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Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Video Doorbell 2

2.2 from 20 reviews

Works flawlessly for me. App can be improved. Wished they have 24/7 recording

Have had the bell since Nov 2018. Has been working as it should since day one.
Installation was easy, setup was easy. It worked right away
Always receive notification when someone is at my front door, only very few fault detection.
The Android app could be improved, When trying to talk to someone at the doorstep when my phone is connect to my car's Bluetooth, sound doesn't come out from the car speakers which make it very hard to hear. I couldn't hear a single word the courier said. Only works in quiet environment.
Camera quality is pretty good, night vision is good, mic is sensitive when activated

I wish there's a option for 24/7 recording like the Nest doorbell. I've had courier could find my parcel, took them a few minutes to look for it while I was waiting, but the doorbell only recorded the first 30s of the event instead of the whole conversation even when someone was constantly moving in front of the camera. At least it should continue to record until there's no more movement of the person has left the scene.

Purchased in November 2018 at Amazon for $263.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Fantastic piece of technology.. always alert me of whose on the door

Ring door bell is perfectly working for me and always alerts and records whose on the door or approach my door. Looking forward to purchase the Home Alarm Security system to integrate with my door bell.

Purchased in January 2018 for $360.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Hardly ever works

Had so much trouble installing it, had to try 4 different mobile phones before I found one it would actually connect to.
Battery then died within 2 weeks however I put that down to it being the first charge and it seemed to have been ok since then.
Doorbell keeps disconnecting from wifi and is a hassle to get connected again (as neither of my phones will connect to it so need to borrow my family member's phone that I was able to set it up with initially).
Even when it does work, the app/video is so laggy that by the time I answer via the app, whoever was at the door has usually given up and walked away.

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Hi Michelle G, The Ring App is compatible with Android devices version 5.0 or newer. The app is also compatible with Apple devices iOS 9.3.5 or newer, and desktops, tablets, and laptops running the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (anything 1709 or higher) and MacOS machines version 10.11 or newer. If your device falls within these requirements and you're still having trouble setting up your Ring doorbell, please email me at Bilan.jenkins@ring.com. I'd be glad to get this and the video quality issues you're having straightened out. Thanks, Bilan J., Customer Satisfaction Specialist Bilan.jenkins@ring.com


This has so many issues. Only works when it wants too either on 4g or wifi. Had IT experts look into it, thinking it was my internet but nothing wrong with my net. When tring to look at live view you get black screens more than a live view. Help desk is no help what so ever. Two days to get back to me and just washed there hands by saying it was the internet not the product. Please do yourself a favor and save your money. Its a very expensive non working doorbell.

Nothing but problems

Problem is an understatement I have a list of issues If I knew these problems would happen to me I would run in the opposite direction. I have had ring 1 and ring 2 and I have the ring spot light as well. Don't get me wrong the idea is great but the product has multiple problems. Just to list a few my ring will randomly in the month unsync to my wifi and when I get home it takes me over a hour to resync it. When fixing this issue it can't seem to find my wifi network but it can find all the other surrounding wifi networks very annoying. Battery is shocking so it's best to hook up to power as the battery doesn't last long with motion dection or even just sitting on the wall still has a short life. My time stamp on my recordings is wrong and you can't change it says ring? not until next year they said lol not useful if you have a break in and the time stamp is wrong and the police have the wrong time it happened that seems a little silly I think. The speakers has issues, my wife can hear me ok when I talk through the app but when she talks through the ring I can't understand a thing and is this not a big reason to have this product so disappointed on this. Last one as ill be here all day the video HD feed, when I get a notification on my phone I answer it and it's slow it skips when I live view it my phone my router is 2m away from ring and my internet speed is like 95mbps and upload is 40 and I have a high end router so it's not me I ruled that one out. Hope this helps people when looking at this product wasted alot of money for a poor product.

Very bad product

On Windows phone it was working perfect. But the App stopped working few months ago. On Android and iphone Ring apps is terrible. missing calls most of the time. Never buy this.

A product can't be this bad - can it?

