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Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI

Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI

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2018 Royal Enfield Classic 500 Pegasus Edition

I've had several Royal Enfield's over the past 6 years and the latest is the Limited edition "Pegasus" model release in Australia late July 2018. From personal experience I would have to say an Enfield is not for ever-one BUT saying that - it is a bike which looks 50 years old and will put a smile on your face every time you get on and ride it.
Even if your having a bad day you can walk outside and take a look and that old style bike from a bye-gone era makes your day. Plus when you get out on a ride and pull over for a break there is always some-one who comes up to talk to you about -that fully restored bike your riding...LOL
It will hold it's own against nearly all the other bikes regardless of power in just the visual looks alone.
They take quite a few miles/kl to run in so allow 2,000 and do it properly. Slow running in is the key to success so you don't overheat the motor...all for heat cycling plus it a good idea to get in say 3 oil and filter changes in that first 1000 klm.
Quite a lot of rubbish or foreign material comes out of the motor and I usually do my own changes. That works out at roughly $25 to $30 per service oil and filter and takes roughly 20 minutes to complete.
I would advise any-one thinking about these bikes to go for it and look on the positive side. You'll be buying a retro style 50 year old classic looking cycle from the 60' to 70's era. You'll still have kick and electric starter plus fuel injection and from 2018 ABS braking.
Once run-in the bike will cruise along at 100 kph or 60 mph. Sure there is vibration but surprisingly some bikes are worse than others. Not all vibrate full stop and I know because I have purchased 12 of them...LOL
If you do strike a bit of a vibrator you can adopt for foam grips/heavier bar end weights and just release is the anti vibration plate. Honestly I've witnessed Harley vibrate more than these.
Best advise I could give to any-one -join a good motorcycle community forum. Such as Classic Motor Works Community Forum. That way you are in the door with people with the same interests as you. Problem solving and great ideas. This alone is a must and can keep you away from the dealers and do the fixes yourself.
I was that happy with my latest I wrote a song on it



This is a real old school hands on motorcycle. If you want to JUST get on and ride well my advise would be …....BUY A HONDA!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Terrible experience

I had a Royal Enfield. Built in India and bought brand new. It dropped a valve at 10 KM's down the road from the dealers. Wrecked the head barrel piston and conrod. The dealer put a whole new motor in for me and away I went again 12 weeks later. It took 12 weeks to get and fit a new engine. This engine went 2,300 KM's and the crank pin bearing started making a noise. I took it back to the dealer and they fitted another crank pin bearing but the whole engine had to be taken apart to do it. Another 10 weeks off the road. When I got it back there was a vibration in the engine that seemed to be getting worse. The dealer said that there were problems with balancing the crank assembly and that the vibration would go away, but it was just getting slowly worse. I sold the Royal Enfield for what I could get for it which meant that I had lost a summers riding and 4000 dollars in only 2,980 KM's. I live on the West Coast of Tasmania and the dealer is on the East Coast of Tasmania which meant that every time that I went to see them I had to cross the entire state of Tasmania with the bike on a trailer. Lessons learned never buy an Indian made Royal Enfield or anything else that is made in India and never buy from a dealer that is too far away from where you live.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Better than any chemically induced fun

Royal Enfields are not for everyone, if you are someone into track days and slashing PBs through the twisties, don't bother. If you enjoy the simplicity of owning a bike you can work on yourself, a bike that is bolted together with real steel fittings, a bike that can be modified and tinkered with to your hearts content take one for a ride, you won't stop smiling.
I have been caretaker of Rodney, my Classic 350 for round a year, without any problems at all, I am just about to head down the modification path because I can, everything is so simple! New exhaust no probs. 30 minutes later job done, currently tinkering with a racing performance Mikuni carburettor, why? because I can!
Enfields are like Valium on wheels, there is just no way you can be angry riding one of these.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

