, I've been applying Revolution for flea treatment on my standard poodle and my cats for years. As another reviewer noted, it used to work but it doesn't anymore. I applied it to my dog a few months ago and noticed that he was still scratching, and yes, he still had fleas. Used Advantage and that worked but have since changed to Bravecto for the dog. Regarding the cats - just applied it 3 days ago and I just combed fleas off of them. Going to get a refund from my vet ($85) and change to another brand. Don't waste your money on revolution unless you want the fleas to stay.



Revolution killed my cat


Do Not Use!!!



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Revolution used to be the revolutionary flea treatment (excuse the pun) and it worked well.

Something has changed and now.. it seems to ENCOURAGE fleas to join in the party on my cat's body.

Just administered some a few days ago and no change. In fact, the fleas are supposed to go down to the abdomen of the cat before dying BUT no... there are heaps on him around the neck.

Thoroughly disgusted. Will have to change brands. I just wasted money on this rubbish and have 5 treatments left.

I'm leaving it and getting something else.

Zoetis is targeting our emotional attachment to pets and our money!!!




No longer works


Have always used revolution on both cat and dog. Have been on it again now for some months and doesn't seem to be working as in the past. Has the product been changed in any way? I'm not going to continue buying in the future. It's an expensive waste of money now and even more so as now have to buy alternative product. Still scratching and itching poor things!

One cat is losing his fur, another is peeing outside the litter box, third is lethargic.


Very scared


I just took in 4 stray kittens who were infested with fleas. The vet gave them one quarter tab capstar and kitten dose of revolution. Fleas gone.
Problem: I have 10 other adult cats and the vet said treat with revolution immediately. Gave them a dose between 1 and 2 days ago. Various stages of vomiting and diarrhea. Only 2 will eat slightly. I am scared they won't survive. Please don't use this product!

Cat had seizure / stroke within 12 hours of Revolution


My 16 yo cat had a stroke after administering this product. She has lost use of her rear legs, and can no longer walk 4 days following....I can only link the neurotoxin Selamectin contained in most flea and worming spot-ons as causing this episode. Why is this product available with no warnings when there are so many animals suffering and dying as a result. Shame on you Zoetis.

Revolution Waste of money


revolution is a waste of money does not kill fleas will not buy again will be using advantage from now on

killed my cat


The vet sold us this product to get rid of mites. Two days after we put it on him he died

Confident  loving life a

Confident loving life aAU

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Not sure what Everyone else is on about.


I nearly didn't buy this for my 2 cats who were suffering bad flea infestations as I was so stressed about them dying or becoming sick like every review on here says! I decided to try on 1 cat first and wait a few days and was ready to make an emergency trip to the vet but shock horror all that happened was my cat was flea free and with better skin, not flea bitten. Tried on my second cat and same thing. I think others reviewing here must have had a coincidental misfortune with the health of their cats.

Won't use again


Used revolution on My adult cat. He now has hair loss and really bad burns on His skin where the product was applied.



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seizure day after applying revolution


My cat experienced neurological problems (weakness, vomiting, incontinence, head twitching, abnormal eye movement) the day after I applied Revolution.
I'm hoping that my cat will recover.

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The instructions say not to remove vial from protective packet until immediately before using. I removed it one evening planning to use, but then forgot to apply that day. I did not puncture the tube. Why does it say to not remove it, until ready to use? Does light make the medication ineffective? Thanks for reply.

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Just opened my revolution for cats and it was just air ...what can i do to get my money back or a trplavement please

1 answer

Crap thats not good im about to order more in a week.
Contact the revolution makers on
1800 814 883 or email
Surely they will have to give you refund. They will probably send a prepaid envelope for you to return product.



My two kittens lick and play fight eachother 24/7 so need to seperate after applying but for how long?

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CategoryTick & Flea Control
Application TypeTopical
Pet TypeCat
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
Release dateDec 2006

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