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Absolutely Awful

Terrible product that rarely works and even when it does drops out recurrently. Picks up about one in ten calls made to it. Bought a data pack that did not work so a complete waste of money. Gave up using it and simply bought a sim in each new country

Just doesn't work


I originally bought this SIM for $49.95 (includes $10 credit) as recommended by the STA Travel lady because I was travelling to England, Italy and Germany.

On arrival in London I used up the $10 credit when using Google Maps within minutes. I think it worked out to 25 cents a megabyte. That’s $25 for 10mb!

Then I saw there was a 250mb of UK data bundle for 14 days for 8 British pounds so I bought it and also paid for another $20 Australian to top up my phone credit. So that’s like $80 spent so far.

Almost ALL the time the Internet did not work and it was a constant headache trying to make it work. I tried everything!
- I would re-check the APN and username/password,
- I would turn my phone on/off, turn data roaming on/off.
- I would try connecting to a different carrier (as they recommended to me by email), VodafoneUK was the only one that ever connected. But when it was connected to the network and 3G there would still be no Internet. Pages would just not load and I would get an iPhone message saying :
“Could not activate cellular data network” and “Cannot Open Page Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet” and let me remind you, the phone is showing it is connected to Vodafone UK and 3G!

And it can't be a fault with the phone because I had a iPhone 3G and my mum had a iPhone 4S with the same SIM card and we both had the same problem.

The internet only ever worked for me after 6pm London time but then was slow and would keep dropping out...

I never tried calling anyone as it cost 7 pounds a minute. That is just not practical. For example if you want to call a Hotel and you have a 5 minute conversation. That’s £35 for a call!

For 4 days I suffered with this and wasted about 6 hours of my time roughly, 15 minutes here and there trying to get the data to work for 4 days!

Then I gave up and went to a store called “CarPhone" who sold me a Three Network SIM for £15 which had unlimited really fast data and 300 minutes of talking included for a month!

I can’t believe I was so stupid in trying to use Roaming SIM when all along I could have just bought a London SIM card.

So in summary I spent roughly $80 on Roaming SIM and the data only worked 10% of the time, and when it did it was barely usable.

Data only worked 10% of the time and when it did work it was so slow it was barely usable. All up I wasted $80 on this SIM.

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I just realized I had a reply on my review, otherwise I would have responded much earlier. I did call your tech support when I was overseas and we exchanged a few emails. They were not able to help. Your "24/7 tech support customer contact center" is also useless.

Would not work when I needed it

Could not use in Delhi Airport when my driver had not arrived, or Pathumwan Princess Hotel in Bangkok, as no carrier could be found in either auto or manual on a Nokia E71. For some reason it also used $30 of data (I didn't use this as we had wifi in hotel that I used with my ipad). I made 1 short call, data, and 9 SMS messages for $90 cost. Whilst the charges were meant to be in $30 AUD lots, they were charged in euros, from Cork, and with foreign exchange credit card charges, both payments were over $30. I have $28 credit owing which I am trying to redeem. Frustrating, time wasting, expensive and did not do the job, in my case, so could not possibly recommend this product.


I don't want anyone else to go through what I did.
I don't really know about short trips, but if you're going away for any moderate length of time, just buy a local sim, or go without.

This thing goes by the whole 90% off roaming rates! This is true. This is because Roaming rates are like $30 a minute, so instead they charge you like $7 a minute!
It's still $7 a freaking minute.
Also, you know what the data charge is? One dollar per 25kb.

Twenty-five kb.

You can imagine how long $20 lasts!

(about 30 seconds)

Don't. Just don't.

Terrible Service

I tried to use this sim card and it was a terrible experience! Obviously anyone who says otherwise is either a fool or working for the company itself! I took the sim card to Europe with a stop off in Dubai. They told me beforehand that the sim card would not work in Dubai yet when I arrived I was charged ridiculous amounts for data I used despite the fact they do not display rates for it, or provide coverage in the country! When I arrived in the UK (Where the sim is designed for use) I was not able to make a phone call for more than 30 seconds. When I called them to report the problem they said they were aware of the issue and there was nothing they could do. Friendly staff, but very clueless!

Product did not work as inteded, Support staff were useless

Waste of money for RoamingSim/RoamingData ($50 starter pack)

Did not work when I used it overseas. I bought the $50 RoamingSim from Officeworks, which was the cheapes of the RoamingData packs. I ended up buying a Metfone Sim card (put $25 on it) which was super cheap and lasted me two weeks - then even gave it to relative when I left the country. They are still using it to call me from South East Asia to Victoria!

Expensive, did not work, inefficient, difficult to register the sim.

Rip off merchants

These guys are a disgrace. The recall function didn't work so I couldn't make calls; I spent $15 trying to get through to the voicemail to retrieve one message because their 'technical issues' meant that it would just cut out before putting me through to the message.