My RE 500 Classic chrome/Maroon Bullet

This is my second Bullet. I had a 2007 model till some peanut pranged into me! Enfield are easy to control and comfortable for rider and passenger, great for males and females, awesome thumping sound and note to the engine, not too heavy and a real head turner. Dont flog the guts out of it and she will love ya forever!
Couple of things to look out for is to get a good chain asap as the one they supply is crap and it chewed out my back sprocket. Keep spare globes and fuses handy. If ya flog the guts outa ya bike it rattles and loosens the screws and bolts. So keep checking. On my bike the tank and headlight became loose. Behind the headlight a couple of wires arched out and blew my 10amp fuse as well as blew the light globe! Took the headlight assembly off and the wire on the light had melted. Keep the chain lubed after washing ya bike. You can get a clock to put on your stem nut and it looks great! Watch out for your bike jacket zips as they quickly scratch your tank. I am 5’1 and had the bike lowered and still on tip toes a bit. Lol! I have to look out for pot holes when parking so I don’t step in them and over balance the bike
( and me).
I just love my girl and I wash and polish her till she shines. I was one of the first in my area to get a RE and encouraged so many people (male and female) to get one. Older people have a personal RE story of yesteryear and people my age have a story about grandads RE. It is an absolute “Classic” ride. Love it, love it, ride it! Make your own history on this truly beautiful ride!

Date PurchasedDec 2014

50 yrs have passed

well I am 80yrs old and have fallen in love ...with my new toy my endfeild 500 classic with sidecar.....army green ... now I need a little help how do I stop the shakeing....how do I go about it ....can anyone help dave I live in austrailia ..can anyone here tell me where to get it fixed

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Love my bike !!

Love my bike " Betty Maude " who I named after my dear mother now not with us. Mum hated motor bikes !!
C5 500 EFI Blacl Classic.
I'm looking to fit a Side Car , please all advice good or bad welcome , ie Brand , Price , Installation Tips etc

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Best classic bike

my dad gave me this bike when i was only 14 years old to ride to school (was a spoilt kid), then I took this bike to world war second where british use to ride this bike for their dates. it was fun to travel by time machine as this bike took me around all the years of britishers in india

Date PurchasedJul 2004

Yes you have it -

I have a new Classic 500 and due to being away from the bike world for some 25 years - the Enfield is very modern to me!!! Dual shocks, low down thumper torque and a riding position that in non foetal!!! I like to look where I am going - maintenance issues are nil compared to Yamahas of the 1970s - love this bike - Indians are great at quality hand made stuff - and the bike is "Industrial" as compared to modern hi tech brutal rev powered scream machines - so different - but so normal to me.

Back to the Future...

I agree with Sarge on his realistic thoughts about the modern Royal Enfields (RE). I've owned a number of bikes, beginning with a Honda 350 Scrambler, then a Triumph 650 Bonneville, to a Harley Sportster, a Honda 450 café racer, then a Kawasaki 900 Spectre, a Harley Sportster 883, a 100th anniversary Electra-Glide standard (with a sidecar later), and now my 2015 RE Bullet 500 Classic. The Royal Enfield is a blast from the past, but without all of the maintenance (and possible headaches) of vintage bikes. A totally satisfying ride if your expectations are in-line with an updated, modern iteration of a motorcycle from the 1950s and 60s.

Perfect bike

Love it..
No problem..
Value of money, one should give it a go and experience it. Nice shape. Nice noise made by mufler. Comfortable and main thing is, it is stable while driving. Not a toy for beginners. . .
I would love to keep it with me.
Thank you

