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dante p

dante pasked

how much does a video recording subscription cost

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Stephen M.

Stephen M.asked

Just read that with the door bell pro that even though it’s hard wired if the internal non serviceable battery goes flat the door bell video etc is useless, it was in another review I read. Looks like I’ll be looking for some thing else after all these bad reviews

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My doorbell says "Your videos are ot being saved" so it will not let me view anything. Do I have to pay for a subscription?

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Thanks for all the reviews, they definitely put me off buying one,

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We purchased Ring video doorbell, for our small business where we also happen to reside.
I'm not so worried about the video aspect, as I have cameras already installed.
Our issue is we have 2 people , with 2 phones and 2 wi fi networks.
q1) Can 2 people use the 1 doorbell
2) If the 1st person creates an account , should they send an invite to the 2nd user , or can the 2nd user still open their own account?
3) Can 1st user be on a different wifi network than 2nd user, or should we both use the same network?
we have 2 networks , Home & office , as we use wireless router from the office to use at the house .
I hope that makes sense.
I tried sending an email request to user 2 but it asked me to set up and add a device again and again,
we must be doing something wrong

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You need to individually install the Ring App and scan the QR code at the back of the Ring Doorbell onto each phone you want to use to interact with the doorbell. The Wifi networks you are using has nothing to do with it. You could (in theory) install the Ring App on your phone/s, scan the QR code from the doorbell, then use that phone/s to answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world, so long as that phone/s is/are connected to the Internet. This presumes of course that the Ring Doorbell is connected to a Wifi network that is connected to the Internet as well. I say in theory because in practice the Ring Door Bell system is not very good in my experience. You could try calling their help desk to see if they can provide assistance.


Around_here, thank you for your reply, yes have done all you have suggested , before I posted the question. I was the first one to create an account and downloaded the app to my phone #1 and it worked , then my husband did the same on his phone #2, and it worked , however , my phone didn’t , I scanned the QR code for the 2nd time and it worked , but then my husbands phone didn’t , so on and so forth.
I will try Ring support. Thanks again.



I am having my Ring Video Doorbell installed in the next few days.
My question is:
When I install the app, is it possible to have more than one (1) mobile number?
Reason for asking is, I have a free standing granny flat & would like both my daughter & I to have access?
Thank you

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Yes. Its not mobile specific. An account is created when you download and install the app and other people can log inro the account from other devices so long as they install the app.


HI There, I don't work for Ring or represent them. But yes, you can add additional number which it what i have done. I live 4 hrs from my mother so there was another way for me to ensure things were ok.


The Ring App that is used so that your phone can interact with the Ring doorbell is downloaded to your mobile device e.g, from either Apple Store or Google Play Store. I am assuming you are running WiFi inside the granny flat because the Ring system needs Wifi to work.

From within that Ring App you installed on your phone, you will then need to scan the QR code located on the back of the door bell. The QR Code is a unique code for only that Ring device. Your phone will then be able to monitor rings from that Ring Door Bell and connect to it to view video. Well at least in theory. In my review here, I have detailed the tests I performed and found in general the Ring Doorbell is completely dysfunctional. You need to repeat that exercise of downloading the App and scanning the QR code onto all phones that need to connect. For me, with multiple mobile phones connected to the same Ring door bell, it did not always send messages to all mobiles when the door bell was rung.

I hope your experience with the Ring door bell (and the Ring application) is far better than mine, because it was so bad, we returned it to the store.



I live in Australia and can we have our video plan work here?

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James Neal Carr

James Neal Carrasked

Motion was detected but the recorded video did not show anyone at the front door (when I definitely know that a parcel was delivered).
We are away from home for a few more weeks.
Any clues as to why the video did not record someone at the front door when someone was there?

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Because quite honestly, the Ring App and Ring Device are not really that good at working as expected. The video takes a long time to connect after the door bell is rung (it is not instant) and in many cases it times out and does not connect at all. This is because it appears that the data goes back to the Ring Mothership (wherever that is located) and then redirects to your phone. if the Internet is slow, or the Ring Mothership site is overloaded with people ringing the door bell the connection will simply timeout. It is a dysfunctional design.



I'm interested in purchasing the "ring" doorbell. I have read that you need to purchase an ongoing subscription to keep it going? I'm just looking for a doorbell with camera, that can be used with my phone, doesn't need to record, as we already have security cameras. Many Thanks

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Unfortunately I would strongly recommend the purchase of this product. The initial purchase cost is only the "tip of the iceburg"...my Ring doorbell has cost me extra parts not included in the original box and high electrician's cost ( second visit was yesterday!!)...I now need to reconnect to wi fi and for months I've had this product and am still unable to use it apprpruately.
However, yes...im already recieving mail to encourage me to spend more in order to keep it working!! I'm seriously thinking of cutting my losses and ripping the doorbell off the wall and demanding a refund from place of purchase.


Thank you, have been looking at others also, so will possibly cross this one off the list.

Yes ring does have ongoing subscription cost for its video record function, their basic doorbell has very poor resolution poor wifi connectivity that may need a booster, IE the chime pro, if that even helps. You will also need to buy a power transformer, something not included, and even then it will still need constant recharging so keep the special tool some place safe and nearby. Don't expect to much help from them if you have any issues they just stopped replying to me even after I gave them all the info they needed to know. there are many video doorbells out there with and without video record function, google video doorbell then when you find one that looks ok research it and see if it is all it is cracked up to be.



I purchased the brass ring doorbell @ Officeworks last year, the button has fallen off so I’ve gone to return/ exchange it- to find, there are no brass or versions the same in stock. The ring doorbell 2 is $70 more & only in nickel.
What is RINGs policy on returns.?

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how much is the monthly subscription fee?

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Darlenemaree B

Darlenemaree Basked

How much it the door bell?

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My daughter paid for it. She said it was around $300 but you can add to it to act like a security system.
See https://ring.com

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