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Dangerous and expensive to run, and the warranty is not honoured

We had problems with this unit since we bought it.Especially on colder days the ignition starts several seconds after we turn the hot water tap on, leaving our backyard full of gas and at times it even comes inside our house. When we bought the unit Rinnai forwarded our details to their area agent Jordans Gas Centres to do the installation. They have been out several times to check the unit but could not find the problem. We called Rinnai today who diverted our call back to Jordan's Gas Centres. Despite that the unit being still under warranty and we had problems with it from the beginning, they want our credit card details for payment before they even send someone out to have a look.

Date PurchasedMar 2016
Thanks for the review SteC, we would like to investigate this matter further for you, can you email enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be in touch.After contacting Rinnai things went from bad to worse. They contacted Jordans (their agent) who sent out a technician. In the morning of his visit when the temperature was around 5 degrees Celsius the amount of gas coming out when the unit started so excessive that it was coming inside our house. By the time the technician came out around midday, the temperature was around 25 degrees. Although gas was still coming out it was not as excessive as in the morning but still noticeable. The technician claimed that the unit was working properly and it was normal for the gas to come out, just like exhaust fume from a car. All I know that if my car ejected that much exhaust fume, it would not be roadworthy. From time to time we still get an unacceptable amount of gas coming out and our gas bill has skyrocketed. We would have been much better off staying with the old style off peak electric water heater. To rub salt in the wound, a month later we received a statement (the actual invoice never arrived) from Jordans for a $195.00 call out fee. We have been sending bot Rinnai and Jordans e-mails asking them to sort this out as it is a warranty matter since then and neither party is responding, and the overdue statements are still coming.


I have an solar hot water system with an Rinnai solar 20 gas booster. I have had issues with it not getting hot enough. I have checked temps in the bathroom and kitchen which are struggling to get to 40deg's. I checked the temp at the closest tape which is in the laundry, it only gets to 45deg's. Is there some way I can increase temperature to 50deg's +??

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Thanks for the review Joe.Mc, you should be getting hotter temperatures with your solar hot water. Even if the solar gain isn't hot enough the gas boost should raise the temperature. There is some room to boost the temperature and this should have been completed at the commissioning stage of the installation. It allows for a true 50 degrees at the first bathroom tap. We would recommend asking the installing plumber to return and adjust the unit for you. If they have any issues they can contact our Technical Help Desk while on site to discuss. The number is 1300 555 545.

Just reliable hot water every time!

Very happy with our Rinnai Infinity 16. Previously had a Bosch hydropowered which was very temperamental especially in the colder months. But not the infinity. Very reliable and consistent hot water. We did not purchase the temp controller, but did have a temp valve installed so we could have the unit preset at 60 degrees. Highly recomend this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks for the review Lee, we are very pleased to hear your new hot water unit is working so well for you.

Luke Warm Water

Had a temp controlled (50 degree) Infinity 20 installed a few weeks ago. Using a pool thermometer the delivered to shower temp seems to be around 38-40 degrees (just tolerable in winter - saving on gas and water tho as not hot enough to hang around). Contacted plumber who advises unit cannot be adjusted and to ring Rinnai. I ring Rinnai technical support, who, after a 40 minute wait in the queue, could not have appeared to be any less interested and suggested I ring the plumber. On current experience stay away from this unit/supplier.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Thanks for the review LizM. The Infinity unit can be adjusted up to 5 degrees so the temperature at the first bathroom is a true 50 degrees. (there can be temperature loss through pipework from the unit and this adjustment can be made to counteract this). This modification should be completed by the installing plumber as part of the commissioning of the unit, this is not a unit fault. The instructions are supplied inside the unit so this change can be made if required. We would recommend asking the plumber to re-attend and to complete this part of the commissioning and restore a correct temperature delivery for you.Thank you Rinnae - I will do so however the temperature at the first bathroom, not three meters from the unit, is 38-40 not near 50.It will depend on the pipe run to the bathroom, which may not necessarily be direct from the unit. However if this is the first bathroom on the run, the testing of temperature at this outlet should have been completed by the plumber. If the plumber has any issues he can contact our help desk from site on 1300 555 545 option 3.

excellent highly recommended

I bought an enviro 26 in 2010 and it has run like a clock ever since. Rinnai gave me and extra 10 years warranty on the heat exchanger when i bought a second temperature controller. Rinnai gave me $150 cashback after purchase. I am extremely happy with my Rinnai and would happily buy same again. I am about to buy another enviro 26 for my father - to replace his electric system that is junk and just costs $$$ to boil water all day. Many thanks Rinnai - top quality Japanese hot water systems :)

