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Rinnai B26

Rinnai B26

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Saves on gas bill but requires running tap hard to get hot water

I'm pretty sure we bought this around May 2018, and after getting it, I really really missed my old one.

Our plumber recommended this one as he used it for his home and he liked it. But I think it comes down to the way that I use my water & tap. When I’m washing dishes, I run the tap 30-40% flow strength, and doing it that way, the hot water system doesn’t get triggered, so no hot water (even when I’ve got my tap on only hot water). If I run tap harder (60-80% flow strength), the hot water will get triggered, no problems. If I run tap 40-50% flow (Hot water setting), it may get warm water for a minute, then goes cold.

So basically, I got used to freezing cold hands doing dishes during winter months (and the 8 degree mornings of Melbourne spring days) as I don’t want to waste so much water just to get the hot water going.

Hot water for our shower is good as it’s closer to the unit plus we’ve got lots of water flow so no problems there. Though water does take longer to warm up than my previous hot water system, so when I’m getting the temperature right for my child, I have had to collect the excess water used (before it warms up), for the garden so it’s not wasted.

So it comes down to how one uses their tap & washing dishes.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Thank you for your feedback Tulipgirl. Continuous Flow water heaters require a minimum water flow rate to trigger the ignition system and commence the water heating, typically 2.1 litres per min (l/m), however if the heater has no water controllers installed, it will always try to heat the water to the maximum setting which will be at least 50o C. If there is not enough water flowing through the heater it will shut down the burner as a safety feature rather than create a hazard to the person at the tap. Tap ware and showers can all have different water flow rates and usually if the heater that was replaced was a storage tank, the tap ware and shower head may have flow reducers fitted so that the hot water doesn’t run out too quickly. The plumbing will more than likely be smaller than required if a storage tank was there first. Firstly, check the inlet water connection filter for possible partial blockages through debris build up. Check and verify if possible the water flow rating of the tap ware, it may require replacement of tap washer with “Hydroseal’ type which may increase the flow rate and won’t distort over time. Check if there is a water flow restrictor in the shower head and remove it to achieve a higher flow rate. Consider installing a water controller which can then be set to a lower temperature for showering and then have less chance of heater shutting off during the heating cycle. There will always be a need to expel the cooled down water out of the pipes before the hot water arrives, it may also be caused by older pipes that have insufficient insulation and cool down faster than they should. Continuous flow systems are totally different to storage systems and some adjustments to the operation is necessary.

Incomparable improvement on my previous unit

After our hot water system started to leak we decided (on recommendation from a trade store) to install a Rinnai Continuous Flow Water Heater. When I received my first gas bill I thought it must have been for a lesser time frame as for 3 months it was only $96 - nearly half of the previous one. Apart from the gas savings, the water is much hotter and several appliances can be used at once without the water running out. I highly recommend these appliances. I could not be happier with our purchase. High price to start with but I think over time it would pay for itself in savings on a gas storage heater which we had previously.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thanks for the review Antoinette, you really can see the difference if upgrading from a storage tank to a continuous flow unit. Only paying to heat the water you use and never run out of hot water. We are pleased to hear your experience has been so positive and that you continue to enjoy the unit.

Rinnai Instant Hot Water System B26

We're still having problems with the B26 instant hot water system from Rinnai. The water turns cold for about 30 seconds multiple times during showers. It is so annoying. We've spoken with Rinnai a number of times. The first time they told us to change the shower head, we did, didn't make any difference.

Then, they sent a plumber out from Jordans Gas Centres, who charged us $196.95 because they couldn't find anything wrong with the unit. We were told we need to change the regulator on the Gas supply line, because there wasn't enough pressure.

We did have the gas meter changed and pressure tested. The problem still remains - water still turns cold during showers.

I'd like to add that we are still under warranty. We have emailed Rinnai again with the whole story and I'm hoping that someone from there will actually take us seriously and try and solve the problem. I'm not paying another $196.95 to a plumber who tells me nothing is wrong, when something is clearly wrong.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
I'd like to add that I've emailed the whole story to the Rinnai Enquiry email address and also the plumbing company they use. It's been 4 days and we've not heard back from either company. Rinnai customer service is horrible.Thank you Shiva K for your review. We have received your email and will be in contact shortly.

Want warm water - purchase the Rinnai B26.

This system maybe satisfactory if it is located very close to the kitchen sink, the shower or other water outlets but if it is not be prepared to waste a lot of water before warm- (note that I have used the word warm) water is available -no need for any cold water or very little maybe when you shower. While you are waiting for the warm water to come through before washing dishes, fill up and boil your kettle - washing dirty dishes in warm water just does clean them properly. I would find it difficult to recommend this warm water system to anyone.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Thanks for the review Lindsay, it sounds like the unit has not been commissioned correctly as you should be receiving 50 degrees at the nearest bathroom tap. (this is a government requirement). If there is a loss of temperature through pipework it is possible to make an adjustment to the system to increase the temperature and this should be completed by the installing plumber.