Purchased this thing because I'd already tried a Digoo which didn't work either. Both devices managed to ring the phone, however the video channel took ages to open if it opened at all, and the audio was either absent, too faint to hear, or garbled by interference and continual echoing and feedback. We had difficulty even answering the Ring with the phone app, and had to turn off the phone to close the video channel if it opened.

Ring Support contacted me two days after I'd returned an unflattering survey and seemed unaware of a support request I'd previously made via the app. Turns out their 24/7 support means you can ask for it anytime, however their support people are in Arizona and work 45 hours per week while Australians are likely to be fast asleep (or trying to get to their own jobs or get the kids to school if they live in the Eastern States). They seemed to want to establish that my connection speed was inadequate although at around 4-6Mbps this wasn't going to wash; we got the same results with the doorbell within 2m of a wifi range extender (which I had bought to try to coax the Digoo to work) and inside next to the router.

I was glad to have bought from Officeworks, who refunded my money after 27 frustrating days, no questions asked.

Horrible and Rude service

The service call goes to USA- rude and hopeless service. Charged my ring plan twice even after few calls and deleting the doubling of the address twice.
[name removed] did return the amount like he is doing a fovour! That was our own money!!
Good product but these guys from USA call centre are rude and bunch of jokers!
I am now discouraging every one I know here in Australia not to go for this rude US company please.

Almost useful, not as reliable as I'd hoped

Battery goes flat within a month or so. I live on a street where the front door is right on the footpath. As a result, it is constantly being triggered by people walking by, which drains the battery very quickly. I have suggested a software update to allow turning off motion triggering via email / FB and other but the customer service team doesn't respond.

When the battery has some charge, it's still a bit clunky to show on my phone (even when home). The audio seems broken and difficult to understand at the door. The mic/speaker status buttons are also confusing - are they on? Off? Who knows.

Was hopeful based on other reviews, but the UX has been a solid let down. Poor customer support hasn't glittered the experience either. Hopefully others have had a better result.

95% waste of money

Product seems to "ring" on phone within a reasonable period but by the time I get video to see "who" the visitor is they have returned to their home country (we have high speed fibre and nothing else appears slow). Motion detection works but the all whistles and bells zone and range adjustment is useless. Ours is adjusted to the minimum but still picks up passing vehicles about twenty feet away. The "bing bing" at the phone can be adjusted to your choice of something sophisticated and/or cool, but the tone someone at the door hears is non adjustable and sounds like something you might find in the "to clear" bin at your local $1.00 shop (and still failing to sell). Battery powered seemed like a good idea but becomes tiresome. Big and not particularly elegant looking. No home recording alternative, pay Ring a subscription for cloud storage... kind of like cheap inkjet printers but expensive ink... except in this case the "gotcha" is expensive too. Mechanically well made and presented (nice cardboard box).

Footnote re upload speed: Noting the comments in some reviews that the unit requires fibre and an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps (and the associated inference that this makes everything tickety-boo), I ran a speed test on my (seemingly to me) adequately brisk line. It varies a little over 24 hours but shows a best of 57.7 Mbps down and 32.5 Mbps up. 6x the minimum upload recommended. "Ring 2" is going into "Bin 1" as soon as I find a well reviewed replacement.

Too Late

I agree the Vision arrives too late on the phone to be useful even if I'm at the Router. Overall disappointed that Ring does not enable me to remotely answer the door as claimed.

Too late

By the time I can answer or if I can answer it's too late. I can view the video later. Motion detector loads too late as well. Had a strange man at my door today.I did get motion alert but wouldn't load on my phone then when he pressed ring, I didn't answer because the screen was black. Cuts in and out, $320 is a lot of money for me so really really disappointed with the loss of money and the product doesn't work how it's promoted :-(

Terrible customer service who automatically blame internet connection.

Ring recommend a 2mbps upload speed to be able to use the doorbell properly, and a minimum around 1. With Telstra ADSL we had about 1.1 and it did not work at all. We then switched to a fixed wireless provider where we almost constantly have 11mbps up, but it still barely worked. Ring customer service tried multiple times to blame our home WiFi but all other devices had strong reception even when I crossed the street and kept walking a bit more. Eventually they replaced it with a doorbell Pro which still has its issues. They also promised Apple HomeKit support over two years ago and it still hasn't surfaced; instead social media accounts bringing this issue to light are being banned by Ring. It's a great concept and I would buy another WiFi doorbell but not from Ring unless they significantly improve.

