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4.6 from 385 reviews

Excellent thanks heaps

Great product to the best way to get a chance to get a lift to the best way for me to come to our team and I will be up for the day of training and experience to be picked up at the moment I would be able to turn in the same account as soon as possible and I will be in touch with your company and I know that we can have a great day ahead and get a chance to look for the day of training and development services industry
Kind regards and thanks again


Like the reviews

Reviews are for products used in every day life. This makes the surveys interesting and relevant to my every day life. This allows me input to how products I use are packaged and introduced to the market place


Earning easy money

A little time consuming with all the loading screens. Interesting surveys if you qualify. Easy money for being on your phone. And its actually real! Just spent a woolies card and made me wanna do more.


Lots of surveys

Rewardia always has lots of surveys which give high points and which don't disqualify you after doing most of the survey. They also have interesting little games and puzzles which give you a few points as well. Payments are prompt and done online.


Legit... the best reward system.

Easy to get points. Always good to be rewarded for playing games and simple surveys. Exchange for not just gift cards but can also exchange for cash! Caution: games are addictive



Its different and entertaining. I like the fact that you can play a game in between surveys and still earn points. The only thing that I might have against Rewardia is that a relative long survey doesn't pay enough compared to other survey websites. It takes a long time to make $20 for example.



It is so varied, you will not be disappointed looking for something to amuse you. Some surveys only pay less than the 1000 points promised though, so that is disappointing.


loving it

I am really enjoying being a part of Rewardia, i love the fun games that they have which earn extra points towards rewards, and they have interesting surveys which i love participating in. I have only been with them for 3weeks, and have got my 2nd gift card already, and i love how there is no waiting time.


A few issues

Games need attention such as sukado and Jigsaw. The block puzzle in easy moves too fast. I love that I can earn points to redeem for gifts and the games are challenging.

Love this

Gotta love this where you can answer surveys play games and answer trivia questions
Have been rewarded where i can convert the points into dollars eg ecards where there is no waiting time to recieve


A great survey site

I have found Rewardia rewarding. The surveys are interesting and there are some good games to fill in time. It's a great way to earn points towards a gift card.


complete site

its very nice and genius site , if u complete survey with honesty they provide u more opportunities . its very reliable site and not only survey tit has many other activities too complte them and earn more points

His the perfect survey site

Rewardia is the most fantastic survey site I’ve encountered yet, it has a multitude of ways of earning points which then transfer into dollars it is a very enjoyable site and highly recommend it


This is the best reward program

I really do enjoy doing surveys & working out these games to get rewarded. Once rewarded can buy gift vouchers to spend. It really help me refocus & relax, I take my time.


Immediate rewards

The process of completing surveys is very easy and the rewards can be paid very promptly which I converted to a gift card. This is an excellent method of providing factual marketing information.


Very rewarding!

Lots of ways to get points, easy and quick too and you get your redeemed voucher immediately. Can definitely recommend to anyone who has some spare time and wants to get some vouchers.


Very interesting and rewards are processed very quickly. he mixture of games and survey is excellent and the points given are fair. I love it and obsessed with it. Rewardia keep up the good work.



The rewards are pretty good, and are processed quickly and efficiently. I got paid promptly and was able to convert my Rewards e-card into a Woolworths card easily. Which I was able to spend straight away.


Like different activities

I enjoy this site as it has variety of different things to do other than just surveys.The fact it has games to play that I enjoy doing makes more enjoyable as surveys alone can be bit boring.

Very nice!

Nice surveys and lots of points. Great rewards. Sometimes I find some of the surveys too long and I get screened out after answering a lot of questions. But otherwise a good experience.


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I need money but I don’t know what to trust, can Itrust this website
3 answers
I have so far been successful in claiming a gift voucher. It was only for $10 as I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t wasting my time on it not rewarding me. I’m not sure if they have a cash out option other then vouchers but this doesn’t worry me as I’m happy to have gift cards to spend in stores I use regularly.I haven't claimed a gift voucher yet, but I am sure that you can trust this website. You need 5000 points for a $5 voucher or 50000 points to have $50 transferred to your Bank Account.I was hesitant at first but my work mate has been doing them for years. She showed me all her e-gift vouchers she had printed to use for Christmas presents. She had over $200 worth she had accumulated throughout the year. I started in January and have enough points for e-gift vouchers. It's addictive! Give it a go!

how can u stop wordsearch on rewardia from freezing all the time 12 times to-day
2 answers
I have no idea. I had the same problem on slot today. Email them your issue and they will get onto ithow often do you clear your cookies?

why does word search on rewardia constantly freeze 12 times to-day and this is just to day
No answers