It charged me 3 times for 1 text sent each time and I wasn't receiving texts either from friends who were traveling with me or from back in Australia - some would get through, some wouldn't so it was utterly unreliable.

The so-called customer service appears to be a scam as they just go round in circles claiming they have 'solved' you service number without responding to any complaints or addressing the issues. Don't buy from these people. The Consumer Affairs companies should be investigating them for false advertising.

Nothing worked; customer service fraudulent.

RoamingSIM plus - new sim - saved a fortune and no prefix's to dial

For my last business trip I upgraded my sim to the new Roamingsim plus and couldn't have been happier. I have reviewed in the past and the only downside was having to dial prefix's to get the cheap rates - u don't have to anymore - so it was really easy to use. Euro and UK rates were great; like really cheap. I purchased a couple of data bundles when in Europe and it saved me even more than last time. I had to manually select a different network a couple of times to get better network service but that seemed to fix any problems I had.

Also local number is a real bonus - my elderly parents and kids could contact me at anytime for cost of a local call.

Next trip should be to Asia so will be interesting to see how it works there too - I did use it in transit in Singapore and it worked fine - just make sure you check the website coz there are some countries (like Singapore) you need to select a certain provider to get the best rates.

August 5th 2018 Update: New Provider - reliable coverage - great value data bundles

I have been using a roaming sim card for years as I travel regularly for business and with my family and I don't understand the negative reviews. Sometimes you have issues but that can happen with any sim or mobile provider. Anyway, I have just received my new knowroaming branded sim card that roaming sim sent me as a replacement to the old one - this is their new provider - and it seemed to work even better than before so I wanted to review it. Was travelling in areas of Asia where sometimes coverage is an issue and no issue at all this trip. Its the same concept as the old sim ie it calls you back before it connects through, the data bundles are really good value and great transparency through the app you need to download to see your usage etc. Costs are in USD but this is the way lots of companies who sell globally are going now so I am used to this. Would highly recommend if you want a reliable and CHEAPER way of staying in touch when travelling overseas.
cheap, reliable and no prefix's to dial anymore

Chews through credit

Absolutely chews through your credit.
I have been away for 3 weeks and used over $100 on 3-4 phone calls. Absolute rubbish.
I'm going to buy a local SIM card in the UK so I don't have to keep flushing money down the toilet.
There are far better international travel sims out there, this is not the company to go with.

Incredibly expensive, my Internet didn't work and the customer support never responded to my enquiry. The website offers 'bundles' but it is not stated how to purchase them.

Poor product/service

I purchased a $129 Sim for my iPad 3G, prior to a trip to Europe. I used it very sparingly and for GPS navigation it was worse than useless. The maps loaded so slowly it was a fruitless exercise. It chewed through my $130 so quickly for so little use I am utterly disgusted with it's perfornance. A bloody waste of money. I had a wonderful EuroTRip, no thanks to Roaming Sim.


After paying $49.95 and adding $25 credit before departure I managed to get one phone call out of it. nobody could reach me and I coudn't contact anyone either. It was a complete waste of money. My sister had much the same problem. I will never use it again. Bought a Spanish sim 3 weeks later for 10 euros and it worked without any problem. Roamingsim is a complete disaster.
It didn't work so was very expensive.


The premise of this product/service is great, but the reality was completely different for me. I chose it because I would be in Europe and UK for 3 1/2 weeks and wanted a sim that would work in all places. It arrived very quickly, but would not work in any of the phones I tried it in (technical issues from the outset!). The technical support team/call centre were based in Dublin, and would attempt to contact me at 1.30am - and wonder why I wasn't answering the phone! The Australian based support was marginally more useful - eventually was able to get the service working, but had done nothing differently to the advice given.
The sim stopped working almost instantly after having made one phone call, and stayed inoperable for the next 2 weeks (allegedly a service/network issue from the Roaming Sim side). Multiple attempts to contact tech support made via their website, with the usual "We tried to contact you but..." as their emailed reply. Worth noting that the written responses to your work requests made on their website are not actually viewable from their site - you have to follow a link from a system generated email response. This would be fine if you have internet access in ALL places whilst travelling. If you don't respond straight away, they shut down the help request and say it is solved - even when it isn't!
Am back in Australia now with most of the credit in my account remaining, as I wasn't able to use it. I'm glad I didn't pay extra to have the data pack attached, as I would be even more irate with them. My advice would be to just get a pre-paid sim from one of the major telco's in the country you are headed for. The service will be more reliable, and you'll probably find one with comparably cheap call rates, and cheaper to purchase from word go.
Great value for money! The calls I DID make were very low priced.

