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Why does hot water same time does not come out of tap
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both controllers flashing.Unable to transfer.Temperature sometimes drops from 43 deg to 40 deg.Have checked wiring all ok.Is the problem controllers or the Infinity 26?
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Hi I have a Rinnai Infinity 26. It is about 14 years old. We have always found it takes ages for the hot water to reach the kitchen and main bathroom as they are quite far from the system. However recently our en-suite which is on the other side of the wall where the hot water system is has not been getting hot water. I find if I turn the other sink on in the en-suite it will get hot but it is strange it is doing this. It doesn’t do it all the time but is doing it more frequently.
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I have a Rennai Solar 26 and this loud whistling/high pitched sound started to happen when the hot water is NOT being used. This sound is so loud you can hear it throughout the house. It is a high pitch sound effecting our-self and the neighbours, not some standard operating sound. We turned off the mains, released the water as to kill the pressure issue and ran all the taps in the house. This resolve the problem for around 24 hours. Then it started again but this time it also sounded like an old broken car and was thumping about. Again, we killed the water at the mains... We are now too nervous to turn it back on as I have been told hot water tanks can blow a hole in your wall if three fail safes for the pressure build up fail and kill customers... So far we have had an extremely rude experience from your customer service centre, no call-back and your after-hours emergency number is 1800 000 340 just asked for a message to call back... What a joke! Still no contact in 48 hours. We need this fixed now, what do we do next? FYI - The sound stops when I turn off the mains - The sound stops when I use any tap in the house cold or hot - The sound stops when I release the pressure valve on the tank - The unit is making a very loud squealing sound and does not stop - The unit is now making a broken car fan / knocking sound and a high pitch sound at the same time - This resolves itself each time the water is off four a few hours - This comes back after 2-24hours If it’s your policy to get out of honouring your warranty by letting customers down… Just let us know so we can organise a plumber to resolve the issue.
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Hi Brendon, we're sorry to hear about this and have sent a private message to discuss the matter further. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Whistling sound when hot water is turned on
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Hi, we have an Infinity 26 with one internal controller. Recently on the controller the transfer button has started to blink on and off, and the temperature for hot water and bath fill both default to 40 and can only be raised up to 42 by persistent button pushing, but then they drop back to 40. A plumber has looked at it and seen no error codes on the outdoor unit itself. We have turned off power to the controller for three minutes, hoping that would reset it, but no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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We recently brought a rinnai B26 and had it installed by a certified plumber. Now after a couple of months it has began to turn cold while having a shower. What is the reason behind this
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Thanks for the question Joanne, there can be a number of reasons why this may occur. We would recommend calling our Technical Help Desk to troubleshoot over the phone. If they are unable to help you. they can transfer you to our 1st Care Department to book a service call for the unit.

I have a 3 year old 26 that was replaced a a 20 year old model. The controllers from the old model were used with the new model. Recently the contollers blink off and then come back on, looking for a possible cause or a remedy. The unit is still in warranty. Any help?
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Thanks for the question Rick C. It could be a number of things, the controller may be faulty or the connection wire to the unit may have been disrupted. You can book a service call and if the Hot Water Unit is faulty, this may still be under warranty. However if the fault is with the controllers. this would be a chargeable job.

My infinity is operational with one remote. I've set it to 43 and it seems fine for sinks in the house, but won't 'engage' in the shower, unless i raise the temp to 50? what may be causing this?
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Thanks for the question ChrisR. Are you mixing cold water in the shower? With the temperature controller you should be able to set the hot water temperature at the desired amount and only use the hot water tap, Mixing in too much cold water can reduce the flow rate of the water causing the unit to shut down. If not we would recommend calling our technical help desk on 1300 555 545 and they may be able to troubleshoot over the phone.

our controller is flashing at 42 degrees cant change the temp, water runs hot cold hot cold etc i dont want to reset incase i have no hot water. Please help?
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Thanks for the question Tony, we would recommend contacting our Technical Help Desk who can run through some troubleshooting with the unit. They are available on 1300 555 545 until 5.30pm

