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Rox Tan 2 Hour Tan

Rox Tan 2 Hour Tan

4.5 from 20 reviews

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Perfect brown! Love the 2 Hour Tan

We have been using the solution for a couple of years now. RoxTan asked me to review I think because of the last review. They are great so have no problems doing so.

The reviewer below 'Angie' does not understand the 2 Hour Tan process. You apply, wait 2 hours, then wash it all off (including the bronzer on the skin), so you feel like there is no tan after showering. BUT the 2 hours leave on time is where is absorbs and the tan then gradually develops over the next 10 or so hours after showering.

I think after writing the review she would have realised as she would have been developing the tan soon after. It is a shock though if you don't understand the way it works. Hopefully you did not apply again or you will be very dark :-/

We mainly use the 2 Hour Tan (Medium), I find it is dark enough. We tell clients to leave on another couple of hours if they want to get Darker. Roxtan say it absorbs more and more up until 5 hours so leaving on longer just makes it go Darker.

Make sure you stick to their recommended solution volumes and check the gun to make sure you have sprayed that amount so to keep consistently good results. You can easily spray not enough or too much without realising... "30-50mls for 60-100kg person".


Purchased in January 2017 for $79.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Stains ClothesYes

Don’t wanna see this product again

My mum brought me the 2 hour tan solution ( the darkest color) and the machine as a big Christmas present. We applied it tonight before tomorrow when it’s New Year’s Eve, initially it looked dark however after I showed waiting the required 2 hours + another 20 minutes...the entire tan washed off! Now I have no time to tan for tomorrow- really really extremely disappointed in this product not only was I exited because it had to be shipped here and had good reviews but because the actual product itself does not do what is required. Do not recommend

Love this tan!!!

Goes on evenly. Awesome natural colour. Lasts at least 6 -7 days before slowly fading without being patchy. Best of all doesn’t leave my skin dry or itchy like other tanning products.

Divine natural looking delicious tan!!

I have a strong, delicious tan that can withstand even the ocean. I have been swimming for the past three mornings and the tan has not worn thin. It's easy to apply, looks natural and doesn't have a weird cookie smell like most tans. I used the dark one, as that's my fav. When it's sprayed on and is setting for 2 hours, it is a very close look to how it ends up developing. I even found it got stronger the next day - which is what I like!
Beautiful product, that I will be buying again :)

was misinformed!!

I put "self tan" in search of Product review and this tan was obviously the pick of the bunch so I ordered it, there was NO mention it was for a spray tan machine only!!! very disappointed as I was so excited to use it. I wondered why it was a "liquid" and not a cream!!!

Great Tan the only one I'll use now!

This tans fantastic. I had searched on line for a new brand as many brands i was aware of had changed their formulation, didn't last or colour was wrong. I couldn't get it right. When i came across Rox tan I was a bit skeptical about buying a brand I'd never heard of or used before.. It was worth it.
The colours great and it lasts!! Definitely not disappointed!!

Best tan ever!!

An absolutely amazing spray tan. I have patchy skin. This tan makes my skin look amazing. It glows perfection I Love it. X. The only one I'll use from now on.

Found my perfect match

Love it love it love it. I thought I would never switch from the solution i have been using since 2007, really pleased with how dark I can go before i start showing any negative tones. I spoke with the sales staff there and it seems they use another ingredient which is not used in other tans, i cant remember the name but it make it last longer and you go darker without turning orange so that's a massive plus.

Deep Tan, 'Smooth' Look on skin, lasts well fades well

Hooked on Roxtan after getting their sample with the StudioPRO machine (have tried both and the StudioPRO is better than the other round version). Have been purchasing the Medium 2 hour tan for a while now and my business has picked up and customers are no longer one offs. We get a lot of loyalty now as they can't get a better tan elsewhere which I am really happy about. Worth spending a little extra than I am used to.

Lovely colour- terrible skin reaction

The first tan after 20 years of tanning that has given me a skin reaction.
I purchased a new machine and the medium in a sample sized bottle was sent wth the machine so thought I would try it out. Now I am covered in crocodile skin itchy as all buggery and covered in a rash from head to toe. So disappointed because I loved the colour and the fact that there was no overpowering fragrance or noticeable fake tan smell. Extremely drying for my skin. I won't be trying it again obviously, sticking to my tried and true brand that actually hydrates my skin and makes it feel better than before I tan. Roxtan thumbs up for colour and odourless but thumbs down for drying my skin to the point of looking like an old leather boot.

The greatest tan on the market!

This tan is wonderful. So golden and radiant. Stays fresh for a good 7 days. Comes off even and non-patchy! So easy to apply and wonderful on your skin! Love

Rox tan Yehhhhh!!!!

Succch a good tan, reccomend this is to all my girlfriends. I get the 2 hour tan medium seems to work the best. Fades awesome, stil no one knows I actually use fake tan.

This tan is amazing!

My boyfriend recently bought me a tanning machine that came with a tent and a 200ml bottle of tan. It was the 2 hour medium. I had a few friends over to test out the machine and use the product. the tan turned out to be so beautiful the colour, feel and even smell. i am so impressed with how well the tan goes on. I used to always just do my own tans from a bottle and now I will never go back to doing it that way. I will always use roxtan from now on it is an amazing product and I am very impressed. Thank you thank you thank you :)

Don't usually write reviews

I was blown away when I tried this tan. I bought a machine of theirs off ebay and it came with the 2 hour tan (medium). I planned on continuing with my tried and trusted brands with my machine (I used 2 other household names which I won't mention) but after seeing the quality difference in the tan I have made the change.

Absolutely Amazing Tan Best Colour EVER!

This is the most natural looking tan I have ever used and it lasts a full week! It is also less sticky and does not smell bad like other tans.

Very easy to use

Love this product, my husband sprays me, looks good every time , make sure to clean brass nozzle after use, makes for even spray, I will keep using it, cost effective too.

Love It

Tan always looks great colour is amazing. Lasts on skin for ages. Best Christmas present ever. Highly recommend this product. So easy to use even my partner can't stuff it up lol

Awesome. Perfect Tan every time

I am super impressed and so fussy. Hands down by far the best natural long lasting "non smelling" tan I have ever had. It looks so natural. So impressed putting girlfriends on to this product.

Don't hesitate you will not be disappointed

Best Spray Tan - Hands Down!

Best tan I have ever had, I still look awesome. My old solution is so average in comparison. Lasts so long, I have to wait ages to respray myself. Easy to remove/scrub off also once it starts to look like it is fading. It's amazing, thank you so much!!


This tanning solution is the best one i have used great colour quick drying have
used it on all my friends and they could not believe the result.Have everyone asking how long were you on holidays for you look GREAT so thank you for my great tan.

Questions & Answers

Why won't tanning solution come out , nozzle is clean??? Help
2 answers
Is the screw on the trigger released enough?Yeah, I think the brass nozzle is broken?? I don't think it is meant to come off however mine is not attached , I have only used machine once! Can you confirm that brass nozzle is not meant to come off?


Rox Tan 2 Hour Tan
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