Date PurchasedApr 2010
Thanks for the review Donaldo, we are pleased to hear the unit is working well for you.Welkom!! It's a great product

All good then no spares

Had installed in brand new house. All good with hot water until one day not hot water. Checked unit and still igniting and couple of days of cold showers then hot again then cold again. Called local electricain who sought help from Rinnai. They explained a small part was the issue. Order put in for part to be later told that its a small part and dont sell spares and units are throw away and suggested buy new unit. Gobsmacked that a 3.5 yr unit is considered throw away....... unit eas hatd wired to power and no longer using gas or solar. Bill prices going up!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2015
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Thanks for the review Ian Haw, can you please contact our team through our enquiry@rinnai.com.au email address, mentioning this review so we can investigate further. It would be highly unlikely that a part would not be available for an Infinity unit after 3.5 years.

Great Product

The product is reliable, can change heat to how hot you want. Perfect for young children put it down to 40-41 for showering and I mostly put it to 55 for normal washing. Easy to use. Only complaint would be it does take a while to run hot in parts of the house that are further from the system. Great improvement on our old electric hot water Possibly would consider the enviro smart next time.

Date PurchasedOct 2013

No hot water at all

We have had the B20 for about 2 years and have nothing but problems with it, having a shower and the hot water cutting out half way through, our plumber could not find a fault so Rinnai came out after insisting we pay a call out fee of $198.00, yes $198.00 CALL OUT FEE, they said it was our shower heads causing the problem but the same thing happens even when trying to fill the kitchen sink just to wash the dishes, piece of crap, ive clicked 1 star because there isn't a no star option

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Great, has saved us heaps on our gas bill

I have a child with OCD who spends lots if time in the shower, I was worried about the cost increasing in our gas bills when changing to the Infinity 26 model. As well the reviews I read spoke about water and temperature fluctuations so we were concerned, however in the end we took a gamble and in our case it paid off. Our gas bills have been halved, we can now shower in two bathrooms at same time before we couldn't. We installed temperature controls in both bathrooms so we can all shower at our temperatures although if two people are showering in different bathrooms the main controller sets the temperature, but to us that's ok. We haven't had any issues, the only thing we have to watch is the amount of water flow through our kitchen tap, its a 7.5 lpm per tap so we just turn it to full when using hot water. 6 months in two power bills later the unit is paying for itself.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

No hot water at all

After reading other reviews there seems to be a consensus that the B20 has an inherent problem with no hot water at all especially when cold weather sets in. I had the plumber who installed it check it, he said it was ok. I had gas company check gas flow and that was ok. Then today there was no water flow at all again. Not happy wouldn't recommend Rinnai.

Date PurchasedJan 2016
Thanks for the review Saj, we are sorry to hear you are having issues with your hot water service. We would like to look into this further for you if you can send through your details mentioning this review, we will be in touch.No problems, can you send me a contact email as I dont want to post my details on this site. Regards SajHi Saj, our email address is enquiry@rinnai.com.au, please quote 1806-208622 as your reference number

Much better than I thought!

After reading a few reviews, I was a little worried about switching from a gas storage hot water system to the infinity. However, we have been very impressed! We knew that our pipes needed to be upgraded to larger ones, so we actually had the new unit installed prior to the old one dying, so we had time to switch. The pressure is fantastic- so much so that I can barely tell if another shower , or the washing machine/dishwasher, is being used when I'm having mine. We now also have much more wall space outside, as the infinity is contained in a small unit, rather than the huge tank we had previously. Our plumber who installed the unit is actually considering installing one at his house, as part of his renovations. Thanks Rinnai!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Thanks for the great review Karen, we are so pleased to hear the unit has been such a success. Correct installation makes all the difference and it's great to hear your plumber had done his homework regarding the pipework upgrade.

