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Poor design

I had 100% wifi coverage at the ring 2. The health icon said I had poor coverage. Had to spend $50 more for a ring wifi extender to get it to work properly. Got the impression it was designed that way to get you to buy another ring product

Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced

Not only are the products themselves very choppy and laggy despite having 100MB internet and a rock solid wireless mesh, but issues associated with my protect plus account have been unresolved after 1 online chat ( not followed up as promised) and 3 calls to the US which have resulted in over 1 hour of lost time with no result. In one instance a call was dropped whilst on hold and no attempt to call me back even though they had taken and verified my phone number. Had to repeat the issue over and over (at least 5 times) and ultimately jump through their asinine hoops before proving the issue was with them and not my web browser. Would not recommend.

Hi Grobolo Salamanca, It is extremely important that our neighbors have the best possible experience with our products and our CS agents. I'd like to review your CS tickets and ensure that any concerns you have are resolved. Please email me directly: Bilan.jenkins@ring.com Thank you, Bilan J, Customer Satisfaction SpecialistFixed account issue after just 2 whole weeks. Awesome experience - not!

Disappointing Performance , But great when working

I was excited to purchase and set this device up, but unfortunately there were a number of let downs. To fit and install this device was a piece of cake, they provide all the tools to mount the device. As IT professional with over 20 yrs experience I had a feeling there would be issues after I downloaded the app, it was apparent to me there were some bugs from the get go (app wouldn't open initially, app was not repsonding in setup, lagging, etc) I reinstalled the app a number of times and re setup the Ring device on 2 different phones but unfortunately experienced the same issues. Put simply, the door bell works maybe 50 % of the time, ie, notify there is someone at the door,(which in this case is really the sole purpose - door bell) however the log will always show every transaction. The app often wont load and just freezes, when using the door bell the next day often wouldnt work, but i found by resetting the phone it would start functioning properly (app issue) Personally I think the app needs some refining. I can appreciate there are some dependencies on your home IT infrastructure (internet) (mobile phone) for this device to flow and work properly but in this case I tested internet speed and there were no drops out, its NBN, speeds are good - 34 mbps , I re setup 5-6 times on 2 month old android phone and tried my phone, same deal..... so really no excuse for this to work 100%. It simply doesnt.

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To add, I have just learnt you need to pay for a subscription after 60 days to view video and missed door bells rings. Very disappointed considering the product is inferior and its really just being used a cam, which essentially i could get online somewhere for 50 and not have to pay any sort of subscription.

Video quality ordinary (if it connects at all), sound quality extremely poor, delayed Chime tone

I have had the "Ring" (given as a gift) less than 24 hours and it does not pass our most basic tests. We are operating on a broadband internet network with a fully functional WiFi and very mild usage on the Wifi whilst we were trying to make this work. My summary experience as follows:
* Delays between when the door bell is pressed and when the chime inside the house sounds. Average 6 seconds, on occasion less, but often enough far more and sometimes the chime does not ring inside at all. Inconsistent. There is no direct connection between the doorbell and chime. If Wifi is down, will not work at all even as a basic door bell.
* The door bell can only be rung once. It then lapses into a coma whilst it tries to send messages across to your phone that someone has rung the bell. It is just not practical where you don't have your phone with you and someone is at the front banging on that door bell and wondering why no-one is answering.
* Does not always send messages to all phones that are connected to the account. Inconsistent is the only way I can describe it.
* Massive delay for the phone to connect to the video, if it connects at all. I am talking when in the same house on the same wifi. The video has often timed out before it connects.
* If after all the above mishaps the person who has rung the bell is still patiently waiting at the door (only saints need apply) the picture quality you will receive is grainy and pixelated in a very well lit area,. I cannot work out why but sometimes it is black and white and sometimes colour. Poor quality image at any rate.
* The pièce de résistance is trying to speak to the person. Mumbled stutterings are the best we could manage, with the biggest issue being that the person at the front door could not hear what had been said.