Worst bike I've ever owned

Hi all . I bought a 2012 g5 bullet . I have owned it for 3 years and have managed to put about 30000 km on the clock . And it's been constant trouble . The first thing was some short circuits I the wiring loom caused by contact with hot engine parts, left me on the side of the road .. Then I had trouble with the side stand switch killing the engine randomly . So took it off. Then the muffler developed a crack where it expands with the catalyctic converter, end eventually broke off in spite of being Tig welded up . The pipe is too thin for the heat and load it carries. Then on a ride to New South Wales the big end bearing started knocking and I had to replace the crank as it's pressed assembly . Then the frame developed a crack . The clutch basket developed play on its bearing . The battery terminals broke . The rectifier/ regulator started producing peaks of up to 22 volts. , overloading the battery. The fuel tank developed a crack , and started leaking. But I fixed and or replaced all of these issues . Most recently, the injector seems to be dying ....hey it's a great looking bike but I am regretting the day I bought it . Really crap engineering from a company without a clue .
Edit 2018, I still have my Enfield Although I don't use it as a daily .... have a yamaha for that. What strikes me about reading these reviews , and something you should bear in mind, is that many of them seem to be written in the exited flush of new ownership, I very much doubt many of the enthusiastic supporter here had clocked more than 8 or 10 thousand K's at the time of writing.Wild bill, you sell your bikes within a year... how many K's have you clocked on any one machine? These are a fun bike , sure, but just don't expect reliability or high mileage .

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Value for money, and hard to kill.

I bought the C5 chrome classic because not only was it trying to be comfy like a small BM tourer, but looks great. The '50's styling is matched remarkably by its power delivery and engine bark.
I've thrown away the "bazooka" exhaust in favour of a shorty upswept open pipe to lose a few kilos and gain a poofteenth of power. She backfires and burbles like a cafe racer from before I was born. An extra two teeth in the front sprocket makes her more big road friendly too, and I'm always amazed how well she goes for a 27hp bike.

Speed is relative, I believe Einstein thought; and I must concur. With no real handling vices, and brakes that (just barely) match her engine output; the Enfield rider should live to enjoy their grandchildren or Winnebago.
Great fun in commuting traffic, and ok for a quick Sunday blat too. You might even keep your licence as a bonus. Your mates on Kwikasbuggery's will sail past you on the straights, but you will still get to the pub as they are checking their fuel levels and thinking of the Servo.
Easily washed, oil changes are cheap fun (there's three drain plugs, and a wire gauze screen that was blocked with cotton swarf when I first saw it), incredibly cheap spares; oil filters @ $5 on eBay etc etc.

I've owned maybe 75 bikes, and ridden more, but this will probably be my last. A unique combination of historic tradition, and modern technology for hassle free weekends. My next job will be softer seat springs; the solo seat is hard, and the chrome springs under the seat have very little give. Both fixable, like anything about this bike your not happy with. It was a real surprise to be able to kick her into life the old fashioned way, and to turn on the headlight when I wanted to; not to have to have the headlight drawing power at start-up. The little Matchless style parking lights are too cute, by far.
It's taken 45 years of riding, at all levels and lifestyles, to find that the head wobblers from Chenai have made a sweet little bike that keeps me happy, has no ego, and is painless to operate. Well done Royal Enfield.

C5 Classic grin factor

Royal Enfield have maintained the classic 1955 power characteristics in the C5, heavy flywheel crank, low to midrange torque engine and slow gear change experience, a bit like a Kenworth to change. The ride is not overly exciting but very enjoyable and the bike easy to handle and manoeuvre. 80 to 100 kph is the happy range but it will go faster under a bit of stress. Back country roads are home to this bike and this is the territory that it delivers is most pleasure. Quality of the bike is in line with the price tag with drive chain and control cables showing up the true metallurgy. Starting is easy and gear changes are generally predictable with the odd missed gear occasionally but this is not to much of a problem if the box is used appropriately with this in the back of the riders mind. Maintenance is quite simple with electronic ignition and hydraulic cam followers.
The long term reliability of the electronic fuel injection is yet to be proved but will probably be ok with correct routine maintenance. Brakes are good on the front and the back wheel contributes to around 15% braking affect which is ok if braking is done affectively with the heavy reliance on the front wheel for stopping power.
Engine vibration is there but only minimally due to the small displacement however routine checking of nut and bolt tension is advised, but that’s part of the pleasure of owning a motorcycle, isn't it?. Not everything needs to be done at 220kph to get satisfaction from a C5. Life in the slow lane can be a blast.

