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Great idea but not in practice

I purchased and installed Ring Video Doorbell 2 expecting great things from it, but it left me somewhat disappointed, in some areas. The good is a big stretch is to call the picture 1080p but it is clear enough for the job it has to do, the picture on the cheaper 720p unit is not far behind it.
The idea, design and mounting security is great. The not so good, the motion sensor area has a mind of its own sometimes you can walk past it (500mm) past it through the door without it firing off other times traffic on the street 15 meters away it lets me know, all with the 5 meter zone turned on. (Note the unit is mounted 90 degrees to the road). When away from home and the doorbell is pushed by the time the app on the phone runs through it three steps to fire up and send a picture the person has gone. using with NBN, 5gb router on the other side of the wall and late model Samsung phone, this somewhat defeats the purpose of the Ring doorbell. Last but not least is charging for access to footage from the camera, my Netgear Arlo cameras allow this available for one week free and if required longer than this is available at a price. with the price paid for this unit and the time required for the ring unit to fire up, footage should be available free on the cloud for up to a week or back to a usb plugged into the modem router. I have been back and forth in my mind to keep it, or back in the box and off to the supplier. time to step this up a notch. Regards Joe G.

Good Video Doorbell

Fairly expensive but easy to install and set up and works pretty well. Motion detector seems to be a little inconsistent, picks up motion within about 3-4 metres consistently but after that seems to only pick up motion occasionally although it states that it is good for up to 30 feet.
Door bell itself works well and you can see and talk to caller via mobile phone although it there is a time lag after the bell rings while you open the app on the phone and answer the ring. Also needs another purchase of an actual bell (which should have been provided as part of the package) to install so that it rings in the house as well as on the phone.
Storage of the videos of motion events and rings for 2 months is handy (for monthly charge) and gives the ability to go back and see what has been happening and who has been calling.Think it would be improved by supporting 5Ghz rather than only 2.4Ghz

Save your time and money for something better!

I bought Ring Doorbell 2 for my new home with high hopes thinking it'd be everything Ring claims it to be, but to my disappointment it was nowhere even close! I managed to connect the doorbell to my wifi after a few attempts and thought that the worst part was over, but there was more to come. The doorbell 'Is not fit for purpose'... not sure how Ring are still in the market. The performance of the doorbell was horrendous at it's best. The notifications never came through, if they did there was a massive delay. Overall, it's probably okay if you won't be using it as a doorbell, and use it just to keep tabs on activity around your home by watching the short clips later on, but I won't recommend it as a doorbell! Moreover, to use it as an activity monitoring device you've got to pay a $3 monthly subscription after the first month's trial, this product is a joke!

You really need nbn Tier 1 or 2 internet...

Two family members have the original Ring Doorbell and it works pretty well.

I thought I'd wait for the v2 to come out mainly for the removable battery - better video quality was a bonus.

It's easy to set up & when testing inside the house, the response from pressing the doorbell button to the phone alert was a few seconds which I'd consider very good. Video quality was good to occasional patchy.

However, when I mounted the bell outside at the front door, I still got the alerts quickly, but the video just doesn't connect.

My wifi router is less than 1m through the wall - but it's a single brick veneer wall that drops the upload to just under what's needed.

I have Optus cable - 30Mbps down, 2 Mbps upload. I'm getting about 1.6 Mbps upload outside at the door (which doesn't work) with good signal strength and nearer 1.8 Mbps upload inside the house when it does work.

I've had Ring support added as another user to test and they advised you need 5Mbps upload for it to work!

I've now got a chime pro wifi extender that I'll try to get the signal outside - fortunately I can put it in the veranda roof space above the doorbell.

These things really need a minimum of 2+ Mbps upload (if you want to use the internet for other devices) and if you want some of the other CAM's, you'll need more.

I'll try to get it working until nbn comes to town. Until then, without video, it's a very expensive non video doorbell.

Update: As Ring support pretty much said, if you haven't got the upload bandwidth then the Chime Pro would not help - and it didn't.Update 2: With a new mobile broadband connection with around 20Mbps upload, the Ring Video Doorbell is working well with a Chime Pro. Not perfect, but you certainly need good upload. Ring support have been good too in trouble shooting.

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The audio on my Ring Doorbell 2 is very static and not very audible, sometimes only 1 way instead of 2 way. Is this common or is this a faulty doorbell?
2 answers
I haven’t had this experience. The 2 way audio on my doorbell is clear (and the video is surprisingly good too). I’m guessing that either the doorbell is faulty or possibly a Wi-Fi issue.Hi Chandel, I haven’t had this experience. If I am not at home I now ignore the video calls because the time it takes to get to my phone and the doorbell to handshake, the people have gone, even though I on the NBN at home and Telstra on my phone with my modem/router on the other side of the wall of the doorbell, I would think you have a fault in your unit worth having it checked, then at least you will have a expensive doorbell at home. Still not a big fan of the Ring Doorbell. Arlo is the way to go. Regards, Joe.


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