I did note with interest the appalling rating the Ring App has received on Google Play Store, but I went in to this agnostic of those reviews and gave it a very fair try and a number of hours spent trying to prove it can work. It did not and my experience is reflective of those same reviews. The product is now back in the boxes it came in and to be sent straight back to the store for a refund. It is just not up to scratch.

Dont waste your money

The quality is terrible. Ours is under a verandah. Someone walks down the driveway it triggers the motion but there's no way you could make out their face. Its also struggles because of glare even though its under cover.

They state the battery should last 6 to 12 months. Thats a joke as i have to charge ours every 3 weeks or so.

When it captures motion it only saves 30 secs of it. So pathetic. You pay $40 subscription per year for that added bonus. Also a joke.

Half the time Live View doesnt work. When it does it takes so long to connect that you've missed what ever it was you were trying to see.

Dont waste your money. Certainly dont use it for any type of security for your home. The quality is pathetic.

Crap. Unreliable.

I have the pro version that is hardwired. Having had an existing hardwired doorbell it should have been easy - but alas no. A complete waste of time given voltage sensitivities. And the US helpline have no idea if you're outside the US. I'd rate it zero if able, given the cost.

should come with large poster "knock loud or yell"

I bought the Ring doorbell and it worked for a bit, then it did not then it did...........
over the time I have it (bought 7/8/16), I would have reset it more than 50 times. I hate to get rid of it because it cost $ 289.00 plus I bought a chime for it too. all parts, chime, motion detection, network connection, delay in notice are frustrating.
Christmas is almost here, I will give it to somebody I hate enough
I will use a cardboard " knock loud and/or yell"
It will be an instant improvement

Worked for me

Started with a doorbell and expanded to 4 more cameras which has covered the whole house. Found it easy to set up and use. Can see the comments of load up times of the videos but my experience has bee around 10 secs delay from the moment I press the button. I went all out with 3 chimes/repaaters and 5 cameras in total and think I spent around $1200. ($AUS) I have received quotes triple that for the same product/outcome and feel this system has met all my needs. If I was a criminal I can see ways to circumnavigate around the security (ie cutting power and internet feed) but fir the normal feral that target your home on ICE I am pretty sure I will have a good 1080 picture of who I need to hunt down and pay my respects to. Cheers.

Cannot hear visitors because of traffic noise and slow to connect

The only thing this is useful for is to let me know someone tried to ring the doorbell. Havent been able to talk to a single person because of the traffic noise.

No Battery life

Whilst as stated it clearly depends on multiple factors like temperature, detection settings etc, the battery life is grossly overstated. For a device that is now approximately 1 year old, we only get a month or less between recharge, no longer use the live view and have reduced our detection settings to the least possible that we would be comfortable with. I was going to explore the hardwired options and it appears they are just as problematic. I read the other reviews and see the issues with liveview delays, widespread battery life issues and hardwiring problems and it just confirms that if I hadn't drilled into a brand new house & bought an additional chime too, the Ring would already be in the bin.

Useless because of the crappy security screws supplied.

As the Ring needs to be charged monthly, decent screws are needed. After 6 months of use it is now a lump sitting next to the front door and cannot be removed from the wall for charging. The heads of the cheap security screws are completely stripped. The Ring is a great concept, pity the company screwed us on the screws. I want a refund!

Not very useful

The biggest flaw with this product is how long it takes for the video connection to be established. After you get the ring notification, and wait for the app to open, then wait for the video to appear, the person may have already gone. If I try to talk to them, they usually can't hear me because the volume can't compete with the passing traffic.

Now, after less than 12 months, the hard-wired feature has stopped working (it no longer accepts power from the AC adapter and no longer rings the physical bell).

At this point, I've replaced it with a regular doorbell.

