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Where do you release and tension drive belt for the cutting deck
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Sorry Paul, mine has just only had it's first full service and the local Rover agents do all the adjustments etc. Yrs- Rob.

how long does it take labor wize to change the belt
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No idea, belt only 2 yrs old serviced by dealer - sorry.

I have a rover mini ride on , not getting even cut , digs in one side. I believe there is an adjustment nut some were I can’t find. Should I lay the mower on its side.
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have a Masport Mini ride-on...hit a piece of steel...bent the blade..motor still starts BUT when I engage the drive for cutting...its a no go..could it have sheared a pin or could it be that i need a new belt? what ever it is everything else seems to be working. Cheers
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please be a little more specific - when you say its a no go... does the blade rotate? can it be rotated by hand and if so does the blade shaft turn with it? does the blade hit the frame/deck-skirt at all? or does the blade shaft spin under power and not the blade? Or does the blade shaft not spin under power?Have to get back to you with answers...all i know is that the blade can be turned by hand but when it is put into cut mode...nothing happens.. Blade does not hit sides of deck. I shall check to see if shaft spins under power or if blade is free moving on shaft...All good now...apparently it had something to do with the pully protection cover...when the cover was removed it worked ...when cover replaced it didnt..they just gave it a few taps with the hammer and alls good.

I have a columbia 26j mini rider how do you the level side to side? Front to rear is easy but there is nothing in the manual for leveling left to right.
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Which battery for the 24 inch mini rider ? Just bought it second hand and the battery is very weak. Went to the battery shop for a replacement of the Genesis NP4-12 and the salesperson reckoned that was too small for a mower and he said that was no way the original battery. Wanted to sell me a deep cycle motorcycle battery but it was too large to fit in the mowers battery cradle. What battery do you guys use. What charger do you use ? The wires to the battery are slender and I reckon they would not handle the power of a battery with too much cranking power.
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Could you tell me where I could physically look at the Rover Mini Ride before buying it. I live in Figtree NSW, a suburb of Wollongong.
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Suggest you try: Lawn Pro Address: Underwood Street, Corrimal New South Wales 2518 Phone: 0439 454 447 They appear to be a Rover mower dealer in your area. Failing that you might have to come up to Kirrawee or Peakhurst Regards

i have a rover mini hydro mower and on the lowest it will cut it is too high is there any way that the cutting deck can be lowered down any more as when i mow the grass it needs cutting 5 days later not at all happy with itregards dave
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You could let all the tyres down to 5psi and try again ! My local Rover agent pulled his weeze. I use 25PSI all round. as I need the extra clearance to "jump" path to front gardens.

i have a rover mini rider hydro do i nee to change the blades to fit a mulching plug ? dave
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Hi Dave, sorry, I don't use the mulching plug. I *think* I read its the same blade but couldn't be sure.Hi Dave, same blade does both cutting or mulching mate.YEs - chute or mulch use the same blades - only the removeable side panel is different. Mulch- fully enclosed incert: or chute goes on to right side too.

What does RHS mean on the micro rider?
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Not sure what the context here is - RHS is usually an abbreviation for Right Hand Side... does that fit the context?It is a wire associated with the reverse system on the micro rider. When this wire was removed I was able to mow in reverse with the blades engaged. I was just inquisitive what the words RHS meant relating to the reverse system

My mini rider 24 in cut says to use e85 fuel but i cant find any. Please what is it equivalent to here in Australia.
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Are you sure? I don't recall seeing that in the manual. e85 is 85% ethanol (just like e10 is 10% ethanol) and is the equivalent of approx 100-105 RON octane rating and no, not common at a servo in Aus, its basically a racing fuel here. Having said all that, mine runs fine on regular 91 RON unleaded - it certainly doesn't need high octane fuel, the engine does not "knock" on regular petrol. Personally I would not use e10 in mine let alone e85 as mine sits for longish periods between mows and ethanol absorbs water.

does the mini rider come with a grass catcher?
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available at dealers for approx 695 easy to fitIs that $695.00 ?Yes - I'm afraid so GT!

I have 1 of these I hit a rock or something today and the mower stalled out and now it won’t start or even turn over what could it be?
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Maybe The safety button on the discharge chute isn't being pushed in by the guard.There is a safety switch on the guard where the lawn cuttings come outAs above check your safety buttons. Also do you hear the solenoid click when going start with the key. If so check the power to your starter motor. You’ll need to multi meter from the battery earth to the starter power in ( red cable). If there is no click check your battery and solenoid with a multi meter. Ultimately your starter motor may need to be removed and checked by placing the negative battery lead to the housing and touch the power lead connector with the positive battery lead ( jump start battery pack). If the start motor spins all is good if not then it needs to be pulled apart and checked.

My Rover mini rider goes fine but the last time the blades clogged up with grass a couple of times now they wont cut. Any ideas?
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you haae burned out your deck belt

How do I level the deck side bit side? It is simple to adjust front to rear, but the operator manual does suggest, but not give instructions how to level side by side. I measured the difference the left side is 10 millimeter lower as the right.Has anyone an idea how to?
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if its cutting level dont worryits not

Where can I get parts?
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Hi Rodney, I am in New Zealand so can't answer your question regarding parts. Sorry.

I'm considering buy the Mini Rover. My land (nearly 2 hectares) is sloping (10 - 20 degrees). Is this ride on suitable for this terrain?
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My section is nearly flat so have never had occasion to use on a slope , however I would have no hesitation in useing on the slope you describe. Good mower, bit thirsty.Thanks, Graeme. There seems to be mostly positive views. I'll see if the agent (local hardware) will bring one out for a trial.MIni Rider or Mini Rover? The Mini Rider is dangerous over11 degrees - so be careful. The skimpy seat alone is warning enough not to go over this angle! EEK!

My rover mini rider won’t start & will not budge in neutral Any suggestions?
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Hi, my ride on Mini Rider wouldn't start, turned out to be the starting solenoid, as it was still under warranty agent replaced, no cost. Good luck, good machine.

Ignition seems to have a problem,won't start up,battery is fully charged. Nothing at all happens when turning key,initial light flashes and nothing else,,,is there a fuse or similar that could be blown?
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I had the same problem with a. New Mower, it turned out to be the starting solenoid. Good luck. Good mower..Cheers, worked out was a safety switch issue,,

I have a masport mini ride on when i engage the cutting deck it stalls any suggestions on how to fix the problem.thanks and regards ....dave
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How old is the mower? Sounds like a malfunction in the safety switch?

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