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Robinhood RLES61

Useless frustrating appliance. DO NOT BUY ROBINHOOD

Plastic around screws disintegrates and now have a piece of plastic broken off around screws and wonder if grease being pulled up into appliance... extremely hard to remove filters for cleaning. No clips to loose them off . Just too difficult a product to manage. Will definitely consider another brand with simpler operation.

Date PurchasedOct 2011
Good morning Paula, as advised our customer service team logged a warranty service call to assist with the removal of the filters after discussion with you on Wednesday. Please advise if this has not been done.Hi yes thank you, the service agent was here yesterday and took photo and was going to send a report to you about the rangehood. Will wait to hear from him. PaulaHi there Paula, so happy we were able to reach a satisfactory outcome for you. The team at Robinhood.

Replacement product under review

I have had 2 Robinhood rangehoods. Both had the same problem others have posted about on this site.
After posting a review about my Robinhood slide out range hood problems, i have been contacted hy a Robinhood representative who has offered to replace my broken one with a new improved model.
will report my findings on it.
Very professional approach to this problem.

Thanks to Alexy from Robinhood for the replacement.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Just the worst

After 3 years the plastic holding the screws fell apart and the unit collapsed onto our cook top. I thought it was weird that the plastic was the only thing holding the screws and put it down to bad installation by the electrician at the time..... so ( silly me) I went out and bought the same one again thinking we would install it properly and would fit in the custom made spot etc etc.... Little did we know that the manufacturer expected you to screw the blunt screws into brittle hard plastic and expect this to hold the unit.... this just did not work... so we had to re design the installation we used super glue, tape and bolted the unit to the shelf from below... we also drilled/ cut out the plastic tabs... and replaced with washers, big bolts and nuts... what a waste of a Saturday.... next time I will remodel the kitchen just to avoid having to buy this model again... I should have read the reviews on this site earlier... but you live and learn :)

Date PurchasedApr 2013

This is our third one

We have had 3 of these units burn out in 4 years! No problems with wiring. Just a terrible unit with continual problems. Our electricians say its too unecomonical to repair so they have replaced it with a new one. And they keep burning out. Stay clear of this at all costs!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2015


After a few months of use, the plastic holding the screws in just crumbled and broke off. It didn't snap, it wasn't mistreated - the plastic simply crumbled like sand and fell apart. This is a new build kitchen, and has not even been used for 4 months, and the manufacturer has suggested that we broke it on purpose and that he has never had this problem before. Looking at other reviews of this product, that is hard to believe.

This is a defective product, and the quality of manufacturing materials is absolute rubbish. Don't waste your time or money!!

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Absolute Rubbish

The plastic around the front self tapping screws broke. Was about 1 week out of warranty and I contacted the distributor who requested full details which I supplied with photos and after three emails no reply at all. E mailed Robin Hood on their web site which was also a complete waste of time as no reply from them. Customer relations of the manufacturer and the distributor are as poor as their product.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Ugh. This range-hood sucks, and not in a good way

As others have noted, this model has a major design flaw where the self-tapping screws weaken the plastic frame, so the entire thing just falls off the wall. This has happened twice - the first time they fixed it under warranty, this time I'm chucking it in the bin and buying something decent.

Oh, and even when it's not broken, it doesn't do anything. Our fire alarm goes off pretty much every time we cook.

Highly disappointed

Like others, I had to buy a replacement, as the self-tapping screws broke through the plastic fascia. Now the second one has broken in the same way after only a year, which means, theoretically, it is still under warranty. Let's see if the company will replace it or return my money.


I have had to buy two Robin 600mm slideout range hoods now because they keep breaking when the plastic around the front self tapping screws gives way which cases the slideout part just to hangdown until it eventually breaks off. Pretty disappointed in what should be a reputable brand. Now looking to buy alternate brand.

Cheap nasty Fan motor with EXTREMELY HIGH EMF (Magnetic Field)

Hi Magnetic Field in use - does not meet guide lines for EMF (No way this unit could be sold in Europe as it doesn't meet guide lines)

This the WORST ELECTRIC MOTOR UNIT I've tested with hand held EMF meter along with RLES91SS/WH and their WH versions for radiating Magnetic Fields.
It actually maxes the Magnetic Field meter out !

I tested this at Harvey Norman and compared it to other models including sister cheap brand Omega from the same Australian Distributor.
RLES61SS / RLES61WH & RLES91SS / RLES91WH along with the newer cheaper 2 speed units.

Should be recalled and replacement motors offered to existing customers.

Do Not Buy till Shriro do a recall and issue new stock.

I have a Bosch induction cooktop made in spain and BOSCH successfully minimised EMF radiation, yet a Chinese electric motor manufacture cannot figure this for Shriro / Robinhood brand.

