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Rinnai B16

Rinnai B16

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crappy unit

Stay away from Rinnai and its shoddy products. I had this B16 unit installed in 2015 but it started having issues in 2018 where low hot water pressure would occur. I had my plumber look at it 3 times from June 2018 (i have invoice to prove when this issue started). Each time every 2 months i had to pay for someone to fix. On the third time, plumber asked me to claim warranty from Rinnai as calling out a plumber every 2 months- i may as well buy a new unit.
Called Rinnai yesterday but they said because it is now 2019 they wont honour warranty even though the issue started in 2018-still within the 3 year warranty period. Tech support doesnt even know what was wrong with the unit and cannot recommend any troubleshooting tips. They wanted to charge 195 call out fee as issue isnt under warranty. I will change to a bosch for my next unit. My subdivided house on the battleaxe block is a bosch and it is brilliant- so far no issues.

Purchased in October 2015 for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 5 person(s)
Smells of GasYes
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
Thanks for the review Chenc03, we are sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with the unit. Our Technical help desk will try to help with troubleshooting, however it is not always possible to diagnose an issue over the phone and a service call is required.But service call wants to charge 195 for something that occured within the warranty period? It states 3 years which is when problem startedThe warranty for the unit is 3 years and we can only diagnose the issue with the unit when we have been advised there is a fault. The plumber who attended should have referred you to Rinnai as soon as he was unable to diagnose and repair the unit, especially if he was aware the unit was under warranty.

Wastes 80 litres a day

MY son brought this for me cause i was wasting 30 to 40 litres of hot water a day getting from my Aquamax 390 to my kitchen sink, so got a new b16 and moved it just outside my kitchen, now every time i turn it on i waste 10 litres before it gets to its hot temperature, that i had to get the plumber back to adjust up to 53- when it was only getting to 47/48- anyway, when i had to boil two kettles worth, to wash my dishes, so now im wasting at least 50/to 60 litres a day just in my Kitchen sink, and close to 30 litres a day in my bathroom, that's between 80 and 90 litres a day in waste, and considering this, https://www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/You-and-your-home/Save-energy/Hot-water/Hot-water-running-costs ///((see-2 people (90 litres per day))) its a nightmare, & wish id just stuck with my Aquamax- anyway im just going to put my Aquamax back. way too much waste and cost to me, for me.

Purchased in March 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Smells of GasNo
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Thank you for the review John. An alternative option would be to install a Rinnai smart start water saver. The Rinnai Smartstart® Water Saver has been developed to specifically reduce water wastage whenever a hot tap is turned on. Please refer to the following link for full installation details. -https://www.rinnai.com.au/online/hot-water/continuous-flow-hot-water/accessories-and-flueing-smartstart-water-saver/ A local plumber would be able to fit this for you. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Heaps of hot water!

I replaced my Bosch Hydro with this unit (ok unit)......wow what a difference! The Rinnai pushes out a lot more hot water with no problems. I'm on lpg and haven't been through a bottle yet but I assume it would use more than the Bosh. The hotter the water the more gas.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Uses so much gas!

This unit uses exactly twice as much gas as our old bosch unit. It also smells sweet like its running very rich and smells like gas or cooking bread. its only a month old and Im very disappointed. I am shifting this review to the infinity 16 page which is monitored.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Thanks for the review jas, if you would like to call our technical team they can discuss this with you. They can be reached on 1300 555 545.