OK but could be better.

The Ring 2 is very easy to install and requires no wiring. Wiring it to a bell/chime transformer is optional. It comes with mounting adapters to mount it at an angle, horizontally and vertically. It also comes with a little screwdriver and even a spirit level. I needed to drill four 2mm holes into a colorbond exterior wall but it only took about five minutes to complete the job. Charging the battery took about 8 hours.

You will need to install an app on your smartphone that allows you to set up and configure the Ring 2. Installing and set up was quite easy.

In actual use though, it has a few shortcomings:

When a visitor presses the bell button, it can take 5-10 seconds to be notified on your phone. That doesn't sound like much but it seems really slow in actual use. Once notified, using your phone to talk to the person at your door is fast and works well. I found holding the phone away from your mouth to minimize distortion at the bell's speaker worked best.

Secondly, when the motion detector is set off, there is a similar delay. Unless you respond quickly on your phone, it can take a minute or two for a motion detect event to be available to view. This doesn't always happen. I'm guessing it's a problem with Ring's server. It looks like the video is sent to the server to be recorded and then you access the recording via the internet. I have a 50/20mbs NBN connection and an excellent connection from the doorbell via 2.4Ghz wi-fi, yet it still had a delay that I found quite annoying. I imagine if you have a slower connection, it could become a real issue.

Lastly, the video quality is not what I expected from a 1080p camera. In bright sunshine the image was mediocre at best. What was suprising though, was how good the night vision works. Even in total darkness the quality is good but it's in black and white.

Ring claim 6-12 month battery life. I think it will be closer to six months in real world usage but that's more than sufficient.

If they can sort the delays that frustrate normal usage, it would be a great product but as it is today it's only OK.

Wasted 2 days of my life on this product

I wasted 2 days of my life trying to setup this device and it was hopeless. I have ADSL 2+ connection with about 10Mbs down and 1Mbps uplink. First issue was Wi-Fi connectivity. Unless the doorbell was located right next to the wireless router it would not connect. The Chime Pro wireless extender was useless and did not provide any additional range. When the doorbell did finally setup, the live video stream worked on about 1 in 10 occasions and after a lag of up to 30 seconds or more. This doorbell is less reliable than the $8 wireless doorbell I bought from Bunnings. I love technology and am tech savvy but the face that I could not get this to work the way it is supposed to says a lot about the product. I should have listened to all the other negative reviews before taking the plunge.

After a small, frustrating setup issue was resolved, it has been great

I have been really impressed with the Ring so far. Just today i was able to speak to (and possibly deter) a suspicious person who was at my door. I normally would never have even known that he had been there, unless I had come home to find something amiss. Having been alerted to his presence by the motion detector (he never pressed the bell), I was able to speak to him at my door and send him on his way. The video was crystal clear and and the two way audio worked really well.

The only issue to be aware of for Australian (and some other international) users is that the Ring does not support channel 12 or 13 on the 2.4GHz Wifi band. My router was set to auto channel selection to avoid interference and my doorbell and chime would randomly drop off the network as my router occasionally selected channel 12 or 13. The simple fix was to set the router to a fixed channel and since then it has been flawless.

Great idea but not in practice

I purchased and installed Ring Video Doorbell 2 expecting great things from it, but it left me somewhat disappointed, in some areas. The good is a big stretch is to call the picture 1080p but it is clear enough for the job it has to do, the picture on the cheaper 720p unit is not far behind it.
The idea, design and mounting security is great. The not so good, the motion sensor area has a mind of its own sometimes you can walk past it (500mm) past it through the door without it firing off other times traffic on the street 15 meters away it lets me know, all with the 5 meter zone turned on. (Note the unit is mounted 90 degrees to the road). When away from home and the doorbell is pushed by the time the app on the phone runs through it three steps to fire up and send a picture the person has gone. using with NBN, 5gb router on the other side of the wall and late model Samsung phone, this somewhat defeats the purpose of the Ring doorbell. Last but not least is charging for access to footage from the camera, my Netgear Arlo cameras allow this available for one week free and if required longer than this is available at a price. with the price paid for this unit and the time required for the ring unit to fire up, footage should be available free on the cloud for up to a week or back to a usb plugged into the modem router. I have been back and forth in my mind to keep it, or back in the box and off to the supplier. time to step this up a notch. Regards Joe G.

