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Rex, rhymes with $ex, they screw you like your ex

2-hour flight delay???!
They screwed my schedule. I was supposed to board at 8:15am to be able to make an inspection at 11:00am and fly back at 2:00pm

They delayed the flight to 10:40am and i had to book a later flight back which was also delayed

I was supposed to be back home at 4:00pm
Instead, i got home at 10:00pm

Disgusting service

Beware the connecting flight

Rex: Departing Orange Springhill at 0710,
Arriving Sydney at 0800

Virgin: Departing Sydney at 0910,
Arriving Gold Coast at 1030

What actually happened... Rex decided to fly to Sydney via Dubbo to pick up more passengers. Landed in Sydney at 09:20 and missed connecting flight. Who does that? Very unprofessional, go with Fly Corporate if you can.

Reliably late you can count on it

I fly at least weekly with various airlines mostly throughout WA.
On Albany and Esperance routes Rex is the only airline who fly them. I’ve almost never had an on time flight and they clearly don’t care at all. They are the worst airline I’ve ever experienced. Certainly hope they opt out of these routes in the future and hand them back to a more reliable airline.
This route is tendered by the state government. They need to intervene. Unsafe and unreliable...

Old planes, delayed or cancelled flights, expensive

How long can a SAAB 340 safely be kept in operation? With the problems we witness on Rex planes I am convinced it is a bad idea getting on these planes, The reason for many of the Rex delays are faults with the planes. Many of them have been around for 20 - 30 years!

No complaints

Flew REX Adelaide-Coober Pedy and back. What can I say? The check-in was easy, the flight left on time, the plane was small but seats comfortable, the onboard staff were professional, the snacks... don't remember, the flight arrived on time, our bags weren't lost. No complaints.

Absolutely woeful

Having flown almost weekly with this airline for 10 years I have seen it become more of a joke every year, as flights are seriously delayed about 70% of the time. If any other airline flew my sector I would not fly Rex.

Bad service

Left my luggage behind and called customer service they say they dont handle baggage and really didnt want to help me

Recent trip from Burnie/wynyard, Melbourne & return

My wife & Myself had the recent occasion to travel with Rex, wheel chair assist required at each end of journey,
Car pick up at MELBOURNE conveyed to reception ,assisted with luggage ,wheelchair assist to taxi ramp ,which had been ordered prior to arrival by Rex, ,Attendant waited until departure., exactly The same assistance provided on return journey. Excellent service, that some of the larger airlines could learn from. What a delightful experience, WELL DONE REX we will travel with you again in near future, Good Flying ,
Rob & Muriel Brakey

Great flight and on time

Fantastic flight, flight attendant and pilots were helpful and friendly, and arrived on time in Sydney. Last minute booking and cost was great.

Don’t book REX without insurance - appalling mismanagement of flight delay

Passengers not notified until 5hours after decision taken to delay flight. Engineers not bought down to fix plane overnight. Charter planes not considered. Travel agents not informed. Passengers not priority booked onto next flight. Appalling service, truly appalling. I suggest that the regulator look into why maintenance schedule is clearly failing.

Completely unreliable.

Arrived in Sydney late yesterday afternoon from a Perth flight, only to find they had cancelled our connecting flight to Newcastle. So after paying another $270 to another airline, and an $80 cab fare, we finally arrived home! Never fly with this company, they are just plain unreliable, and ignorant. I think their excuse was that their pilot or crew had not turned up! Wow, good excuse. Also told us when we inquired for a refund, that we would have to go through Webjet (who did the booking) and that would take three months to get our money back. What a Company!!!

Consistently late

Consistently late - second time in two weeks that the delay has been 2 hours going Wagga to Sydney. No Apology or explanation. Avoid where possible.

Terrible service and rude

Flight delayed, no explanation and treating paying customers like cattle. If you book with them you deserve what comes your way

Every time has been horrible

I frequently travel from Sydney to dubbo and there has never been a time where I haven't been delayed or cancelled with REX! One time I arrived at Sydney airport early and I'd already checked in the night before so I thought I was cruising. I was trying to find my flight number on the board and I went to enquire at their customer service desk. She asked me if I had already checked in and of course I showed her my confirmation to which she responded that Rex had swapped the plane with a larger craft and when doing so anyone who had checked in online, their information had been deleted. So therefore they sold my seat to someone else and couldn't get me on a flight until later the next day. Which I demanded a refund on the overpriced ticket, which took over 7 days to put back into my account. I ended up hiring a car 7.30pm that night and drove the 6 hours by myself. I arrived in dubbo at 1am. I really had no choice and felt mucked around by Rex. I also want to say that not once did they try to contact me in regards to my flights cancellation. Unbelievable service, overpriced and unreliable. Thanks but no thanks Regional Express. Never again.

Rex what a joke

My daughter who has a disability travelled to Sydney today for medical treatment and was due to fly back to Taree tonight on the 6.05 flight. When she was dropped at the airport she was informed that the flight had been cancelled. No real reason was given nor was there any assistance offered to her. We have used Rex numerous times in the past and although not completely satisfied with the service thought it was a safe way for our daughter to return back safely. I will be going out of my way to ensure people in the Manning Valley and Forster areas know the risks when booking travel with Rex. Totally disgusted with them.


Am disabled not very good with learning the lady at the departures desk was the rude I would love an like to here back about yous getting in contact with her an teaching her some customer service skills I all ready feel bad about my learning and working out skills and I only asked her a simple question and made me feel a lot worse about my learning skills. Her name was [name removed] and if I was as rude as her I could say a lot more about her I think she has more problems then me.

No understanding

I have 5 return flights booked for my family to travel to Parkes to see my Mum, Unfortunately mum fell ill and passed away before our planned visit. At the time of her falling ill I wasn't thinking and booked new flights for myself to see her and additional 2 return flights to attend the funeral with my husband. Obviously upset and not thinking I could have changed 3 of the existing return flights. Now with some time elapsed, I called Rex to explain the situation. We have no reason to visit Parkes at any future date. Rex offered only to place the flights into credit. I don't expect a full refund but a refund of 3 returns really should be a reasonable request.

Flights always cancelled with comments of “Oh but there will be another flight tomorrow”

No reasons given for flights cancelled between Adelaide and Port Lincoln today 6th Oct. NEVER again, thank You too Qantas for getting my Wife home albeit 2 hours later.
Not the first time either.

Amateur Hour

A mixed experience flying Sydney to Orange. A coffee voucher was provided on checkin which was welcome. Terminal arrangements were however poor. When delayed and disembarked due to technical problems we had to return via security again. Bus to aircraft and bus back. SAAB aircraft shabby and clearly in need of better maintenance.

Choose another carrier

I've been flying for business for 30+ years and for the first time today I was asked to surrender the tiny bottle of wine I had purchased in the flight from Sydney to Orange, NSW. I had consumed about 100ml and thought I'd keep the rest for later. Whilst rules may be rules I gave NEVER been treated like this by any other airline.

Not only was I required to surrender this little bottle, I was asked to do so in front of all the other passengers in the line to leave the plane and had to unpack my bag on the spot.

Terrible service - next time I'll drive to Orange.

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