Not compatible with Telstra Gateway modem

I purchased the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, which required an electrician to hardwire it in. While it initially appeared to work, as soon as it was triggered (by someone pressing the doorbell), it disconnected itself from my strong NBN-based WiFi network. While Ring sent me a replacement -- it had the same problem. Eventually, after much back and forth with Ring and their tech specialists, it was determined that the doorbell is not compatible with some Australian modems.

Ring agreed to exchange the faulty doorbell for a Ring Spotlight security camera of the same value. I asked for the 'Mount' version that is hardwired in. Instead, Ring sent me a Wired version - which I returned to them. They then sent me the Battery version and a solar panel - which I also returned to them. They then sent me another Wired version. By this stage I gave up and just accepted the less than ideal Wired version (which has an exposed cable).

Making this experience worse was that Ring's Australia based distributor (who was sending me the replacement products) kept including return labels with the wrong address - so I would have to chase the return parcels around the country to track them down and send them to the correct address. All of this took considerable time and was very stressful (as my creditcard would be debited for the value of the misplaced items if they weren't received by Ring within a specified timeframe - 30 days).

In the end, I didn't get what I paid for, and the camera doesn't really work for the spot next to the frontdoor where I need it.

I wouldn't recommend Ring security cameras.

Battery Issue unable to charge

Battery charging is impossible hard wiring is so undefined. Customer service/ senior Tech support, advised to connect to Samsung or any phone charger (DC output) USB out let. While install docs clearly state charging supply must be Ac. Contradictory Had 2 replacement units with same charging issue.

December 12th 2018 Update: Battery Issues

Battery charging issue remains unattended. Support team try to help but unsuccessful since the product is lemon. I have been sent 3 replacement units with same fault unable to charge. Works as long as first battery lasts. Never buy this ever. Waste of time and money. "If product was good why would they send 3 replacements."

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Battery charging issue remains unattended. Support team try to help but unsuccessful since the product is lemon.I have been sent 3 replacement units with same fault unable to charge. Works as long as first battery lasts. Never buy this ever.

Works as advertised.

I don't understand the negative reviews. I can only guess they have a weak wifi signal. Mine works great. Only fault is I have a large tree in the field of view and it sets off an alert on a windy day. I liked it so much a got a Ring Wired Stickup camera to see the driveway and the rest of the area in front of my house. Love it too. Only negative with the camera is they haven't updated the software for my Macbook pro so it does not show up on the device list....only on my Iphone and Ipad.

Love this product!

Works great in all conditions and was easy to connect to my existing (1980's) doorbell system.
Nice that it works with my existing chime and the IFTTT integration works like a charm! I now have a visual queue for when the doorbell rings via the flashing of my LIFX lights (ideal if I have music up too loud).
Looking forward to future updates and releases!


The doorbell only works intermittently and is therefore unreliable. Similarly, the motion detector only works sometimes. I bought the Chime Pro hoping it would improve the operation of the unit but it made no difference. Live view rarely works. I was contacted by customer service after I gave a negative review. I received an effusive email assuring me they would work with me to resolve the problems and that was the last I heard from them. Essentially it is just a very expensive doorbell. I would not recommend this product

Hi Sydney, This is not the experience that we intended for you to have. While I do see that you mentioned having already worked with our Customer Support team, I would appreciate the chance to connect with you directly so that I can provide you with some additional assistance. Would you please email me at Kaitlyn.rosenthal@ring.com? I would appreciate your time as well as the chance to improve your Ring experience. Kaitlyn R., Customer Satisfaction Specialist Kaitlyn.rosenthal@ring.comUpdate to my review: Today, Carra from Ring's Community Outreach Team phoned me and spent an hour trying to improve the operation of my Ring Doorbell. I added Carra as a Shared User and everytime I rang the doorbell Carra was able to see the video immediately, whereas my phone connected only intermittently. So it seems the problem may be either with my phone or my phone provider. I am going to add users with different phones to see if that makes a difference. Carra was very helpful and patient so, I would give Ring's customer service a 100% rating (5 stars). As the doorbell worked perfectly every time during the testing I would also now give the doorbell a rating of 5 stars. If I was asked if I would recommend it to friends I would say yes - but I would also add that they may be less than satisfied if their internet connection and/or phone is not up to it. I hope I have been fair to Ring and that this review is helpful.

