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Zoetis Revolution for Dogs
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JanefromSpainSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 10 reviews

Our dogs are flea free and have been for years


Having dogs for years and one that had a terrible reaction to fleas, I was delighted when this product appeared on the market. Years later, I am so pleased with it. My dogs are flea-free and good around mozzies. We got a new rescue dog a few years back and she was riddled with fleas. The vet recommended a fast acting killer which we used and then I bathed her and have used Revolution ever since. No fleas here! We use it every month without fail, year round. I have just started to use a new product for ticks called Nexgard. Touch wood we are not in a big tick area and have only ever had one tick years ago. Hopefully it will keep them safe.

Don't waste your money


After 2 applications, my baby is infested with fleas. I actually had to bomb my house, bathe him, re-apply and guess what? He still has fleas!!! GARBAGE.



  • 2 reviews

Would not recommend!


I have used this product on my dogs for a number of years. Despite the fact it is supposed to kill fleas, my dogs are infested. I bathe them on a regular basis and use this product as directed. I have decided to no longer waste my money on this stuff. As soon as the last ridiculously expensive tube is used up, I will no longer buy it.

Tick Protection


I have an Australian Cattle Dog. His name is Aussie :-) He has been on Revolution since he was a pup. He is 5 now. This year he was diagnosed with lime disease from a tick bite :-( I trusted this product to protect my fur baby :-/ but the tick did not die when it bit my dog and by the time I found it it was too late :-(( This product is an over priced lie.

Does not work


Did the Paradyne (Revolution on my dogs and frontline on my cats. My cats have no fleas my dogs are still having live fleas on them. I have done everything to treat my home, this stuff does not work.

Fleas on Two Greyhounds


Both of my lovely greyhounds now have fleas as a result of using Revolution. This product is useless. It is unnerving to watch my sweeties scratch while I have paid good money for a product I trusted to do its job! We have another two months supply but, I'd rather throw it away, than continue fooling myself that it will eventually "kick in" and work.

Very poor!


Was given a sample at Tractor Supply when we took my friend's dog to be micro-chipped. After several tries (no-it's NOT easy to apply!) it was successfully applied on Weds. Today is Sunday and thus far she has pulled 6 ticks off of an 8 lb. dog! So glad we didn't purchase more!!!

Did not work in my case


We used this product on our dogs to get rid of cheyletiella mites. Unfortunately, for us it did not work completely. We have less bites now and they are smaller, but the mites still bite us. Dogs did not have any side effects. It was very hard to put the product on. Half of the dose ended up on the fur. I hope other people will have better luck.



Revolution for dogs


After 2 weeks my Maltese had more fleas than ever. Same thing happened with Frontline.
Strange thing is I manually killed at least 30 fleas and none of them contained blood, so maybe they are just living on him, either way it is not helping us and he still scratches as they crawl all over him.
A friend told me his vet said that the fleas are becoming immune to these products.
I have heard adding garlic to their food works. I will give it a go, I'm sure it is much safer.

Used for sarcopic mange


My 2-month- old 1/2 pit 1/2 Shepard was diagnosed with scabies. Told to use revolution. He has continually been itching. He has welts and hot spots. I am in tears over this. I just want my fur baby to feel better. Waste of money. He must have an allergic reaction to this.


Sandra56South East Queensland, QLD

  • 43 reviews

Don't think it works 100%


I have used revolution for over 12 months, but still find fleas on him. He seems to be always scratching himself. I weighed him a few months ago & realised I have been underdosing him, so now overdosing ie 2 lots as he weighs 26kg and the capsule states up to 20kg. Have done this for the last 2 months, will keep using it for another 2 months to see if it improves.

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Have now used the product for another 2 months. No improvement with the fleas (original review 16.1.16). Moving to a new product ie sentinel spectrum which does state that it does not kill adult fleas......

Doesn't do a damn thing


we've been using it for 3 months and every time he goes to someone else's house with animals he comes back with fleas!

