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    Total rip off!!!


    Worsest product by far that I ever used, definetely doesn't lift you face and dries my skin. I can not even use this cream any more. Waste of money.

    this is not perfect


    My skin is feeling really terrible now dont know how long is going to take to feel better. First day i brought it thought it was going to be great but after a week didn't feel any better or look like the way they show on tv. What a waste of money



    very misleading packaging!


    I purchased the 50ml container of rodial dragon's blood sculpting gel, the packaging tricks you because it is 4 times bigger than it needs to be and you think your getting a lot more for your money than you actually get.
    I even find it hard to believe there's 50ml in there because it only appears to be about 30ml
    The gel itself I do like, especially wearing it under makeup, it does plump my skin a little and I like the texture of it.
    I don't like the the scent, it smells like over ripe rotting fruit.
    Overall I like the gel but find the packaging dishonest, and the product too expensive.

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    I actually never write reviews never ever


    Ok I was suckered in with the free trial I thought try it no harm. Im actually very very happy my skin is smoother less lines and less blotchy. I use to always put my make face on even just to go to shops but I actually just put a bit of powder on yesterday as I felt my skin looked great. As I said I never write reviews and I've read the reviews here and agree not every product is for every person but for me I'm converted

    Not worth the money


    Have been using this cream for a few weeks now. It's anything but moisturising on my skin. Worse i have to keep it well clear of my eyes otherwise I wake up in the morning with weepy sticky eyes. I'm pretty much moisturising half my face to avoid my eyes.

    If you buy it. Keep your receipt. That way if you have any issues you could take it back.

    Women are vulnerable shoppers


    I bought this gel with an open mind .. I ended up with mild dermatitis on my cheeks.. prickly and red... just because you read that Lady Gaga or one of the Kardashians use it do yourself a favour and research. This product is crap, don't bother with it...

    I think I'm hooked!!


    I can't believe the poor reviews on this product! I guess everyone's skin is different but I found this gel amazing. I'm 44 and my skin this year has really aged, it's been so distressing, I've really started to feel it's all down hill from here. I just got this yesterday but within an hour I was amazed at what I saw. My skin is very pink usually and it's said to help with that but it didn't, what it did do is plump up some major creepiness under my eye and, amazingly, above my eye. This upper lid had become looser and wrinkly - GONE!! Seriously impressed, also because it's meant to accumulate over time. I can't wait to see how better my skin gets in 30 days!!
    I'd fight someone for this creme, if I had to !


    Suzanne35Bamaga Cape York

    Worst product ever used


    I was conned into buying this product from priceline used the whole jar first few times I could feel the tingling but then only dry scratchy skin. What a con it is the only product I use now is AVON AF33 best moisturizing wrinkle cream I have ever used heaps cheaper than Dragons blood too only $49.99 give it a try bloody wonderful.



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    If it sounds to good to be true it usually is


    This product did not do anything the advertising claimed it would do. The first few times I used it I felt a stinging sensation on my skin, I should have taken this as a warning. I thought I'd give it a good try but after using for 6 weeks I have returned all the extra jars I was conned into buying. It left my skin dryer than before and after stopping it's use I have noticed a marked improvement. Not a good product.



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    It is terrible


    I bought dragon blood sculpting gel because I heard so much about it, that was a mistake because just after two days it had left my skin so dry and it doesn't feel like gel at all it's dry and doesn't feel good on the skin I now have to go back to using my old one to try and fix my skin not happy at all.

    it's crap


    I've been using this product for some time now and have seen no change in my wrinkles at all. I am very disappointed as it's quite pricey defiantly not worth the money I paid.

    An absulute rip-off!


    I agree with other comments. Similar experience. In the name of free trial and gift they are trying to charge you which raises the question of misusing the words "free" and "gift". I had to change my credit card number to not to let them charge me. They charge your credit card to ensure your credit card is valid!


    JuneMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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    The product is crapp


    No visible improvement, a total waste of money. Tricked into further deliveries. They keep your credit card details. Stay away from this product and this company. From a very dissatisfied and regrettful customer.

    Waste of money


    I have been using it for nearly 2 weeks and I have found that it makes my skin dry and flaky with a bit of burn sensation. I won't buy it again

    waste of money


    brought a jar of dragons blood sculpting gel , used for one week and now have to treat my skin with acne products
    as my face broke out in lot of pimples ,, dry and flaky


    ZoidiePerth, WA

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    Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel is great




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    Excellent but expensive


    Like the old saying "you get what you pay for" I found this range of products expensive to purchase initially but in the end worth it because of the results. I have been using them for some time now and have noticed real results especially with fine lines and I am starting to notice significant results with deeper lines. Not a five minute fix but real results with extended use.
    Does what it claims



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    Don't waste your money!!!!!


    Just finished a whole jar of Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel. It was given to me as a gift as i love trying anti aging products. Some do work, unfortunately this product does not. It is a pleasant enough moisturizer, but that is about it. It does nothing to minimize any fine lines or wrinkles. I would not purchase this product again.
    The smel was pleasant.
    It is very expensive. It does not do anything to make the skin look fresher or younger.

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    Questions & Answers

    Julie A.

    Julie A.asked

    I am 57 years old a girlfriend recommended drogons blood facial products so i bought them only after 2 uses my face feels extremely dry and its very red and extremely sensitive it feels like i have bad sunburn

    No answers

    Alexia H.

    Alexia H.asked

    So I am 12 years old I put this dragon blood fix pumping serum on this morning thinking it was moisturizer.... And now ever since every time I get in the shower my face burns and turns red. Or when I wash my face it burns and turns red. It makes my face feel tight like im sunburnt. It has smoothed my face. But it’s really red and noticeable, when do you think the redness will go away ? Or when the burning will go away ? Or will it ever go away ?

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    Dragons blood 30ml lift firm and define does this truly work and do you notice results quickly OR NOT PLEASE?

    2 answers

    Hi Jodi, at least for me it didn't work at all. I didn't notice anything, in my opinion, it is a waste of money.


    Hi Jodi,
    Nope. Not a bean. The only real lifting and firming is the expensive type that a cosmetic surgeon can give....sorry.

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