Hi, I have a rinnai b26 for about 5 months and I'm not at all happy with this product. It is unreliable and has given me many cold showers. Recently when using the shower hot water tap is turn on, the rinnai cuts off after 10 seconds and tries to restart but is not able to ignite the gas. At the taps eventually hot water works, but with the shower, it starts for 10 seconds and cuts/switches off. Water pressure is fine and the shower head has been cleaned and so has the water filter on the water unit. Sometimes I have to open the hot water shower tap very low (a trickle) then the water heats up. What is the problem and what is the solution? I'm starting to give up on this product. Cheers Terry
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Thanks for the question Terry. Continuous flow units require a flow of water through the unit to ensure the unit remains active. We would recommend speaking to our Technical Team on 1300 555 545 option 3 to discuss possible resolutions to the issue you are facing.The water flow to and from the unit is more than the recommended about of the unit. The machine starts for 10 seconds and then switches off! It only does this with the shower. The shower head is not a water saving head, therefore lots of water comes out, but cold! Even when using only the hot water tap!

I have infinity 26, PRV leaking. ring Rinnai up, told the part number was 92099944. But also told me that they have none in stock. the expected arrival time is 1st August!!!? Water is leaking.... Ring up Tradelink and Reese, they also have none!! What should I do??? David
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When we turn any cold water tap on and then off again, the Rinnai 26 fan starts up for a few seconds, any idea how to fix this?
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Thanks for the question Kim, generally the hot water unit will only start when the hot water tap is switched. We would recommend having a plumber check the pipework in the house.A plumber has checked the pipework, and everything is normal, the only thing he suggested was when opening a cold tap and closing it, it causes a small flow of water as the pressure in the pipe increases back to the normal water pressure, which is enough to trigger the Rinnai's fan, and possibly the flow sensor in the Rinnai is too sensitive?

I like our Rinnai hot water system, but it wastes a lot of water while waiting for the hot water to get through to the kitchen, merely 7 mtrs distance. Is there anything we can do to alleviate this? We live in the country an water is a precious commodity.
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Thanks for the question Pjay, as soon as the tap is opened, the hot water is started but has to push the cold water left in the pipes through to the outlet before the hot water is received. The time taken will depend on the pipework of the house and while the straight line to the tap may be close, it will depend on the length of this pipework to the kitchen outlet. A direct line to the tap or a flow and return system can alleviate the delay but can be difficult to install in an established home. Thanks Rinnai AustraliaThank you so much for your prompt reply. We did not think there would be an easy option, so will continue filling the jug with the cold water to save it.

I have an old Infinity 26 unit, about 10 years old I think, the electricity went off briefly yesterday and I can't get the unit to start, so no hot water. The inside controllers are all off, no power no lights etc. I have tried to turn off the power, gas and water supply and then turn back as per the manual but no luck. Can you please suggest a solution. Thanks
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Hey Rob, same thing happened to mine today, have worked out what it was?

I've lost hot water. Everything working fine. Gas, power, water. Just no hot water. We had a power outage and since powers been back on the hot water hasn't worked.
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It doesn't have a digital screen or anything. Just the box.Thank you for the question Dally Sam R. Please contact our 1st care customer service on 1300 555 545 option 2 for further assistance. Thanks, Rinnai Australia.

if I buy the enviro 26 can I then expand / add a rinnai solar system when I can afford to do so? Ash
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Thanks for the question Ash. The Enviro 26 is not adaptable for solar requirements as this unit will only reach a maximum temperature of 60 degrees and solar systems requires temperature range of 70 degrees. We recommend purchasing a Solar booster S26, which is specifically manufactured for solar connection and compatability. This unit can be added to when required. Thanks, Rinnai Australiaso will the s 26 work independently / can i add the solar components later? AshThanks for the question Ash. Yes, that is correct, the S26 will work independently until such time you wish to connect to solar collectors. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Our hot water stopped working and on the system box the little digital screen was flashing "12" - what does this mean?
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Thanks for the question Amy F, error code 12 usually relates to a lack of gas to the unit. You can reset the hot water unit by unplugging from the wall for 2-3 minutes and then plugging back in and trying the hot water tap again. If the problem continues a service call may be required. Thanks Rinnai Australiagood advice from rinnai Amy, take there advice. mechanic.

Using my wireless water controller I was able to adjust the temperature from 43 to 45 where I want it for the cooler months but it won't stay on 45. What am I doing wrong or not doing?
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Thanks for the question Kelly H, we would recommend speaking to our Technical Help Desk on 1300 555 545. They will run through the operation of the controller with you. Thanks Rinnai Australia

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