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Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro

Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro

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So far, so good

We just had this system installed to replace a gas storage system. It's working great so far: very hot water, on demand. The water stays nice and hot; you can set it higher than the recommended temperature at installation (45C I think?), and I thought I'd need to, but it's been hot enough for me -- even in the room furthest away. We don't have high demand (2 people) or run the unit for long (water-saving mentality!). Can't wait to get my next gas bill to see how much we're saving.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thanks for the review CH1, there is a limit of 50 degrees for hot water deliver in bathroom areas which is a lot hotter than people realise. We are glad to hear the unit is working well for you.

excellent highly recommended

I bought an enviro 26 in 2010 and it has run like a clock ever since. Rinnai gave me and extra 10 years warranty on the heat exchanger when i bought a second temperature controller. Rinnai gave me $150 cashback after purchase. I am extremely happy with my Rinnai and would happily buy same again. I am about to buy another enviro 26 for my father - to replace his electric system that is junk and just costs $$$ to boil water all day. Many thanks Rinnai - top quality Japanese hot water systems :)

Date PurchasedApr 2010
Thanks for the review Donaldo, we are pleased to hear the unit is working well for you.Welkom!! It's a great product

No lifespan, dead after 3.5 years, good luck to those who have just installed on, tick tick...

Seems nothing lasts like it used to. The old instant gas hot water system lasted 25+ years! the new energy efficient rinnai enviro 26 is 0.5 years out of warranty (3.5 years total) and is dead. The plumber says the junk yard is full of these units, just install another one and start saving to replace it in 3-4 years... otherwise work well for the past 3.5 years.

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Thanks for your review Brett. It is very unusual for an Enviro unit to fail after this time period. We would welcome the opportunity to look into this matter further for you.


We have a single story in Melbourne. I have to have showers with hot water only because it's just hot enough most of the time. Sometimes it's lukewarm and too cold for a shower. Rubbish. Someone else mentioned that theirs stops producing hot water when it rains. That might be the same for us.
Water isn't hot enough.

EDIT: Turns out the problem was with the tempering valve. Once it was replaced, the water has been fine. We have to have tempering valves by law in Victoria. The Rinnai Infinity itself doesn't let you adjust the temp. You need a plumber. It's illegal to remove the tempering valve all together. But if I did, I'd get HOT water without a doubt.Thanks for the follow up Rayn, the tempering valve should allow the water at the nearest bathroom tap reach 50 degrees if adjusted correctly, but regardless of the temperature coming from the INFINITY it will be reduced by the tempering valve.

Good Unit.

We install it with 2 remote controllers, set to 40 degree on shower and 50 degree on kitchen. Kids don't need to turn on cold water to adjust temperature, and don't need to worry hot water temperature issue. Recommend install it with remote controller, it will save your water and gas bill.
Energy efficient.

Awesome on tank water!!!

We searched around for the best most efficient system as we don't want to be spending a fortune on gas and we're on a limited supply of water. (Rain water tanks). We've installed the water controllers which although reasonably expensive, are absolutely awesome as well. I can now get up in the morning, select a 30 litre shower at 41 degrees and my only complaint is that 30 litres disappears quickly if you don't turn the pressure down! In the kitchen we can change the temperature to 60 degrees and the water is consequently nice and HOT. No complaints about this system at all. We installed the controllers ourselves and it was very easy. Had an installation problem which Rinnai's technical support were able to help me out very easily. (Basically I had 4 controllers and they needed to be added in order or the 4th wouldn't be recognised).
Efficient, does what it should, love being able to set the temperature to what I need and save energy that way, and most importantly set the volume of water so we don't drain our tank too quickly!!!
You can only have 1 kitchen & 2 bathroom controllers. The 4th has to be a universal which doesn't have the bath/shower saver feature.

2 years on and so far no irregularities. :-)Thanks for the update Peter, we are very glad to hear you are still happy with the unit. We wish you many more years of untroubled usage.

Early days but so far so good

We have just installed one of these in our new house.
The house has no gas connection before so our plumber have to do all the pipework. So I presume all meter, regulator are specified to support the unit.

The unit is working very well and we have temperature controllers.
One thing that worried me a little before we bought the unit was the numerous negative comments about how some of the rinnai units can cut in and out especially when water flow rate is slow. That is certainly not our case.

As we have controllers, we just simply turn the hot water tap on. The flow rate in our shower head is very slow.. I mean very slow. I think I measured it once, it was probably doing no more than 5 litres per minute. I am happy to report that it causes absolutely no problem with our setup. I know it is early days, but showers temp is consistent and control is great. Never once did it cut out.

We can get very hot water in our kitchen .. I presumed it would be close to 60 degrees.