Good Video Doorbell

Fairly expensive but easy to install and set up and works pretty well. Motion detector seems to be a little inconsistent, picks up motion within about 3-4 metres consistently but after that seems to only pick up motion occasionally although it states that it is good for up to 30 feet.
Door bell itself works well and you can see and talk to caller via mobile phone although it there is a time lag after the bell rings while you open the app on the phone and answer the ring. Also needs another purchase of an actual bell (which should have been provided as part of the package) to install so that it rings in the house as well as on the phone.
Storage of the videos of motion events and rings for 2 months is handy (for monthly charge) and gives the ability to go back and see what has been happening and who has been calling.Think it would be improved by supporting 5Ghz rather than only 2.4Ghz

Save your time and money for something better!

I bought Ring Doorbell 2 for my new home with high hopes thinking it'd be everything Ring claims it to be, but to my disappointment it was nowhere even close! I managed to connect the doorbell to my wifi after a few attempts and thought that the worst part was over, but there was more to come. The doorbell 'Is not fit for purpose'... not sure how Ring are still in the market. The performance of the doorbell was horrendous at it's best. The notifications never came through, if they did there was a massive delay. Overall, it's probably okay if you won't be using it as a doorbell, and use it just to keep tabs on activity around your home by watching the short clips later on, but I won't recommend it as a doorbell! Moreover, to use it as an activity monitoring device you've got to pay a $3 monthly subscription after the first month's trial, this product is a joke!

You really need nbn Tier 1 or 2 internet...

Two family members have the original Ring Doorbell and it works pretty well.

I thought I'd wait for the v2 to come out mainly for the removable battery - better video quality was a bonus.

It's easy to set up & when testing inside the house, the response from pressing the doorbell button to the phone alert was a few seconds which I'd consider very good. Video quality was good to occasional patchy.

However, when I mounted the bell outside at the front door, I still got the alerts quickly, but the video just doesn't connect.

My wifi router is less than 1m through the wall - but it's a single brick veneer wall that drops the upload to just under what's needed.

I have Optus cable - 30Mbps down, 2 Mbps upload. I'm getting about 1.6 Mbps upload outside at the door (which doesn't work) with good signal strength and nearer 1.8 Mbps upload inside the house when it does work.

I've had Ring support added as another user to test and they advised you need 5Mbps upload for it to work!

I've now got a chime pro wifi extender that I'll try to get the signal outside - fortunately I can put it in the veranda roof space above the doorbell.

These things really need a minimum of 2+ Mbps upload (if you want to use the internet for other devices) and if you want some of the other CAM's, you'll need more.

I'll try to get it working until nbn comes to town. Until then, without video, it's a very expensive non video doorbell.

Update: As Ring support pretty much said, if you haven't got the upload bandwidth then the Chime Pro would not help - and it didn't.Update 2: With a new mobile broadband connection with around 20Mbps upload, the Ring Video Doorbell is working well with a Chime Pro. Not perfect, but you certainly need good upload. Ring support have been good too in trouble shooting.

Questions & Answers

The audio on my Ring Doorbell 2 is very static and not very audible, sometimes only 1 way instead of 2 way. Is this common or is this a faulty doorbell?
2 answers
I haven’t had this experience. The 2 way audio on my doorbell is clear (and the video is surprisingly good too). I’m guessing that either the doorbell is faulty or possibly a Wi-Fi issue.Hi Chandel, I haven’t had this experience. If I am not at home I now ignore the video calls because the time it takes to get to my phone and the doorbell to handshake, the people have gone, even though I on the NBN at home and Telstra on my phone with my modem/router on the other side of the wall of the doorbell, I would think you have a fault in your unit worth having it checked, then at least you will have a expensive doorbell at home. Still not a big fan of the Ring Doorbell. Arlo is the way to go. Regards, Joe.


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