great little unit except for the sound

I have just had a Rinnai B26 installed and it's also making the same high pitched noise as mentioned previously by another person (see 11 Aug). The noise starts up immediately after you turn off the hot water tap. (it's not there while the hot water is running). The system is mounted on a bedroom's external wall and the noise is annoying. Not only can it be heard in the bedroom but also in the kitchen up stairs and faintly throughout the rest of the house. It seems to be travelling through the pipework.
I called Rinnai customer service and Ken advised that it's normal for the noise to appear after using the hot water tap as it's the internal fan cooling the system.
When I was contemplating the purchase of an instantaneous hot water system, I was worried about noise in the bedroom and was advised by the plumber that I wouldn't hear a thing. I expected a water noise when it's in operation like you hear from any tap, which is acceptable. But if I briefly use the H W tap during the night, the person in the bedroom receives 10 seconds of high pitched hum every time. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

2nd Time I've had one - still excellent

We moved to a new home and replaced its ugly and expensive electric hot water tank with the Rinnai B26 and it is still an excellent product that was also inexpensive to setup and install. Never had an issue with the previous one which we installed in our previous home. This would be 5 star except for the little bit of lag getting hot water to tap (but it's not a noticeable difference to electric tank) so it's all about where you place the device in proximity to heavy use tapst. They are so cheap it's an option to have two if your house is long or large.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Difficult to replace a lemon

There were at least 3 separate manufacturing faults. The first was that the flame igniter was installed upside down and this was reinstalled the correct way. The technician refused to accept our suggestion that the unit should be taken away and tested properly at the factory. On the second call out (next day) the Rinnai service man claimed that the water flow rate in the shower was too low and that is why unit was cutting out mid shower. After some adjustment he told us that the fault was in the shower head. We purchased a new shower head however the problem still persisted. It was always clear that the flow rate was strong. Further the technician measures the water and gas flow rates at the unit and these were both completely adequate. By the fifth visit the technician installed a new control unit. The delay was due to the technician requiring to have the intermittent problem actually visible to him and not accepting our word on this.

With the installation of a new control we asked that the the technician wait and test out the actual shower hot water. He refused and ran out the door without properly ascertaining that the unit was working. There were two further call outs with final, the seventh, bringing the installation of a new unit.

The product clearly has failings and these are not easily rectified.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Thanks for your review John. we are sorry to hear of the issues you have faced with the servicing of your unit and would like to look into this further for you. Can you contact us via our enquiry@rinnai.com.au email mentioning this review and we will be in touch.This is the standard reply from Rinnai. If they were more customer focused they would know exactly the issues. We have raised it with management.

transitioned from electric off peak to hot water gasheating

We were very reluctant to be using a gas appliance as we don't have any other gas connections. After much researching we went ahead with the Rinnai B26. We have been very happy with the app. It has been reliable and providing almost instantaneous hot water with good water pressure, never running out and had a very good deal from Rinnai at the time. Only issue is if there is a slow flow the hot water cuts out so one has to have a good volume to ensure constant heating when taking a shower. This can be a drawback but one adjusts to this after awhile.Neat and compact installation by side of house was the other deciding factor for us. No regrets.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Thanks for the review MTT, we are glad to hear the research has paid off and you have a unit that meets your needs. There does need to be a minimum flow rate through the unit in order for it to operate, temperature controllers can help if this becomes an issue for you.

Amazing. Coming from Bosch 10P. This is amazing

Was confused as after reading all the negatives up here. People must be crazy to write these reviews, this is absolutely an amazing product.
Called my plumber the other day as my Bosch 10p started playing up and straightaway he said get a rinnai B16,20 or 26. And me being me picked up the best of rinnai with b 26 top model.
Absolutely right choice and loving it.
No more water fluctuations, no more waiting, it comes right away within 5-10 seconds.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Questions & Answers

Why does the water go cold many times before it stays hot. All taps in house . Built in 2015 and only now have the problem
2 answers
Thanks for the question Brian W, there can be a number of things that can cause the issue you have described. The most common of which is to do with water flow through the unit. We recommend cleaning the filters in the unit and ensuring all tapware has no blockages or build up.Thank You

I have got a quote of $2125 for aRinnai B26 with installation and disposal. I think it is overpriced. Any suggestion.
2 answers
Go for it. I am totally impressed with my new water heater. Hotter water than I had. Price around the same as I paid. My Gas bill came down by so much that I thought they had made a mistake. I could not be happier. It is the best investment I have made for a long time. You will not be disappointed.Thank you Antoinette.

We have a Rinnai B26 that I purchased 1 march 2017. It has had intermittent problems numerous times . I called the Rinnai 1st Car team who did not care at all. I talked to a guy called John who insisted I had to call an independent gas plumber to verify the pressure before they would send out their plumbers. I contacted the installer who thankfully came out, checked the pressure and it was fine. He contacted Rinnai and explained the situation. Rinnai listened to him and arranged Precise Plumbing to inspect the unit which they found faulty. They replaced the piezo starting unit and has been working until now. I am back to the intermittent problem that I had back in December last year. My understanding is that this model has a 3 years warranty on both parts and labour. I am loathe to contact the 1st Care team at Rinnai after the last experience. Does anybody know if this is a common problem with this model? If so how do I fix it?
2 answers
Sorry - I cannot help with this query - my only problem thus far is the amount of water that is wasted (if it is not collected for the garden) before any warm water comes through the tap outlet and the temperature of the water is not as hot as I thought it would/should be.Thanks for the question John T, without inspecting the unit it is difficult to investigate the issue with the unit. We would like to look into this further, can you please contact the team, mentioning this review at enquiry@rinnai.com.au with the address details and if possible, the job number


  • MPN: B26N50

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