A great business tool

I have been using a roaming sim during the last three of my overseas trips. Previously I had used roaming on my mobile and always came back with high bills to pay. As a regular travel i find this has helped me reduce my costs. I upgraded to the latest sim card on my last trip and found it much improved with some better rates and easier dialing. If you are running your own business and travel overseas this is a must have solution to staying in contact. Would suggest becoming familiar with how the service works before travelling as my first trip it took me a few days.
Rates compared to roaming, one number for all countries, pre-paid.
Would be good to have a data counter for use on the ipad to save logging in to view credit balance.

Lifesaver in Fiji Islands

Amazing that the signal strength reaches all over the island. Used it for Geocaching and works well with GPS and maps. Received work calls :( but all well. Calls out were clear to transport so thumbs up!! Looking forward to the on ward journey to Singapore and then USA. Wish USA rates were cheaper.
Not cheap here but cheaper than my provider
Was down but up again. USA ex

what's the point!

have had endless problems with this sim whilst roaming in Europe. in fact am so p'ed off that I am sitting in Milan on the wifi writing this because it just doesn't work! have spoken to "technical Support" and apparently they have technical issues ( ??) read we don tknow why it's not working. My advice is just buy a sim in the UK and use that. My wife paid $20 for a sim at Heathrow and its worked fine all the time we have been traveling whereas I have "no service"
nice idea
pity it doesn't work

Technically haphazard - depends on where you are!

I purchased a Roaming Sim Plus to travel throughout SE Asia, after checking out the options and decided this was the cheapest ( spent over $120 for SIM plus credit), after getting an Optus bill of several thousand dollars. Repeated experience was that text worked in most places but not all and phone calls were very haphazard. Sometimes none, sometimes worked fine and sometimes dropped out after a short time.
Numerous technical difficulties with the local number not working as well. Network providers in Indonesia advise that it is well known that this SIM works like a dream in Europe but lousy in Asia. If you have another option for Asia - use it.
The saddest part of this is the staff are friendly, polite and do try hard, contrary to other comments above. Their product is just not up to standard and cannot be relied upon in many parts of the world.
Courteous staff that actually answered the phone in english
Unreliable product capability.

Forget about it for receiving data on a lap top

I purchased a twin pack with 2X sims. The one installed in my mobile & used for voice calls was acceptable. When the other was installed into my unlocked Huawei was a disaster., Connection was made but no internet access. Technical Support was useless while sales support were friendly but with no technical knowledge. Take care if you venture down this pathway.

Data connection , technical support

Don't bother!

On three occassions my credit was used up - there system claimed that my calls lasted between 5 - 7 hours! The first time this took place they told me that it would take 4 days for them to refund my credit back. The only way to contact them is to use your "normal" phone as they don't have toll free number to call them on, the best part is they tell you that they can't call you...because you have no credit!
Inexpensive when it did work
No toll free tech support, false call times that use up all your credit

Poor service in every respect

A friend and I recently went on an trip to Africa. As our normal Australian phone services (Optus and Virgin) were either very expensive or not-operational in most of the countries we visited we bought RoamingSim sim cards and also RoamingSim data sim cards. We experienced the following problems:

- About 80% of text messages from friends at home did not reach my phone despite them being charged.
- Some of my text messages were not successfully sent.
- Some calls from Australia did not come through.
- Issues with security when buying credit over their website.
- In northern Kenya we received an email that our sim card was going to become obsolete in a few days and a new 'updated' sim card would be posted to us at our home address. Given we were about to cross an uninhabited desert this was not only frustrating but down right dangerous.
- The software for their nokia usb data dongle crashed and we were not able to get the instructions for reinstallation either via your website or sent to use via email. Several emails for technical support went unanswered.
- Attempts at getting a refund for my data sim credit have so far been futile, having only been given the response that they will look into it. Several emails later, I am still waiting.

I would not recommend this company to anyone. It borders on being classified as a scam. It would be far more reliable to purchase local sim cards, which I did on one occasion. For example, a sim card in Zambia cost me $1 and about 6c to SMS Australia. Much cheaper than the 61c charged by RoamingSim and infinitely more reliable!
Allegedly works in every country
Often fails to work, poor (zero) customer service, expensive

Not worth using

If you are using this service for data say for an iPod just don't bother. It would be much cheaper to buy a prepaid sim when you arrive even if you are only visiting for a few days

Here are some of my charges
$75.00 for 6000kbs !
If you complain they just say all our prices are on our web page so what are you complaining about
Worst value product I have used

Expensive, very very expensive.

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Questions & Answers

How can I get a refund?
2 answers
I had no success with either a credit or a refund when I approached the company about the SIM charging at extortionate rates and leaving me with a few cents in balance after one phone call for five minutes from Bali to Perth. The product is dreadful and the company is bad news.I was able to send them screen shots of the call details from my iPhone which clearly contradicted their itemised account. The problem is that the rubbish system they have to lodge complaints takes days to get any resolution and, by the time you keep going back and forth you miss half of your holiday. I just gave up in the end and stopped using the product except in an emergency. Good luck.

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