B16 doesn’t work during winter

My B16 unit is only 5 years old, it works fine during summer but when the temperature drops and we turn the hot water on the pipes groan and there is no water pressure at all, after the sun comes up and the unit gets a little heat it’s all good again.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Too long to get hot water

We have a reasonable sized house with 6 bedrooms and installed 2 x Rinnai 32 units at the end of last year on either side of the 1 1/2 storey house. All new 1 inch pipe work was put in as part of our renovation so we could run 2 showers at the same time. It is taking a minute 20 seconds to get water to some of the showers and 40 seconds in the kitchen. The plumber says I need to turn the hot water tap on fully and not the cold and once its boiling then adjust the hot tap to the desired temperature and then also turn on the cold tap. This is not practical with children. The plumber doesn't know what to do.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks for the review Sarah, has the plumber installed temperature controllers with the units? This would eliminate the need to turn on the cold water at all as the temperature coming from the unit would be the temperature that you have selected. Having 2 controllers per unit also increases the warranty on the unit from 3 years to 5 years. There will always be a certain amount of delay in getting to outlets furthest along the plumbing lines. When the unit produces hot water it will need to push out the water in the pipes which had cooled from the previous usage before the new hot water reaches the outlet. This is called the dead leg and the amount of time will depend on how long the pipework is. If you would like more information please contact us on 1300 555 545 to discuss options.

Fluctuating temperature

Does anybody have issues with their Rinnai Infinity 26b ? Our unit is about 10 months old, and our water temperature drops from hot to cold. We have to then turn off the cold tap until the water goes hot, then adjust the temperature again. This can happen up to 3 times per shower

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Thanks for your question Jason M, the unit requires a good stream of water to stay ignited so if you do not have temperature controllers it is best to turn the hot water on first and then add as little cold water as possible. You can install a controller which means you set the temperature you wish to shower at and only turn on the hot water and this will eliminate the issue. You can call our technical line on 1300 555 545 to discuss your options.After contacting a Rinnai rep, I was informed to check the filter below the unit. There was a small amount of corrosion in this filter which confused the pressure feed, and changed the hot/cold pressures, therefore adjusting the temperature. Seems to be all fixed for now.

Fluctuating water temperature

We have had the Rinnai 16 for a number of years, has been ok but a little temperamental with water fluctuating in the taps.
Taps can only run on hot or cold alone, otherwise as soon as the temperature is balanced the hot water will turn off. Recently our shower has started fluctuating from very hot to cold, I can see the wall control operation light turning on and off.
Do you know what the problem would be?
Ps I did leave this question in the Q&A section however my question disappeared. Thanks

Date PurchasedJan 2005
Thanks Kate, if you have temperature controllers you should choose the temperature you wish the water to come through and only turn on the hot tap, there should be no need to mix in cold water. This should stop any issues with temperature fluctuation. it is hard to diagnose why the light is switching on an off unless it has developed a fault or the wire from the controller to the unit has been damaged. A service call may be needed to check. This can be booked on 1300 555 545.Thanks for your reply. The reason we mix in the cold water is the temperature of the hot is too high with just the hot water tap. The operation light on the unit will not light up and the hot water will not activate - for the taps unless temp set at least 55 - for the shower unless set at 47 I think we will book a service.

Despicable Service and Harassment.

After purchasing the unit 3 months ago it began fluctuating from hot to cold in most areas of the house and produced nil hot water in others. After contacting the fitting plumber who came out and tested it immediately it was found to be an Error 12 (combustion issue). The plumber immediately contacted Rinnai who sent out a prefers plumber. This tradesmen arrived and could not test the unit as he did not have the tools to do so. At this point I had no further contact with anyone until receiving a call the next day demanding $195 fee for the call out. Since then I have been threatened and harassed on a daily basis by Rinnai Australia demanding the credit card payment for the call out fee. After investigating online and searching review websites I am now even more disgusted to find that this is a common problem with this unit. I am confused as to why I am out of pocket for what is clearly a documented and known warranty issue with the infinity 26 unit. Furthermore the subsequent treatment and harassment I’m am currently receiving from Rinnai on daily basis. I will be evaluating what suitable action can be taken with Consumer affairs in regard to this shocking treatment from what I believed would be a very reputable company. Please be mindful before purchasing any similar products.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Thanks for your review Simon L, we are sorry to hear the issues you have faced with the unit. Error code 12 is generally an installation fault with the unit not receiving enough gas to operate but we would like to investigate this matter for you. Can you please send your details through to enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be contact.I appreciate the offer to investigate after my comments in this public forum, although after the treatment I have received I would rather not converse or do business with Rinnai any further. Extremely disappointing. Thank you