Really useful and effective

Our first Ring doorbell was working great but after a network outage wasn’t connecting/finding the WiFi network.
Ring support were fantastic and spent about 45mins with me on the phone going through all the possible solutions. They decided that it needed replacing but as if bought it from Costco here in Australia I could just return it and they sent me an email supporting the return.
The new doorbell works great, alt I think the initial issue wasn’t the doorbell it was with my WiFi network.
Just about to purchase the video storage package and a couple of cameras.
Really pleased with the product and service.

Horrible, battery useless after just under 13 month


so the doorbell worked fine within the 12 month warranty. 3 weeks after the warranty expired the battery life dropped dramatically. After contacting the customer support, I was told that there is no way to replace it as my warranty expired 3 weeks ago and I have to buy a new one. After pointing out Australian Consumer laws and that the consumers in Australia are protected beyond the standard warranty periods within reason, I was just bombed back with standard replies. Customer support didn't read my messages and kept sending me the same seemingly automated message all over again.

The customer care officer I was talking to was [name removed].

Stay away, you will not experience any courtesy from them.

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Hi Jessie, This is not the experience that we intended for you to have. While I do see that you have already been in contact with our Customer Support team, I would appreciate the chance to connect with you directly so that I can provide you with some additional assistance. I want to make sure that we get your Ring device back up and running as it should. Please email me at Kaitlyn.rosenthal@ring.com. Thanks, Kaitlyn R., Customer Satisfaction Specialist Kaitlyn.rosenthal@ring.com

I can’t fault it :)

Easy to install, it took a few days to get the right motion setting for our house. I love the live view feature, so can check in on front of property at any time too. Best little home security device I have ever purchased.

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Questions & Answers

My doorbell says "Your videos are ot being saved" so it will not let me view anything. Do I have to pay for a subscription?
No answers

Thanks for all the reviews, they definitely put me off buying one,
No answers

We purchased Ring video doorbell, for our small business where we also happen to reside. I'm not so worried about the video aspect, as I have cameras already installed. Our issue is we have 2 people , with 2 phones and 2 wi fi networks. q1) Can 2 people use the 1 doorbell 2) If the 1st person creates an account , should they send an invite to the 2nd user , or can the 2nd user still open their own account? 3) Can 1st user be on a different wifi network than 2nd user, or should we both use the same network? we have 2 networks , Home & office , as we use wireless router from the office to use at the house . I hope that makes sense. I tried sending an email request to user 2 but it asked me to set up and add a device again and again, we must be doing something wrong
2 answers
You need to individually install the Ring App and scan the QR code at the back of the Ring Doorbell onto each phone you want to use to interact with the doorbell. The Wifi networks you are using has nothing to do with it. You could (in theory) install the Ring App on your phone/s, scan the QR code from the doorbell, then use that phone/s to answer the doorbell from anywhere in the world, so long as that phone/s is/are connected to the Internet. This presumes of course that the Ring Doorbell is connected to a Wifi network that is connected to the Internet as well. I say in theory because in practice the Ring Door Bell system is not very good in my experience. You could try calling their help desk to see if they can provide assistance.Around_here, thank you for your reply, yes have done all you have suggested , before I posted the question. I was the first one to create an account and downloaded the app to my phone #1 and it worked , then my husband did the same on his phone #2, and it worked , however , my phone didn’t , I scanned the QR code for the 2nd time and it worked , but then my husbands phone didn’t , so on and so forth. I will try Ring support. Thanks again.


Video DoorBell
Length cm12.65
Width cm6.17
Depth cm2.21

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