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Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick Up Cam

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Good to bad to worse

I have had 5 ring stick up cams for the past 2 years.
At first I was very happy with how they worked.
I let 1 camera go completely flat and after a recharge it would not re connect.
Ring did send a replacement although it was not a new camera it was scratched and looked like it had been painted with a spray can, that camera has now completely changed from black to a gold colour and the vision is completely cloudy.
Ring have recently done some updates and since then my camera system has been completely rubbish.
Can not see footage at 2 camera locations.
Takes multiple attempts to access live view.
Sometimes just won't allow access to live view at all.
It's not a good feeling when at 2am your office door camera is motion activated yet all you can see is black screen.
I live in Melbourne Australia and ring help line is in the Philippines where English is not the first language and I do not speak Philippino. So we are off to a bad start every time I have need to contact support.
I am looking for a new system with an Australian based support agent.
I don't care if the cost is higher I just want a good product with good back-up.
Previously I have recommended ring products to a lot of people.
I won't do that anymore.
I'm not telling you not to buy ring products I am just saying that my experience has not been what I expected.
Hope you make a purchase decision that suits your requirements and expectations.

I feel misguided by ‘Ring’s’ advertisements and the seemingly intentional lack of transparency

I am very disappointed that Ring is to rise additional revenue for an optional external cloud data storage but NOT providing me with an option to store security events on MY local hard drive, PC & Mobile Phone. Before purchasing a Ring video doorbell and spotlight cams, I read all details on the packaging which did NOT indicate the ongoing charges for storing security events. The external cloud offered is totally overpriced, does not provide any Data Protection and submits data collected, YOUR full address, name, email address, images & more to the unknown provider, exposing the unaware user ‘YOU’ to misconduct, fraud & crime. However, I shall assist ‘Ring’ in their efforts (if any) to conduct their advertising of this product and its disgraceful cloud offer, to become more transparent and honest. I will use every possible review-site, product-log & web-forum to inform future cam buyers to consider this intentionally hidden shortfalls of the Ring camera systems.

Easy to use and great peace of mind

Have had this for a year now and has been great. Wanted something that was easy to install and didn’t need hard wiring. Battery last approx 2 months and is recharged in a few hours. Any motion detected sends an alert to both of our phones. Alerts give great peace of mind, we have had spotted an intruder in our front yard on two occasions. Once we were able to talk to him and scare him off. On another we were able to call for community watch security and also return from the local shops within minutes. We did have times when we couldn’t connect live but since upgrading our internet speeds we haven’t had an issue. The recordings only last for 30 secs so I wouldn’t use this in place of a full cctv system which record continuously but is a perfect solution for easy use and live alerts.

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