Disgraceful customer service do not buy rinnai

Never experienced such poor & unprofessional customer service from RINNAI.
Had an independent plumber review unit & advised fault code displayed. He submitted warranty claim. Rinnai sent tech to fix problem & advised it was a unit problem & demanded call out fee.
Rinnai authorized their technician to attend the job & they are responsible for costs associated with warranty claims.
I have been receiving verbal abuse & threats from rinnai's technicians. Im am disgusted this how rinnai treat their customers after paying $2200 for their product.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
Thanks for the review, we are sorry to hear you have not been happy with the service you have received and would like to look into this matter further. If the unit is still within the warranty period and has been diagnosed as a manufacturing fault there will be no charge. Can you please send through your details to enquiry@rinnai.com.au and we can investigate further.Hello, thank you for your response. Rinnai has since paid the call out fee as per your warranty terms.Thanks for the update, we are glad to here the issue was resolved.

Luke warm water - no after sales help

We had a Rinnai 26 installed as a replacement for a Rinnai 20 (which died after 12 years). Organised with Rinnai who appointed a company called Jordan’s.
The water temperature from the 26 is 36.5C measured from a tap only a metre or so behind the unit. The response from Rinnai after hours number (22/12/2017 - everyone already on holidays! Not our fault nor should it be our problem) is that we pay $300 call out fee to have it looked at and then to maybe have to have the gas flow into the unit increased.
DISGRACEFUL!! This should have been done correctly in the first place. At the time, we pointed out to the person who Rinnai appointed to install it that the temperature was too low and his response was that the unit has a set temperature, supposedly 50C and can’t be adjusted.
We are now stuck with a close to useless “hot” water system until Rinnai and the agent/sub-contractor Jordans return from holidays. Meanwhile we have to boil a kettle in order to wash up.
APPALLING treatment by Rinnai and I would at this stage strongly advocate never to use them!!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
Thanks for the review John, we are sorry to hear the unit is not meeting your needs and expectations and would like to investigate further. Can you please email us your contact details to enquiry@rinnai.com.au and we will follow up with Jordans.I really must now SINCERELY CONGRATULATE Rinnai and Jordan’s for their response to rectifying the problem that we had with the Rinnai 26 producing only luke warm water. Jordan’s technician, Glen, could not have been more helpful, efficient, prompt and friendly and also apologetic for problem. Further follow up afterwards to ensure the problem had now been properly rectified, was very much appreciated. Thank you Rinnai and Jordans - all is now well and truly forgiven and I would now HIGHLY RECOMMEND both companies.Thank you for the update John, we will pass on your comments to Glenn and the team at Jordans. We are pleased that we have been able to resolve the issue for you and thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Terrible unit and service

Have had unit for 6 months and it cuts in and out with producing hot water. Is faulty and when ring people that put it in (Gas appliances sevice) if not warranted fault then is very costly. DO NOT BUY RINNAI units as they are far too expensive ($3,000) for what you get and they are totally unreliable. Go with what you know not infinity unit - warranty useless as up to electrician to say if warranted problem or not. Call out fees totally over the top and a rip off.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Thank you for the review GVT, we would like to investigate the issues you have had with the unit further. Please contact us via enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be in contact.

What a joke

We had issues for months with the hot water cutting out and had a technician come out and they couldn't fault the product. (They charged me a $195 call out fee) They suggested replacing the tapware due to water flow restrictions, so we did, nothing changed. The technician came out again and still could not the problem. After he left, the hot water system magically started working perfectly. They are now refusing to refund me the call out fee (its still under warranty) saying it is not the unit. They are blaming the install but can't tell me why the hot water system started working that day. Warrently is a joke. Rinnai is a joke. AVOID buying rinnai products at all costs, especially the B26 model that is so sensitive I'm not been told I need to re-plumb my house. Furious!!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2016
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Thanks for the review Ash, we are sorry to hear you have had issues with the unit. We are happy to further investigate the diagnosis with the unit. If you can contact us via enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will look into the warranty claim for you.

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have no water coming from unit filter ok
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My shower is cold to luke warm. It used to be nice and hot and for last month when I turn on shower it starts off hot for about 10 seconds and then drops in temperature and water is barely luke warm. What is strange is that the water is very hot elsewhere such as tap for bathtub, kitchen or bathroom basin. Hoping someone can please let me know what could be the problem...
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Hi. I note in response to an earlier question, it is said that the product does not consume much power in standby or operating modes. Can you tell me what not much means (in watts) in both standby and operating modes? I have a new PV array & Battery system and am now trying to build a bottoms up energy picture for our household
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