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Rinnai Infinity 24

Rinnai Infinity 24

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No problem with Rinnai B24

This unit is a work horse, no problems , no issues, it was installed properly the first time and for the last 5 years it has just worked and worked; I would say, one really has to make sure the product is right for what you using and then I would advise to get a good tradesman to recommend and install the units. Good tradesman are getting harder to find so good luck with that.

Date PurchasedJan 2012
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Thanks for the review Alex, your advice is very true, getting the right unit for your needs is very important and the right tradesman to make sure the job is done right.

Can't fault Rinnai

15 Years and still going strong. Love continuous hot water, especially with the temperature controllers. Just set to 41 degrees for a shower and back to 50 for dishes. Now looking to replace our old wood fired hot water system up the bush with a similar unit but on LPG.

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Thanks for the review Kygar, that's great to hear and we agree the controllers really do make a big difference to the ease of use with the hot water units. We hope you continue to enjoy the unit for many years to come.


We purchased a B24 from Tradelink about 4 years ago. right from the start i was not happy with this unit as it seams to take a long time to warm up the water. when i rang the support crew at Rinnai they said it was because the water in the pipes is already cold so it takes longer for it to heat up. seamed kind of logical so i let it pass.
but during this summer in brisbane, which has been very hot, the water now seams to take forever. when doing the dishes now, we have to turn on at least 2 other taps to promote the water. funny thing is, the pipe run from the hot water system to the kitchen is about 3 metres.

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Thanks for your review Darren, there could be a number of factors that may be causing the symptoms you are describing. The unit does require a reasonable amount of water flow to operate and water controllers can help with ensuring only the hot water tap is used. We have a technical hotline with gas plumbers who may be able to talk through some troubleshooting with the unit. They are available Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 5.30pm.

Great product

We have had an Infinity 24 installed since 2001, and can quite honestly say it has been fantastic, we replaced the usual external type storage heater with this unit and it was the best thing we did, up until 2 years ago we had a household of 4 using showers etc. each day and it has never let us down, we are considering selling this property and moving house, and if the new place does not have one of these units installed, the first thing I will do is to put one in,
In the 14 years we have had our unit we have never had it serviced, I ( I know I am slack ) and it works perfectly, tell me any other product that could do that,
I can only suggest that those people that have had problems with their units should look at their plumbing setup first, before blaming the heater, because that could be where their problem is.

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Thanks for the review Chris, it's always nice to hear when a customer is happy with their products and we appreciate your loyalty to the brand.

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Whistling sound when hot water is turned on
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We have a 24 about 6 years old & for a while now whilst showering, the water temp fluctuates every 50-60 secs. from warm to cold or hot to cold & the upstairs one does it even worse, can you guide me on what to do as we have guests staying soon. Regards JI.
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Thank you for the question Irvo. Please contact our Technical help desk for free troubleshooting advice on 1300 555 545 option 3. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

I have Rennai 24 , we had to turn off the water to fix a pipe , now the water isn’t hot? What should I check , there’s power to the unit , pressure there? Is there a rest button?
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Thank you for your question Matt. In order for Rinnai to assist you further with your enquiry, please contact our free Technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3.


Infinity 24
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