Questions & Answers

sorry but why would i go out and buy a new untit- when the day i put this in it wasn't doing what it claimed, and you wouldn't replace it-in spite of me telling you this, you just said bad luck,i should take you to VCAT really, if i turn the tap off for 30 seconds, i waste another four litres, if i turn it off for three minutes its 8 to ten litres waste, it easily takes fifteen litres to get to my bathroom and turn hot,, and i cant use hot water washes in my washing machine, cause it comes out cold with all the stops and starts in a wash-only gets to warm, within an hour of having it hooked up, i realised how much of a dud it was, and how much it rips you off, and that it only goes to 48-49- hottish, and how much water it wastes getting there, a real rort for the gas companies and the water people, government people who don't care who pays the bills maybe, anyway within the hour, me realising what it really is, crap, you were telling me, bad luck mate, and now you've got the cheek, to tell me to get another one, at who's cost is that? im wondering, and what do i do with the B16, you should be honest about your machine, it doesn't do what you say it does, certainly not satisfactorily, at all. it wastes a lot of water getting to the advertised temperature, it doesn't or just only gets to, eventually, if you don't mind hanging around watching warm water go down a drain, that is,, so that needs to be said, and if you think your gonna save anything, that,s not going to happen either, id say more the opposite, it was just a mix up in understanding , i never would have got a rated heat water system, but didn't know that's what it was, the plumber made a mistake in not telling me that, but either way, at the end of the day, you should have been decent about it in my book anyway, knowing its not a full and proper,hot water unit, not like a hot water unit, we all know and expect, and that people are going to realise how dud it is, only when they've got it hooked up and tried it, when your gonna tell them "bad luck mate". I also have to put my hot water system back or not be able to wash my clothes or run cleaning programs that require 90c temperatures, that, fair enough, i wouldn't have got anyway,, but would have been very close to, now its just cold cause of getting there, stopping and starting waste, cold, etc. could be 20-25 ltrs before it even gets to 48-9- and by then thats it , it's over, does another 25 litres, and cleaning process, five times, with Luke warm to cool water, would have cost over a thousand to shift it to my kitchen too, lucky my plumber was in the family hey, look im sure this unit is or would be good for creches, schools etc, where too hot water could burn kids, great for that, in spite of the waste, if its keeping kids and the handicapped, the elderly, safe, that's good, but, that's how it needs to be advertised, should be, maybe not for normal people, with plenty of dollars, who might not, concern themselves, like your average home owner, battler, might, could, would, will, like i am, considering, it was all about saving, for me, to me, more than anything, anyway i've learnt a very big lesson that;s for sure, and i want to at least, let people know, what they can expect, in totality, not selective, by, or like, a company, might, or will, tell you, or not tell you, but ridgy didge, as in fairdinkum. all the ups, and all the downs. plusses- negatives. And please stop calling them continual, or continuous, their not, are they, not at "a set temperature" their not, nothing instant either, not in reality anyway, Cant wait for my gas bill.
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Had a Rinnai B16 installed about 6 months ago, it's been working fine until today... Now it is not coming on at all. I have checked water pressure and gas connections, everything looks fine. Changed the power outlet to make sure it isn't the problem, but still nothing. Why would it all of a sudden stop coming on? Is there a fuse or a reset switch I can try? Any assistance would be appreciated..
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Thanks for the question Stu. To reset the unit, you can pull out the power plug and wait 3-4 minutes and then plug in again. When you turn on the hot water tap the unit should then turn on. If not you may need to book a service job to diagnose the issue if the water and gas are in good supply,I did that yesterday and it worked, but later in the day when I turned a tap on it did not work at all. I also unplugged it again this morning and it came back on. What would be causing this issue? I do not have a display that shows error codes.Hi Stu, we would suggest booking a service call as it is difficult to diagnose the issue without the technician being on site. Our 1st Care team can arrange for a technician via our contact centre on 1300 555 545. We also have a technical help desk on the same number who may be able to troubleshoot for you

We have just moved into a new Granny flat with a new B16 and also a new Fisher and Paykel washing Machine . Has there been any problems reported about water temperatures in washing machines , as we keep getting "No Hot and No cold " notifications from the washing machine .I am checking here before going to F&P. Thanks for your help , Alistair MaccPherson
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Thanks for the question aerial99. We have not had any issues reported, are you able to check the water temperature through a tap in the room?


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