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Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid

Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid

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Pretty Happy with it

pretty happy with it. didn't think it would work because my dog was given medication for anxiety which would cost a bomb. but this actually worked on him. he's much more calmer than what the medication would do. I felt like it made the food taste better or probably loves the taste of it because he would actually enjoy eating his food and the best part is its organic. I hate giving my dog any kind of medication. this is worth a try

Purchased in May 2019 at Drugscreen for $25.00.

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Thank you for the furrific feedback!

A Life Saver

This product saved my cat's life! I bought this just before my 8 year old cat had knee surgery and needed to be confined to a crate for a few months while she recovered. I wanted to make sure i was doing everything I could do make her recovery as stress free as possible. I admit that I was a little unsure about it when I opened the container and smelt a strong vanilla/powdery smell but once it was mixed in with some strong smelling sasha's blend and her food she didn't notice. I also had a Feliway device plugged into the room. I honestly can't say whether or not the product helped her anxiety alone or if it was a combination of my efforts, however, a few months ago there was a massive food recall in Australia on a premium tinned cat food that I had been feeding her for years. Cats had been getting extremely sick left right and centre and a few deaths had occurred. I stopped that brand of cat food and held my breath for months for the results to come in regarding what was causing the sickness. It turned out to be insufficient or nil thiamine in the food. Without thiamine cat's can go downhill very quickly and I believe if it wasn't for the Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid I had been giving her daily she would have got extremely sick. Even though I have switched to a higher quality food I will still continue to supplement her with this a few times a week just to make sure she is getting all the B group vitamins she needs.

I also gave this to my dog who engages in obsessive paw licking when he's nervous. It wasn't until I ran out of this product that I noticed it had actually been working. If he misses even a few days I notice his paws are usually wet with saliva when I come home. When he uses it he's also less jumpy with noises. It's best given daily in the mornings but can also be given an hour before a stressful event. The neighbours behind us have loud BBQ's every time there's a football match on so lots of yelling and cheering and I find if I give it to him before the game starts he's calm. He'll still bark hello once or twice if someone yells "goal!" really loudly but he no longer looks like his heart is jumping out of his chest and his eyes are not looking like a dear in headlights.

Overall this product is great as it can be used for both dogs and cats and due to the natural ingredients with no added fillers it doesn't upset my dog's overly sensitive pancreas.

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Hi Alice! We are smiling like a Cheshire Cat from your feedback! We are so glad to hear that you love our Anxiety Aid and that it is working for your cat and dog! It is so great to hear such great success stories like yours, thank you so much for sharing it! Love, The Rufus & Coco Team


I have two cats, one with a spinal injury. The vet requested I purchase a pet supplement for the injured cat that contains tryptophan in the hope it will assist limited treatment options due to the cat's drug intolerance issues. After researching various products and their ingredients, I purchased Rufus and Coco Anxiety Aid. Neither cat will eat any food with this pet supplement added to it. For me this was not a good value purchase. Given my cats won't go near any food it is in, it is clearly not tasteless and odourless as was stated by the company to me during a phone call. More than that, I can't comment on the quality and outcomes of the supplement because both cats refuse to eat it. I am now looking at other supplement options.

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We are so disappointed to hear that you are unhappy with our Anxiety Aid. We haven't heard of any cats or dogs that find our vitamins unpalatable. Cats can be very fussy, it might be worth introducing Anxiety Aid into food little bits at a time, slowly building up the dosage as your cats become more accepting of the new texture or flavour. Alternatively using a strong smelling or tasting food to administer the vitamin may also be an option. If you would like to chat to one of our team please give us a call on 1300 851 422 and we can work out why your cats were not liking the Anxiety Aid. Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience, and look forward to your call. From The Rufus & Coco Team

Questions & Answers

Hi, I bought the rufus and coco anxiety aid today. I'm just wondering how long does it take after a dosage to kick in? And how often can you give it to your pets? I bought it for my two kittens both males and both around 12 weeks old (both not desexed yet) to try to get them to get along because every time I introduce them they fight with each other. Do you think it will work in this case? Thanks, Olivia
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Hi Olivia Thank you for reaching out to us! For best results with our Anxiety Aid daily use is recommended. It can be given as a single dose once a day, or half in the morning and half at night. For a single stressful event we recommend 60 minutes prior. Your kittens fighting is quite normal, and although it may not be caused by anxiety our Anxiety Aid will help them in adjusting to their new home and environment and staying more calm through the process. If the cats are the same age it should only take a couple of days of adjustment. It is also worth noting that fighting can be playing for cats / kittens - they do it for fun and entertainment and as part of their learning process. We hope this helps! Kind regards, Rufus & Coco

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