It killed most fleas, but not all


This Product is Totally Useless


I have used this product for 2 months on my Boxer. I bought a 3 month supply, this is only the 2nd time she's had fleas in her 8.5 years. Did not make an ounce of difference and it's very expensive. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Useless crap.

Works Good


I used revolution for my lab/Pit mix when I first got him. He was about 30lbs and covered head to toe in ticks. I didn't notice them at first but I pulled 15 off of him then got revolution and within an hour of putting it on the rest fell off. I will be getting more of it now because my vet did not carry it so I am going to order some. It's much cheaper than my vets options of Nexguard and sentinel.



Totally Disappointed, First Flea Problem In Six Years


I have had my dog for six years. We have always used topical flea treatment. I was attracted to Revolution because it offered heartworm and flea protection. I confidently bought a year's supply. This has turned out to be a terrible mistake. For the first time, my dog comes in the house full of fleas. We have even treated our yard for fleas but there has been no relief. I called the company that makes Revolution and they offered no help. This is not a product that I would recommend to anyone.

Time to change products


My dog has been on Revoultion since she weighed 26lbs, 11 years ago. Last week she became very weak and would not eat, scratched herself until she was bleeding and her mouth was very swollen. I took her to my former Vet and they gave her a shot, treating as if she had an allergy. Five days later she still would not eat and she is extremely lathargic. I made an appt with another Vet and took her in. My precious dog was eat up with hookworms. After several treatments, she is much better and this new Vet recommended Bayer Advantage Multi. This is her first month on this new product but, so far so good. If I had not gotten a second opinion, if feel pretty sure my dog would not have made it.

Not Only Expensive, It Doesn't Work


I pulled 4 engorged ticks off my dog in less than two weeks after my dog was given this. Totally useless. I'm not a fan of all in one products which tend to be more toxic and gimmicky. Was put on by the dog rescue. Looking forward to using Heartgard and k9 Advantix which work great.

One Week And Still Full Of Fleas!


I treated both my dogs and my cat and it did absolutely nothing. I have never had a problem before but we adopted a cat and now we can't get rid of the fleas. I am out $75.00 and lots of time.

After three months, dog still has fleas and large red rash


This product does not work. I found a flea on Stella (husky shephard mix) 3 months ago and immediately got her revolution (teal) and have been putting it on once a month since. She had a terrible large red rash for the last two weeks. It finally went away after numerous cold water rinses. Found a flea on her 1 hour ago. Completely useless and have spent over $100 on it.

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It would seem that my poodle loses his appetite after Revolution has been applied.Any thoughts on that and how long will it stay in his system?

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Aidan D.

Aidan D.asked

I have an almost 5 year old male Australian silky terrior and have been using revolution spot on for the past few months. In this time i have noticed a steap decline in his health. Ie. Constant skin irritation, upset tummy, diarrhea, poor immune system (2 infections), tremours & sudden mood changes.. we've been to a couple of vets now and followed all directions precisely yet still my boy is noticeably uncomfortable. It wasn't until tonight when parousing the internet (again) searching for possible answers did I come across a site that listed ALL of the same symptoms as side effects of revolution!! Worse still in my case was the list of more susseptable breeds (small breeds especially & definitely silkys). How could i possibly have overlooked revolution to be the cause? More to the point, how could trained veterinarians not pick up on this AND continue to 'prescribe' such a thing to a pup that it very obviously does not agree with.
I have literally been poisoning my bestfriend with pesticides at the direction of "pet health professionals" and SO ARE YOU!! I have hurt him, honestly believing i was helping him!
I'm honestly distraught. Please beware

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I also have used revolution on my Foxie x jack Russell the 2nd month I put it on her she had 4 massive seizures could see probably off balance day 3 she is slightly improving. So just hoping she recovers.



I was given a revolution sample from my vet for my puppy. Applied to 12 week 18.5 pound puppy 7 hours later the puppy started having diarrhea. Put puppy on chicken and rice for 3 days and tries to wein some of her regular dry kibble to the chicken and rice and started getting diarrhea again. Did anyone else have these side effects with this medicine? Any suggestions?

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