One thing I did notice is that there is no water running out of the drain hole. Our plumber did not install a drain tube to the drainer connection and on the first couple of days of use, I looked for water draining out as in the manual, it said it can be up to 5 litres per hour something like that. But for all I can see, there is not much water I can find. I even stick a straw up the drain hole to see if it is blocked.. nope. Strange!
Most efficient way to heat up water and great control with temp controller

3 years on still going strong. Not once did it cut out or anything like that. Temp is consistent so fingers crossed! We had a storage gas tank at our old place and this instant gas consumed half the gas of our old unit... top marks!!!Thanks for the update Breamo, having the temperature controllers makes a big difference to the ease of running with the unit. This is especially important with a low flow rate as you do not need to add cold water to the mix which would further reduce the hot water flow.

Good Unit but has vulnerabilities

We have had this Water Heater for 2 years. Recently the water temperature started out hot and then changed to cold instantly. Having had no problems before, just continuous hot water this was very puzzling. We called Rinnai but they had closed for the Christmas break on 24 December. So we called a local plumber who came and cleaned the filter. This unfortunately didn't solve the problem. On 2nd January we rang Rinnai again and they sent a serviceman that day. Unfortunately this service call cost $165. He said spiders had got into the pipe that drains water from the unit and had caused it to block and consequently the exchange of continuous hot water. A simple explanation, but a very expensive one for a unit that is only 2 years old. So if it happened again we would seriously think about some other form of water heater as the service charges are only going to increase and the cost savings this heater provides would be negated by service calls.
Energy efficient
Vulnerable to spiders causing blockages

Love it!

After reading some bad reviews on other Rinnai instantaneous HW systems we were almost going to cancel our order, but glad we didn't. We got the more expensive 7 Star version but worth every penny. It's small and sits neatly on the wall above ducted heating system. I think anyone who isn't happy with this unit might have installed it in the wrong spot. It should be close to the kitchen so that hot water is instant. Taps further away take slightly longer for hot water to come through, but we had the same thing with our previous system, and it's not enough of a delay to be a problem. We had a very good plumber who advised us well.
Efficient. Small. No ugly torage tank. Reliable. Very hot water with hardly noticeable slight fluctuation when running multiple showers/taps. Got a $672 govt rebate as changed from off-peak electric system + $200 cashback from Rinnai. Our supplier took the $672 rebate straight off the price.
Takes approx 30 secs for hot water to come through on taps furthest away, but we had this with our previous electric hot water system too,so I think this will happen with any system. Not suitable to use with water saving shower heads as causes temp fluctuations. Our plumber removed the flow restricter to save us buying a new shower head.

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Questions & Answers

if I buy the enviro 26 can I then expand / add a rinnai solar system when I can afford to do so? Ash
3 answers
Thanks for the question Ash. The Enviro 26 is not adaptable for solar requirements as this unit will only reach a maximum temperature of 60 degrees and solar systems requires temperature range of 70 degrees. We recommend purchasing a Solar booster S26, which is specifically manufactured for solar connection and compatability. This unit can be added to when required. Thanks, Rinnai Australiaso will the s 26 work independently / can i add the solar components later? AshThanks for the question Ash. Yes, that is correct, the S26 will work independently until such time you wish to connect to solar collectors. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Hi, We have a rinnai infinity 26 (not exactly sure which model). I have no idea why but every time it rains the unit will not run. It starts, runs for 10-15 secs , clicks and clunks then switches off. There is no issue with the power source ,as been checked, and no rain water leaks as it has a rain cover over it and no evidence of water leaking in etc. Please advise, very frustrating
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Thank you for the question Andrew. If the gas supply is reticulated as in mains supply, I would suggest having the gas meter and regulator checked, for the possibility of rain water entering the bleed vent on the regulator and reducing the gas supply when heater is operating. This can also happen on gas bottle installations if the water enters the two stage regulator at the bottles.

Hi, We had an Infinity 26 Enviro installed four days ago. The first day everything worked just great. Since then, the water runs cold after 30 - 60 seconds continuous operation (trying to have a shower). If the hot tap is turned off, then back on, it is all good for the next minute or less. This process is very annoying to say the least, especially when I paid over and above for highly recommended equipment. Any answers to solve this problem?
6 answers
Hi Mel, i can only presume it is low water flow, we ended up getting a temperature controller so when we have a shower we drop the temp to 45 so no cold is needed and then back to 55 to wash dishes, if we go to 60 the hot water system starts playing upNot sure how you are running it. We have a Rinnai 26 plus unit. Put it on the temperature we want .For me 41 degrees, no cold water and it works fine. Stays hot for the shower.Hi all, a quick update.... I spoke to the Rinnai help desk guy and he was great. Problem solved. The issue was that the black cap which covers the condensate drainage point had been left on after installation. Consequently, the unit will cut out when the drain backs up to a certain point. So I removed the cap as directed and instantly the issue is solved. Thanks Mr Rinnai...


Infinity 26 Enviro
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