These bikes are definitely ideal for riding in the hill country and rural roads of the motorcycle island of Tasmania.

Fuel consumption is almost something one can forget about and the range is around 370 Km from a tank.
Earlier Iron Indian Enfield’s pop up for sale on the Net with around 35,000 km on the clock advertised as running well, so durability should be at least similar for the C5 if ridden and maintained appropriately.

Grin factor, these bikes give genuine grin factor which is hard to resist as you race along a country lane at 90 kph and the balance sensation of a single track vehicle that makes all motorbike riders come back for more is there to be enjoyed to the fullest. These bikes don’t do anything particularly great but everything that is done on one is great fun.

Note to the converted, enjoy your Enfield to the maximum even if it is only at 80 kph.

I’m loving it.
Ride sensation and experience
Cable and chain quality

You've nailed it to a tee. I have a C5 Classic and on the back country roads in Northern NSW it's a blast in the 60-85kph range. Sweeping through country lanes is really pleasurable on this machine. And it corners remarkably well although you have to pick your line and stick to it. The smile factor is really there. On the highwayThanks, very helpful!

Questions & Answers

i am in the market for a enfield bullet 500, my only issue is, would the bike be to small for me, i am 6feet 2 inch tall and need to know if any other rider has thoughts on this?
2 answers
probably not the ideal choice but if you really like the bike i think you could live with that. just dont expect a power house. its a fun bike with lots of character but lacks powerThank you for your response seems to be the bike is worth the sacrifice in power for it's personality thank you

Anyone no who can set up a sidecar as mine is all out of wak or where to go to get it done?
5 answers
Was warned against it as unstable and dangerous if your not an experienced rider which I'm not. So have shelved the idea for now . Most I have asked said to get the car manufacturer to fit. Flannel Mick Lemon who lives in Exeter Tasmania 0400 660 926. He is absolute expert.You need to put a steering damper on too. This page has the measurements http://www.simplysidecars.co.uk/fittingguide.html

Can anybody please give me some advice on the purchase and fitting of a Side Car to my Royal Enfield C5 EFI Classic ? Good or bad all advice welcome . Flannel
3 answers
Flannel, I've been motorcycling for 50+ years. For the last 4 years, I've owned and ridden a Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide with a sidecar, in addition to owning a 2015 Royal Enfield C5 EFI Classic. Driving (not riding) with a sidecar is a very different experience than riding a motorcycle -- there is no leaning the motorcycle with a sidecar -- you steer/drive it. For most, taking a turn on the motorcycle side is no problem; but taking a turn on the sidecar side (especially without a passenger) can be a scary -- especially at speed or a tight turn -- the sidecar will lift its wheel, and unless you properly steer the motorcycle/sidecar, it will go straight. Plus, sidecars need to be aligned for all-around stability, so it's not a good idea to remove it once attached to your motorcycle. Having said this, the only sidecar I would recommend is Cozy -- it's basically light weight, well-constructed, and visually goes with a Royal Enfield C5 EFI Classic. Your RE gearing will be fine, but don't expect strong acceleration or high speed cruising -- 60 mph is it; I'd stay at 55 mph or less. You should be no heavier than 200 lbs. and your passenger no more than 150 lbs. Regards, PterodactylThanks mate valuable information and much appreciated . Still have to convince the minister for finance that this is a good idea for her , me & grandchildren etc but I'm inching closer that an old guy like me can potter around quit safely with one of these and have a lot of fun . Thanks again Pterodacytyl. FlannelWhat Pterodactyl says about cornering is true, a number of people have been killed in my local area ALL on left hand bends. Not had sidecars myself but my dad had a few and my mechanic was an experienced sidecarist too. Dad recons the sidecar needs a brake to apply on left hand bends, along with acceleration, and the mechanic recommends proper sidecar forks not telescopics. I'd rather have a real car or a two wheeler. The German Army WW2 sidecars were a whole set up with sidecar having powered drive, not just something stuck on the side of a solo bike.


Royal Enfield Bullet Classic C5 EFI
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