Otherwise the unit if used for extraction to outside on speed 1 it is very quite, slide outs took a bit of time to wear in, but because of the motor with is cheap design - including sintered type bearings (not ball bearings) I
regret buying this unit because of the high magnetic field that effects some people (not me personally)
Hope this review helps people who are sensitive and get headaches near high magnetic fields.

As my new kitchen was built around the size of this unit - to say I'm upset is beyond words..... this unit would be in the tip now if I could and fit some high end quality unit.

If anyone knows of any other brand that will fit a 161mm high, 285mm deep, 900 wide space with a 32mm tall draw facia - please do tell !

Terrible product

I have had 2 of these robinhood rangehoods installed at our place (2014) and both times have had the unit collapse because the self tapping screws holding the appliance together have caved in and broken. The plastic mould that holds this together aswell has also given in. Overall a very faulty product and manufacturer will not accept responsibility for the flimsy design.

Self tapping screws holding the appliance together have caved in and broken

Fit for the tip

As it is noisy, has low extraction performance and only 1 light works it almost does not qualify to be called a rangehood. If purchasing the SS version the appliance is white with a SS fascia only. Many of the self tapping screws holding the appliance together have fallen out.
It can be recycled

Does the job

This is a neat slideout rangehood that can be recirculating or ducted. It is priced well and has very good downlights. Not whisper quiet but reasonable noise level and works well. We installed it in ducting mode but were surprised to find that it still recirculated the air through slots in the front of the unit when in use so everytime I opened the cupboard doors above the stove, air would blow out and hit me in the face! My husband has now put a metal fascia across these holes to make sure the air goes up the ducting tube. My mother also has a Robinhood rangehood model and had the same problem. She put masking tape over the holes! I think Robinhood need to supply a panel to correct this issue.
Good price...
Air flow recirculating instead of ducting...

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Update: The filters have a tendancy to fill up with water and then water droplets fall onto your hotplate when boiling potatoes, pasta or making soup. Very annoying. The noise level from the fan is also very loud on any setting above 1. You can't hear people talk or the tv if cooking with the fan on these settings.

Questions & Answers

I inherited the robinhood grange thing when I bought the house and cannot get the filters out. They are side by side not front and rear as above. I want to clean it but nothing works - I cannot find how to get the filters out and the whole things seems sealed without any evidence of where it opens up. I have no idea how old it is or when it last had the filters changed but it is disgusting and I can't stand it anymore.
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Hi there, please call our customer service desk on 1300 739 033 and one of our friendly team will be able to assist you and ease your frustration. Thanks the team at Robinhood .Hi I have no idea. You’re best to perhaps get a contractor out to inspect. Or ring the supplier or manufacturer. They may have people who can helpRobinhood official.. can tou post the answer here so we can all know how to clean our rangehood.

Want to know how to remove old robin hood range hood to put new one in?
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I gave no idea, we had a tradesman do itHi Tezza, The rangehood can be either mounted from above or from either side. In both cases the rangehood is held in place by 4 screws. The instruction manual is in our website robinhood.com.au or you may contact our Customer Service desk on 1300 739 033 and one of our friendly team will assist you. from the Robinhood Team

Could anyone recommend another brand of rangehood that could fit the space in the built-in cabinet for this Robinhood 60cm Slideout Rangehood RLES61SS/WH? I would like to chuck this second unit that I obtained into the bin as the sides where the screws are holding the unit in is cracking and the slider is sliding out on its own! Urgh!!
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Good afternoon S H Lim, As discussed with you yesterday Robinhood has improved this model range hood and we have organized to replace yours for you at no charge .Our technician will be contacting you to arrange a suitable day/time to attend. The team at Robinhood.I would love to know the answer to this too. We have just gone through our 4th Robinhood rangehood since 2007! (The current failure lasted nearly 3 years - one only lasted a year - same problem) As many others have discovered, a very poor design fault sees the plastic part holding the screw that supports the unit crumble away and the whole slide out part drops down. Unfortunately Robin hood is the only rangehood that fits the cabinetry. We are just about at the stage where we pay $600 to have the cabinet altered - it would work out cheaper than replacing the rangehood all the time)To the Team at Robinhood. Thank you for organising a replacement of the "improved" model of the similar rangehood at no charge by your technician last Friday 23 February 2018. I will try this unit and will keep you informed on how long this unit will last us. I do hope the improved version will not crack as my previous two units. Hope that you are able to make similar replacements to customers who are facing similar problem as I did, like Jen above who have gone through the 4th Robinhood rangehood.


RLES61SS (Stainless Steel)RLES61WH (white)
Price (RRP)$209$209
Release dateAug 2010Aug 2010

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